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What Do You Mix With Vanilla Vodka

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Make Your Own Vanilla Infused Vodka – Rapid Infusion – Discount Cream

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This drink is so fresh and full of flavor! The Raspberry Mojito is made with the freshest ingredients and is my go to summer patio cocktail!

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How To Mix Vodka

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Vodka is one of the most popular alcohols to use for mixed drinks. Its clean, pure flavor is easy to combine with juice, soda, or flavored liqueurs, and you probably already have several easy mixers on hand. For a quick drink, choose 1 or 2 mixers, such as cranberry and pineapple juice, to stir into vodka or branch out and make a Bloody Mary, cosmo, or another fun vodka cocktail.

Whats In A Lemon Vodka Cocktail

Have you ever had a lemon drop? The cocktail, not the shot. The cocktail is fairly similar to what were doing here, in that it is typically composed of:

  • vodka
  • fresh lemon juice
  • sugar

It is so good! Since I like my cocktails a little bit sparkly, Ive combined most of the same ingredients for my cocktail, with some soda water! I also use a simple syrup here instead of a fine granulated sugar.

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Apple Pie Everclear Vodka

Homemade Apple Pie Vodka is as simple as letting some apples and cinnamon sticks soak in Everclear, add in some water and simple syrup, and enjoy! It has a naturally bright and spiced flavor that will leave you smiling and thinking of Fall. Im beyond thrilled and honored to be partnering with Everclear® to come up with fun infusions this year. I had no idea just how crazy easy it is to make Everclear transform into fun flavored vodkas, liqueurs, or schnapps.

Everclear has created a GORGEOUS website, Make It Your Own by Everclear®, where they have compiled tons of amazing recipes for infusions everything from Chocolate Liqueur to Chai Vodka. You might remember that Ive already made Peach Tea Vodka and Strawberry Shortcake Vodka this year. SO easy and SO FUN. Everclear is a 190 proof grain alcohol with no taste, making it the perfect clean slate for flavors.

Its fast to pull flavor from the ingredients youre adding and you dont even need much! It should be diluted 1:1 with filtered water because of its strength . One bottle goes a long way, making this SO cost effective. The possibilities are endless, not to mention fun! This Homemade Apple Vodka is pretty much fool-proof, and I have a feeling youre going to love it!

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Strawberry Lemonade Vodka Cocktail Directions

Marshmallow Vodka Infusion Tutorial

Grab your ingredients and lets make it!

Step 1: Wash and slice your strawberries and lemons. Cut a few strawberries in half and slice a few lemon wheels. This step is optional. The added fruit makes this drink look extra gorgeous and the strawberries are quite tasty after soaking in the strawberry lemonade vodka.

Step 2: Add ice, lemon wheels and strawberry slices to your cocktail glass. The ice will help hold the fruit down in the glass.

Step 3: If youre garnishing with lemons, go ahead and add a little squeeze of lemon into the glass. It adds an extra freshness to this drink.

Step 4: Add one shot of Svedka Strawberry Lemonade Vodka

Step 5: Top off with Pink Lemonade Italian Soda.

Step 6: Add a strawberry for garnish.

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How To Make A Crown Royal Caramel Apple Drink

Step 1: Rim your glass with a caramel and brown sugar mix. Youll need 2 saucers. In one saucer add caramel syrup. In the other saucer add brown sugar.

Dip the rim of your glass in the caramel sauce first. Then dip in the brown sugar to coat the caramel sauce.

Step 2: Add 1-2 teaspoons of caramel sauce to the bottom of the glass.

Tip: One teaspoon gives this drink a very light caramel flavor as the apple cider is the stronger taste. If you want more caramel flavor, go for 2 teaspoons! I used two.

Step 3: Pour 1.5 oz to 2 ounces of Crown Royal Apple whisky over the caramel syrup.

Depending on how strong you like your cocktails, personally 2 ounces of Crown Apple is perfect.

Step 4: Stir the caramel sauce and Crown Apple together until completely mixed. Make sure there are no caramel chunks before adding the remainder ingredients.

Step 5: Add 3 ounces of apple cider. Again, make sure all the caramel sauce is thoroughly mixed.

Tip: If your apple cider is chilled, the caramel sauce might clump up. In this case, simply stir the mix again until the caramel sauce is dissolved.

Step 6: Add ice to your cocktail glass and top with approximately 2 ounces of ginger ale and stir.

Step 7: If you enjoy a hint of cinnamon, add a cinnamon stick or a sprinkle of ground cinnamon for garnish.

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Pudding And Jello Shots

Pudding and jello shots are easy, fun, tasty, and cheap it doesnt get much better than that! Theyre small and easy to hand out at a party and/or use for drinking games. You can also make a variety of colors, meaning you can make shots to match the theme of your party.

Whipped cream vodka is perfect for both jello and pudding varieties due to its incredible sweetness and simple flavor profile.

Jello shots:

  • Boil one cup of water.
  • Pour a box of gelatin mix into your chosen mixing bowl and add boiling water. Whisk until dissolved.
  • Add one cup of cold water and one cup of whipped cream vodka and whisk further until combined.
  • Pour the mixture into your desired cups or containers and let sit in the fridge for at least two hours before serving.
  • Add a swirl of whipped cream on top for extra flavor and texture.
  • Pudding shots:

  • In a mixing bowl, add one box of your desired pudding mix, one cup of cold milk, and one cup of whipped cream vodka.
  • Whisk for about two minutes until everything is combined.
  • Let the mixture sit for several minutes before separating into your chosen cups or containers.
  • Once the shots are separated, let them chill in the fridge for about 30 minutes before serving.
  • Either of these can be made the night before the party, so you dont even have to spend time the day of. Choose one or the other, or bring some of both! While the whipped cream vodka will taste divine, you can mix it up and make the shots with any other flavor you want!

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    Easy French Martini Cocktail Recipe

    This cocktail is an exquisite treat for happy hours with friends and colleagues.

    It bursts with flavors by combining vanilla vodka, pineapple juice, and Chambord liqueur to obtain a sweet and tart flavored drink.

    Moreover, if you wonder what a Chambord is, it combines honey, vanilla, herbs, and black raspberries.

    You need to shake the ingredients in a shaker to infuse flavor and obtain the perfect orange color for presentation.

    Finally, you can decide to serve it chilled or warm however, garnish with fresh pineapple wedges or fresh raspberries to break the color tone. Here is the recipe.

    Tips For Making A Kiss On The Lips Cocktail

    How To Make Vanilla Vodka

    You can use Malibu OR a flavored vodka such as pineapple, peach, strawberry, raspberry, whatever you love. Ive made it with both Malibu and strawberry vodka and they were both great. Use what you have on hand.

    This recipe makes one grenadine cocktail, but you can easily scale up the ingredients list to make more than one serving.

    I recommend enjoying the cocktail immediately since itll begin to melt as soon as its poured.

    Chocolate Covered Strawberry Martini An indulgent chocolate martini thats perfect for Valentines Day, anniversaries, date-night-in, or a girls-night-in! Plenty of chocolate flavor in this festive, fun, and easy martini!

    Malibu Sunset Fun, fruity, easy, tropical, and they go down so easily!

    Rum Runner My favorite recipe for rum runners from a Caribbean bartender!

    Tropical Peach Pineapple Slushies Plenty of booze and no added sugar, a win-win! Cool, refreshing, and they go down so easily!

    Watermelon Lemon Drop Slushies Wondering what to do with all the watermelon you have? Make easy, cool, refreshing slushies!

    Tropical Mango Mimosas A fun, easy, and refreshing twist on classic mimosas! A party favorite at your next brunch or event! Everyone will want refills!

    Peach Mango Pineapple White Sangria A lighter, fresher alternative to red sangria! Try it for your next party!

    Tropical Strawberry Lemonade Party Punch Sweet and citrusy with a tropical vibe! So fast and easy!! Punch and sangria all in one with loads of fruit!

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    How To Easily Make The Best Vodka Jello Shots

    Pour the jello mix into a jug and add the boiling water according to the packet instructions.

  • Mix well with a whisk
  • Leave the jello to cool BEFORE adding the alcohol.
  • Once the jello has cooled,add the vodka.
  • Should you wish to reduce the alcohol content,add a mix of alcohol and cold water for the remaining part.
  • What is the best drink with vodka?

    1 1/4 oz. Titos Handmade Vodka

  • 3/4 oz. Domaine De Canton Ginger Liqueur
  • 1/3 oz. Orange Curacao
  • 2 dashes West Indies Orange Bitters
  • 3 oz. ginger beer
  • What drinks can you make with vodka?

    Soda and Soft Drinks. Soda water and tonic water are classic mixers for vodka,and a great choice when you want something bright,crisp and low in calories.

  • Sour and Tart Fruit Juices.
  • Sweet Fruit Juices.
  • What Do You Mix With Pink Whitney Vodka

    4.6/5Pink WhitneyPink whitneymakedrinkmore about it

    The result is an exceptionally smooth, great-tasting pink lemonade flavored vodka thats sure to become the favorite of hockey fans across the nation. Enjoy on the rocks, as a chilled shot, with club soda, or with lemon-lime soda.

    Secondly, what is the best thing to mix with vodka? 7 Great Mixers for Vodka That Arent Soda

    • Grapefruit Juice. If youre looking to add a little sweetness to your vodka libation but dont want a sugar overload, freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice is your best friend.
    • Ginger Beer.
    • Orange Juice.

    Thereof, can you drink pink Whitney Straight?

    Drinking the Whitney straight is something else. Its got a small punch to it that gives you the assurance the booze is there. But my god the Pink Lemonade flavor is absolutely perfect. If you let it sit and let that ice melt a little bit, then your drinking greatness friends.

    Is there sugar in pink Whitney?

    A 1.5 oz serving of Pink Whitney contains 6.6 grams of carbs / 6.6 grams of sugar.

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    Strawberries And Cream Layered Jello Shots

    I love to make jello shots for parties! This red and white strawberries and cream layered jello shots recipe made with Whipped Vodka and Strawberry Pucker or Schnapps is one of my favorites for get-togethers with my girlfriends. I like to mix and match them with this champagne jello shots recipe and these cosmopolitan jello shots for a really pretty display.

    This strawberries and cream layered jello shots recipe is a sweet jelly shooter that is perfect for a party with your girlfriends!

    Made with Pinnacle whipped vodka and Strawberry Pucker as well as strawberry Jello and vanilla pudding, they taste like dessert and dont have a strong alcohol flavor like some jello shots do.

    Because the second layer is made with instant pudding , these layered jello shots dont take much longer to make than regular ones. But look so much prettier.

    The red and white colors make them the perfect addition to a Galentines party menu. With half of a strawberry on top, they almost look hearts

    Lavender And Vanilla Vodka Cocktail

    Smirnoff Vanilla Infused Vodka

    This delicious cocktail combines smooth and pure vanilla vodka with the fresh scent of lavender flowers

    It is an effortless drink to prepare and offers a worthwhile cocktail experience. Moreover, you are free to adjust the lavender flavor by using the number of lavender buds you use.

    This drink offers a unique experience with its purple color, which is rare in the cocktail worldwide hence a definite crowd-pleaser.

    Finally, it is best chilled with a lemon zest twist for a tropical flavor when serving. Here is the recipe.

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    What Is The Best Blueberry Vodka

    I like to use Smirnoffs blueberry vodka because its usually easier to find in stores but other brands such as Burnetts, Triple Eight, or Cold River are just as good.

    This vodka lemonade is crisp, sweet, and refreshing. I do have to warn you, just like these Key Lime Vodka Collins his Grapefruit Vodka Cocktail, Blackberry Vodka Gimlets, or these Lemonade Moscow Mules, this cocktail is one of those drinks that hides the alcohol really well.

    You start with one, then suck down another, and before you know it you are down for the count. Er, maybe thats just me???

    Regardless, this is the quintessential fruit vodka drink!

    Prep Time: Total Time:

    Blueberry vodka and lemonade come together in this simply refreshing beverage. You are going to love this vodka lemonade!

    • 1 bunch fresh mint leaves
    • 2 tablespoon sugar
  • Place mint leaves, sugar and blueberries in a cocktail shaker.
  • Muddle mixture with the end of a wooden spoon until blueberries are broken.
  • Add vodka and ice shake vigorously for 30 seconds
  • Divide mixture among two tall glasses. Top with each with lemonade stir.
  • Garnish with blueberries, mint and lemon slices.
  • Nutrition Information

    What Is The Best Vanilla Vodka

    Taste and preference are very subjective. So, what I like may not be what you like.

    But look to premium brands that use high quality beans to make their vanilla vodka. Just as pure vanilla extract is the best for baking, you want to avoid any vanilla vodka that is made using artificial flavors.

    For reviews and a rankings of the best vanilla vodka, look to Michael 84, Diffords Guide or Drizly.

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    How To Make It Step By Step

    Making this drink is extremely simple. Just add equal parts of Malibu liquor, pineapple juice, and cranberry juice cocktail into each serving glass or into a large pitcher. Stir and serve with ice.

    How to layer the drink :

  • Pour the Malibu liquor into the glass.
  • Pour the pineapple juice on the back of a teaspoon, slowly and in a thin stream.
  • Next pour the cranberry juice the same way.
  • Dont stir! Carefully add a couple of ice cubes to the drink. Its ready!

    You can garnish the drink with pineapple wedges. Maraschino cherries would also be a lovely addition.

    Ways To Use Pinnacle Whipped Vodka

    EASY Passion Fruit Cocktails – with Vanilla Vodka!

    Pinnacle Whipped Vodka is one of the best flavored vodkas on the market. Here are a few creative ways to use your bottle.

    Flavored vodkas have been around forever, but its hard to pick out a good one. Some fruity vodkas taste too artificial or too cloyingly sweet, and others taste simply bad. From its name, most people wouldnt expect whipped cream vodka to be one of the winners, but it really hits the sweet spot of flavor and drinkability. A few distilleries produce whipped cream flavored vodka, but I find the French-made Pinnacle Whipped Vodka to be the crème de la crème. The only issue, really, is trying to figure out what to do with your whipped vodka and what recipes it works well in. Luckily, whipped cream flavored vodka is actually more versatile than youd expect, working well in a number of delicious applications.

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    What Drinks Can You Make With Vanilla Vodka

    There are a variety of drinks you can make with vanilla vodka to enjoy during summer with friends and family. Here are a few recipes

  • Pink starburst shot and cocktail
  • Pineapple vodka martini
  • This is a simple to prepare vanilla vodka, watermelon puckers, and sour and sweet mix. The treat is quite easy to crave and have you drinking it in plenty due to its amazing sweet and fruity flavors.

    Moreover, it is appealing because of the pink color while sitting in a cocktail glass.

    Often to garnish, pink sugar, corn syrup, and starburst do the magic. A little ice when serving makes the drink more delicious to enjoy.

    To put this recipe together, shake to mix the ingredients hence the ease in preparation.

    This rich in flavor martini is easy to prepare with three ingredients granting the spectacular sunshine appearance that will light up the dinner table.

    The ingredients to prepare the martini are lime juice or kaffir limes, which have an exquisite flavor.

    The other additives are pineapple juice and vanilla vodka, which mix in the shaker by shaking to give the best tropical flavors.

    In addition, it is best to serve chilled with some ice cubes and garnish the glass with pineapple wedges.

    Try this recipe to enjoy.

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