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Where Is Patron Tequila From

Patron Tequila Distillery Tour

Patrón Silver Tequila | The Making Of

In Patrons first year they made 12,000 bottles and sold them for a whopping $37 each. Thats the equivalent of $75 in todays money. But they did sell, and today at its distillery on the edge of the little town of El Nacimiento in Jalisco, Patron employs 1600 people as our guide Mariana Sanchez explains.

We have 400 people working in the bottling plant, Mariana says, where everything is done by hand as it has been since we started. We could mechanise it tomorrow and have the whole thing taken care of by about 10-12 people and computers, but we cannot put 400 people out of work. We are part of the local community, and we look after each other. We would also lose our traditions.

Although its a relatively new company, Patron likes to use traditional methods. One of these is to crush the cooked agave using the tahona process, which only a handful of distilleries do. The tahona is a large circular piece of volcanic stone which is turned like a millstone and separates the juice from the fibre before fermentation. Patron has ten tahona pits in five separate parts of their huge distillery, and they are working constantly in what is a labour-intensive process.

In each of the five tahona areas they also have eleven copper pot stills. Six are tall and skinny, for the first distillation, and five are shorter and rounder, for the second distillation.

Before maceration the agave are cut into even pieces, for cooking.

Teremana Small Batch Tequila

The Rocks premium tequila brand has been flying off store shelves ever since its launch last March. Now, fans of Dwayne Johnson and tequila alike can purchase Teremana online and get it delivered to their door.

The ultra-premium highlands tequila uses all the beverage buzz words, like small batch production, and distilled in handmade copper pot stills. But beyond the hype, its a smooth, easy to drink option naturally sweetened with the rich aroma of mature agave plants, with a clean finish.

The name, Johnson explains, was inspired by his Polynesian background. TERA means of the Earth and MANA is our powerful Polynesian spirit that guides us. Spirit of the Earth, he says.

How Is Patron Tequila Made

Patron tequila is made by fermenting the fruit of the blue agave plant. The plant takes a long time to mature, taking nearly eight to ten years to reach the perfect level of ripeness.

For this reason, Patron is often considered a premium spirit because of how difficult it is to produce large quantities. Once the plant has grown to produce fruit with optimal sugar levels, the fruit is then harvested.

The piña is then chopped up and placed in a brick oven to cook evenly on all sides. This allows the sugars in the fruit to break down more easily, which will make it easier for the production of alcohol levels.

The chopped piña is then crushed and ground up. The pulp is left for three days to ferment, and is then distilled in handmade barrels for a minimum of two months. The oldest tequila offered by Patron is their Añejo 7 Años, which is aged for seven years.

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You Have One Guy To Thank For That Smooth Smooth Balance

When it comes to mixing, barreling, and aging Patrón, theres one dude making the decisions, also owner of what is arguably the coolest leather jacket in all of Mexico. Francisco Alcaraz is the worlds first ever tequila inspector, which we have to assume is probably the best kind of inspector you can be besides Inspector Gadget. Alcaraz has been inspecting tequila for close to 50 years, and his incredibly strict standards are a huge factor if not the actual backbone of the success of the brand.

El Tesoro Aejo Tequila


Reserve Bar

If you want to discover an authentic Mexican tequila with a bold yet traditional flavor, then order a bottle of El Tesoro. El Tesoro may be owned by Beam Suntory, the Japanese company responsible for Suntory Whisky, but this tequila is still made from traditional methods and local agave. In fact, the grandson of founder Don Felipe Camarena oversees production today. The Añejo variety is aged in American oak bourbon barrels for up to three years, which results in a nice blend of warm agave and oak flavors. If you try this tequila neat, youll notice notes of maple, vanilla and caramel, balanced with pepper and floral tones.

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Prices Compared To Other Tequila Brands

Don Julio

A standard 750ml bottle of Don Julio Blanco Tequila can be bought for roughly $41.99-45.99, which is roughly the same amount that a bottle of Patron for the same volume goes for on the market. One of the more expensive bottles of Don Julio, Don Julio Real Tequila, retails from between $399.99 – $419.99, which is slightly cheaper than Patrons Gran Patron Burdeo.


A bottle of Avion Silver retails for slightly cheaper than a standard bottle of Patron Silver Tequila, ranging between $34.99 – $38.99. In contrast, Avions most expensive bottle of tequila, Avion Reserva 44, ranges between #129.99 – $149.99. This shys in comparison to Patrons Gran Patron Burdeo, which is distilled for much longer, resulting in a higher-quality tequila.

Rose Tequila

Rose Tequila makes their spirits with specialty flavors. A bottle of Tequila Rose Strawberry Cream can be bought for $17.99 – $21.99. All of Patrons spirit prices go for much higher, and their flavors tend not to be as adventurous.


Milagro offers their 750ml Milagro Silver tequila for $21.99 – $27.99, which is slightly cheaper than a regular bottle of Patron. In general, Milagros prices arent as steep as Patrons, primarily because Patron brands itself as a premium tequila. Milagros most expensive bottle, Milagro Unico 2, tops out at a price between $269.99 – $299.99.

Jose Cuervo



Where Is Patron Tequila Made

The Patrón factory is located in the small town of Atotonilco, and is a multimillion-dollar facility with a guest hacienda where 700 employees create by hand the Tequila that goes into every bottle. The Patrón Spirits Company, headquartered in Las Vegas, now imports and markets a portfolio of the fine top-quality spirits, including its signature Patrón Tequila line, which includes Patrón Silver and Patrón XO.

Patróns success is due in no small part to its founders hunch early on that consumers were ready for an ultra-premium Tequila. In the short time since it was introduced, Patrón has outsold all other ultra-premium Tequilas in the world combined.

The companys other products Patrón XO Café , Patrón Citrónge and Pyrat rums have also earned their own acclaim by carving out a growing slice of the fine spirit market.

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Cdigo 1530 Rosa Tequila


Smooth and delicate, Código 1530s Rosa Tequila makes for perfect after-work sipping, or used in a hand-crafted cocktail. Produced using the tequila-making traditions of the Los Bajos region and its tequilieras, the tequila is meticulously aged inFrench White Oakred wine barrels from Napa Valley. That gives the Rosa a subtle pink hue, and a sweet yet dry finish.

Country singer George Strait is an investor in the brand, and even wrote a song inspired by the tequila off his 2019 album, Honkey Tonk Time Machine.

Casa Noble Anejo Tequila

Gran Patrón Platinum Tequila | The Making Of

Casa Noble

When anejo tequila is done right, its at once rich and flavorful, smooth yet complex. Thats what you get from Casa Nobles anejo blend, aged in new French oak for two full years with notes of dried fruit, toasted oak, creamy butterscotch, chocolate and spice. An undertone of sweet cooked agave recalls this tequilas fresh Blanco roots.

Like all of Casa Nobles offerings, this one is certified organic, and took home the Best Añejo Tequila prize at the 2017 World Tequila Awards. Best sipped slow for a warm, inviting mouthfeel.

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Rapid Growth Caused Issues With Siete Leguas

As Francisco says, “Patrón sales started growing and growing and growing. The people liked the bottle and they liked the product a lot. It was something different. Even though it was very expensive, the other tequila producers said this Gringo is really crazy. Nobody else charged those prices at that time, with such a product and with such distinctive bottles.

“Martin needed more Patrón to meet demand but owners of the Seite Leguas distillery refused to increase production. I don’t know why. They didn’t need to buy more equipment, I proposed to them that we use shifts and work through the night, but Lucrecia said no. I was very angry with Seite Leguas, so at the proper time, I quit.” It’s worth remembering that Francisco was on a promised share of export sales from the distiller. Hence, the more Patrón he could make, so the more he would earn. Their decision not to expand production effectively capped his salary.

“Martin needed more product and around the same time there came an opportunity to make a joint venture with Seagram and they made an agreement. Martin bought a piece of land and invited Seite Leguas to participate in the joint venture, but Lucrecia refused. They were afraid of the big fish eating the small fish.

Hacienda Patrón

Gran Patron Extra Aejo Piedra

Piedra means stone. The blue agaves used to craft this tequila were crushed by a two-ton Tahona stone. This method commonly used in Mezcal preserves better the sweet flavor coming from the agave. Once the agaves get smashed they get roasted for almost 4 days before being fermented in wooden tanks.

This tequila was matured for 4 years in French Limousin barrels and American white oak barrels before bottling in a beautiful hand crafted vessel.

The aroma is very complex and inviting. I get a mix of some very bold notes: cherry, oak, chocolate and tobacco. And it shouldnt come as a surprise that the flavor is very bold as well. It comes with notes of chocolate, tobacco and leather. The finish is extremely lengthy and good.

This is an awesome tequila with an eye-popping $440 USD tag price. If you can afford it I invite you to indulge in this awesome Mexican spirit.

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It Started With A Bottle Not A Recipe

As a premium tequila, Patrón is made with 100 percent Blue Weber Agave, a recipe developed in an era drowning in mixto tequila . But it wasnt agave but the beauty of the hand-blown glass bottle that inspired the brand. DeJorias future business partner brought the beautiful bottle back from a business trip to Mexico, and while what was inside was apparently a nightmare, the bottle itself was so impressive it inspired the simply perfect catchphrase of the brand.


What Is The Best Tequila

Patron Anejo Tequila 750 ml

Our editors have reviewed dozens of tequila brands over the last year, to come up with some of our favorite bottles, based on taste profile, uniqueness and value. And while there are a number of tequila brands that have launched in recent months , this list runs the gamut from tried-and-true brands, to limited-edition releases that youll be smart to pick up if you see them available online.

Whether you want to sip on something smooth or just want to upgrade your margarita, here are 15 tequilas you can buy online and get delivered to your door in time for your next happy hour, dinner or party.

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Introduction To Patron Tequila

Tagged as the worlds first ultra-premium tequila, its best to taste Patron Tequilas products to understand if they are truly worth every cent up to the last drop. Everything about it the tequila, bottles, corks, and barrels are handcrafted.

Each Patron bottle has 40 percent alcohol content and is produced at the heart or maguey of the blue agave plant, Mexico. As for the proof of their tequilas, Roca Patron Silver has 90, Roca Patron Anejo has 88, Roca Patron Reposado has 84, Patron XO Cafe has 70, and the rest has 80.

Its A Mega Brand With Some Unexpectedly Small

Yes, there is a sprawling, gorgeous Hacienda Patrón, home to the distillery and La Casona, a year-old private guesthouse that kind of looks like the residence of a James Bond villain. But Patrón actually prides itself on moderation. According to the company, a mere 60 hands go into the production of every bottle , and a mere eight families provide 80 to 95% of Patróns agave plants.

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Patrn Production Is Surprisingly Old

Tequila used to be made with something called the ancient Tahona process, wherein heartless tequila distillers force a donkey to drag a massive volcanic stone over agave hearts prior to cooking and distilling them. Patrón still goes old-school, although they give the donkeys a break and use machinery to drag massive, specially sculpted stones across their agave hearts, yielding a unique vegetal taste that they then mix with a portion of citrusy tequila made with the modern Roller Mill method.

The History And Origin Of Patron Tequila

Patrón Añejo Tequila | The Making Of

Patron tequila is a high-quality brand of tequila, which is produced by the Patron Spirits Company in Mexico. Just like all other tequilas, Patron tequilas are also made from the Maguey of the blue agave plant. The drink was first prepared by John Paul Dejoria and Martin Crowley in the year 1989 at a distillery in Jalisco, Mexico. It is considered the first ultra-premium tequila and is one of the top sellers in the world.

Patron brand has tasted incredible success over the years and has grown to become one of the most valuable and top-selling liquor brands in the world today. The idea to start a liquor brand started when Martin Crowley brought back a hand-blown bottle of tequila as a gift to John Paul. Martin proposed the idea and they went on to create history. They first manufactured 12000 bottles and sold them at $37 per bottle.

Patron bottles are hand-labeled and they undergo strict inspection before leaving the distillery. More than a 60 hands touch and inspect the bottle before the bottles are packed and delivered to their respective destinations. Patron brand also uses the traditional stone wheel, tahona which is used to crush the agave.

The different varieties of Patron:

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The History Of Patron

Patrón is the brainchild of two entrepreneurs, John Paul DeJoria and Martin Crowley, whose love of Tequila and desire to create the best Tequila in the world led them to a factory high in the mountains of Jalisco, Mexico, producing an extraordinary spirit. A few changes later, Patrón Tequila, now the worlds top-selling ultra-premium Tequila, was ready for market, and The Patrón Spirits Company was born.

You Can Get Buzzed By An Oscar Nominee

Jalisco-born Guillermo del Toro is responsible for many wondrous creations Pans Labyrinth,Blade II, that million-times-Oscar-nominated bizarre aquatic love story. Now we have another creation to thank him for: Patrón x Guillermo del Toro Tequila and Liqueur, priced at a reasonable $599.95. Del Toro isnt the first celeb to dip his toe into the luxury hooch industry in addition to that million-dollar smile, George Clooneys got his own tequila, and lets not forget the only skull-shaped vodka brand backed by a Ghostbuster, which is now available diamond-filtered! Del Toro might not pour his tequila over a pile of jewels, but his ad campaign is .

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Bacardi In The United States

In 1964 Bacardi opened its new US offices in Miami, Florida. Exiled Cuban architect Enrique Gutierrez created a building that was hurricane-proof, using a system of steel cables and pulleys which allow the building to move slightly in the event of a strong shock. The steel cables are anchored into the bedrock and extend through marble-covered shafts up to the top floor, where they are led over large pulleys. Outside, on both sides of the eight-story building, more than 28,000 tiles painted and fired by Brazilian artist , depicting abstract blue flowers, were placed on the walls according to the artist’s exact specifications.

In 1973, the Company commissioned the square building in the plaza. Architect Ignacio Carrera-Justiz used cantilevered construction, a style invented by . Wright observed how well trees with taproots withstood hurricane-force winds. The building, raised 47 feet off the ground around a central core, features four massive walls, made of sections of inch-thick hammered glass mural tapestries, designed and manufactured in France. The striking design of the annex, affectionately known as the ‘Jewel Box’ building, came from a painting by German artist Johannes M. Dietz.

In 2006, Bacardi USA leased a 15-story headquarters complex in . Bacardi had employees in seven buildings across at the time.

The current American headquarters is in . The 300 employees occupy 230,000 square feet of leased office space.

Patrons Most Expensive Bottle

Patron Reposado Tequila (40% abv)

As the table of prices of Patron Tequila shows, the most expensive bottle of Patron is the Gran Patron Burdeos. This product is distilled twice before being placed in new French and used American barrels to age. The second distillation happens in vintage Bordeaux wine barrels, making the taste velvety smooth with hints of raisin and vanilla, and the color becomes a darkish version of amber.

Its price range, $419.99 to $499.99, is comparatively lower than the most expensive tequila bottle offered by the brand, Deleon Tequila, the Deleon Leona. The latter is a hard to find product, which costs around $649.99 to $699.99. Similar to Patron, Deleon also promotes the brand as premium quality. The cheapest tequila bottle they have, the Deleon Platinum , costs around $37.99 to $49.99, similar to the average price of Patron Tequila Silver .

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