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How Do You Make Vodka Tonic

More Craft And Higher Quality Vodkas Are Getting Into The Game

How to Make a Vodka Tonic

Smirnov started his business using the highest quality available ingredients. Despite the odorless/flavorless reputation, more vodka producers are going back to high quality ingredients, looking to flesh out the neglected flavor profile and even score some eco-points. Up to you to decide what you like, and what youd like to pay for.

Vodka Can Be Made Practically Anywhere But It Was Born In Eastern Europe

Its disputed whether vodka was first produced in Russia or Polandtheres talk of vodka being produced in Russia in the 9th Century, and in Poland in the 8th Century, but these were both likely crude precursors. The first in Poland was in the Sandomierz Court Registry in 1405, while Russia didnt get vodka to paper until 1751. Chances are, some form of vodka distillation was going on in both countries for centuries.

Most Vodka Isnt Made From Potatoes

In fact, vodka wasnt even originally made from potatoes . Potatoes have since proven a viable source in vodka production, but all you really need to make vodka is a sugar source . Most modern vodka is grain-based, though somehey, Puff!is made from grapes, even milk whey. In theory, the character of the base ingredient can impact the final product, with wheat-based vodka often lighter and something whey or potato based a bit creamier.

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Tip : Use Good Tonic Water

Tonic water is a carbonated water that also contains quinine and is lightly sweetened. Its flavor is bubbly, bitter, sweet and a little sour all at once. Classic cocktails used tonic water not only to dilute liquor with bubbles, but for its nuance in flavor. These days there are lots of tonic water brands out there. Our favorite brand is Q Tonic: it has great flavor and is sold in small cans, just enough for a few drinks.

Of course, youll also want to use great vodka! Because this drink is so simple, it needs quality vodka . Try to find a mid-price range vodka the price is generally indicative of the quality inside the bottle.

What Is A Cherry Lime Vodka Tonic

*Best* Vodka Tonic  A Couple Cooks

This recipe was created after I posted a video for my Cherry Limeade and someone on facebook asked, but wheres the vodka?

Good question, my cocktail lovin friends, good question.

So this delicious recipe was born. With just a little bit of cherry limeade replacing some of the tonic water you get this beautiful color, but you also get a delicious twist on a classic cocktail.

How perfect is it that the kids get their kid friendly drink and then you get to enjoy it with some vodka??

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Serving Ideas For A Vodka Cranberry

Take this simple cocktail to the next level with these slight changes.

  • Serve it the Cape Cod way with a few whole or muddled fresh cranberries. These honeyed cranberries would be a gorgeous garnish!
  • Feel like youre in the Big Apple by turning your drink into a Cosmopolitan. Simply add 1-1/2 ounces of Triple Sec, shake in a cocktail shaker, then strain into a martini glass. Serve with a twist of lime peel.
  • Go salty! Make a Salty Dog by swapping in grapefruit juice for the cranberry and serving in a salt-rimmed highball glass.

Now that youve mastered a vodka cranberry, take on these other easy cocktail recipes you can memorize.

What You Need To Know About The Drink

But, before going to that, lets understand, what is the real stir about Vodka? No doubt, its a medieval drink, has a heritage of its own, but what is it? The drink is usually an indispensable part of any cocktails out there. So, whenever we hit the bar, the encounter with a pint of Vodka is unsurpassable. But, have you ever taken any particular interest in it? Lets give this old buddy of ours a little attention.

United States Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau has come up with a dictionary type definition of Vodka whereby it states that this drink is primarily a white or neutral spirit that is distilled or may be subject to treatment after distillation. Charcoal can help in this process. The companies should do this so that it would not contain any distinctive aroma, character or taste even color. We can very well say this is our own spirited or alcoholic water enticing us with its versatility.

It is ethanol mixed water until the thing reaches this 80 percent mark. However, you can also get flavored vodkas. But the procedures for making them are much different.

After this brief introduction, we can now enter the arena where we will know about how and what is Vodka made from

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A Few General Infusing Rules

Start small. Using about 12oz at a time in a 16oz jar seemed the perfect size for experimenting. That amounts to about 375ml, which is half of the normal 750ml liquor bottles that most of your spirits are packaged in. If you go smaller than that, its sometimes hard to get infusion ratios right you need to use very small amounts of things, and possibly end up with a bunch of leftover supplies. And if you try to infuse a whole bottle at a time, you risk not being happy with the end result and being stuck with a whole bottle of something you dont care for.

Taste your infusions every 12-24 hours. Since different infusions require different steeping times , and everyones tastes are unique, you should be tasting your infusions every 12-24 hours. Its amazing how much can change in that time period. You dont want to let something sit for 5 days, only to realize that 2-3 days would have been better .

Differing ingredients need different steeping times. Peppers and coffee only need a day or two, while most fruits and non-spicy produce can use a full 5-7 days. Keep this in mind especially when mixing ingredients. For the pineapple jalapeno infusion that I made, the pineapple steeped for about 5 days on its own before jalapeno was added for a single day.

Strain everything through cheesecloth.

Line a strainer with cheesecloth and place it over a large measuring cup.

Pour your infused vodka through. 1-2 times does it for most infusions.

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The Story Behind The Vodka Tonic

How to Make a Vodka & Tonic

The Vodka Tonic is as refreshing as it is simple. And while not as well known as the Gin and Tonic, its an excellent vehicle for exploring high-quality vodkas. Though lighter in flavor than many cocktails, the Vodka Tonics profile is surprisingly complex simultaneously combining bitter, sweet, and sour notes for an effervescent finish.

Using premium tonics and top-shelf vodka are the keys to a delicious Vodka Tonic. Easily sippable, this mixed drink pairs with practically everything and is easily customizable with the addition of citrus, berries, herbs, and more.

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How To Make A Vodka Tonic With Grapefruit

To a cocktail shaker, add grapefruit juice and vodka.

Add ice then shake well.

Strain the grapefruit vodka cocktail into a short cocktail glass over fresh ice.

Top with tonic water to add a splash of carbonation and flavor.

Garnish with some small pieces of fresh grapefruit juice.

Theres something so refreshing about fresh grapefruit! This cocktail has bright flavors and is super colorful. Its a great one to serve at brunch or on a warm afternoon.

Use Vodka Infused Fruits In Your Cocktails And Pitcher Drinks

Use fruits like watermelon, strawberries, oranges, pineapple, and peaches to make unique fruits cocktails and pitcher drinks. To make vodka-infused fruit, cut your choice of fruit and add them to a jar. Fill up the jar with vodka and let the fruit infuse for a few days. Strain the fruit out and use the infused vodka in drinks.

Vodka must be enjoyed with friends and family. Organize a zakuski theme party to enjoy vodka and food with your loved ones.

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Why Vodka For Infusing

Any type of liquor can be used for infusing.

Vodka is a very neutral, or flavor-less spirit, making it perfect to absorb the flavors of any ingredient soaking in it.

Ive made more complex infusions such as Homemade Spiced Pear Vodka or simple one-ingredient infusions, such as this lemon vodka, and the results are fantastic every time.

Why This Recipe Works

*Best* Vodka Tonic  A Couple Cooks

The flavors in this simple grapefruit vodka cocktail blend well together. And you only need 3 ingredients. Making this simple vodka grapefruit drink couldnt be easier!

The citrusy flavor from the grapefruit juice combines perfectly with vodka and flavorful tonic water. The result is a light and bubbly cocktail youll crave.

I have to say, tonic water is not my go-to mixer of choice. But with the addition of grapefruit juice, it creates a tasty drink.

To me, tonic water is an acquired taste. But it is absolutely delicious in a Blackberry Gin and Tonic.

While Im sharing a way to make this with a cocktail shaker, you could certainly make one without it. This is the kind of unfussy cocktail that I truly love! Its an easy-to-make cold and refreshing summer drink that you could also make right in the glass.

Basic cocktail recipes are great for getting the hang of making cocktails at home. It helps you to learn what flavors you like and how much you like to taste the liquor in your drinks.

Love the flavor of grapefruit? You should also check out this refreshing Grapefruit Sparkling Wine Spritzer!

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St Germain Vodka Tonic

Heres a summer vodka cocktail you wont be able to stop sipping. Try this elderflower cocktail! The flavor here is so refreshing, so perfectly balanced, that its almost impossible not to take another sip. The secret? St Germain, that irresistible elderflower liqueur! Combine it with vodka, lemon and tonic water, and its a beautiful blend of botanical, sweet tart, bright and bubbly.

Is It Ok To Drink Tonic Water Every Day

Even three glasses daily should be OK as long as you are not sensitive to quinine. Some susceptible people develop a dangerous blood disorder after even small doses of quinine. Symptoms of quinine toxicity include digestive upset, headache, ringing in the ears, visual disturbances, skin rash and arrhythmias.

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How To Make A Vodka Soda

An ounce and a half pour of vodka is mixed with 10 ounces of soda water. This is often topped with a lemon or lime wedge. Its fast, effective, and hard to get wrong. Best of all, its low in sugar and calories. Instant win all around. Not surprisingly, this mixed drink has seen a growing rise in popularity.

Whats In A Lemon Vodka Cocktail

Easy Drinks with Rico: The Vodka Tonic | Absolut Drinks

Have you ever had a lemon drop? The cocktail, not the shot. The cocktail is fairly similar to what were doing here, in that it is typically composed of:

  • vodka
  • fresh lemon juice
  • sugar

It is so good! Since I like my cocktails a little bit sparkly, Ive combined most of the same ingredients for my cocktail, with some soda water! I also use a simple syrup here instead of a fine granulated sugar.

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Why Is Tonic Water So Expensive

The prices of some tonic water brands can be shockingly high. Fever-Tree, a British company, has gone back to the drinks roots, using cinchona-derived qui nine and cane sugar in its Premium Indian Tonic Water, which makes for an expensive mixer$6.99 for a four-pack of 7-ounce bottles, or about 25 cents an ounce.

What Is The Difference Between Gin And Infused Vodka

The word vodka comes from the Russian word voda, which means water. The flavor can be infused into the vodka from anything else that is mixed in, such as orange soda or cranberry juice. Malt and grain are primarily used to distill gin, and Juniper berries are added to it afterwards. In this way, Juniper flavor is imparted to gin.

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How To Make Our Vodka Tonic With Orange:

Fill a glass with ice. Measure and add 1.5oz of vodka. We are partial to Titos but you can use any brand you would like. Squeeze the juice from the orange wedge and leave slice in glass.

Top with tonic water. The amount of tonic you use will depend on the size of glass you choose. Stir and enjoy!

Serve this refreshing drink at your next house party! Throw together a charcuterie board or some easy chips and salsa and invite some friends over to enjoy this easy to make, delicious vodka tonic variation!

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  • 6oz Tonic Water
  • Orange Wedge

Is Vodka The Easiest Alcohol To Make

Vodka Tonic

When defining the “best, easiest, hardest”, there’s always a lot of variables that come into play. First, you have to ask yourself what you really want to make, each method has various difficulties depending on what type of beer, wine or spirit you want to make.

However, in this case we can tell you that no, vodka is not the easiest alcohol to make. Though easy, it’s not the so called “easiest”.

Mead is probably the easiest alcohol to make, at least for beginners, as it is pretty straightforward.

In case you want to make alcohol that you can enjoy fast, beer is probably the way to go for you. Wine and spirits generally have longer fermenting processes than beer.

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The Real Drink Recipe

A proper Vodka Cranberry also uses a touch of Roses sweetened lime and some orange juice to bring out the best of the cranberry flavor.

Because vodka doesnt really change the flavor of the cranberry juice, this cocktail would just taste like straight cranberry juice without some help. The orange and lime add hints of something sharp and bright.

This cocktail recipe is pretty light on the alcohol, so feel free to vary it according to your taste and tolerance. The only alcohol in this drink is vodka, so you can add a little more if you prefer.

You can also leave it out completely when you want a mocktail. That makes it great for parties where some guests might not be drinking.

If youre making it as a virgin cocktail, you might want to add a little more of the orange and lime to make it extra special. It doesnt take much just a few dashes, or maybe half an ounce.

Can Gin Be Made From Vodka

Is it correct that vodka can be used to make gin? Yes! Commercial gin makers, such as the ones behind our gin of the month, extract their unique flavours from botanicals through distillation, however you can make gin by simply steeping the plants, herbs, or spices you are using , commercial gin makers like the distillers behind our artisan Gins of the Month extract the flavours from botanicals through distillation, it is possible to make gin simply by steeping the plants, herbs or spices you want to use in the base spirit.

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Strawberry Lime Vodka Tonic

by Amber

Strawberry Lime Vodka Tonic is made with vodka, tonic water, freshly squeezed lime juice, fresh strawberries and just a pinch of sugar with a sugar rim and a lime slice garnish.

This Strawberry Lime Vodka Tonic is a favorite drink of mine. It is refreshing and goes down so easy and the light shade of pink is just beautiful. Yes, I full-heartedly believe the pink color makes it taste better and dont even care if it makes no sense.

What Is The Best Vodka For No Hangover

How To Make Vodka Tonic

Top 5 Vodka Brands For No Hangover Absolut. Vodka started as a medicine four hundred years ago in Southern Sweden. Switch Vodka Light. Switch created this refreshing alcohol drink, with low sugar content and gluten-free, bottled in a one-liter lightweight metal container. Titos Handmade Vodka. Grey Goose. Belvedere.

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Easy Classic Titos Handmade Vodka Cocktail Recipes

Whether youre out on the town or in the comfort zone of home, we all have our go-to beverages to complement whatever mood were in. Keep it classic and enlist these three easy-to-make Titos Handmade Vodka recipes to keep the good times rolling.

1½ oz. Titos Handmade Vodka3 oz. ginger beer½ oz. fresh lime juice1 lime slice

1. Add vodka, ginger beer and lime juice to a Titos copper mug with ice.2. Stir and garnish with a lime slice.

1½ oz. Titos Handmade Vodka4 oz. lemonade

1. Add vodka and lemonade to a glass with ice.2. Stir and garnish with a lemon slice.

1½ oz. Titos Handmade Vodka4 oz. sparkling mineral water1 lime slice

1. Add vodka and sparkling mineral water to a rocks glass with ice.2. Stir and garnish with lime and orange slices.

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Is It Safe To Drink Tonic Water Every Day

It is generally harmless for most people to drink tonic water daily in moderation. Quinine is the ingredient in tonic water that is responsible for its semi-bitter and dry taste. The alkaloid is derived from cinchona bark and can lead to quinine toxicity in high doses. This is most often a concern in medication form or for people with certain medical conditions, and it can interact with some medications. To ensure the tonic water sold in the U.S. is safe, the FDA limits how much quinine can be present in tonic water.

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