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How Old Is Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whiskey

What Is Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whisky Review – WHY SO EXPENSIVE???

The Johnnie Walker range falls under the category of what’s called blended Scotch whisky, one of five categories of Scotch. You read that correctly: There are five categories of Scotch whisky. Each one of these five categories is made from malt whisky, grain whisky, or a combination of both. The word “single” in single-malt Scotch does not signify the amount of grain used. Rather, it means that the whisky comes from one single distillery. If a Scotch is bottled from more than one distillery, we’ll use the word “blended.” The players are:

1. Single malt Scotch4. Blended malt Scotch5. Blended grain Scotch

Distillers in Scotland who produce whisky using 100 percent malted barley may call it a malt whisky. Grain whisky in Scotland may include barley, but can involve other cereals such as corn, wheat, or rye. In order to be called a Scotch, the malt or grain-based whiskies must be matured on Scottish soil for a minimum of three years in oak barrels and bottled at a minimum of 40 percent abv .

You’ll notice that on most bottles of Johnnie Walker Blended Scotch Whisky, the word “malt” is missing. That’s your clue that it’s not made with 100 percent malted barley. Johnnie Walker is a blend of grain whiskies and a blend of malt whiskies from different distilleries. If you want to go more in-depth with the other styles, I know a book that might help.

But first, let’s get into these bottles, presented here from least to most expensive:


John Walker & Sons Private Collection 2017 Edition

At an estimated 550 pounds John Walker & Sons Private Collection 2017 edition is one of the most expensive Johnnie Walker. It is a limited edition series of five thousand five hundred and eighty-eight decanters that have been individually numbered. It is a 70cl bottle with 46.8% abv.

John Walker & Sons Private Collection 2017 edition is the creation of Master Blender Jim Beveridge and blender Aimee Gibson. It is a combination of three blends, and rare casks were selected to create unique flavors.

The whiskeys were married for several months to develop a blend of oak-rich fruit notes. It has become one of the popular and most expensive Johnnie Walker in the world.

Is Johnnie Walker Double Black Better Than Black

The strong point of the Black Label is the fact that it is more accessible, easy drinking and smooth with rich peat. It has more fruity notes and is slightly spicier than the Double Black. The Double Black is bolder, more vibrant and more luxurious. Double Black is a more grown-up version of the Black Label whisky.

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Johnnie Walker Black Label Vs Blue Label Know The Difference

Johnnie Walker is one of the worlds most well-known producer of blended Scotch whiskies. Their products are sold in almost all countries over the world, and have consistently done well in international whisky tasting competitions and awards shows.

Their inventory is made up of some impressive blended Scotch whiskies, and consists of some great no-age-statement blends such as the Johnnie Walker Red Label, the Johnnie Walker Blue Label, and some iconic whiskies with an age-statement such as the Johnnie Walker Black Label with an age statement of 12 years, and the Platinum Label with an age statement of 18 years.

Comparing two different expressions from the Johnnie Walker portfolio is a tough task since their core range is placed on a one-tier hierarchy beginning from the Red Label, which is their standard blend, and the Blue Label, their most expensive and premium blend.

Today, we are drawing a comparison between the Johnnie Walker Black Label, one of their highest selling whiskies, and the Johnnie Walker Blue Label, the most premium and luxurious blend from the brand.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Year Of The Pig Limited Edition Design

Johnnie Walker Blue 40%

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Year of the Pig Limited Edition Design is a limited edition series specially created to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Chrissy Lau has designed it. At 197.99 dollars it is one of the most expensive Johnnie Walker bottles.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Year of the Pig Limited Edition Design is a rare handpicked bottle of grain whiskeys and single malt crafted to create vibrant and smooth Scotch whiskey. It delivers layers of citrus smoke and dried fruits which evolves into notes of vanilla, sweet spice and honey to give a rounded smoky finish.

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Johnnie Walker 18 Year Old: Best For Those Who Take It Easy

Buy here from The Whisky Exchange £68.95

The final Johnnie Walker whisky in the core range to carry an age statement is the 18 Year Old blend, the oldest of the age statement whiskies. The 18 Year Old was known as the Platinum Label from 2012 until before being re-branded in 2017. In a very fitting coincidence, there are up to 18 different whiskies included in this blend.

Tasting notes

Funny story with this one. The Gold Label used to be an 18 Year Old. Then it was turned into The Platinum Label 18 Year Old. Now its just the 18 Year Old, thankfully. Think of this as Gold Labels big brother, those honey and apple notes are really dialed up with this. Regal, relaxed and very easy drinking. Not quite in the Blue Label area, but it gets pretty close without the need for peated whiskies.

The Ultimate Guide To The Best Johnnie Walker Whisky

Johnnie Walker, Whisky, Whisky Blog

Johnnie Walker has been a household name of blended whisky for over 215 years but with such a varied and expansive history it is hard to know which is their best bottling. In this ultimate guide, well take you through the history of the Johnnie Walker name, their core range of whisky, and a more in-depth look at the most famous, and often most valuable, Johnnie Walkers: the Blue Label and the Deluxe.

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Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is an unrivalled masterpiece an exquisite combination of Scotlands rarest and most exceptional whiskies. Only one in every ten thousand casks has the elusive quality, character and flavour to deliver the remarkable signature taste. An extraordinary whisky for extraordinary occasions.


  • NOSE

    Take in the wonderfully mellow, rounded nose replete with dry smokiness artfully mixed with the sweetness of raisins.


    Serving a velvety combination of vanilla, honey and rose petals before broadening out to include a zesty orange flavour with notes of hazelnut, sherry and dark chocolate.


    Signing off with a rich and luxuriously long finish, which showcases Johnnie Walker’s trademark smokiness in the most sophisticated way.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is inspired by Alexander Walkers 1867 Old Highland Whisky. It was at the forefront of an era when fewer casks were available and quality cask selection was in its infancy.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label And Rare Port Ellen

Whisky Review/Tasting: Johnnie Walker Blue Label Casks Edition

The brand Johnnie Walker has put its onus on distillery spirit and character from Port Ellen on Islay. It brings together this single malt with grain whiskeys from Caledonian and Carsebridge distilleries and rare malt from Oban, Blair Athol, Cragganmore, Dailuaine and Mortlach to create this unique product titled Johnnie Walker Blue label and Rare Port Ellen.

The 70 cl bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue label and Rare Port Ellen with 43.8% abv is a blended Scotch whiskey with a taste of smoky lemons, sweet fruit, and soft spice. At 275 pounds per bottle, it is one of the most expensive Johnnie Walker in the world.


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Johnnie Walker Red Label: Best For Those Who Love A Cocktail

The Johnnie Walker Red was renamed from the Special Old Highland Whisky, one of the two original blends from Johnnie Walker that was created in the 19th Century. It is primarily recommended as a mixing whisky, best used in cocktails.

Tasting notes

Kicking off with a classic, some would say for the wrong reasons? But were very spoiled with good, blended whisky these days. It isnt that Red Label is bad, thats subjective. But you do get what you pay for. Its an affordable, available and famous whisky for having neat, with ice, mixing, cocktails. Whatever you want. Its a grain forward style with some bright and youthful toffee notes. Hiding in the background is a small amount of smoke that could be linked to Talisker and Caol Ila the latter providing the smokiness in its big brother, Black Label.

Long Before Wall Street Began Collecting Willett Blue Label Was The Most Aspirational Whisky On The American Market

Johnnie Walker Blue Label lacks most of the attributes that excite todays whisky geeks. Its blended Scotch, not single-malt. At 40 percent ABV, its relatively low-proof. Its available on shelves year-round. It retails for less than $200. And it has absolutely no secondary market value. But back when it debuted in 1992, none of that mattered. It may be difficult for twentysomething Pappy stans to believe, but there was a time when Blue Label was the most aspirational whisky one could drink.

A lovely, luxurious whisky, wrote drinks critic Michael Jackson in a 2001 review for Whisky Magazine. I imagine a restaurant called café Opera. First, a little foie gras, then a couple of Maine lobsters, Marron glacé.and Blue Label?

If Americans spent the 1960s, 70s and 80s spurning whiskey in favor of vodka and peach schnapps, in the late 80s and 90s they refocused, led by the charge of Wall Street and Madison Avenue businessmen who were investing in status-symbol drinks, including expensive California chardonnay and cabernet. It was around that time that the first brand ambassadors from Guinness UDV began to key in on this demographic through market studies.

It was fucking brilliant in its concept and its execution: bold enough to be Scotch but mellow enough that it didnt offend, says Robinson. It was the most perfectly engineered whisky ever created to that point, a triumph of marketing and production.

Drink with us.

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Introduction Of Johnnie Walker Whisky

Johnnie Walker Whisky is one of the most popular and best-selling brands of Scotch Whisky all over the world. This famous Scotch brand originated in Kilmarnock, an autonomous municipal corporation in East Ayrshire, Scotland. John Walker, a Scottish grocer, first established the brand in 1860. Johnnie Walker is now owned by Diageo plc, a London-based multinational beverage company and one of the worlds largest distiller.

Johnnie Walker was originally made from malted barley. But in the late part of the 18th century, the brand began introducing whiskies that are made from wheat and rye. Since then, Johnnie Walker has been producing good-quality whiskeys which are typically a blend of malt and grain .

This iconic square-bottled whisky is now offering famous blends in the market such as Black Label, Red Label, Gold Label, Platinum Label, and Johnnie Walker Swing. Prices may vary in different parts of the world.

If youre looking for a complete and updated price of different Johnny Walker Whisky blends, this article might be for you.

Tell Us More About Johnnie Walker As A Brand And A Product

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whisky jetzt kaufen! Whisky ...

Ewan: Johnnie Walker is the worlds number one Scotch Whisky brand, enjoyed by people in over 180 countries around the world.

Six generations of skilled Master Blendershave pioneered and crafted bold new flavors that have transformed a small Scottish grocery store business that was founded in 1820 into an international Whisky business selling stylish, authentic, and iconic blends.

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Johnnie Walker Explorers Club Collection

The Explorers Club is an international non-profit organization, dedicated to scientific research exploration and expedition planning. The Johnnie Walker Label has partnered with the Club to produce explorer-inspired labels in support of their cause.

  • 1The Adventurer this label is a combination of robust smokiness and sweet fruits. It is inspired by the travels of Johnnie Walker to the different countries of the world.
  • 2The Spice Road recalling the taste of the ancient Persian, Indian, and Chinese trade routes, the blend is much like the Red Label with the addition of cinnamon and pepper.
  • 3The Gold Route attempting to achieve the taste and experience of the Amazonia and Caribbean, a rush of guava, coconut, mango, and pitaya are the seeping flavors of this label.
  • 4The Royal Route reliving the glory of the ancient silk roads of Persia, the whisky offers an exquisite taste of richly stewed dried fruits paired with a malty, toffee sweetness.

Johnnie Walker Whisky Prices

The definition of Scotch is strictly controlled by laws in the country, which means that it must meet certain requirements that drive up the price.

One of the most important requisites for carrying the Scotch name is that whisky must be aged in an oak cask for three or more years. This means that you wont get a budget option as you would with vodka. The cheapest of scotch whiskies cost over $20.00 for a 750 mL bottle.

As far as the price goes, the longer something has been sitting in the cask, the better it will taste, which means that these companies can charge a hefty premium for aged whisky. Johnnie Walker has a diverse range of prices, with older whiskies going for more.

Here is the list of average prices for the companys spirits:


Lets walk through some of the offerings at different prices ranges:

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Differences Between Johnnie Walker Labels

For over 200 years now, the iconic Johnnie Walkerlabel has been a favored whisky blend, with a total of 19 varieties in its collection. In this article, we will get to know the different flavorsof one of the best-selling whisky brands in the world.

There are over 8 Johnnie Walker Colours, 4 Explorers Club Collection, and 7 John Walker & Sons labels in the Johnnie Walker whisky shelf.

John Walker & Sons King George V

Johnnie Walker Blue Label: Whisky Review and Food Pairing

John Walker & Sons King George is a regal and luxurious whiskey with hints of dark chocolate, roasted nuts and sweet smokiness combined with rose petals, orange, citrus, and honey.

At 4,500 dollars it is one of the most expensive Johnnie Walkers in the world. It has been created to honor the founder by blending rare stock from nine distilleries that were in operational mode in the 1800s during John Walkers days.

John Walker & Sons King George V is rich in both taste and colors hence the hefty price tag. The premium product is a limited edition series with three hundred and thirty bottles released for consumer use.

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Johnnie Walker Whisky Prices Guide 2021

Johnnie Walker is a Scotch whisky that was developed near the beginning of the 19th century. Today it is the best-selling brand of Scotch, a spirit with a relatively high number of producers due to its age and established popularity.

All Scotch whiskies are, as suggested by the name, produced in Scotland. They have to adhere to a complex web of guidelines in order to earn the name of scotch, and are divided into one of five categories depending on the ingredients used to make them, but for the most part, you can usually characterize them as being of malt or grain.

While Johnnie Walker produces a wide range of whiskies, they are a blend of both grain and malt. The grain is mostly barley, but the rules do allow for other types of grains to be fermented to make the spirit, such as rye or wheat. Malt, a mysterious word heard often in the Scotch world, just means barley that is dried using a process known as malting.

While Johnnie Walker has always been popular, its been losing some ground lately to other brands. To combat this, the brand has started to make some significant pushes in marketing. In 2018, they released special-edition Jane Walker bottle and they intend to release another later in the year on the heels of the last season of Game of Thrones.

Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 Year Old


Johnnie Walker Black Label is a true icon, recognized as the benchmark for all other deluxe blends. Created using only whiskies aged for a minimum of 12 years from the four corners of Scotland, Johnnie Walker Black Label has an unmistakably smooth, deep character. An impressive whisky to share on any occasion, whether you’re entertaining at home or on a night out with friends.

Nose:Charred oak, peat smoke, toffee candy, pecan rolls, over-ripened grapes.

Palate: Vanilla, butterscotch candy, peat smoke, glazed pecans.

Finish: Good amount of smoke without being overpowering, Medium burn, tapering towards the end to some nice nutty and sweet notes mingling with the lingering peat.

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The History Of Johnnie Walker

In 1820, after the death of his father the previous year, a 15 year old Johnnie Walker opened a greengrocer shop in Kilmarnock, Scotland. Greengrocers were often known to sell a small range of single malt whiskies but they were very rarely consistent. Johnnie Walker began to blend whiskies together in order to produce a good quality whisky that could be sold continuously this was the conception of what was to become Johnnie Walker whisky. As Kilmarnock grew, so did the Walker name and by the time of his death in 1857, Johnnie Walker was a respected businessman and leader of the local trade association.

The business was inherited by Johnnies son, Alexander Walker, who took advantage of the new railway to export whisky to Glasgow, Edinburgh and even further afield. By the mid-1860s, Walker was producing 100,000 gallons of whisky per year. In 1867 Alexander introduced the now iconic square bottle with the slanted label as a way of making the bottle stand out on the shelf. In the same year he copyrighted Walkers Old Highland Whisky which would eventually become the Johnnie Walker Black Label. Alexander introduced his sons to the company young, as his father had done with him, and in 1886 John Walker & Sons became a limited company.

As the whisky market became more unstable during the 1920s and 1930s, Johnnie Walker amalgamated with Distillers Company Limited .

Monday Friday: 9am-5pm by appointment only

Ltd Company Number: 11174184

EROI: GB289367148000

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