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What To Drink With Fireball Whiskey

Cinnamon Maple Whiskey Sour

How to Make a Fireball Whisky Drink: Fiery Manhattan

When presented with a cocktail menu, I just cant help but order a whiskey drink. An Old Fashioned, Manhattan, a well-made whiskey sour or any spin on the above. Im a whiskey girl. Always have been, always will be.

Naturally, when I spied the cinnamon maple sour on the menu at a local bar the other day, I had to order it. I liked it so much that I had to recreate it at home.

This whiskey sour recipe is sweetened with maple syrup, which tastes so much more interesting than basic simple syrup. The recipe includes plenty of fresh lemon juice and a hefty pinch of ground cinnamon, which offers some warming flavor for cold winter days. You can skip the cinnamon, though, if you would like a classic whiskey sour.

This is my last post before I take off for the holidays. Be merry and be safe! I appreciate you all so much for hanging out with me here and cooking my recipes in your kitchens.

What Is Fireball Whiskey

Fireball whiskey is a flavored whiskey: its a mix of Canadian whisky, sweetener and cinnamon flavoring. Fireball was developed in Canada in the 1980s. It was originally part of a flavored schnapps line of Seagrams, and is now produced by the Sazerac Company.

While it came out in 1984, Fireball didnt become popular in America until the 2000s. When the Sazerac Company bought it, they ditched the old name Dr. McGillicudys Fireball Whisky and gave it a bit of a makeover. In 2016, Fireball had 150 million dollars in sales and surpassed Jagermeister as Americas top selling liquor . Now thats impressive.

Drinking Fireball Every Day Is Bad For Your Health

There’s a reason alcohol vendors caution you to drink responsibly. Extended use or overconsumption of alcohol is bad for your health, and Fireball is no exception to this rule. Healthline lists the cumulative effects of alcohol on your body to include: shrinking brain, blackouts, hallucinations, cancer, lung infections, liver problems, fatigue, stomach distress, diarrhea, infertility, sexual dysfunction, diabetes, and more. While it’s true that enjoying a simple few shots of Fireball won’t cause this level of illness, even mild consumption can still have its effects.

GQ explains the problem with sugary shots: less alcohol, more sugar. And in this case of cinnamon whiskey, that means more weight gain and less buzz. At 33 percent alcohol, Fireball is actually less potent than a traditional whiskey, but still has loads of the sugar that makes it tastes so good. High sugar alcohol is also associated with increasing hangover symptoms. While there is some debate on whether the sugar itself makes you feel bad, or whether it masks the taste of alcohol to let you drink more, there’s a pretty universal consensus that the next morning is gonna be rough.

Instead, treat your Fireball like a bar of delicious chocolate or a slice of cake. Avoid excess to keep harsh and unpleasant health effects at bay, and savor it once in a while instead.

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What Is Fireball Whiskey Anyway

Fireball Cinnamon Whisky is a combo of whiskey, cinnamon flavor and sweetener, produced by Sazerac Company. In 2018, fireball whiskey is best-selling liqueur in the United States.

With the holidays coming up, fireball recipes are the perfect creative idea to make for those parties where you need to take a little something along. With 34 recipe ideas to choose from, you can take pie, cake and cookies, chicken, beef and ribs. Ive been trying out these fireball ideas all year and cant wait for you to try some of these, too. Fireball cinnamon whisky is the key ingredient for these awesome fireball recipes and you are sure to find more than a few you cant stop making. Whether you just need a new dessert idea to showcase your love of all things Fireball or you want to impress the next time you need a fun recipe idea for a potluck, weve tested all of these and just cant stop making them.

Fireball Whisky Pumpkin Pie

The 25+ best Whiskey mixed drinks ideas on Pinterest ...

We know what you should be making for Thanksgiving dessert. The best pies belong at every Thanksgiving dinner, so this Fireball Whiskey Pumpkin Pie belongs at yours. Make several, people are sure to eat all of it. I had to take three to my office last year, because it is that popular. Pumpkin pie recipe lovers, look no further than this amazing variation to add to your Thanksgiving recipe list.

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Smoked Fireball Whiskey Meatballs

The yummy fireball whiskey meatballs are quick and easy to make. These little patties are good for those for a way to find spices that go well with fireball whiskey. You can make these meatballs with beef, pork, and bacon in BBQ sauce. The trio is blended with breadcrumbs to give a flavourful dish. The kick of cinnamon whisky adds to the taste of this dish.

What Is The Best Way To Drink Fireball

Since Fireball has a sweeter taste, its easy to sip on after a meal as a dessert drink. Pour a shot or 2 of Fireball into a tumbler glass and take small sips. Swish the Fireball around your mouth before you swallow to coat your mouth with the flavor. Try Fireball neat, or plain, before adding any ice cubes.

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In The Mood For An Ice Cold Fancy Balls

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Fireball whiskey is a drink that people tend to feel very passionately about. You either love it, or you gag at the mere sight of it. Theres rarely an in-between.

This article is meant to celebrate those who love Fireball, and to give them a whole new cocktail bucketlist. So here you are, Fireball fanatics:

What Does Fireball Taste Like

How To Make A Fireball Whisky Apple Cider Bomb Cocktail | Drinks Made Easy

Fireball is very sweet, with a strong finish of cinnamon candy and spicy whiskey. It tastes like liquid Fireball candies. Its pretty strong, and tastes best when mixed into drinks .

How much alcohol is in Fireball? It is 33% ABV , which is similar to other flavored whiskeys or liqueurs.

Are there any substitutes? Try any other type of cinnamon whiskey, like Jack Daniels Fire American Whiskey, Jim Beam Kentucky Fire Bourbon Whiskey, or Cinerator Whiskey.

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How To Make It

  • Prepare the Butter Batter: Combine the butter, sugar, and spices in a bowl. Mix with an egg beater on low speed until fully incorporated. Set aside 2 tbsp for your beverage. Store the rest, wrapped in plastic wrap or in a sealed tupperware, for up to 3 months.
  • Place your batter, Fireball, and whiskey of your choice in a mug. Pour 1 cup hot water in and stir. Garnish with a cinnamon stick and serve immediately!

What Happens When You Drink Fireball Everyday

Drinking Fireball every day is bad for your health Healthline lists the cumulative effects of alcohol on your body to include: shrinking brain, blackouts, hallucinations, cancer, lung infections, liver problems, fatigue, stomach distress, diarrhea, infertility, sexual dysfunction, diabetes, and more.

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Notes About Fireball And Baileys:

  • 3 Ingredient cocktails are the best, and this Cinnamon Toast Crunch Drink fits that bill.
  • Use whatever type of milk you prefer whole, 2%, skim, oat milk, almond milk, half and half or heavy cream .
  • Baileys Irish Cream is a alcoholic whiskey with flavors of cocoa and and cream.
  • Fireball Cinnamon Whisky is an alcohol that is intensely sweet and full of cinnamon flavor.
  • This is a beefed up version of our favorite Baileys Milk recipe. We also have a Chocolate Baileys Recipe.
  • To keep your cocktail cold longer, try using large ice cubes. You can find these special ice cube trays on Amazon.
  • To make a Cinnamon Toast Crunch shot, mix equal parts Fireball Whisky and Baileys Irish Cream in a shot glass.

Fireball Pumpkin Pie Shot Pops

5 Fireball Drinks To Sip On This Season

Did you know you can actually eat some drinks? Thats the case with these pumpkin pie shot pops, and theyre so good youll want to have more than one. Remember, theres booze in these tasty sweets, though, so dont overdo dessert.

  • 3 oz pumpkin pudding mix
  • 3/4 cup milk
  • 3/4 cup Fireball
  • 4 oz whipped canned whipped cream

Mix the pumpkin pudding mix with cold milk and add the Fireball. Fill an ice tray with the mixture and freeze overnight. Dont forget to place the popsicle sticks when the mixture has hardened a bit. Serve these boozy pops at your next grilling party, and garnish them with whipped cream for a complete experience.

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How Is Fireball Cinnamon Whisky Made

The Fireball Cinnamon Whisky produced by Sazerac is a mixture of Canadian whisky, cinnamon flavor, and sweeteners. Genuine and natural cinnamon is used to create the flavor. Like any other whiskey, Fireball Cinnamon Whisky is distilled from fermented grain mash thats left to age in wooden barrels. Its developed using a secret proprietary recipe that captures the essence of the Fireball taste experience that consumers love.

As of 2018, all versions of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky do not use propylene glycol . Only natural ingredients are used for shelf sustainability. This makes Fireball Cinnamon Whisky a perfectly safe drink.

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Why Did My Fireball Freeze

Why did my Fireball Cinnamon freeze when I put it in the freezer? The exact freezing point of alcoholic beverages is dependent on its proof, or alcohol by volume. Fireball Cinnamon contains less alcohol than Fireball Whisky, so it will likely freeze when placed in a standard home freezer set to 0°F.

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What Is The Flavor Profile Of Fireball Whiskey

The way Fireball drinkers describe the beverage is very simple it tastes like drinking red spicy candies! Since the alcoholic beverage has a lot of cinnamon in it, it combines the ingredients sweet taste with a bit of spice.

Fireball is bottled at 33% alcohol, and its taste is also very similar to the Canadian sweet that shares its name, the Atomic Fireball.

The whiskey was created by a Canadian bartender who wanted liquor to accompany him during the long, cold days.

To make Fireball, professionals follow the usual procedures of whiskey-making. The experts obtain alcohol and ferment it, and then they add several sweeteners and cinnamon flavors that make up its characteristic taste.

Even though its not the most famous drink in the world, its delicious and it could lift your spirits and liven up any party, so give it a try if you can!

Recipe Notes And Tips

5 Ways to Drink Fireball Whiskey | Cosmopolitan
  • If you don’t have a cocktail shaker, use a mason jar and use that to shake the whiskey and maple syrup together.
  • Shake the cocktail with ice so it’s nice and chilled. Shake for a good 30 seconds so that everything is blended and ice cold.
  • Pour the cocktail into a whiskey glass with large ice cubes. Small ice cubes or crushed ice will quickly dilute the drink.

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Fireball Apple Cider Directions

Following many of the same steps above in the hot Fireball Apple Cider drink, here are the easy step-by-step directions:

Step 1: Wash, core and chop a fresh apple. Use one large slice of chopped apple per drink.

Step 2: Add a cinnamon sugar rim to your glass .

Step 3: Fill half your glass with ice and then add the chopped apple.

Step 4: Add a 1.5 ounce of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey.

Step 3: Add approximately 3 ounces of apple cider.

Step 4: Top with 2 ounces of lemon-lime soda or ginger ale.

Tip: Depending on your taste preferences, choose the right soda for your cocktail. Sprite will add additional sweetness as well as delicious bubbly. If you prefer a less sweet soda, use 7up . If youre a fan of ginger ale, the ginger flavor is delicious with apple cider.

Step 5: Top with Reddi Wip cool whip and add a cinnamon stick for garnish.

The cinnamon stick is also a great cocktail stirrer and adds a little more cinnamon flavor to the cocktail.

If youre looking for a cozy, boozy drink to make for a fall party or an after-dinner cocktail, both of these Fireball Apple Cider recipes will hit the spot. Easy to make and simple to customize to suit your tastes.


Tips For Creating Your Own Fireball Whisky Cocktails

Want to create your own mixed drinks using Fireball whisky? These tips can help.

  • A little goes a long way. So you won’t need to use full shots of Fireball – think of it more like an accent than the main event.
  • When combining Fireball whisky with dairy-based ingredients such as Bailey’s or heavy cream, remember that whisky can curdle cream. Always use a high fat dairy and pour the whiskey in slowly.
  • Remember that Fireball has added sugar, so it will make a drink sweeter. You may wish to adjust the sugar in the drink to help balance the sweetness.

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Fireballs Inspired A Bunch Of Imposters

While the brand might have haters galore, it also inspired a bunch of copycats. Not only did Fireball sue the small brand Stout Brewing Company for creating an almost laughable carbon copy of their liquor , they also sued whiskey giantJack Daniels in the same year. Jack Daniels and Jim Beam both created cinnamon-flavored whiskeys after seeing Fireballs success, but Fireballs beef with Jack came from its use of the word fireball in its Google advertisements. Looks like 2015 was a busy year for Fireball in court.

Things You Should Know About Fireball Whisky

10 Next

Its likely that just the cinnamony aroma of Fireball elicits memories of your younger years and reckless adventures. Fireballs telltale smell is instantly recognizable just one whiff can remind imbibers of that burning feeling. No one says it better than Fireball itself: Takes like Heaven, burns like Hell.

But given the meteoric rise of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky, which grew like a wildfire from $1.9 million in sales in 2011 to $863.5 million in 2014, Fireball warrants a little more respect than just the passing nostalgic nod to your past. Even now, the Canadian whisky remains on fire, with 5.65 million 9-liter cases sold in 2019. Here are 11 things you should know about Fireball.

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How To Drink Fireball

There are several different ways to enjoy Fireball Whisky. Below are some simple and tasty recipes, but feel free to add your own twist.

On the Rocks

On the rocks = over iceplain and simple. In other words, pour the Fireball into a highball glass filled with ice, sit back, sip and enjoy. We love these handblown crystal whiskey glasses and these slow-melt ice ball moldsfor a more sophisticated touch.

Straight Shot

To keep things simple, throw back a shot of Fireball by itself. Its smooth flavor delivers a subtle kick with a sweet aftertaste, making it easily drinkable. Shot glasses optional.

Cinnamon Toast Shot

This shot, according to Fireball lovers, tastes like youre eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal! Its made with one part Fireball and one part horchata or RumChata. Mix well, chill and shoot. It can also be made as a cocktail over ice in a highball glass.

Dragons Blood

One part Fireball, one part cranberry juice. Mix well, chill and shoot. This concoction can also be enjoyed on the rocks in a highball glass.


Many claim this popular cocktail tastes like apple pie in a cuper, a pint glass? Simply add a shot of Fireball to hard apple cider and enjoy. You and your friends will also love this crackling hot cocoa or slow cooker apple cider on a chilly night.

Eat It!

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What To Mix With Fireball

Now that youve finally grown up, its time to stop taking Fireball shots. But if youre still holding on to your youth, you dont have to give it up altogetheryou just have to find some more respectable ways to drink it. Add a jiggers worth of the hot stuff to a glass and top it off with one of these mixers, and youll be well on your way.

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