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How To Make Fruity Drinks With Vodka

How To Make Vodka Party Punch:

3 Tropical Cocktail Recipes to Make at Home | Grey Goose Vodka
  • Add Vodka, Hawaiian Punch, Pineapple Juice, Ginger Ale and Orange Juice, to a pitcher. Stir in one sliced orange and one sliced lemon. Chill if making ahead.
  • Serve over ice and garnish with an orange slice if desired.
  • To freeze, place in a zip top baggie and freeze for 6-8 hours or overnight. Scrape with a fork to serve as a slushie.
  • May be frozen in a zip top freezer bag for up to 3 months.

    Recipe Variations:

    • Use light rum in place of the vodka or a combination of the two.
    • Add in a bottle of Moscato wine.

    Optional Garnishes:

    • Pineapple wedges, lemon slices, and Maraschino cherries are perfect for vodka fruit punch.

    If you are a fan of vodka cocktails, this easy Fuzzy Screwdriver is as easy as it gets! Just 3 ingredients in this tasty drink! This Pineapple Vodka Lemonade is another easy one for any occasion and don’t miss the Brass Monkey!

    One of my favorites is the Pineapple Vodka Strawberry Lemonade which is so simple to make.

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    Where to by Pineapple Drink Glasses:

    Aren’t these just the cutest pineapple glasses? I found them at Amazon and they are totally affordable. I love them for parties.

    These pineapple cocktail picks are a great addition to your party cocktail garnishes.

    If you need a drink pitcher, this one is perfect.

    Can I Substitute Dried Figs For Fresh Figs

    If you are unable to find fresh figs, you can substitute 1/2 pound of dried figs sliced in half in this recipe as well. The color will not be as pink but more of a muddled pinky brown, yet it will taste just as lovely.

    Other recipes using fresh or dried figs:

    • Fig Jam, a stunning homemade jam thats perfect for giving as a gift from your kitchen.
    • Lemon and Fig Rum Cocktail, made with dried figs and a wonderful drink recipe to celebrate autumn.
    • Date and Fig Bars, a great snack to pack in your lunch or take on a road trip, plus they are a kid-friendly food.
    • Fig Bar Crumble, these are my tribute to my favorite snack as a kid, yup, the Fig Newton. They are truly yummy and make a great kid-friendly snack.
    • Grilled Fig Salad with a honey balsamic vinaigrette thats a wonderful start to any meal, or enjoyed happily on its own as a light dinner or lunch.

    How to make fig infused vodka

    How To Make Infused Liquors

    DIY Infused Liquors make for a fantastic holiday gift for a host/hostess, friend, family member or really any other adult in your life. In this post, weâll teach you how to make a few different infused liquors. Weâre also sharing some of our favorite flavor infusions for vodka, tequila, rum & more.

    Over the last few years, weâve gotten really into mixology and craft cocktails. We love experimenting with different liquors, simple syrups, fruits, bitters, etc.

    If you know our family IRL, we pretty much always have company. My parents have hosted countless full-blown, 60+ person parties, smaller dinner parties, holidays, and hundreds of weekend get-togethers. After hosting so many events, weâve gotten pretty good at throwing together cocktails with whatever we have on hand.

    In more recent years, weâve gotten extra ~fancy~ and started experimenting with infusing various liquors and simple syrups. For my wedding last year, we made huge batches of homemade infused vodka and tequila for my signature cocktails. They were a huge hit â some of my friends were even taking straight-up shots of the jalapeño infused tequila!

    In addition to majorly improving just about any cocktail, homemade infused liquors also make for a great DIY holiday gift. Any host/hostess, family member, friend or coworker will surely appreciate the originality and effort!

    Heres the standard ratio that I like to use:

    2 cups chopped fruit + 2 to 3 cups vodka, infused for 3 to 5 days

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    Strawberry & Rhubarb Vodka

    This drink is pretty in pink. Try our rhubarb & strawberry vodka and showcase stunning seasonal produce. You can leave the flavours to intensify for up to a month before serving up a chilled glass of strawberry goodness. Our beautiful beverage is ideal for a relaxed garden party or a boozy picnic enjoyed outdoors.

    Decadently Indulgent Dark Chocolate And Grape Vodka Cocktail

    Fruity Vodka Party Punch

    Introducing the “Nell’s Nights of Dark Satin” cocktail

    Chocolate is frequently combined with fruits of many different types in a wide variety of different ways so why not in a cocktail? This smooth, rich, velvety, seductive cocktail is perfect for those balmy, late summer evenings after the sun has gone down. Note that for this recipe, high cocoa dark chocolate is used. The chocolate here is 85% cocoa but anything above 70% is fine.

    A Nell’s Nights of Dark Satin cocktail is a combination of red grapes, dark chocolate and vodka

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    How Do I Use Fruit

    Think of these vodkas as adding another layer of flavor to your favorite cocktails. They can be shaken with ice for a very simple martini or combined with other liquors and bitters for more complex cocktails. Or, of course, use them to make grown-up jello shots!

    Little bottles of fruit-flavored vodkas are also one of my favorite hostess gifts so much more fun and special than a bottle of wine, especially when it means giving a taste of summer in the middle of winter. You can use any bottle or jar with a tight-sealing lid , so get creative with your gift-giving!

    Bourbon Cherry Old Fashioned

    This cherry-heavy twist on the traditional old-fashioned gives it a hot pink twist and a nice bump of sweetness.

    There are also hints of lime and citrus, and theres a slightly smoky, honeyed taste underneath everything else.

    Its an exciting combination of flavors thatll have you coming back for more.

    The raspberry caipirinha is a vibrantly reddish-pink drink thats sure to turn a few heads.

    Made with cachaca, sugar, raspberries, and half a lime, its a ridiculously tart drink.

    If youre looking for something fun, fruity, and refreshing thats just right for summer, give this drink a try.

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    St Germain Vodka Tonic

    Heres a summer vodka cocktail you wont be able to stop sipping. Try this elderflower cocktail! The flavor here is so refreshing, so perfectly balanced, that its almost impossible not to take another sip. The secret? St Germain, that irresistible elderflower liqueur! Combine it with vodka, lemon and tonic water, and its a beautiful blend of botanical, sweet tart, bright and bubbly.

    Check The Alcohol Content And Purity Of The Distillate

    Vodka & Mixed Drinks : How to Make a Nice, Fruity Drink With Strawberry Vodka

    Cool a sample of the distillate to 68° F and use a hydrometer to measure the percentage of alcohol of the distillate. The distillate may be too dilute to serve as acceptable vodka , or may be more concentrated than desired . Vodka is usually diluted before bottling, so the distillate may have a very high alcohol content. The distillate may also be too flavorful and aromatic and require additional distillations or carbon filtering.

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    How To Infuse Vodka

    The first step of infusing alcohol is deciding on your liquor and flavors. This depends on your preferences, and any common liquors like vodka, tequila, rum, whiskey and gin will work great. Vodka infusion is the perfect place to start because of its minimal flavor and ability to easily soak up any new flavor additions.

    As for which flavors to infuse into your liquor, you can use basically anything, but fresh fruit, veggies, herbs and spices are the most popular ways to go. Just think about what your favorite cocktails are- if you love a pina colada, maybe you want to infuse coconut. For a warm autumnal liquor, use cinnamon sticks or anise. If youâre into the fruity drinks, maybe strawberry or mango-infused liquor will make your heart sing. If youâre planning on using this for gift giving, think of which cocktails your gift recipient enjoys.

    Once youâve narrowed down your choices, you need the necessary supplies: a bottle of liquor, your flavorings, and a glass jar with an airtight lid. Mason jars a great way to go, since their lids seal automatically. If youâre going with fresh fruit, make sure to wash and dry it before starting to infuse. Fruit can be added in large quantities, but if youâre doing herbs or spices, you might want to start with smaller amounts to avoid an overpowering taste.

    Fruit Punch Cocktail Recipe With Vodka

    With just 4 ingredients, this Fruit Punch Cocktail with Vodka is perfect for summer! Its simple, delish and ready in under 5 minutes. Store-bought fruit punch keeps things quick and easy!

    I love to make easy cocktails at home and keep things as simple as possible. And while I want them to be super yummy, bonus points if they are pretty. This tasty Vodka and Fruit Punch is pink and cute.

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    The Best Vodka Cocktail Recipes For Fall

    Though often criticized by mixologists for its lack of flavor, vodkas neutral taste makes it a true chameleon of spirits its versatility playing well in drinks for every season. So although the summer of 2021 saw a comeback for the Cosmopolitan, dont expect to put that bottle of Grey Goose in storage as temps begin to drop.

    From classic Espresso Martinis and White Russians, to seasonal riffs on old favorites, vodka cocktails can be the perfect beverages to help drinks lovers ring in the end of humid days. Looking for inspiration? Read on for 10 of the best vodka cocktails to make this fall.


    Drink your dessert this fall with a decadent, coffee-scented Mudslide. A take on the White Russian, the Mudslide adds in Baileys Irish Cream for added sweetness and a smooth, creamy finish. Serve on the rocks or frozen to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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    What The Vodka Cranberry Drink Tastes Like

    Fruity Vodka Party Punch

    The Vodka Cranberry is sometimes thought of as a beginners drink because its not very strong and you dont really taste the alcohol. But its a delicious drink for anyone.

    The great thing about this drink is how refreshing it is without being strong. The lime and cranberry are both tart, which really wakes up your taste buds.

    But you also get some sweetness from the dash of orange juice, and that makes it delicious.

    Note that some bartenders do make this drink much stronger. The classic recipe only calls for an ounce of vodka, but some put in a good bit more.

    When its mixed according to this recipe, the only reason youll know the vodka is in there is that slight burn you feel as it goes down. And it is really slight.

    If you want a regular strength drink, you certainly can bump the vodka up to the standard 1 1/2 ounces without changing the flavor noticeably.

    If you want your drink on the strong side, bump it up to two ounces of vodka and just reduce the cranberry juice accordingly.

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    How To Make Frozen Lemonade Cocktails:

    • Mix Sprite into lemonade and pour mixture into a cake pan until frozen, about 3 hours.
    • Use a fork to scrape frozen mixture into slush. Fill glasses with slushy cocktail mixture.

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    Do You Like Your Cocktail Shaken Or Stirred

    It was perhaps James Bond more than anyone else who made it widely known that many cocktails can either be shaken or stirred. If the cocktail is to be stirred, anything from a straw to a teaspoon can be used to serve the purpose but when it is to be shaken, a dedicated cocktail shaker is most commonly used for the purpose, especially in commercial outlets.

    There is, however, an alternative to the cocktail shaker that affords additional benefits and that is the humble vacuum flask. The construction is relatively similar except for the fact that the vacuum flask not only keeps hot drinks hot, it also keeps cold drinks cool. Want to make a large quantity of your cocktail simultaneously? Flasks are likely to have a greater capacity than shakers, making this possible. The vacuum flask is definitely the option that gives you the best of both worlds and the ability to keep your cocktails cool for up to several hours. You can also, of course, use the same item for a variety of other purposes, such as taking hot soups on Winter fishing trips.

    Why not take a look at the bargains currently available on Amazon , Amazon UK or your national Amazon retailer and see what you can pick up today?

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    The Real Drink Recipe

    A proper Vodka Cranberry also uses a touch of Roses sweetened lime and some orange juice to bring out the best of the cranberry flavor.

    Because vodka doesnt really change the flavor of the cranberry juice, this cocktail would just taste like straight cranberry juice without some help. The orange and lime add hints of something sharp and bright.

    This cocktail recipe is pretty light on the alcohol, so feel free to vary it according to your taste and tolerance. The only alcohol in this drink is vodka, so you can add a little more if you prefer.

    You can also leave it out completely when you want a mocktail. That makes it great for parties where some guests might not be drinking.

    If youre making it as a virgin cocktail, you might want to add a little more of the orange and lime to make it extra special. It doesnt take much just a few dashes, or maybe half an ounce.

    Comfortingly Familiar Spicy Pureed Tomatoes And Vodka Cocktail

    Easy Vodka Cocktails Recipes – TASTY Passion Fruit Vodka Cocktail

    Introducing the Twisted Bloody Mary cocktail

    This cocktail differs from a traditional Bloody Mary in that it is made from canned tomatoes which are pureed with celery stalk and leaves. The actual celery replaces the celery salt but several other traditional ingredients are still included. The name simply comes from the fact that this is a twist on the Bloody Mary.

    A Twisted Bloody Mary is made with pureed canned tomatoes and celery

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    More Ideas For Infusing Vodka With Fruit

    And I felt so smug about my new fruit-infused-vodka-making abilities! Like I was a high-class bartender looking to change the world of cocktails forever! And so I decided to keep infusing. Infuse all the things! Strawberries! With boozy frozen strawberries as ice cubes in a martini! And Bing cherries! One with a big ol piece of fresh ginger in it, and one without. Ive only tried the plain cherry one so far, but the results were AMAZINGLY delicious. And soon very soon Ill be doing blueberries and then getting into more savory pursuits like lemon with rosemary and beets , along with any other summer fruits that strike my vodka-infusing fancy. Cheers!Have you ever infused vodka with fruits or other flavors before? What should I try infusing next? Jenn

    A Delightful Vodka Fruit Cocktail For Every Day Of The Week

    Cocktails are popular at any time of year. There is something about long hot summer days or warm and sticky summer nights, however, that make cocktailsand particularly refreshing fruit cocktailsparticularly appealing and enjoyable. The cocktail recipes in this article all use vodka as their alcoholic element but other than that incorporate a wide variety of tasty summer fruits. They are all designed not only to be quick and easy to prepare, but to also have a minimum number of ingredients, keeping down the cost of their preparation.

    Lemon wedges are perfect for chilling drinks without watering them down.

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    How Much To Make

    Heres the standard ratio that I like to use:

    2 cups chopped fruit + 2 to 3 cups vodka, infused for 3 to 5 days

    This will give you a nicely balanced, fruit-forward vodka. Using more fruit will give you a stronger flavor, just as using less will add a light flavor. At minimum, you want enough vodka to cover the fruit to prevent it from spoiling during infusion.

    You can also scale this up and down. If you only have a cup of fruit to use up or if you have a whole basket just use a proportionate amount of vodka. This is more of a method than a strict recipe, so you can adjust to the amount of ingredients you have and how much you want to make at any given time.

    Desert Island Banana Peach And Coconut Vodka Cocktail Recipe

    Fruity Vodka Spritzers

    Introducing the Tracys Tantalisingly Tasty Tropical Treat cocktail

    Cocktails are very often associated with tropical paradises, azure blue seas and golden, pristine sandy beaches. Bananas and coconuts are two fruits associated with such beautiful locations and peaches work very well as an additional ingredient.

    Tracys Tantalisingly Tasty Tropical Treat is a cocktail of banana, coconut, peaches and vodka

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    French 75 Cocktail Recipe Vodka : How To Make Perfect French 75 Cocktail Recipe Vodka

    French 75 Cocktail Recipe Vodka / tim nusog purists will argue that a true martini employs gin rather than vodka (and a higher pro. / tim nusog amaretto is a contentious spirit. It was named for the 1971 film starring gene hackman. Other than that, the famous spy was on to a good thing. / tim nusog the french martini helped to kick off the flavored martini craze of the 1990s.

    the pink clutch: Gin Lessons with Eric Ross from

    A simple swap makes this twist of the classic french 75 perfect for cooler weather. Get the classic vodka martini recipe from food network deselect all dry vermouth 2 ounces vodka, chilled your favorite shows, personalities, and exclusive originals. The crantini is an incredibly simple vodka martini. The vodka collins is a popular mixed drink that is very easy to make. / tim nusog purists will argue that a true martini employs gin rather than vodka (and a higher pro. Using raspberry vodka with mango nectar, its quick to mix up. For many, it conjures regrettable memories of sickly syrupy drinks at college bars and clubs, and t. Choose your favorite vodka and try this refreshing cocktail recipe tonight.

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