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How To Make Good Vodka Drinks

St Germain Vodka Tonic

How to Make the Good Coffee Vodka Drink

Heres a summer vodka cocktail you wont be able to stop sipping. Try this elderflower cocktail! The flavor here is so refreshing, so perfectly balanced, that its almost impossible not to take another sip. The secret? St Germain, that irresistible elderflower liqueur! Combine it with vodka, lemon and tonic water, and its a beautiful blend of botanical, sweet tart, bright and bubbly.

The Real Drink Recipe

A proper Vodka Cranberry also uses a touch of Roses sweetened lime and some orange juice to bring out the best of the cranberry flavor.

Because vodka doesnt really change the flavor of the cranberry juice, this cocktail would just taste like straight cranberry juice without some help. The orange and lime add hints of something sharp and bright.

This cocktail recipe is pretty light on the alcohol, so feel free to vary it according to your taste and tolerance. The only alcohol in this drink is vodka, so you can add a little more if you prefer.

You can also leave it out completely when you want a mocktail. That makes it great for parties where some guests might not be drinking.

If youre making it as a virgin cocktail, you might want to add a little more of the orange and lime to make it extra special. It doesnt take much just a few dashes, or maybe half an ounce.

How Do You Make This Lemon Vodka Cocktail

In a cocktail shaker, combine:

  • 1 1/2 oz vodka
  • 1 oz simple syrup
  • ice

I like rimming my cocktail glass with a bit of sugar. Add a few cubes of ice to a glass, then shake everything up in the cocktail shaker for 30 seconds until the shaker feels cold, then strain out the liquid into your prepared glass.

Top off your glass with plain sparkling water, and enjoy!

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+ Amazing Vodka Cocktails

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Get inspired with some of the best vodka cocktails on the internet. From classic vodka cocktail recipes like a Lemon Drop Martini to Sex on the Beach Slushies, with are more fun, we have tons of cocktail ideas for everyone.

Dont let making vodka cocktails at home scare you. Most of them are actually super simple to make! Take our Honey Greyhound Cocktail or Blackberry Moscow Mules. Both of these are fun, refreshing, and ready in less than 10 minutes.

Sometimes after a long week of work all you need is a stiff drink. Or, if youre a lightweight, something more fruity and less pungent might be the right drink for you. Either way, weve got tons of vodka cocktails for you to choose from that will fit any palette.

Whats In A Lemon Vodka Cocktail

Alcoholic Drinks

Have you ever had a lemon drop? The cocktail, not the shot. The cocktail is fairly similar to what were doing here, in that it is typically composed of:

  • vodka
  • fresh lemon juice
  • sugar

It is so good! Since I like my cocktails a little bit sparkly, Ive combined most of the same ingredients for my cocktail, with some soda water! I also use a simple syrup here instead of a fine granulated sugar.

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Do You Have To Use Fresh Lemon Juice For This Cocktail

I highly, HIGHLY recommend using fresh lemon juice for optimum flavor, but in a pinch you could use 2 tbsp of bottled lemon juice instead! You could also add a bit of lemon zest to your cocktail for added lemon flavor!

OH, and if you can get your hands on lemon flavored vodka, it is EXCELLENT in this drink. I havent been able to find any for a while!

This past weekend was a long weekend for us so this is my only new post this week. I took Monday off and we got some family bike riding in which worked out perfectly because it turns out that was the LAST warm day for the whole week!

Ugh. Rain. I know we need it but Im missing my old friend the sun! Come back!

Lets all have a cocktail!

A Few General Infusing Rules

Start small. Using about 12oz at a time in a 16oz jar seemed the perfect size for experimenting. That amounts to about 375ml, which is half of the normal 750ml liquor bottles that most of your spirits are packaged in. If you go smaller than that, its sometimes hard to get infusion ratios right you need to use very small amounts of things, and possibly end up with a bunch of leftover supplies. And if you try to infuse a whole bottle at a time, you risk not being happy with the end result and being stuck with a whole bottle of something you dont care for.

Taste your infusions every 12-24 hours. Since different infusions require different steeping times , and everyones tastes are unique, you should be tasting your infusions every 12-24 hours. Its amazing how much can change in that time period. You dont want to let something sit for 5 days, only to realize that 2-3 days would have been better .

Differing ingredients need different steeping times. Peppers and coffee only need a day or two, while most fruits and non-spicy produce can use a full 5-7 days. Keep this in mind especially when mixing ingredients. For the pineapple jalapeno infusion that I made, the pineapple steeped for about 5 days on its own before jalapeno was added for a single day.

Strain everything through cheesecloth.

Line a strainer with cheesecloth and place it over a large measuring cup.

Pour your infused vodka through. 1-2 times does it for most infusions.

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The Vodka Martini Recipe

Two ingredients are all youll need to make this cocktail. While a gin Martini is arguably more classic, the vodka Martini was a hit in the 90s and early 2000s, when the spirit was at the top of its game. To make this version , simply stir five parts vodka and one part vermouth together in a mixing glass with ice, strain into a Martini glass, and garnish with a lemon twist.


Vodka Cocktails You Can Make In Minutes


Make the most of vodka as a neutral base spirit for a range of fruity cocktails and crisp, clean drinks. For a super speedy sip, these cocktails can be mixed up in just 10 minutes or less…

For more inspiration, check out our collection of vodka cocktail recipes and read our guide on how to make flavoured vodka. We’ve also done a taste test of the best vodka to buy so you can get the optimum results when mixing up these drinks.

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These 4 Simple Vodka Drinks Are Made With Just 2 Ingredients Each Everyone Needs These Easy Mixed Drinks With Vodka In Their Back Pockets For The Next Gathering

Be sure to bookmark this recipe in your browser so you can have it available whenever the craving hits!

Its here. The kick-off to summer.

Ill be honest I wasnt sure wed ever get here. The winter was cold and long here in Utah. In fact, it snowed just last week.

But as a long-time Utahn, I cant say Im surprised. Utah always has one last wintery hurrah before hitting us hard with the hot-as-hell temps.

And were honestly already there.

If I was uncomfortable last week with the snow, Im even MORE uncomfortable this week with the heat. I just cant do it. The extreme temps make me miserable.

But, I do have a solution

Yup, call me a lush, but it does have to do heavily with cocktails and other deliciously cold easy vodka drinks. Theyre exactly what Im looking for when it comes to the heat. Anything to cool me down!

Thing is, Im lazy and cheap frugal.

I dont wanna go crazy with all the ingredients and recipes when it comes to making a cocktail. Give me a couple ingredients that I probably already have on hand, and then add some vodka.

And that is exactly what I did for you today.

I put together 4 incredibly easy mixed drinks with vodka that only take 3 ingredients, including the vodka. Chances are, you could whip up a drink within the next 30 seconds with one of these recipes!


  • lemon lime soda, to top of glass

You are welcome!

Use Vodka Infused Fruits In Your Cocktails And Pitcher Drinks

Use fruits like watermelon, strawberries, oranges, pineapple, and peaches to make unique fruits cocktails and pitcher drinks. To make vodka-infused fruit, cut your choice of fruit and add them to a jar. Fill up the jar with vodka and let the fruit infuse for a few days. Strain the fruit out and use the infused vodka in drinks.

Vodka must be enjoyed with friends and family. Organize a zakuski theme party to enjoy vodka and food with your loved ones.

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If You Like This Drink

Before we get to the recipe: there are a few other drinks you should check out.

If you like this drink, you should also check out the Desert Shield, which blends vodka and cranberry with cranberry liqueur. If you want pure cranberry flavor, thats the drink for you.

Theres also the Crystal Cranberry, which features amaretto, Crown Royal, gin, cranberry juice and more. It does make a change from this drink, but the taste of it is wonderful.

Theres also the C& T Cocktail, which blends cranberry and gin with Absolut Mandarin and more. That one is so good.

And you may also want to try the Long Beach Iced Tea, which is very strong and very tasty. It features cranberry juice, triple sec and lots of white liquors.

The Drink Recipes Every Vodka Drinker Needs

The Gimlet Is More Unique Than You

The Spruce

Vodka may be the most mixable and useful liquor in the bar. The spirit’s clear, clean taste pairs well with any flavor, from sweet to savory and dry to spicy. Featured in thousands of cocktail recipes that vary in character, ingredients, and style, there is a vodka cocktail for every drinker and occasion.

Within that extensive list of vodka drinks, some standouts are considered essential. These are the most popular of those recipes and the drinks that everyone should taste at least once.

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What The Vodka Cranberry Drink Tastes Like

The Vodka Cranberry is sometimes thought of as a beginners drink because its not very strong and you dont really taste the alcohol. But its a delicious drink for anyone.

The great thing about this drink is how refreshing it is without being strong. The lime and cranberry are both tart, which really wakes up your taste buds.

But you also get some sweetness from the dash of orange juice, and that makes it delicious.

Note that some bartenders do make this drink much stronger. The classic recipe only calls for an ounce of vodka, but some put in a good bit more.

When its mixed according to this recipe, the only reason youll know the vodka is in there is that slight burn you feel as it goes down. And it is really slight.

If you want a regular strength drink, you certainly can bump the vodka up to the standard 1 1/2 ounces without changing the flavor noticeably.

If you want your drink on the strong side, bump it up to two ounces of vodka and just reduce the cranberry juice accordingly.

Coffee & Coffee Vanilla

This infusion was probably my favorite. It can be served in a whole bunch of fun cocktails but its also delicious on its own over ice . It also makes a really nice dark brown color that you dont often see in vodka.

The coffee infusion after 1, 3, and 5 days. 3 days is ideal, in my opinion. On day 5, it tasted a bit too strong.

You dont actually want to use an expensive, small-batch coffee for this. I read from multiple sources that even cheaper coffees tend to convey the same sorts of flavors. You especially dont want anything thats a light roast the flavors arent quite bold enough to come through as a pure coffee flavor in the vodka. Get yourself either a whole bean espresso or dark roast.


  • Measure out ½ cup of whole coffee beans and place them into jar.
  • Put 12oz vodka into jar.
  • Let steep for about 3 days, giving the jar a swirl once a day or so.
  • Strain through cheesecloth. One time should do it, but if you see any chunks, another wont hurt.
  • Optional: From the very beginning, throw in a vanilla bean cut into 1-inch chunks. As with all of these, give it a taste every 12-24 hours and see what you think. If at any point the vanilla becomes overwhelming, it can easily be pulled out with a spoon.
  • After straining, pour your finished products into these handsome 375ml bottles, and give out as fun, easy, and inexpensive DIY gifts.

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    Essential And Popular Vodka Cocktails For 2021

    Whether you genuinely love it or love to hate it, vodka is a mainstay of any well-stocked bar. And while it may have come in and out of vogue in the past 30 years, it remains the best-selling spirit in America by volume. Its also a key ingredient in some of the worlds most popular cocktails.

    So unearth that old bottle of Smirnoff from your freezer , and check out these essential vodka cocktails that just might make you remember why it was the most beloved liquor of the 90s.

    How Do You Make A Simple Syrup

    How to Make a Perfect Vodka Drink : Party Drinks

    AH guys, its so easy. I will often make some in the summer just to have on hand for simple drinks like this lemon vodka cocktail. You wont need a recipe for simple syrup! Combine equal parts sugar and water in a small saucepan on the stove, and simmer until the sugar has dissolved. Cool the mixture down and store at room temperature for a couple of weeks!

    Its perfect to have on hand when you want to sweeten things up a little bit.

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    About Kinky Vodka And Beverages

    Recently, I discovered the family of KINKY Vodkas and beverages. The KINKY Pink is a delicious tropical fruit-fused vodka with flavor notes of mango, blood orange, and passion fruit that can be enjoyed over ice or with a splash of lemon-lime soda.

    Distilled 5 times, KINKY Vodka is super smooth. Make sure to try my own yummy creation: The KINKY Lady mixed with KINKY Vodka .

    Are you thirsty yet?

    She’s A Very Kinky Girl

    Tell ’em, Rick James! Bet you didn’t know that I was a bartender many moons ago. Yup! I bartended with the best of them. And I bartended for the best of them, celebrities, NBA and NFL players, you name it. And boy do I have some stories to tell. But I’ll save them for another day.

    I will tell you that the 2 two things a bartender can appreciate are good vodka and a delicious quick and easy drink. KINKY definitely checks those boxes.

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    Diet Coke Cocktails That Actually Taste Good Whipped

    Another option is to use water and a squeeze of lemon. As the saying goes, if the base isnt sturdy, the whole building could collapse if the vodka you use doesnt have a good flavor then infusing it with some other flavor wont work quite as well because youre still going to get some of that chemical taste.

    50 vodka cocktail recipes that taste as good as they look. .

    50 vodka cocktail recipes that taste as good as they look. 7 great mixers for vodka that arent soda.

    50 vodka cocktail recipes that taste as good as they look. 7 great mixers for vodka that arent soda.

    50 vodka cocktail recipes that taste as good as they look. Add a splash of lime or lemon juice.

    50 vodka cocktail recipes that taste as good as they look. Another option is to use water and a squeeze of lemon.

    50 vodka cocktail recipes that taste as good as they look. As the saying goes, if the base isnt sturdy, the whole building could collapse if the vodka you.

    50 vodka cocktail recipes that taste as good as they look. Deliberate the taste of the drink by swirling to gently in your glass, take in the aroma and savor the taste on your tongue.

    7 ways to make cheap vodka taste good cheap vodka vodka. Faster than you can say buon appetito, youve got a delicious limoncello liqueur that makes a cute gift.

    7 ways to make cheap vodka taste good cheap vodka vodka. For example, we use 100% agave at state 38 distilling for our vodka, which brings a.

    How To Make Vodka Taste Good

    Keto Vodka Cocktail â BEST Low Carb Mixed Berry Vodka ...

    Glycerol is an alcoholic compound that changes the mouthfeel of the vodka, while sugar often gets added to change the flavor and mask some of.How can i make cheap beer taste better?How do i make vodka taste better?How do you make vodka not taste bad?

    How do you make vodka taste good?However, the taste of your sauce will be different and may not turn out as well if you dont use vodka to cook with it.If the drink is too harsh for you, add some water or ice to the glass.If the sauce ends up too strong, it ruins the taste of your food.

    If you are in a calmer setting, enjoy the taste of the vodka by sipping it slowly.Is vodka stronger than beer?It will help the taste of your vodka and will also make sure it is as clear as possible.Put your ingredients into an airtight jar and fill it with vodka.

    Shake the bottle once a day to keep the process moving along.Since there are several vodka distillers around the world producing their own versions, expect to find quite a number of variations.Some taste buttery, some taste clean and crisp, some starchy, and others have notes of vanilla.Thank the italians for coming up with the most delicious way to make cheap vodka taste good.

    The secret is to mix vodka with lemon peel for 10 days before combining it with a simple syrup.The sensation of soda bubbles popping on your tongue will mask the subtle flavor of the vodka.Then, remove the pan from the heat.Then, strain the vodka into a different jar or bottle and you have your finished product!

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