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Louis Xiii Cognac Tasting Notes

Where Can I Buy Louis Xiii Cognac Near Me

Tasting Louis XIII Cognac Like Royalty [Lap of Luxury]

You can buy LOUIS XIII cognac at selected luxury retailers all over the world. To find a certified retailer near you, please use the Where to Find search tool on our website here. You can also buy LOUIS XIII cognac at one of our four boutiques, where youll also be able to discover more about the many aspects of LOUIS XIII and the riches of the Cognac region. Situated in Cognac, Xian, Beijing and London, each elegant boutique is centred around unique architectural swirl inspired by Harrods grade-II listed art nouveau features, which takes you through the ageing process of the eaux-de-vie that make up LOUIS XIII cognac, with changing colours symbolising the different stages of maturation. LOUIS XIII cognac is also available by the glass at carefully selected prestigious bars, restaurants and hotels all over the world. To find a venue near you, please use the Where to Find search tool on our website here.

Can Anyone Challenge Rmy Martins Louis Xiii: Here Are Some Contenders

A bottle of Louis XIII

Rémy Martins flagship Cognac, Louis XIII, is a legend in the world of spirits. Its widely considered the greatest, most complex expression of Cognac available today. It was the first ultra-premium Cognac released, initiating the creation of a new category almost a century before any other producer followed suit.

Simply put, Louis XIII is not just a superlative Cognac its an experience. A tribute to the French art de vivre.

Louis XIII Cognac consists of a mix of up to 1,200 different eaux-de-vie that are combined to create the final blend. They represent spirit from multiple distillations over many different years that have been aged from 40 to up to 100 years.

A bottle of Louis XIII Rare Cask with accompanying case

Its also expensive. A 750 ml bottle has a list price of $4,100 although it can often be found at prices in the $3,000+ range. Other versions, such as Rare Cask, a single cask bottling from a barrel that former Rémy Martin Cellar Master Pierrette Trichet declared had achieved a point of perfect balance, can command prices in excess of $20,000. Only 738 Baccarat crystal decanters of Louis XIII Rare Cask were made available.

That begs the questions are there less expensive options to what is typically the worlds most expensive Cognac that deliver a comparable aroma and taste experience?

Louis Xiii: An Iconic Cognac

Louis XIII was on the throne when the Rémy Martin family settled in Frances Cognac region in the 1620s, and this famous drink is a tribute to him the first monarch to recognize cognac as a spirit category in its own right.

Louis XIII cognac comes from the Grande Champagne region of Cognac, where the grapes are grown, distilled and aged. The terroir is rich in limestone, making it perfect for the grapes used to produce cognac, and an astonishing 1,200 eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne vineyards make up the final blend.

A unique cognac with a rich history, it was perhaps best described by former cellar master George Clot when he said When you discover Louis XIII, you become a different man.

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What Is The Difference Between Brandy And Cognac

Brandy is a distilled spirit, obtained from fermented grapes or other fruit that can be grown in different regions. Cognac is an exclusive classification that is recognised as an Appellation of Controlled Origin.Cognac has stricter regulations surrounding its production and must be made from designated white grape varieties grown in one of six sub-regions in the strictly delimited Cognac region. Once harvested, the grape juices are fermented to produce a white wine, which is then distilled twice to create an eau-de-vie. It must then be aged for a minimum of two years in oak casks before being blended. Brandy does not have specific regulations regarding the ageing process, and some brandy, such as grappa, is designed to be consumed young.LOUIS XIII cognac is made from a blend of the oldest and most precious eaux-de-vie distilled, aged and blended over time to recreate the same distinctive LOUIS XIII aroma. All our eaux-de-vie is made from grapes grown in the Grande Champagne sub-region, renowned for its superior terroir, and each decanter represents the life achievement of generations of Cellar Masters.

How Old Are The Youngest Eaux

Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac 1.75 L â Wine Online Delivery

Legislation on spirits only allows cognac houses to communicate the age of the youngest eaux-de-vie of the blend. Since 1874, our visionary cellar masters have been setting aside the finest eaux-de-vie, always thinking a century ahead so that their successors can create the finest blend and continue the legacy of LOUIS XIII. LOUIS XIII is a complex blend containing the finest and most precious eaux-de-vie that have been carefully selected over time by generations of Cellar Masters. It makes no sense for us to limit our communication to the age of the youngest eau-de-vie and so we no longer communicate the age of the eaux de vie constituting the LOUIS XIII blend.

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What Is The Date Of My Decanter

Each decanter of LOUIS XIII features a unique serial number and includes the date of bottling. To find out the date of your decanter, you will need to supply us with this unique number along with some photos for analysis. Please send us photos of the decanter, the stopper, the box, and the serial number underneath the decanter to help us determine the date. The date wont be an indication for the age of the eau-de-vie but the date of the bottling.

Louis Xiii Cognac Limited Edition Bottles And Prices

Louis XIII surely knows how to win hearts. They not only have a great collection of their iconic bottles, but even their limited edition bottles are massive. Here is the list of limited edition bottles by the cognac brand:

Louis XIII: The Legacy

Louis XIII: The Legacy is a blend of four Louis XIII Cellar Masters- Andre Giraud, Georges Clot, Pierrette Trichet, and Baptise Loiseau. It is a limited edition bottle which is surely like a treasure to collect. Unfortunately, it is available only in 500 decenters.

Louis XIII: Le Salmanazar

Louis XIII: Le Salmanazar is rare to find a bottle as it is a 9-liter crystal decanter which is considered one of the most expensive bottles in the world.

Louis XIII: Black Pearl AHD

Louis XIII: Black Pearl AHD is another limited and special edition bottle by the renowned cognac brand Louis XIII. It is rare as it is a blend of Louis XIII, which is drawn from a single region. About 1,485 decanters are available.

Louis XIII Time Collection: The Origin-1874

Louis XIII Time Collection: The Origin- 1874 is the first in the limited edition series. It is considered a tribute to the original Louis XIII decanter, created in 1874. It is a blend of Eaux-de-vie, which is the oldest blend.

Louis XIII Black Pearl Anniversary Edition

Louis XIII Black Pearl Anniversary Edition was launched to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the cognac brand Louis XIII. It is iconic, special, and rare to find. There are only 775 decanters available.

Louis XIII Rare Cask 43,8

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An Elegant Vessel For An Elegant Cognac

Rémy Martin XO | Cognac Review | Tasting with Julien Episode #24

It is only fitting that a spirit as exquisite as Louis XIII is housed in a container thats as elegant as its contents. The iconic decanterinspired by a 16th century metal flask that was found on a French battlefieldis handcrafted from the finest Baccarat crystal and hand-blown by some of Frances most skilled craftsmen.

Every decanter is unique and individually numberedno two are exactly identical. The neck of each decanter is adorned with 24-carat gold, and spiked teethknown as dentelles in Frenchrun along both sides.

Baptiste shares with fondness the story of how each decanter is made: It takes more than 10 people10 crystal makersto make the whole decanter. Because the first one will take the crystal infusion, the second one will start to blow, the third one will give it shape, number four will make the teeth, another one will make the fleur-de-lis, and then theres the stopper and so on.

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Think A Century Ahead

Today, our current Cellar Master Baptiste Loiseau is continuing the work started by his predecessors, selecting and blending up to 1,200 individually aged eaux-de-vie to produce the signature taste and aroma profile of LOUIS XIII cognac from the eaux-de-vie set aside by previous Cellar Masters.

At the same time, he is preparing for the future, selecting and setting aside the finest Grande Champagne eau-de-vie for ageing. However, he will never taste the fruits of this labour, as the eaux-de-vie he starts to blend are destined to be used by his successors.

What Is The Production Process

LOUIS XIII cognac is made using a strictly controlled production process, following regulations dictated by French laws. LOUIS XIII cognac is made mostly from the finest Ugni Blanc grapes, grown in the Grande Champagne region in Cognac, France. Once harvested, the grape juices are fermented to produce a light white wine, which must then be distilled twice in small copper-pot stills.As the wine is heated it begins to evaporate the vapours pass through the neck of the still and then condensate into a condensing coil. During the second distillation, our Cellar Master must carefully extract the heart of the liquid to create an eau-de-vie . This fiery, colourless liquid is poured into French oak casks where it will mellow and age for decades before being blended with other eaux-de-vie to create the final unique blend of LOUIS XIII cognac.The production process for LOUIS XIII cognac requires our highly skilled Cellar Master to carefully select the finest and most precious eaux-de-vie, which will have been set aside decades ago by cellar masters before him, combining them with painstaking precision in order to recreate the signature LOUIS XIII profile.

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Are You Going To Open New Boutiques

Yes, we would like to open new LOUIS XIII boutiques in the future. We currently have four boutiques in Cognac , Xian and Beijing and London , with the latter three situated within luxury shopping malls or department stores. Combining refined design with the latest digital technology, the interior design of each boutique pays homage to the origins of LOUIS XIII cognac, bringing together a range of materials such as limestone, copper and oak.Visiting one of our boutiques takes you on a journey through the perpetual cycle of time you will experience a range of sensations and emotions as you discover the many facets of LOUIS XIII and the riches of the Cognac region. We plan to open new boutiques soon so that we can offer the unique LOUIS XIII experience to more of our customers.

I Would Like To Sell My Old Decanter What Is The Price

Remy Martin Louis XIII Grande Champagne Cognac 70cl

The value of LOUIS XIII decanters is driven by the consumer market based on the history of each one. Hand-made and individually numbered, each LOUIS XIII decanter is unique, and many old and rare LOUIS XIII decanters have been sold by renowned international auction houses over the years.If you would like to sell your old decanter we recommend you get professional advice. To do this you can send us some photos for analysis. Please provide us with photos of the decanter, the stopper, the box, and the serial number on the bottom of the decanter. Please supply supporting documentation, ideally a proof of origin of the decanters at purchase if you have it. We can then give you more information about the age of your decanter. Once you know more about its history you may wish to contact some auction houses or a collectors association to get an indication of the value of your old decanter.

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Special And Collectors Editions

Special bottles of Louis XIII include Rare Cask 42.6 and Rare Cask 43.8. Black Pearl and Black Pearl Anniversary Edition, which celebrates the brands 140th year.

LOdyssée dun Roi, released as a special collaboration with Hermès, Puiforcat and Saint-Louis. Hermès crafted a hand-stitched leather trunk for the collaboration Art Deco silversmith Puiforcat produced a white-gold serving pipette and Saint-Louis hand-blew and engraved a special version of the Louis XIII decanter, which included a map of Louis XIIIs global travels.

The Origin is a homage to the 1874 decanter, and The Legacy is a special collaboration between four generations of cellar masters.

Pay Attention To The Details

Keep in mind that your specific tasting experience may change each time you enjoy a glass of Louis XIII Cognac. Even though the blend has to be consistent in the making, in the end the experience will be different, so its always exciting, he says. The food you ate prior, the temperature of the room and time of the day, all of these minute factors impact the aromas and flavors you pick up. Thats why cognacs tasting panels are notoriously stringent and consistent with their protocols. They must remove as many variables from the process as is humanly possible.

After draining your last luscious sip, cherish the final rolling waves of flavor across a lengthy finish. Even then, Loiseau notes youre not done yet. Even the empty glass will offer you a tantalizing aroma for hours to come. Whats incredible is that when the glass is empty, you still have the soul of Louis XIII inside, Loiseau says.

While getting your bearings with the tasting process is useful, ultimately its all in service of one simple thing, rules be damned. At the end, its a matter of pleasure, Loiseau says. Go ahead and take your time savoring the moment.

Dreaming of Louis XIII Cognac?

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Is Louis Xiii Cognac The Same Or Different In Every Decanter

Every decanter has the same unique aromatic and flavour profiles as the very first release of LOUIS XIII cognac back in 1874, but each composition is completely different. The signature characteristics of LOUIS XIII are recreated each time using a different combination of the finest and most precious eaux-de-vie. Our Cellar Master uses great technical skill and intuition to keep the style of LOUIS XIII cognac the same as its always been, choosing from an ever-evolving stock of different eaux-de-vie that have been crafted and passed down by generations of cellar masters to be selected and blended together for bottling in the future.

How Can I Get Limited Editions Of Louis Xiii Cognac


Limited editions of LOUIS XIII cognac are released occasionally in order to mark an important anniversary or as a very small run of a particularly special blend. They are produced in limited quantities, and are typically presented in a bespoke, individually numbered decanter, making them highly sought-after.Our most recent limited-edition product, LOUIS XIII Black Pearl AHD, was released in February 2019 to mark 100 years since the birth of our former chairman André Hériard Dubreuil. Just 1,498 individually numbered 35cl Baccarat crystal decanters were produced, the cognac drawn from a single tierçon hidden deep inside the LOUIS XIII cellar.Due to their rarity, limited-edition LOUIS XIII cognacs arent always available to buy, but to find out more about how you can purchase a limited edition LOUIS XIII cognac, please contact For a full list of limited editions released by LOUIS XIII cognac in previous years, please visit this section.

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Crafting The Magic Of Louis Xiii Cognac

Louis XIII Cognac generally incorporates eaux-de-vie ranging from 40 to 100 years of age. In fact, it is said to include over 1,200 individual components. More important than those figures is what they represent. The most precious and the oldest eaux-de-vie that we have from Grande Champagne, Loiseau says.

Sampling cognac from the barrel /Photo Credit: Rémy Martin

Notably, Rémy Martin uses grapes from both the Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne regions for its other marques. Conversely, from the inception of Louis XIII, this blend has been 100 percent Grande Champagne. Its the terroir where you have the best potential for aging, Loiseau explains. Its difficult to express all of the aromas, which is why you must wait all this time. It is only after 35, 40 years of aging in Grande Champagne that you have the beginning of something thats really flowery, with roses, jasmine, honeysuckle, lilac. You need time.

Grande Champagne is known for its chalky, limestone-rich soils, and its because of this that Grande Champagne, which is at the center of the region, is the 1st cru of the region, Loiseau says. With Louis XIII Cognac, hes able to offer a direct look at what that specific region provides. Its a deep inspection of terroir, which is really meaningful for us.

Louis Xiii Cognac Standard Bottles And Prices

Louis XIII is a high-end brand with all the expensive bottles. Here are the standard and iconic bottles by the brand, along with their prices:

Louis XIII: The Mathusalem $78,000

These were the standard bottles by the luxurious cognac brand. Here are the top standard bottles that are widely loved:

Louis XIII: The Miniature

Louis XIII: The Miniature, as the name suggests, is a miniature cognac that is considered one of the best bottles to introduce your taste buds to the cognac brand. The bottle is a 16th-century flask. The aromas are quite strong and can be felt from a decent distance as well. The aromas, taste, and texture are quite complex to understand. It is recommended to take it neat. It comes in a single size that is 50 ml and costs around $560-$650.

Louis XIII: The Classic Decanter

Louis XIII: The Classic Decanter is the finest Eaux-de-vie blend by the cognac brand Louis XIII. It contains up to 1,200 Eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne area. It is considered one of the brands most loved standard cognac bottles. It comes in a 750 ml bottle which is priced at $4,000.

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