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Where To Buy Bulleit Whiskey

Send A Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey Give The Perfect Gift Of The New Bourbon Standard For A Friend Who Wants To Enjoy Whiskey Like Real Americans Do

Bulleit Bourbon Barrel Strength | The Whiskey Dictionary

Voted as the best-selling and most trending American whiskey brand in 2016 by the World’s 50 Best Bars, the Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey gives anyone – beginner or aficionado – a unique, light, and easy-drinking experience as compared to its competition in the same 90-Proof stand. And while this high-rye whiskey is widely renowned for being a star of cocktails, this bottle is acclaimed for successfully maintaining a consistent flavor profile and character over the years. While being loved as a very versatile and smooth whiskey, its distinct boldness and spicy pop that makes people recognize it even with mixers, is undeniably remarkable.

While the way it gives superb value for money is probably the main reason why this bottle has long been a favorite of bourbon aficionados, bar owners, and mixologists worldwide, it is also undeniable that the Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey has already earned itself a special place in the cramped echelon of easy-drinking and mixing bourbons in the market today. Giving you true value to the very last drop, this bottle of true American bourbon whiskey will never fail anyone who simply wants to have an honest, smooth, flavorful, and decent drinking experience.

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A Whiskey Nearly Lost Forever

A tavern keeper in 1830s Louisville, Kentucky, Augustus Bulleit was dedicated to a single goal: the creation of a bourbon unique in flavor. After experimenting with countless varieties, he finally came upon a bourbon with the character he had long sought after.

One fateful day, while transporting his barrels of bourbon from Kentucky to New Orleans, Augustus Bulleit vanished. What happened is still unknown, and his creation nearly disappeared into history along with him.

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In Australia And The Uk

Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey Aged 10 Years 750ml ...

Starting in 2008, Bulleit bourbon sold on the UK market is bottled at 40% alcohol by volume, which is re-exported to the Australia market. A 45% ABV version was introduced to the UK market in late 2014, under the label “Bulleit Frontier Whiskey”.

Bulleit Shelbyville Distillery3464 Benson Pike, Shelbyville, KY 40065

Bulleit Lebanon Distillery100 Bourbon Drive, Lebanon, KY, 40033

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Bulleits Rye Whiskey Is Another With A Fun History

It was only launched in 2011 and came about as a direct request from consumers. Bartenders were frustrated that Bulleit rye whiskey wasnt a thing when they were asked to make rye cocktails. Conversation grew louder and louder until the brand eventually decided to go the whole way and created their rye whiskey. Unsurprisingly, its another top hit around the world.

And those bottles you see the whiskey being poured from? Theyre a protected work of art. Bulleits vintage-style packaging is one-of-a-kind and it plans to keep it that way even going so far as to sue another brand for trademark infringement when they attempted a similar style.

The Bulleit bottles are designed to look like the medicinal bottles that transported whiskey throughout North America in the 1800s, which makes sense when you consider Thomas consistent throwbacks to the history of his familys creation.

Some brands may have their strengths and weaknesses but Bulleit is one of the few thats managed to casually sidestep any less successful bottles with a constant stream of delicious whiskeys. Expect strong tasting notes, lots of spice, a satin finish and plenty of backbone. Its a conversation starter of a brand.

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Bulleit Whiskey Will Buy Your Drink Next Time You Hit The Bar

Bulleit is launching Local Bar Sundays.

Bulleit Whiskey Launches Local Bar Sundays, which is a movement to rally consumers to support their local bars. In other words, Bulleir literally wants to buy your first round of drinks at the bar.

Bulleit is encouraging consumers to go to their favorite local establishments in qualifying states with its First Drinks on us rebate program through the end of 2021.

Local bars and restaurants are a reflection of the vibrant and diverse communities they serve and have been the backdrop to some of lifes most important celebrations, said Ricky Collett, global and U.S. brand director of Bulleit Frontier Whiskey, Diageo North America. Were proud to launch an initiative that reminds consumers of the importance of supporting their local establishments and communities, by making every Sunday, a Local Bar Sunday.

Bulleit Straight Rye Mash Whiskey

Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Review

*This image represents the intended product however, bottle designs, artwork, packaging and current batch release or proof may be updated from the producer without notice.

Notice: US import tariffs on EU products effective 10.18.19 certain products may be subject to this fee. Products that have entered the US and cleared customs prior to this effective date in the US are not subject to this tariff. Therefore Local Retail Partners will notify us of qualifying items prior to fulfillment if any additional amount is due.

Basil Hayden’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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Bulleit Wants To Buy You A Drink To Help Support Your Local Watering Hole

Bulleit recently announced the launch of Local Bar Sundays, a mission to inspire consumers to support their unique local bars and restaurants by buying you a drink.

With the mission, Bulleit will reimburse the cost of consumers first drink with the First Drinks on Us rebate fund through the end of 2021. Adult consumers, 21 and up, who enjoy Bulleit whiskey from their favorite local bar or restaurant in qualifying states will be reimbursed online for any Bulleit drink they order via Venmo by uploading their drink receipt to after purchasing a qualifying drink during the designated period.

Local bars and restaurants are a reflection of the vibrant and diverse communities they serve and have been the backdrop to some of lifes most important celebrations, Global and US Brand Director of Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Ricky Collett said in a prepared statement. Were proud to launch an initiative that reminds consumers of the importance of supporting their local establishments and communities, by making every Sunday, a Local Bar Sunday.

Bulleit Local Bar Sundays

The Local Bar Sundays mission was first introduced at this years Tribeca Festival and comes on the heels of the brands initial commitment of $250,000 to support the North American Hospitality Industry as part of the Bulleit Frontier Fund.

How To Drink Bulleit Bourbon

Theres no doubt about it: sipping bourbon neat is the best way to enjoy this spirit. Of course, no one will tell you off or turn their nose up if you serve Bulleit mixed into a cocktail but to really understand the spirit youll want to try it by itself first.

Start with a Glencairn glass and pour a measure in before breathing in the aroma of the spirit. While you could just use a shot glass, the shape of a Glencairn glass means youll experience more of the aromas as they funnel upwards. If you dont have a Glencairn glass, try an Old Fashioned or a rocks glass with a tapered shape.

If you find Bulleit too strong to enjoy by itself, try adding a few drops of water. This will release more of the flavours of the bourbon and will take the heat off. And if the taste is still too strong, serving whiskey on the rocks is another great option.

Chilling the spirit will let the sweetness shine through without altering the drinking experience. Bourbon is supposed to be savoured rather than chugged back, so sipping only a tiny bit at once is your best bet for ultimate enjoyment.

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Getting Your Refund From Bulleit Whiskey

Buy Bulleit Bourbon 45% 700ml online from DeVine Cellars ...

Consumers can participate in Local Bar Sundays by going to their favorite restaurant or bar and ordering a drink with Bulleit Whiskey in it . They they are invited to upload their receipt to where up to $10 will be refunded via Venmo.

The Local Bar Sunday Event will run through the end of 2021, so be sure to hit up your local bar and take advantage of the free drinks while it lasts.

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Bulleit Bourbon Straight Rye Mash Whiskey

Bulleit 95 Rye 90 Bulleit Bourbon is made by following the small-batch technique inspired by Augustus Bulleit over 150 years ago. Only the highest quality ingredients are used. Bulleit Bourbon’s subtlety and complexity stem from its unique blend of rye, corn and barley malt, along with special strains of yeast. Because Bulleit Bourbon is especially high in rye content, it has a bold and spicy character with a distinctively smooth, clean finish.

The hints of oak and spice, the russet color, the crisp, clean flavor that feels smooth in the throat, the notes of vanilla and honey – all add up to a bourbon that has a distinct and individual character. The complex taste of Bulleit Bourbon is something that can only be appreciated once tried.

“Double Gold Medal.” San Francisco World Spirits Competition

“95 Points #1 Rye Whiskey” 2014 Ultimate Spirits Challenge

If Bulleits Recipe Had Stayed The Same Since 1830

Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey | The Whiskey Dictionary

it would now be classed as a rye whiskey rather than a bourbon. Still, Thomas adaptations to the recipe make Bulleit bourbon a high rye content whiskey with a 28% rye mash bill and a hairs-on-your-chest 45% ABV.

Along with its high rye content, Bulleit got other factors that give it such a distinctive taste. This bourbon is created with a unique yeast strain that gives it extra flavour as well as Kentucky limestone-filtered water. As is customary for bourbon, its all produced in Shelby County, Kentucky.

Perfectionists might wonder why Bulleits label is consistently uneven but theres a story behind that, too. Back in Augustus days, labels were supposed to be slightly off-centre and its a tradition that Thomas decided to keep. Its the same with the brands rye whiskey with its distinctive green logo, which also took hundreds of shades of green before Thomas and daughter Hollis chose their favourite.

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Bulleit Straight Bourbon Frontier Whiskeykentucky Usa

Bulleit Straight Bourbon Frontier Whiskey

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