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What Mixes Well With Malibu Mango Rum

Its A Vacation In A Bottle Or Can

Mango Daiquiri | Spiced Rum Cocktails | Daiquiri Cocktail Recipe

No shock, Malibu comes in cans. This was inevitable Malibu is already a flavored, lower-ABV alcoholic beverage, so it was destined to be packaged in portable, affordable aluminum. In February 2020, Malibu Splash, a sparkling ready-to-drink flavored malt beverage, slipped into the beer aisle in skinny 12-ounce cans of bubbly Strawberry, Lime, Passion Fruit and Pineapple flavors. Theyll be available in 4-packs and variety 8-packs nationwide.

More packaging formats include 750-milliliter and 1.75-liter pouches of Blue Hawaiian and Malibu Rum Punch, which are totally not meant to be consumed like Capri Sun. Unless, of course, youre attending the Malibu Games.

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What Cocktail Can You Make With Coconut Rum

Is there a cocktail that is produced from coconut rum?

  • Cocktails made with coconut rum Its a delightful tropical drink made with Admiral Nelsons coconut rum, milk, and pineapple juice thats best served in a pousse café or other specific glass, like the one seen above. The Coconut Daiquiri is a refreshing drink composed with white rum, coconut liqueur, lime juice, and grenadine that shouts vacation.


Tiki Tastings: Paradise Mango Rum Liqueur

When a friend traveling out of the country stops at duty free just to look for unusual liqueurs and unavailable rums, you know that you have found a real friend. One of Robs friends picked up a bottle of Paradise Mango Rum Liqueur on his way out of the Philippines. The distillery that produces it Destileria Limtuaco & Co. is the oldest operating distillery in the Philippines. This particular liqueur is unique in that it is the only mango rum flavored completely with natural fruits, blending ripe mangoes and aged rum to build the finished product. The liqueur is mango-colored and comes in a pretty frosted bottle. We havent seen it for sale in any of the liquor stores that we frequent, but there is fairly wide international distribution of this liqueur, so it might pop up in places besides duty free.

We love the look of this liqueur, since you tell that it is made with fresh mangoes just from looking at it. The liqueur smells like mangoes, with just a hint of rum. The mango flavor feels quite natural and it is not overly sweet, though this liqueur is only 16% ABV. In addition to the mango, youll pick up a hint of sugar-and-vanilla rum flavor and the faintest trace of anise. This slight touch of licorice gave the liqueur some depth and, frankly, made it stand out from the pack of artificially flavored mango syrups and liqueurs out there. The opaque liqueur is not too syrupy, but it is a bit thicker than a bottle of straight spirits would be.

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Punch It Up: A Pineapple Mango Rum Punch Recipe Inspired By The Caribbean

A rum punch recipe that will make you feel like youre in the Caribbean. Whos in?!

To kick off our upcoming vacation and celebrate the fact that tomorrow is World Cocktail Day , Im sharing a fruity rum drink recipe inspired by our upcoming travels to the Southern Caribbean.

Rum punch cocktails in particular are kind of the perfect cocktail IMO because they look cute, asset great, and are super easy to make which means theyre the perfect cocktail for parties and entertaining.

This recipe is a pineapple mango rum punch with some really beautiful garnishes orchids and orange zest anyone?!

Were headed to the Southern Caribbean and this rum punch seemed pretty appropriate for the occasion. Maybe theyll have something like this on the cruise? Or at one of the beaches were headed to.

Were hitting up Aruba, Dominican Republic, Curacao, and Turks & Caicos on this trip and I cannot wait. Super pumped about Curacao and Aruba especially. I swear, no matter how many times I go to the Caribbean, I always feel like I could go again. I really do love tropical vacations more than any other.

That said, I recognize that not everyone is about to head out on a tropical vacation. BUT you can at least feel like you are with this rum punch recipe. Its a little bit sweet, but not too sweet.

And super fresh tasting too like it is straight out of a Caribbean pressed juice bar, that has been known to spike a drink or two. Now, thats a place I want to visit.

Other Tips And Tricks On This Boozy Mango Lemonade Recipe

Malibu Mango
  • You can either made the lemonade and mango nectar from scratch or use the pre-prepared versions. Either is totally fine! I tend to lean towards making this recipe using the pre-made lemonade and mango nectar because its easier, especially if you are making it for a party!
  • To make your own mango nectar:
  • Dice up 1 cup of mango
  • Place it in a blender and puree until smooth
  • You can use spiced rum or vodka instead for a bit of a different flavor!
  • Additional add-ins that taste amazing are 1 cup pineapple juice, a squirt of lime juice, or a bit of peach juice.
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    To Make It Youll Need:

    1 large mint sprig to muddle¼ oz. coconut sugar1 ½ oz. coconut rum¼ oz. OrgeatCrushed ice is best½ oz. dark rum float on top

    Take the mint sprig and muddle along with the sugar to release the oils. Then add the coconut rum as well as the Orgeat to your Julep cup filled with crushed ice. Finally, float the dark rum on top and garnish with a few coconut flakes and mint sprigs. Sit back, relax, and watch the ponies go.

    Can I Use Cranberry Cocktail Juice For This Recipe

    For this recipe, I used 100% cranberry juice to help balance the sweetness out. If you prefer a slightly sweeter drink go ahead and use cranberry cocktail juice!

    Who says you can only enjoy fun, fruity drinks while on vacation? Keep another exciting, fruity rum drink in your hand to channel the sunshine even on the coldest of winter days!

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    Serve Right Out Of The Bottle


    OPEN. The beautiful bottle is begging to be opened. To leave a bottle sitting on the shelf is to deny yourself the magic of the infusion experience.POUR. Chilled, straight up or over ice.DRINK. Experience the amazing infusion of natures perfect fruit and Premium spirits as a perfect cocktail.

    Is Malibu Rum Good For You

    Malibu Mango Rum Cocktail: Tropical Mango Tango

    It is made up of a Caribbean rum combined with coconut liqueur and served in a coconut shell. This indicates that it is not pure rum and that it contains more carbs than the normal rum-based liquor. Malibu rum contains no additional macronutrients, which indicates that it contains relatively little nutritional value.

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    Does Watermelon Malibu Taste Like Coconut

    As you’d expect, Malibu Watermelon blends the coconut rum with watermelon flavor. The result is a fresh taste that will instantly transport you to an island. … For chilled moments with friends, simply add soda and share, or stir things up with a Malibu Watermelon Mojito, Malibu describes the flavor.

    What Is A Good Drink With Malibu Rum

    Good Mixers for Malibu Rum

    • Pineapple juice.

    Subsequently, one may also ask, does Malibu taste good with Coke?

    Malibu ColatasteMalibuCola is

    Also, what soda does rum mix well with?

    8 of the Best Rum Mixers

    • Lemons/Limes.
    • Ginger Beer.

    How do you drink Cabo coconut rum?

  • Fill your glass with the ice cubes and let rest in the freezer while you mix the cocktail.
  • Blend the white rum, coconut feni, syrup and lime juice, and pour it in the now chilled glass.
  • Serving: Serve it chilled, with a slice of lime.
  • Does Malibu Coconut Rum get you drunk?

    Malibu Coconut Rum

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    Does Malibu Rum Go Good With Coke

    So many different options for mixing together a Malibu rum cocktail, ranging from traditional beach drinks to basic 2-ingredient concoctions, there is something for everyone. Make a Malibu Sunrise with pineapple juice or a frozen Bahama Mama in a blender with ice. For a twist on the classic Rum and Coke or Mojito, try substituting coconut rum.

    How Long Does Malibu Rum Last

    Malibu Mango Rum 750ml

    According to its official website, Malibu Rum has 2 years of shelf life when its unopened. It wont go bad instantly after this period.

    As long as you give good care, an unopened bottle should stay good for years to come. Be sure that the seal is perfectly intact and no signs of impurities or spoilage are spotted.

    The flavor and taste are the best to enjoy within one year after opening. Generally, it should be fine to use it after a year. But, as with most food products, when its past its prime, you will probably notice a change in flavor or taste. Thats totally up to you whether to keep it or toss it.

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    Is White Rum Bad For Health

    Yes, youve read it right! Rum consumption can give you a healthy and strong heart. Also, it decreases cholesterol levels in the body. It is also a good drink for peripheral artery disease prevention and is a blood thinner, which can help combat artery blockages, prevent heart attacks and heart disease.

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    Can You Mix Orange Juice With Malibu

    The Malibu Driver is one of the simplest cocktail recipes out there, with just two ingredients: Malibu coconut rum and orange juice. Because it includes two ounces of the coconut rum, that flavor balances the sweet-tartness of the orange juice, and you get a flavor thats mellow with no rough edges.

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    What To Mix With Coconut Rum

    If youre anything like me, you dream of mesmerizing remote islands full of white sand beaches and swaying palms under an impossibly blue sky. And what might I ask goes hand in hand with this alluring and seemingly far-off image that only comes to life in the back of your head? Well, rum and coconuts, of course. Since the dawn of time coconut rum has almost always been associated with a manner that is both tropical and refreshing and, while quite delicious alone with a few cubes of ice and a playful umbrella for pageantry, there are a host of cocktails that will blow both your mind and taste buds into orbit. Here are my favorites:

    Malibu Mango Rum Short

    Pineapple Breeze | Malibu Rum Cocktail | Booze On The Rocks

    Yumm Tropical Dream! 1 oz Malibu mango rum 1 oz Malibu coconut rum 1 oz 99 Bananas banana schnapps 1 oz Stoli Vanil vodka 2 oz orange juice 2 oz pineapple juice 1 splash grenadine syrup Combine all ingredients together over ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake and strain into a hurricane glass filled with ice.

    How to Make Pineapple Mango Rum Punch. This rum cocktail is so easy to make. Start by filling a cocktail shaker with ice. Then pour the juice, rums, and triple sec into the shaker. I did a 3 part juice to 2 part rum to 1 part triple sec ratio for this cocktail.

    Serving Ideas for Mango Rum Drinks Pick a garnish. Nothing dresses up a cocktail better than a good garnish. Accentuate the tart lime by placing a lime wedge on the rim of your glass. Or, beat the summer heat with some refreshing mint or rosemary leaves and a slice of strawberry. For a truly tropical drink, add pineapple or even dragon fruit.

    Tropical Peach Pineapple Slushies Averie Cooks. maraschino cherries, pineapple vodka, peach schnapps, grenadine and 3 more. Prosciutto Melon Skewers with Miami Vice Cocktail Oh Snap! Let’s eat! strawberry, ice, cantaloupe melon, pineapple juice, strawberries and 8 more.

    Malibu Mango. Nutritional information. 21% ABV Serving size: 50 ml Servings per container: 15 Nutritional information. Per serving. Alcohol 12.25. Calories 127.

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    What Does Rum Pair Well With

  • Drink some tonic water with your rum first. It is one of the best mixers.
  • I made lime juice with a slice of lemon.
  • Ginger Ale
  • Orange Juice is a fruit juice that contains a high concentration of vitamin C.
  • I drink coconut water.
  • Cranberry Juice is a fruit juice made from the berries of the cranberry tree
  • Fruit juice made from grapefruit.
  • How To Make A Malibu Sunset

    This sweet alcoholic drink couldnt be simpler to make! Just add ice to a glass, followed by the juice and Malibu. Then, give it a good stir.

    Drizzle in the grenadine and garnish with cherries, pineapple, and orange slices.

    For a sweeter Malibu drink, use more grenadine. For a less sweet beverage, use less. Or use some unsweetened cranberry juice and add a splash of that to brighten up the flavor of this rum mixed drink without adding any sweetness.

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    What Is A Good Drink To Mix With Malibu

    Pineapple juice vodkas with tropical flavors, such as pineapple rum. Lime, grapefruit, or orange juice, depending on your preference. RumChata is an abbreviation for RumChata. Drink it with a splash of lemon-lime soda and an extra dash of grenadine. Cranberry juice . Coca-Cola Ginger ale, often known as ginger beer.

    Frozen Watermelon Coconut Mojitos

    Mango Rum

    The Spruce

    Frosty, fruity, and sweet, the frozen watermelon coconut mojito is a fantastic way to cool off on hot summer days. Fresh juicy watermelon, bright lime juice, and garden-fresh mint blend with coconut rum in this iced concoction that makes an ideal patio or deck sipper. Garnish this frozen fruity slushy with coconut shreds, lime slices, mint sprigs, and watermelon wedges.

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    Good Mixers For Malibu Rum

    If you’re wondering what to mix with Malibu rum and other types of coconut rum, there are plenty of good mixers. Because the Malibu rum itself is sweet, adding something acidic such as citrus juice helps to balance the flavors. It also blends well with other tropical flavors, such as pineapple or mango, and herbs such as mint or basil add a nice counterpoint to the rum. Some popular Malibu rum mix-ins for cocktails include the following.

    • Pineapple juice

    Before You Get Started

    How do you pick a mango?

    Given that its the star of the show, you want your mango to be at peak ripenessand flavor. Youre looking for fruit that has a little bit of give when gently squeezed. As a comparison, think of the way you might select an avocado. The softer they are, the riper. Dont focus too much on color it is not always an indication of ripenessespecially since different varieties have different hues. Pick up a few extra fruits and add these tasty mango recipes to your recipe rotation.

    Whats the difference between light and dark rum?

    While theres no definitive answer about whether light or dark rum is better, each liquor has different flavors and properties. All rum is made from sugar cane. And light rum is light because its been aged for less time, giving it a subtle flavor ideal for mixing into cocktails. Dark rum is aged before being distilled, lending to bolder colors and tastes. Its best for sipping straight. For this recipe, we recommend light rum to let the fruit flavors shine.

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    Does Baking Burn Off Alcohol

    The longer you cook, the more alcohol cooks out, but you have to cook food for about 3 hours to fully erase all traces of alcohol. A study from the U.S. Department of Agricultures Nutrient Data lab confirmed this and added that food baked or simmered in alcohol for 15 minutes still retains 40 percent of the alcohol.

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    What Is Peach Schnapps

    Coconut Sunrise | Malibu Rum Cocktail | Booze On The Rocks

    A byproduct of sugarcane processing, Malibu is distilled from molasses. What you should know about rum manufacturing is extensive, but the most important thing to know about rum production is that it is produced from either sugarcane juice or molasses syrup, the latter of which is a byproduct of sugarcane refining and sugar manufacture.

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    Compared To Other Rum Brands

    The Malibu Coconut Rum production is done by distilling sugar cane and aging in oak barrels, just like how rums are traditionally done. The end product is then infused with the Malibu signature flavors of coconut, lime, mango, pineapple, and passion fruit. Factors such as ingredients and aging affect the prices of rum.

    Rum is usually the gateway hard drink for many due to its affordability and accessibility. Malibu rum prices are not steep.

    Bacardi has been around since the 1600s, and it revolutionized the worlds rum-making industry. If youre torn between Bacardi or Malibu, the price point wont help you decide, as both brands are sold at the same prices.

    It all boils down to taste Bacardi Spiced Rum is a more traditional spiced rum, and Malibu Rum is a more fruity and modern coconut rum.

    The Kraken looks like it should be an expensive liqueur, but surprisingly this liqueur is quite affordable. A bottle of the mysterious black rum has 13 secret spices for you to taste. A bottle of Kraken has a higher price than Rum Malibu at roughly $19 and an ABV of 47 percent double of Malibus.

    Sailor Jerry Rum is made in the US Virgin Islands and gets its unique flavor from that region. Malibu Rums are cheaper in price and more diverse when it comes to flavor than Sailor Jerry Traditional Spiced.

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