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Don Cheyo Extra Anejo Tequila

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Cava De Oro Extra Anejo
  • 95Rating

This extra anejo is extremely smooth from start to finish making this my new number one fav! Super smooth, rich and complex with lots of caramel, vanilla, toffee and oak. Truly an excellent agave experience.

  • 88Rating

Similar to Don Julio 1942 in flavor, but slightly sweeter. Less alcohol bite on the finish than 1942. Almost too easy to drink.

Initial taste and going down are both excellent with a slight fruity taste

  • 89Rating

Very nice , sweet drinker but not over the top , taste an American bourbon note which is pleasant , nice aroma and finish .

  • 92Rating

Crazy strong aroma of agave, bold and complex sweet flavors, no bitter aftertaste but not a long finish

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Clear juice with sweet agave notes, citrus, mint, black pepper, vanilla, and herbal undertones.

Strong nose of alcohol off the top of the glass. As the alcohol softens, caramel and coffee notes emerge. Color is deep amber like bourbon. Legs are slow. Flavor is sweet. Not a lot of pepper or agave.

Bartender served this one chilled… May affect the review. That, and my spicy dinner!Legs, not real pearls. May have been the glass, but not entirely clear, some small white flecks. I’m telling myself it’s unfiltered agave. Clean green agave smell with hints of fresh mint. Smooth and peppery taste with vanilla undertones. No burn. Light smooth finish.Reminds me of blancos rested in stainless steel. Possibly in the same class as Avion, but a bit more flavor to it.

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Don Chendo Destilado De Agave Anejo

Don Chendo Anejo is produced at Rancho Verano, a small distillery just outside of Puerto Vallarta. The Don Chendo products are 100% Agave and produced similar to Tequila, but they use the Green Agave instead of the Blue Agave. By using a different species of Agave, they are only allowed to call their product “Destilado de Agave”.

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