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What Can I Make With Vanilla Vodka

What Type Of Vanilla Beans To Use

How to make Vanilla Extract with Vodka

For vanilla-infused vodka, you can use either Grade A or Grand B vanilla beans. Grade A vanilla beans have a higher moisture content than grade B, which means the vanilla flavor will quickly infuse into a dish.

Grade B vanilla beans are known as extract-grade beans because they often have tearing, bruising, or scarring on the pod and maybe even some scorching from the sun. These imperfections do not harm the integrity of the flavor.

Drinks Made With Vanilla Vodka

Do you have any questions about mixing with what? Vanilla vodka you cant go wrong when you have a standard vanilla vodka and soda.

The earthy sweetness tastes great with a lemon, lime, or root beer clear soda.

There are many recipes and cocktails you can make with vanilla vodka if your creativity takes you further.

A few of our favorites cocktails that pair well with vanilla vodka include

  • Orange creamsicle

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Cocktail Recipes With Stoli Vanil Vodka

Pour over ice in a shaker adding equal parts of orange juice and pineapple juice to the spirits. Shake and strain over ice cubes into a collins glass.Serve in: Collins Glass fill with half-and-halfFill Cocktail glass with ice. Shake Stoli Vanil, Creme de Banane, and half & half. Pour over ice.Serve in: Cocktail Glass
Pour the Stoli vanilla vodka and creme de cacao into a cocktail shaker half-filled with cracked ice. Shake well, and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with black and white licorice candy, and serve.32% Pour all ingredients over crushed ice in a cocktail glass, and serve.28%
1 oz whipped creamStir the vodka, Baileys Irish Cream and creme de cacao in a large preheated mug. Pour into boiling hot coffee, top with whipped cream, and serve. Alternatively, for a cold drink, chill all the ingredients until ice cold. Mix in a chilled, stemmed glass and top with whipped cream. Add a scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice cream if desired.5%

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What Goes Good With Vanilla Vodka

The vanilla vodka is such a drink that can be a great mixer with any type of favorite flavor. Extra soda, lemon juice, cream on top, tonic soda if added can make your drink more delicious. Besides, various juices and drinks, for example, Cranberry juice, mint taste, pineapple juice, orange, and lemon juice will definitely enhance the refreshing flavor of your vanilla vodka to a different level.

This allows you to add any extra flavor with the Vanilla vodka. Apart from flavors, sweet pie, cake, and savory spicy dishes will make a great combination with the vanilla vodka.

Do You Have To Refrigerate Baileys Irish Cream

How to Make Vanilla Extract and More Homemade Extracts

Even though Baileys has cream in the name, you dont have to treat it the same way you would a normal cream product, and it will last much much longer than any milk product as well.

Baileys Irish cream is actually the only cream liquor that will last up to two years, even after its been opened. How the bottle is stored, is really up to you and your personal preferences. The liqueur will keep well both in the refrigerator or on the counter at room temperature.

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Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

The most difficult part of making Homemade Vanilla Vodka is the waiting. You need to submerge the vanilla beans in the vodka and let them soak. One week is good, but after two weeks the vanilla is so much more rich. I promise you the wait is worth it.

Now that Ive patiently waited my two weeks it is ready to enjoy! Stay tuned for all the yummy Vanilla Vodka Cocktails to come. In the meantime check out these other great cocktails in my Summer Cocktail Series:

What Is Baileys Irish Cream

If you havent heard of Baileys Irish cream by now, you have to go try some! Its gained mass amounts of popularity since it hit shelves in 1974, due to its creamy flavor and slight chocolate notes.

The product is an Irish whiskey and cream-based liquor made with cocoa extract to provide the perfect blend of boozy, creamy, chocolatey goodness. It can be enjoyed on its own, with some ice, or mixed with vodka for a great Baileys martini.

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Making Homemade Vanilla Extract

Once you have your ingredients, the process to make homemade vanilla extract with vodka is simple.

Add the vodka to the bottles you are using.

Cut the vanilla beans in half lengthwise. Divide the beans into the bottles. Close the bottle. Give it a shake.

Then put it in a dark, cool place for 4-6 months. Give that bottle a shake every few weeks to mix things up.

And then, voila! Your extract will be ready to use or gift just in time for the holidays.

Whats The Best Way To Brew Coffee For Cocktails

VANILLA INFUSED (Vodka, Liqueur, Syrup & Extract)

Just like any latte, espresso is preferred over standard drip-brewed coffee because its more flavorful. You can also use other brewing methods, such as a drip cone or French press. Another option is to use cold-brewed coffee. It takes about 12 hours to make because theres no heat involved, but this method produces a rich, thick coffee with a true flavor of the beans. Get in the habit of always having some in the refrigerator, and youll see an improvement in every iced coffee you make.

  • Be sure to thoroughly chill hot-brewed coffee before using it in an iced coffee drink. For a quick chill, place a cup in the freezer for about 10 minutes.

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Can You Drink Vanilla Vodka Straight

In general, vanilla vodka can be consumed straight however, its quality is equally important as how enjoyable it is. The best way to enjoy it is chilled in a shot glass. To make it more drinkable, ice may also be added to make it a cocktail shot. Its not really a sipping drink, but rather a shot of whiskey.

What’s The Best Way To Brew Coffee For Cocktails

Just like any latte, espresso is preferred over standard drip-brewed coffee because it’s more flavorful. You can also use other brewing methods, such as a drip cone or French press. Another option is to use cold-brewed coffee. It takes about 12 hours to make because there’s no heat involved, but this method produces a rich, thick coffee with a true flavor of the beans. Get in the habit of always having some in the refrigerator, and you’ll see an improvement in every iced coffee you make.

  • Be sure to thoroughly chill hot-brewed coffee before using it in an iced coffee drink. For a quick chill, place a cup in the freezer for about 10 minutes.

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What To Use This Vanilla Vodka For

The most obvious use for this vanilla-flavored vodka is to make a cocktail with it. You can substitute vanilla vodka for regular vodka in a martini or lemon drop for example.

Or try this Raspberry Cocktail below with vanilla vodka, raspberry liqueur, orange liqueur, and lemon juice. Add 2 oz. vodka, 1 oz raspberry liqueur, 1/2 oz orange liqueur, and 1 oz lemon juice to a cocktail shaker. Shake, strain, and enjoy in a sugar-rimmed glass.

Is Absolut Vanilla Vodka Nice


The latest addition to Absoluts impressive list of vodka brands is Absolut Vanilia. The cost may vary as low as £5.20 or as high as £15. In the nose, its an appealing scent, but in the body of the drink, its an incredibly strong and reassuring scent that you still drink a vodka, but not one without alcohol.

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Can Vanilla Vodka Be Drunk Straight

Vanilla vodka can be enjoyed straight. However, the quality of the vodka will affect your enjoyment. It is. Enjoy chilled in chilled shot glasses

Its possible to add ice to your drink so it looks like a shot.

The vodkas flavor makes it more appealing, especially when compared with drinking vodka straight.

The best vodka has a strong flavor and is great for adding to mixed drinks. But, buying pre-flavored vodka with vanilla can make it more appealing. Sweet, earthy, and mellow you need.

You may want to keep a chaser on hand if you drink vanilla vodka straight.

It will go well with almost anything you mix vanilla vodka with, though you may want to use it in smaller quantities.

Vanilla Vodka Iced Tea Recipe

With just two simple ingredients, youre practically halfway done preparing your vanilla flavored vodka iced tea cocktail. This drink was an immediate winner as soon as we discovered it was naturally sweet!

All you have to do is make vanilla flavored black tea, put it on ice then add a shot of vanilla flavored vodka. Boom, youre sipping happily in no time at all. This is a cocktail that can be served virtually anytime, anywhereespecially when you prepare the tea in advance.

Heres the thingthis sweet-tasting adult beverage has plenty of giddyup, so youre gonna have to make sure you dont kick back too many too fast. They just taste so darn good!

If you already have a bottle of vodka in your liquor cabinet, but its not flavored, throw a couple of vanilla beans in the bottle and allow it to marinate for a week or longer. Shazaam, youve just saved yourself from making a run to the liquor store.

Try this drink recipe with your favorite flavored tea and vodka then share your cocktail stories on , and using #EverydayDishes.

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Where To Buy Vanilla Beans

Whats homemade vanilla extract without vanilla beans?

Although vanilla beans are sometimes available in the grocery store, you will pay top dollar there for just a few beans. Instead, head online where you can find more reasonable prices for the number of beans you need. In the past, I have purchased vanilla beans from eBay. But more recently, I have been ordering from Etsy.

When you are looking at listings, youll see beans labeled at Grade A or Grade B. Grade A is the highest quality long beans that are flexible and fragrant. Grade B beans will be less pliable and can be challenging to cut open, but they will still make a good extract. Grade C beans are the stiffest of the beans and may be cracked or split. I dont recommend Grade C beans for this recipe.

Youll also see that there are different types of origins, like Madagascar, Tahitian or Indonesian. Each one has its own unique flavor profile. Slofoodgroup has an excellent vanilla bean primer that will help you decide which ones are preferable to your tastes.

When ordering, take care not to order too much. Youll want as much as youll use in the vanilla extract . Vanilla beans will become progressively less fresh over a few months.

How To Infuse Vodka

How to make Homemade Vanilla Extract | BOURBON | VODKA | RUM

To make your own vanilla infused vodka simple take one quality vanilla pod and split lengthways with a sharp knife on a cutting board. Place the split pods in a freshly opened bottle of vodka and leave to infuse for 3 to 6 days, shaking occasionally. . Shaking helps increase the rate of extraction, as will leaving in a warm place.

The vodka’s high alcohol content will leach out flavours from the vanilla which will over the days to integrate with the vodka which will then preserve those flavours

After a week your previously clear vodka will have have turned a shade of amber and have developed a pungent scent of vanilla. Pour the contents of the bottle into a clean container. Clean the bottle and then filter your now vanilla-flavoured vodka back into the bottle. Be sure to mark the bottle “vanilla-infused” to save confusion.

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Baileys Martini Variations To Try

I love this cocktail just how it is, but theres always room to have some fun with any cocktail concoction, so why not try it a few other ways too. There are so many ways to make this baileys vanilla martini your own.

Here are a few ways I love to make my baileys martini:

  • Swap out the vanilla vodka for whatever your favorite flavor is. There are so many fun vodka flavors on the market, so pick a good one and give it a try. My favorites are peppermint twist, caramel, or whipped cream!
  • Add a touch of holiday flavor with some peppermint mocha syrup. If you still want the vanilla vodka flavor and a peppermint twist, pull out our favorite coffee syrup add 1/2-1 ounce into each cocktail.
  • Use a flavored Irish cream. Just like vodka, they come in all different flavors, like red velvet, salted caramel, and my personal favorite, espresso creme.
  • Substitutes For Tequila
  • Vanilla vodka, a sweet yet earthy spirit, has strong enough flavors that the vodka can be enjoyed on its own, either as a chilled shot or on the rocks though the idea of drinking vanilla vodka by itself might seem a little too, well, vanilla. Pairing it with a chaser, a simple alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage consumed after drinking the liquor, can help bring out the vodkas more subtle flavors and sometimes cleanse the palette.

    The Pina Colada Martini

    This delicious yet straightforward martini requires no blending but shaking the ingredients vigorously.

    It is one of the best to enjoy on your beach vacations as it oozes all the islands tropical and fruity flavors of coconut and pineapple.

    The drink is mainly vanilla vodka and pineapple juice which mix and blend to create a smooth and velvety texture.

    Finally, when serving, a drink is not appealing without garnishing hence cherry or fresh pineapple to the glass rim makes the drink more enticing.

    Here is the recipe.

    If you have a craving for a tropical drink, this will do away with that. It is cool, refreshing, and natural to enjoy with friends and family in the family yard during summer.

    In addition, it is smooth in texture, sweet and tangy in flavor.

    When preparing the drink, you need vanilla vodka and orange curacao, which is a drink from dried citrus peels.

    Unlike other vanilla cocktails, this one has almond syrup for a sweet flavor. Lime and pineapple juice make it tangy to enjoy.

    Finally, to serve, garnish with fresh mint and pineapple wedge. Then add a few ice cubes to make it refreshing. Here is the recipe.

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    How To Make Cherry Vanilla Vodka Soda

    Pour your favorite vanilla vodka over ice. I tend to eyeball the amount, but feel free to measure exactly. I also prefer large ice cubes as they melt slower. They also wont dilute the drink as quickly.

    I add just a bit of maraschino cherry juice to each glass, but not too much. Its a pretty potent syrup and you dont need much at all to get the cherry flavor.

    Add plain club soda or your favorite flavored soda water to each glass. I love Limoncello! Ill also squeeze a bit of fresh lime juice too before garnishing.

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    What Drinks Can You Make With Vanilla Vodka

    This vanilla vodka cocktail recipe is cool and refreshing! It is smooth, sweet and tangy! This is THE cocktail to have when you are craving a tropical drink!

    Reading: what drinks can you make with vanilla vodka

    Im proud to have partnered with Princess Cruises to bring you this recipe.

    This Vanilla Sky Vodka cocktail recipe is my version of the Vanilla Sky cocktail I enjoyed during my Caribbean cruise on board the Caribbean Princess. I was first introduced to this cocktail at Good Spirits at Sea which is a bar area located onboard.

    The Good Spirits Bar has an array of craft cocktails that tell a story and is an all-encompassing experience. Each cocktail featured comes from a port around the world. The bartender mixes shakes and pours cocktails all while giving a little history about each one. For example, he would talk about Puerto Rico and tell us how to create an authentic Puerto Rican Mojito and share how great it would taste served with an authentic Puerto Rican Mofungo dish

    Patrons can request to taste any cocktail from the menu of specialty cocktails, and while I tried a few , the Vanilla Sky was my favorite!

    What Is A Vanilla Sky Vodka Cocktail?

    This recipe starts with vanilla flavored vodka and orange curacao. Curacao, coming from the island with the same name, is a liqueur that is made with dried citrus peels that are found only on the island.

    You may be more familiar with its blue counterpart which is artificially colored to give it that ocean blue hue.

    What Is Good With Vanilla Vodka

  • Once youve used a vanilla cardamom screwdriver, youll never want another plain one again. I assure you, once youve tried one scented with vanilla and cardamom, youll never go back to plain ones.
  • This vanilla berry summer spritzer is delicious
  • The Baileys Martini is made with Vanilla Vodka.
  • Horchata with Vanilla Vodka
  • The French Martini is made with Vanilla Vodka.
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