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Don Chendo Tequila Puerto Vallarta

Comprehensive Travel Guide To Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta | Don Tadeo Tequila Factory
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Puerto Vallarta in Mexico is a gorgeous travel destination that is surging in popularity in 2022, and weve put together a comprehensive guide for singles traveling to Puerto Vallarta. Well cover what to pack and wear, how to get around, basic safety guidelines, and leave you with some week-long plans for different budget brackets. Beaches, martinis, and summer relaxation are on the top of your mind, and after such a stressful year- why shouldnt they be? Lets go!

Higher Budget Activities In Puerto Vallarta

If youre planning to travel to Puerto Vallarta on a higher budget, there are plenty of all-inclusive hotels and Airbnbs that have varying facilities to offer, as youll have a wider range of choices for hotels and resorts if youre planning to travel on a larger budget. And of course, with food being another fantastic avenue of the experience, you can dine at some memorable venues.

Once youve had your share of Vallarta-style ceviches, you can also explore other restaurants and dining experiences and quickly taste for yourself that the city is a melting pot of international cuisine.

For a memorable dining experience, try a meal at the monochromatic restaurant La Leche. The super unique and gorgeous interior, mobile menu, and bartender all work together to bring focus to your dinner courses.

Monzon is an artisanal craft brewery with amazing food and delicious drinks. They donate to local charities as well, making it a much-loved spot for socially-conscious tourists.

Try the expensive but very delicious food served alongside tequila at the Rancho Verana Tequila Distillery, where Don Chendo tequila is made! A tour here gives you a beautiful ranch experience, an array of tequila sampling, and a crash course on tequila by enthusiastic tour guides.

Best Beaches To Visit In Puerto Vallarta

Of course, beaches are one of the most obvious reasons to visit Puerto Vallarta. There are plenty of beaches, some that are easy to find and popular for tourists, and some that will take a bit more navigation and traveling to get to for quieter and less crowded beach fronts.

Playa Conchas Chinas is one of the most popular beaches in Puerto Vallarta, and it is around a ten-minute drive from downtown. There is a charge to visit beaches , and many places will have COVID curfews .

Los Muertos Beach is another one of the popular beaches, located close to downtown and only a short walk from the Malecon beachside promenade. There are plenty of local surrounding shops, restaurants, and bars in the area.

Playa Camarones is located in the Downtown area, also offering chairs and umbrellas for rental. There are walking vendors, bars, and restaurants all across the area, and its definitely somewhere fun that you can post up with new travel friends or by yourself for an afternoon.

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Don Chendo Destilado De Agave Anejo

Don Chendo Anejo is produced at Rancho Verano, a small distillery just outside of Puerto Vallarta. The Don Chendo products are 100% Agave and produced similar to Tequila, but they use the Green Agave instead of the Blue Agave. By using a different species of Agave, they are only allowed to call their product “Destilado de Agave”.

My Highlights From The Trip

Our Destilado de Agave

Besides getting to spend time with friends who I have known for years, sleeping in, and getting the perfect tan. Below are my highlights from the trip.

Beach There is nothing better than the sun highlighting the sky in a multitude of colors as it sets over the ocean. This is exactly what I gazed upon night after night. The first day I almost fell asleep on a lounge chair listening to the waves. The current was not strong and was quite warm enough for a person to swim. However, the water level changes quickly, so if you do decide to swim in the ocean please take note of the buoys and stay before them.

Pool Days The Barceló has 4 pools on their resort to accommodate all their guests. There is a pool for the kids with a slide, and yes I did go down the slide more than once. A pool setup for volleyball but was also a great nook to take pictures. Another pool with waterfalls and great for someone who simply wants to relax, and also a pool with a swim up bar and live entertainment. I spent most of my time at the pool with the swim up bar, because I love to sip a cocktail while people watching.

Right Before Sliding Down The Kids Slide

ThatsChelsea *RatedPrettyGirl * StylebyTiff

Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Don Chendo tequila

Puerto Vallarta gets an official LG Approved stamp, I would definitely go back and explore more of this town!


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How To Dress In Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is warm and humid most of the year.

For nighttime activities on the water, you may want to bring a sweater or light jacket to be on the safe side. Bring a mix of clothes for exploring and hiking around during the day, but some dressier clothes for exploring the different dining and nightlife venues. White clothes or colorful shirts will look amazing with the colorful streets of the city.

You can use this 10-day weather forecast to track the different weather forecasts for your vacation.

If youre traveling to PV in the spring and summer seasons, you generally cant go wrong with shorts, a pair of long pants, exercise clothes if youre looking to squeeze in some quick beach-side workouts, flip flops or other sandals , sunglasses, a handful of tank tops and shirts .

Pack shoes that you know are comfortable for walking long distances and on different types of surfaces.

What Souvenirs To Buy In Puerto Vallarta

Its always fun to take back a piece of the exciting destinations youve traveled to.

If youre looking for souvenirs, chocolate is one popular specialty of Puerto Vallarta and many tourists will buy handmade and artisan chocolates of different flavors and varieties to bring home.

If you have room in your suitcase, hand-blown glass or Talavera pottery is a good souvenir reflective of all the stunning glassware in Puerto Vallarta. Mundo de Cristal is a popular store for this.

For a unique and wearable souvenir, consider picking some artisan jewelry from local designers. Tequila, vanilla, and coffee are all souvenirs that will instantly take you back to the flavor of this lively city.

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Pv Don Chendo Tequila Tour

I cannot say enough about the treatment we received by our guide and Don Chendo. I cannot wait to return and try more adventures! I highly recommend you use this company.


We used these guys for our airport pick up and they were right on it. Our flight was all screwed up and they handled it and were there when we landed. Vehicle was great and driver was nice. Highly recommended.

I travel frequently for work and am always using transportation services in the countries I travel to. While I have had smooth transfers in the past, in this case I was traveling with my wife and three small children. The moment we exited the airport we found our representative and walked no more than 40 feet to our van that was waiting for us. We were 30 minutes early as well so to have transport ready and waiting was fantastic.

Our experience with PV tours was excellent. When it turned out that one of our booked excursions wasnt going to work out, the customer service agent was able to let us know how to access the excursion on our own . We really appreciated the way in which the two excursions we did take with PV Tours felt so personal. Yes, a lot of it is about the destination itself, and the ease of getting there is how it starts. We will use PV Tours again, and again! Caitlin

What To Pack For Puerto Vallarta

Tequila Don Tadeo | Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco | Part 1

Be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen! Caring for your skin health begins with SPF, and a week of exploring the beaches of Puerto Vallarta calls for sunscreen, sunscreen, and more sunscreen.

Water shoes can be a good idea if youre planning to do a lot of water activities or if you have sensitive feet. Having a low-maintenance day bag to carry around with you as you explore the city during the day is a good idea- bring a water bottle, some extra sunscreen, and a swimsuit.

A coin purse is good to keep your cash and change organized. You can bring multiple swimsuits if you plan on doing a lot of water activities during your trip as you might not have enough time to dry off your suit in between.

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Fabulous Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Villa De Palmares Flamingo

Sunday August 21, 2016

Delicious Pork Tamales

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Tacos Al Pastor

Thursday August 25, 2016

Mash fermenting in its vat
Staff explaining the process

Friday August 26, 2016

Don Chendo Destilado De Agave Aejo

Just recently got back from a trip to Puerto Vallarta, and made a stop by the Rancho Verano. What they gave us was amazing, the product is 100% Blue Agave, 70 Proof , and made in Jalisco. Fermentation is in open vats: This is the only spontaneously fermented tequila I’ve had. No water is added post distilation. The label on it, however, says Destilado de Agave, I am assuming because they aren’t large enough of an operation to obtain the proper licensing to put Tequila on their labels. Their labels are hand made by stamping and cutting tin. I’ll post a picture up later, but as for the taste? Delicious.

I’m hoping there’s somebody who has a high credentials in tequila tasting circles, in Austin, TX, who’d be interested in trying it. I don’t like being so exclusive, but I only purchased two bottles, and I want to keep most of it for myself. incorrectly states that they use ‘green agave,’ which is why they are called distilado de agave.

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Sample Weeklong Itinerary For Puerto Vallarta

Take a few full-day excursions, and spend an afternoon or two doing water activities.

To round out your day, try some landmark dining experiences around Puerto Vallarta for a delicious dinner.

Leave a day or two to explore by foot, walking through the different regions of Puerto Vallarta, and even trying some different hikes to get to viewpoints.

Soak up the sun on the beautiful beaches during the daytime, and stroll through the city in the afternoon. On more relaxed days, you can explore the nightlife scene.

If youre traveling with family and/or kids, heres a family-tailored travel guide for this beautiful town! For a list of extended resources and accommodations with suggested restaurants, hotels, and activities, visit our top ten recommendations for things to do in Puerto Vallarta.

Thanks so much for reading this Puerto Vallarta travel guide for 2022 travelers. Hopefully, you got some ideas and inspiration for your upcoming trip. Wed love to see pictures of any of these sites that you end up visiting. Just tag or use the hashtag #cityhealthpassport. Bon voyage!

The Magical Town Of Puerto Vallarta

What can y

Puerto Vallarta is a gorgeous resort town in the state of Jalisco. Situated in the middle of the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. This town is a perfect place to vacation, with its endless attractions. A person can come to Puerto Vallarta to lie by sea, explore downtown to shop, party all night, dine on the best food, or have an adventure with their many excursions. I chose to come to Puerto Vallarta after a brutal winter in Washington D.C. All I wanted was to lie out on the beach with a cocktail in hand, and eat amazing food. I can report back officially that Puerto Vallarta delivered just that and more!

For this trip, my two best friends came along Tiffany & Jaylynn . We chose to stay at the all-inclusive Barceló Puerto Vallarta. We chose the two-bedroom suite, which was perfect for three women. The room came with two large bathrooms, comfortable beds, 24-hour room service, multiple dining options, and a balcony overlooking the 4 pools with the sea sprawling in view. The staff went above and beyond for us, even working out transportation for us back to the resort at 5 am after a night out. Yes, you did read that right 5 am. More about that later

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Low Budget Activities In Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is one of the more reasonably-priced travel destinations in Mexico and theres definitely plenty you can do without even having to reach for your wallet.

The three main zones in Puerto Vallarta- the Hotel Zone, Romantic Zone, and Downtown Zone- are all very walkable- about ten to twenty minutes on foot. In each zone, theres plenty to explore and many colorful and local sights to see. You can take your time walking around the city, taking gorgeous and colorful photos for your memories on social media.

Puerto Vallarta Travel Safety

Here are some common-sense best practices that we might need a refresher on as our passports have been collecting dust for the past year.

The state of Jalisco is very safe however, its still good to exercise common sense. As long as you stick to places with people and try to limit more of your activity to the day, safety shouldnt be an issue. Make sure you dont fall for any petty crimes directed at tourists- use trusted resources when booking hotels, transportations, and rentals. Make sure to keep your valuables with you at all times .

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