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Where To Buy Suavecito Tequila

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Suavecito Tequila…The Smoothest in the World?? (Blanco & Reposado)
  • 85Rating

NOM 1424|Solid for price but if you dont like sweet then certainly not for you.

  • 88Rating

NOM 1424|Sweet caramel on the nose, rich and pleasant experience. Very smooth butterscotch, sweet, no bite taste. Excellent sipper for the price.

vanilla and sweet, drinks like an agave bourbon.

  • 100Rating

NOM 1110|I was referred to this Tequila through a true Tequila Connoisseur. The price point is around $90/bottle and I tell you, it is now a staple on my bar. Guarantee if you like Anejo and Extra Anejo, you will Love this Tequila.

Nose-light Agave, oakTaste Agave, oak, vanilla, sweet and smooth.

  • 61Rating

NOM 1424|Rating the XA: the nose is a bit promising but this is way too sweet. The fact that agave nectar is added I feel does a disservice. Theres no alcohol bite whatsoever. Whats left is concentrated syrup, thats how they call it smooth. A bonus for some, but I like tequila well rounded, including some alcohol. No thanks.

  • 78Rating

Reminds me of a honey whiskey I like. It has a good flavor and the agave is apparent, but I’m having trouble with the notion of a sweetened tequila. Like a flavored vodka for vodka purists. Granted I’m very new to tequila so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

NOM 1110|Incredibly smooth. Impressed from first sip.

  • 92Rating
  • 82Rating

NOM 1110|Really good flavor but a little too much on the sweet side. Finish is really smooth.

  • 85Rating

This is my favorite tequila. It is advertised as ‘very smooth’ and they are not lying.

  • 84Rating
  • 89Rating

Tequila Is The Intellectual Property Of Mexico: True

In fact, its illegal for other countries besides Mexico to sell tequila. In 1974, the Mexican government declared the term tequila the intellectual property of Mexico. Mexican law requires tequila to be produced only in certain regions of the country. Tequila sold outside Mexico is technically a mezcal or a mixto.

Tequila Is Just For Shots: False

Tequila shots, with salt and a lime wedge, are part of our collective drinking unconscious. So much so, it feels like theres no other way to enjoy tequila.But expert bartenders say that you should allow the flavors of your tequila to open up, like a fine wine or scotch. Its much more common in Mexico to sip your tequila slowly the shot with lime and salt is primarily an American practice.

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Suavecito Saturdays @lakesideyachtclub . . . . #tequila # ...
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Suavecito Extra Anejo Tequila 750ml


An Extra Anejo only needs to be aged 3 years in the barrel to be called an Extra Anejo. Our Extra Anejo has been aged 7 years. No one does that but Suavecito. Best enjoyed neat or with one ice cube.

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Whats The Proper Way To Taste Tequila

Shooting tequila with lime and salt is a hard habit to break. But in truth, thats no way to appreciate this complex and nuanced spirit. To drink tequila like a real connoisseur, follow these simple guidelines.

  • After pouring about 1 ounce of tequila in a brandy snifter, hold the snifter at the base . Appreciate the color of the tequila by raising the snifter to eye level.
  • Swirl the tequila gently to the left for about 1 minute. Does the tequila cling to the side of the glass before falling slowly to form whats called the string of pearls effect?
  • After taking a small sip, keep the tequila between your lips and tip of your tongue for about 10 seconds. Swish the tequila around the inside of your mouth before swallowing. Let the flavors come to you.

Whats most important is to find out which tequila you like best. That way, whether you mix tequila into a margarita or drink it straight, youll always be satisfied. When sampling tequila, pay attention to what kind of tequila youre trying. Here are the primary kinds of tequila:

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Where And How Is The Best Tequila Made

There are a lot of specific rules and guidelines governing where, how, and from what tequila is made. Heres what you need to know:

  • Most tequila is 38% to 40% ABV serious business. Drink with caution.
  • Tequila is a type of mezcal. The regions of production of the two drinks are overlapping. The distinction is that tequila must use only blue agave rather than any type of agave.
  • More than 300 million blue agave plants are harvested each year.
  • Tequila was first exported to the United States in the late 19th century.
  • Tequila is made primarily in areas near and around the city of wait for it Tequila, Mexico. Its also made northwest of Guadalajara, and in the Jaliscan Highlands of the central western Mexican state of Jalisco.

Tequila Must Be 100% Agave: True

Suavecito Reposado Tequila Review

In addition to being produced in specific regions of Mexico, tequila must be 100% agave blue agave, to be exact. And something not many people know is that Mexicos agave landscape is recognized as a World Heritage site by UNESCO.Differences in the flavor come from the aging process, from blanco to extra añejo . The aging process adds depth and complexity to the spirit.

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Suavecito Reposado Tequila Review

Alex: Im Alex Perez.

Mike: Im Mike Morales.

Alex: And you are watching Sipping off the Cuff on tequilaaficionado.com, and we are still reviewing Suavecito.

Mike: The worlds smoothest tequila, folks. If you watched our Blanco review, this particular tequila comes in at a lower alcohol by volume, ABV, and it is infused with agave nectar.

Alex: They are calling it the Worlds Smoothest.

Mike: Yeah, the Worlds Smoothest Tequila, they have this proprietary thing. Well, what theyre doing is theyre bringing it in at a lower alcohol by volume, and in order to do that, they have to put in an additive, so why not use agave nectar? And thats what theyve done. And as you can see, the presentation of the bottle, we talked about how pretty the bottle really is. Its a nice presentation. You dont see very many bottles like this is at all. I dont even know Ive never even seen a vodka bottle that looks like that, really.

Alex: No.

Mike: No. Kind of nice. Youre looking at the NOM number on that too, huh?

Alex: 1431.

Alex: It is tequila, folks.

Mike: Whats that?

Alex: It is tequila.

Mike: It is tequila, dont make no mistake. This is an infused tequila. It does have that two percent of additives, but look at the color on this Reposado. Its gentle. Its a nice, like a golden

Alex: Its a nice gold-colored tequila.

Mike: Yeah. Im not Just that they have a proprietary aging process for the Reposado and their Añejo, so proprietary that theyre not telling us what it is.

Suavecito Anejo Tequila Review

Alex Perez: Hi, Im Alex Perez.

Mike Morales: Im Mike Morales.

AP: And you are watching Sipping off the Cuff on tequilaaficionado.com. And we continue our flight with Suavecito.

MM: Were gonna do the Anejo tonight.

AP: We did the Blanco.

MM: We did the Blanco.

AP: We did the Reposado.

MM: We did the Reposado, and were gonna do the Anejo. Look at the presentation, do you wanna show it?

AP: You can show it.

MM: Look at the presentation.

AP: Mano.

MM: This has got like a leather label.

AP: Corset.

MM: A corset. Check that out, its a corset.

AP: Corset, yeah.

MM: A corset. Well, you have more practice with that than I do.

AP: Right, yeah.

MM: Or untying them. Anyway

AP: Thats another show.

MM: Its another show. Its another set of tools.

AP: Its another show with the do-rags on.

MM: Oh, yeah. But this is again, beautiful presentation. Theyre using real cork in their bottles too, and its a short neck, so its gonna be Its a short cork.

AP: And you wanna be careful with the Ive seen so many times where somebody just opens it up and it tears off.

MM: Yeah.

AP: So what I like to do is Last time, you guys were making fun of me but, you moisten the cork a little bit. Cause if you have it standing up, it dries out, typically.

MM: Yeah, for those of you

AP: And then you can just ease it out.

MM: Yeah.

AP: You know, dont tear it, tear it apart.

AP: Thats very unique. Its

MM: I cant call it copper. What kind of color is that?

MM: Ambers a good, a good, a good

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The 13 Best Places For Tequila In Santa Clarita

Terry Majamaki: Want an amazing tequila? Corzo Anejo, one of the best sipping tequila you’ll ever have 🙂

Sandro Soler: Cusquena, Quilmes, and pisco! All your South American goodies found here!

Ian Raymond: They sell Magic Hat #9!!!

Drew Stokes: The Tequila Chicken Penne is a little bland. If you must try, squeeze the lime over top for some added flavor.

Dimple B.F.: Family friendly restaurant. Spinach artichoke dip a must to start!

shawn northway: Get water, no ice.

Anna Jones: The best brunch restaurant, possibly in the whole world. If you like tequila, ask for the ‘Bloody Maria’ specialty cocktail – full bar and 101 omelets! The only bad part is that they close at 2pm :^D

Terry Majamaki: Must haves include the Plantation Mary, mocha and any Benedict breakfast!

Nelson C: Do not pass up on the Cathi’s omellette! Amazing!

Mabel: The horchata is Amazing!!! & the Margaritas have a great kick!! -)

Arnie Panameño: Try the beer battered shrimp tacos they were really good.

Steve: Ask for Tiffany!

Steven Brock: Get the guiltless grill sirloin. Awesome!

Joshua Maddux: SCAM WARNING if you use the digital games at the table at Chili’s they add $0.99 for each one you use! There is no fee notice. #SCAM

Matt F.: Cajun chicken pasta yes

Francis Unson: You can’t go wrong with avocado eggrolls.

Sean Robison: The chicken and biscuits was great.

Asher Socrates: The Ahi Salad is one of my favorites. Top it off with an ice cold Belvedere martini please!

Tequila Is Nothing More Than Cactus Juice: False

#Repost @denverbeerguy with @get_repost  Tonight I met ...

While the agave plant has pointy needles and sharp leaves, its really more of a succulent than a cactus. Fun fact: Agaves are more closely related to the Joshua Tree than that prickly desert dweller we know so well. True tequila must be 100% agave, and the best brands harvest the agave when its at least a decade old.

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