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How To Make Hot Toddy With Vodka

A Traditional Remedy For The Common Cold Is Also Delicious: A Cozy Hot Toddy But Why Should A Cocktail Make You Feel Better We Investigate The Science Behind The Hot Toddy And Share Our Favorite Recipe

HOT TODDY – The best cure for a cold! | BAR TALK & COCKTAILS

When I was growing up, I loved hearing my grandmas health tips, and follow them to this day. Drink a glass of warm milk with cinnamon before bed to help you sleep. Apply sunscreen to the tops of your hands, not just your face. And always, when you feel a cold coming on, get the hot toddy ingredients ready. Her famous hot toddy recipe with whiskey still gets me through the worst of my winter colds and sniffles. Heres the science behind the tradition, plus a recipe.

The History Of The Hot Toddy

Its generally agreed that the hot toddy has been around for a long time, although no one is quite sure how long. Speaking to The Telegraph in 2001, whiskey expert Charlie MacLean traced the origin of the hot toddy to 18th-century Scotland, where honey and spices were added to mask the harsh flavor of bad Scotch.

Since then, the hot toddy has been beloved as both a winter warmer and a boozy DIY cold medicine. But is it actually good for you?

Other Hot Toddy Variationincludes

To make this winter cocktail perfect for the cold weather, you need to add some woody spices for perfect warmth. Not only do these spices have their own health benefits but they also say Christmas and holiday too.

Cinnamon sticks: I didnt add to this recipe, but it is a great addition.


Black tea or green tea: swap hot water for any black tea of choice.

Swap honey for maple syrup, agave nectar or any other natural sweetener of choice

Use rye whiskey if having thisdrink cold

Whiskey is the most popular to use but you may also use brandy or rum

These above ingredients are optional but highly recommended for a full healing effect. You can have your cake and eat it with a hot toddy drink. The hot beverage heals your body and you enjoy the drink at the same time. Win-Win!

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Hot Honey Lemon With Vodka

Its that time of year. Coughing. Sniffling. Sneezing. Right about now we all need a hug. And a big blast of disinfectant. Oh, and lets face it, something pretty. This lemony, sweet, cinnamony, vodka-tastic drink popular all over central Asia and eastern Europe takes care of it all. I especially love that the honey makes drinking it a huge bear hug .

The vodka is totally optional but it does help scrub the body of germs. And, overall, its better than a trip to the pharmacy. Unless, of course, you go to a Kyrgyz one. Any excuse to travel

Drug store in Tamchy, Kyrgyzstan. Photo by Vmenkov.

Makes 1 quart

1/2 cup honey 4 cups water1 lemon, zested and sliced1-2 cinnamon sticksVodka, to taste

You might also like to add fresh ginger or other spices this can be done to taste.


Tonight, celebrate the end of long week with the regions answer to the ever-popular mulled wine. Even my honey bear raises his arms to cheer when I make it.

Theres almost nothing to do. Give the little honey bear a big squeeze, add strips of lemon zest, the cinnamon stick and water to a medium pot. Stir to combine, cover and bring to a simmer.

Simmer 30-45 minutes, or until the cinnamon flavor fully infuses the drink and your house smells like wonderful. Pour the resulting tea into glass mugs with lemon slices. The lemon slices not only punch up the flavor and disinfecting qualities, but they also make the drink so, so pretty. If youre feeling brave, add vodka to taste.

What Liquor To Use For A Hot Toddy

How To Make A Hot Toddy » The Ultimate Guide!

Although its most commonly made with whiskey, you can make a toddy with pretty much anything, even tequila or gin. My preference here is for bourbon its warm, sweet edge is a particularly nice complement to the apple cider.

A good mid-range bourbon, like Knob Creek or Four Roses, will do well here.

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Hot Toddy Without Whiskey

If you arent 21, dont worry! You can still enjoy this hot drink to help soothe your cold. Just make this recipe without the whiskey. Youve still got the hot water, lemon, and honey to help with those cold symptoms. Its the best cold remedy with or without whiskey!

Some people might just call that honey lemon water, but every drink deserves a name.

Even if youre feeling fine, this classic hot toddy will warm you up on a cold evening. Everyone gets to enjoy this warm cocktail!

Be sure to check out some of our other fave at home remedy recipes such as our Glowing Skin Smoothie and Detox Lemonade!

If you make this recipe be sure to upload a photo in the comment section below or leave a rating. Enjoy!

Picking A Base Liquid

  • 1Start with hot water. You will need approximately one cup of a hot liquid as the base of your drink. Traditionally, a hot toddy is made with a base of hot water. This is probably the easiest liquid to use, as you can simply heat water in a kettle or pan on the stove.
  • Using hot water, as opposed to a flavored liquid, does not mean that your toddy will be flavorless. It just means that the flavors you add to the drink will be stronger and more recognizable in the final drink.XResearch source
  • 2Use tea. Add a herbal tea bag to your hot water. This will give your hot toddy more flavor and it will help your throat, if you are drinking your hot toddy to ease a cold or flu.
  • Any type of tea will work. If you like a lot of flavor, consider using a bolder tea, such as a spiced blend like chai. This will add tremendously to the flavor.XResearch source
  • Remember that a lot of teas have caffeine. If you want to go to sleep soon after drinking your toddy, be sure to get an herbal tea instead of one that is caffeinated.XResearch source
  • 3Opt for hot apple cider. Hot cider is a great base for a hot toddy. It is flavorful and sweet, and will add a lot of character to your drink.
  • Hot cider is best heated in a small saucepan on very low heat. You can also warm it in the glass you are using for your drink in a microwave. Just be careful, as the glass is likely to get very hot in a microwave.
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    Virgin Apple Cider Hot Toddy

    Skipping the booze? No problem! You can either just leave the alcohol off for a light and luscious virgin apple cider hot toddy. Or try what I’ve been doing and add a 2 ounce shot of Seedlip Grove a non-alcoholic distillation with aromas of ginger and citrus. It adds similar complexity as the honeycomb vodka with none of the booze.

    Making A Classic Hot Toddy

    Hot Toddy – How to Make the Classic Hot Whiskey Cocktail
  • 1Make simple syrup. Put 1 cup of water in a small saucepan, add 1 cup of granulated white sugar, and stir the ingredients together. Heat the mixture over medium-high heat until it comes to a boil. Turn the heat to low and let the mixture simmer for about 3 minutes, or until it becomes clear, stirring occasionally. Remove the pan from heat and allow the mixture to cool.XResearch source
  • You can store excess simple syrup in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 1 month.
  • If you only want enough syrup for a single drink, use less sugar and water but be sure to keep the ratios equal.
  • 2Boil 4 fluid ounces of water and preheat your mug. Put 4 fluid ounces of water in a small saucepan and heat it over high heat until it comes to a boil. In the meantime, heat an Irish coffee glass in the microwave for about 1 minute.XResearch source
  • If you don’t have an Irish coffee glass, a microwave-safe mug will work just as well.
  • 3Add the Scotch, lemon juice, honey, simple syrup, and cloves to the preheated mug. Use 2 fluid ounces of Scotch, 0.5 fluid ounces of fresh lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of honey, 0.5 fluid ounces of simple syrup, and 3 dried cloves.XResearch source
  • 4Fill the glass with boiling water and stir it. Top up the glass with the boiling water, taking care not to burn yourself. Stir the mixture until the honey dissolves and all the ingredients are well blended.XResearch source
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    Your Aunt Was Right: The Hot Toddy Is The Cure To The Common Cold

    With temperatures dropping and seasons changing, chances are you or someone you know will pick up a cold at least once over the course of the year. And while there are plenty over-the-counter remedies you can get at your local pharmacy, it might actually be a better idea to head to your liquor store, grab a nice bottle of whiskey, and make a Hot Toddy instead.

    When you have a cold, one of the main ways your body is able to fight it off is by getting enough sleep so that youre well rested. While you could turn to NyQuil to try and help with that job, a Hot Toddy works just as well and a bit more naturally at relieving your symptoms, so you can rock off to sleep without the morning grogginess that some folks experience with nighttime cough and cold medicine.

    For decades people have used the Hot Toddy as a natural remedy for easing all those aches and pains that are associated with the common cold. For the most part, it was just assumed that it was one of those antidotes, like chicken soup, that works because your brain thinks it works and not because there is actual science behind it . But as it turns out, a Hot Toddy is actually pretty great, from a scientific perspective, at soothing your cold.


    The reason many of us use cold and cough drugs like NyQuil is because they not only ease our congestion, but they help us fall asleep, too. And it turns out that the core ingredients in a Hot Toddy whiskey, hot water, honey, and lemon do pretty much the same thing.

    A History Of Hot Toddies

    The hot toddy comes from the Indian drink toddy, made from fermented palm tree sap. The hot toddy as we now know it in the West distilled spirit mixed with hot water, lemon, honey, and spices dates back to the 1700’s. Hot toddies are beloved in the UK and Ireland where they’re traditionally made with whiskey. In Canada maple syrup is frequently used in place of honey. Hot toddies are often drunk before bed or to soothe a cough, cold, or sore throat.

    But these apple cider hot toddies with vodka play well in the daytime, under golden sunlight, enjoyed with food and friends on a chilly fall day. They’ve quickly become a favorite here in the Bojon kitchen, so I’m excited to share the recipe with you all today!

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    Hot Toddy For Cold Cough Flu & Sore Throat

    Hot toddies are widely beloved for soothing what ails you: colds, coughs, sore throats, and even flus. When I’m sick, Jay often makes me a tonic of freshly grated ginger, lemon juice, honey, and hot water which I drink throughout the day. Nothing soothes a sore throat like this concoction. But these apple cider hot toddies with vodka are 1000 times more delicious. You can enjoy them in sickness and in health.

    Here’s how they help:

    Honey is a natural analgesic and can be more effective in quieting a cough than prescription meds. I have firsthand experience with this! The vitamin C in lemon juice helps a body fight infection. Freshly grated ginger adds a zip that feels amazing on a sore throat. Here, freshly pressed apple juice adds natural sweetness. Apple juice is also loaded with health-promoting properties such as vitamin C, pectin to aid digestion, antioxidants to wash away free radicals, and a host of other goodies.

    Whatever you’ve got, I can guarantee that this apple cider hot toddy tastes a whole lot better than Theraflu, and is probably more helpful, too.

    Gin Hot Toddy Recipes

    Apple Cider Hot Toddy with Vodka  The Bojon Gourmet

    The Winterized Gin Berry Smash Recipe

    Developed by: Anthony Escalante, Bar Manager and Resident Mixologist, Wrigley Mansion

    A nice herbaceous and fruity take on the ever-classic hot toddy is something I consider a wintry version of a gin berry smash, says Anthony Escalante, bar manager and resident mixologist, Wrigley Mansion. This involves steeping a nice fruit rouge loose leaf tea in hot water adding a bit of a new western gin with close to 1/4 ounce of agave syrup and some fresh lemon juice . This recipe also works wonders if you prefer something more traditional like an Earl Grey tea.


    • Heavy cream


    • Build in a 6-ounce glass. Fill 60 percent of the way up with hot water and add a bag of ginger tea.
    • Steep for 4 to 5 minutes.
    • Remove bag and top off with more hot water.
    • To garnish, float hand-shaken heavy cream over the top of the drink.
    • For an optional garnish, grate dehydrated lemon zest over the cream.

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    Which Hot Toddy Ingredients Should I Use

    Hot toddies contain fresh lemon juice, honey, boiling water, and usually whiskey, the original ingredient dating back to the 1700s. That said, you may use bourbon , brandy , or even rum .

    Each ingredient plays a role in soothing a cold or flu:

    • Hot water makes the drink hot, obviously, and according to a 2008 study , hot drinks can relieve runny nose, sore throat, sneezing and even fatigue.
    • Honey has mild antibacterial properties and is known to soothe coughs and sore throats .
    • Lemon contains antibacterial properties and is rich in vitamin C, which can help fight infections.

    But what about the alcoholis that good for a cold?

    An Easy & Cozy Hot Toddy Recipe

    When the weather starts getting colder, you need a few hot cocktail recipes in your back pocket. Put this hot toddy at the top of your list! I love making this drink when I need something a little stronger than hot chocolate.

    This hydrating hot toddy cocktail is ideal for the colder months when the air is drier. Its perfect for relaxation and wonderfully balanced between tart and sweet. Youll want to sip on this cocktail all year long!

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    How To Make The Perfect Hot Toddy

    This is a rare bibulous outing for this column but if I’m honest, at this time of year even my appetite is on the spare side. The puritanically-minded might suggest most of us would also do well to lay off the demon drink for a few days too, which would make the hot toddy the ideal January tipple as it’s a strictly medicinal preparation, perfect for pepping up the post-Christmas spirits and banishing seasonal sniffles.

    In fact, I’d go so far as to bait Dr Ben Goldacre by claiming the toddy as a wonder drug. The heat, spice and sweet and sour flavours apparently all encourage and I’m sorry, there’s no nice way to say this mucus production, discouraging the advance of those pesky bacteria and viruses, while the booze helps you sleep.

    Plus, and perhaps most importantly, there’s that all-important psychological effect: nothing is more comforting on a cold, wet day when your eyeballs are about to pop out of your head, than a steaming glass of something hot and alcoholic to thaw you out. Surely even the grumpiest of January scrooges couldn’t begrudge us a little flu relief?

    How To Make A Hot Toddy

    Hot Toddy Recipe – Feel Better NOW!

    Youll need:

    • 1 Tbsp. honey
    • Boiling water

    Pour whiskey into a mug and stir in honey and lemon juice. Top with boiling water and give it a good stir to dissolve the honey. As you wait for the drink to cool enough to sip, enjoy the steam, which can ease congestion. Once its cooled down a bit, drink up: My grandma always said half the benefit of the toddy was in the heat. You should feel warm and just a touch drowsy after drinking a toddy. Off to bed!

    Note that only a touch of whiskey is called for in the recipe. You should avoid drinking too much alcohol when youre sick, especially if youre taking any cold or flu medicine. Plus, high amounts of alcohol will disrupt the sleep you need to feel better. If youd rather, you can skip the whiskey altogether.

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    Easy Hot Toddy Recipe

    Easy Hot toddy recipe! A classic alcoholic hot beverage perfect to combat cold, cough and sore throat or just to sip on a cold evening. My simple hot toddy for cold is made from whiskey , honey, hot water, lemon and two other ingredients.

    Stay with me and I will show you how to make the perfect hot toddy recipe for the common cold.

    Hot Green Tea With Vodka Is An Easy Hot Toddy Idea

    Colder weather is hard to handle when you need to go out and run errands. But I love when its chilly outside and you get to enjoy a nice night in front of a fire.

    For the kids, I usually make Hot Apple Cider. And sometimes, especially if we have company coming over, Ill make a Mulled Cider in the Crockpot. But on nights where I want an easy cocktail that will warm me up, I make a Green Tea Hot Toddy.

    I mean, its barely a recipe which means it comes together fast so you can get back to the couch and whoever you are snuggling.

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