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Which Whiskey Is Best For Old Fashioned

The Main Features Of Old Grand

The Best Whiskey for an Old Fashioned

If you want to have an extra rich old fashioned with the Old Grand-Dad Bonded Bourbon you can add orange bitters instead of the original bitters. This will develop all of the unique flavors that you have probably been noticing in this bourbon. It will really help you to bring out the heat and richness of the pepper and the woodsiness as well.

Wild Turkey Rare Breed

Nicholas Bennett, beverage director at Porchlight in New York City

ABV: 54.1%

Average Price:$45

Why This Bourbon?

I really like Wild Turkey Rare Breed. I want a high proof spirit with a high-rye mash bill when I am using a bourbon for my old fashioned and Wild Turkey uses the same high-rye mash bill for all its products. I guess because of the low proof for a barrel-proof bourbon, or possibly because the packaging just doesnt scream pick me up!, this bottle doesnt seem to get the attention it deserves.

Best Barrel Finished: Angel’s Envy

Courtesy of ReserveBar

Region: Kentucky | ABV: 43.3% | Tasting Notes: Dried Fruit, Spice, Butterscotch

âAngel’s Envy from Kentucky is my go-to bourbon for a Manhattan,â says Nestor Marchand, director of food & beverage at Florida’s Plunge Beach Resort. This whiskey is finished in port barrels for a period of time before bottling. âThere are hints of dark cherry and a touch of baking spices and orange oil that lends a depth of port wood finish, balancing the sweetness.â

That finish is appealing to Clay Tolbert of The Alley Light in Virginia as well. âAngelâs Envy plays the nicest with fortified wines, period,â he says. âProbably, itâs because the folks at A.E. finish their lovely uisce beatha in port casks, which teases out the dried-fruit and nutty notes from both liquors and creates a Manhattan that is greater than the sum of its parts, instead of two products in the same glass.â

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Old Forester 86 Bourbon

Bill Whitlow, owner of Proper Food & Drink in Covington, Kentucky

Old Forester 86 Proof is my favorite bourbon to put into an old fashioned at the bar. We have guests with all different levels of experience, so Old Forester isnt overwhelming, but the high rye gives it enough backbone to hold its own and not get lost in the cocktail.

Grab a bottle of Old Forester here.

The Classic Old Fashioned Cocktail Features Little More Than Whiskey Sugar And Bitters Done Right It’s A Perfectly Balanced Timeless Crowd

The 5 Best Whiskeys for an Old Fashioned
  • Pin
  • Bitters add complexity and dimension to the bourbon or rye.
  • Sugar brings subtle sweetness to open the bourbon’s aroma.
  • Toasted sugar tastes less sweet than plain, and can add a subtle note of caramel to play off the bourbon or rye.

The Old Fashioned is one of the most venerable of cocktails, predating not only the motorcar but the presidency of Abe Lincoln. All it takes is serving whiskey, sugar, bitters and, if you like, a cherry or orange garnish on the rocks. Properly made, it’s strong but not too strong, sweet but not too sweet, and, most importantly, it’s dead-simple and absolutely delicious.

The best bitters for an Old Fashioned are up for debate, but Angostura is classic for a reason, while Fee Brothers offer a welcome alternative.

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A Few Things To Consider When Choosing A Bourbon

There are some things that you should know about bourbon before you go on your journey of trying to find the perfect bourbon for an old fashioned. Bourbon has to be aged at least two years. There are some options that are aged longer. One thing is to consider what type of cocktail you are going to make or if you are going to simply sip on your bourbon.

If you are someone who likes to sip on bourbon, you should consider checking out a few things. One of these is to always consider first the types of notes and flavors that you enjoy from a bourbon. This is so that you do not have to worry about not enjoying the bourbon that you are sipping.

Some bourbons definitely have more spiciness with stronger flavors of pepper, while others are sweeter and feature stronger hints of caramel and vanilla. Now if you are going to be making cocktails, whether it be the Old Fashioned, a Mint Julep, Bourbon and Sprite, a Manhattan, or something completely unique, you will want to choose the flavor profile that is going to best marry or pair with the cocktail flavors that you are trying to achieve. By thinking about these things up front, you are sure to find the perfect bourbon for your needs.

Alternative: Bulleit 10 Year Old Bourbon

The Bulleit 10 Year Old Bourbon has a rich profile with undertones of vanilla and cinnamon, making it the best whiskey for old fashioned drink.

This bottle has an age of 10 years, which accounts for its hints of leather, cherry, and spice. The oak barrel infused layers of creamy vanilla and toasty flavors into the bottle.

Bulleit 10 Year Old Bourbon has an intense finish you will taste dark fruit and rye spice all topped with a woody flavor.

This bourbon has a light, sweet aroma that you will appreciate before taking your first sip. If you let it sit for a bit, you may even notice some smoky notes.

The aging gives this bourbon a much-needed depth that brings out caramel, oak, and spice notes.

The mash bill consists of 4% malted barley, 28% rye, and 68% corn. Finally, this is another bourbon that comes from Kentucky, USA. There is no added coloring.


  • The flavor is not as complex as some enthusiasts would like
  • The wood flavor dominates the finish

Final Thoughts

When you consider the age, this bourbon is a great deal. If you are more inclined to dark, intense, and spicy flavors, this will be the drink for you.

This is a good whiskey for old fashioned since it has a range of flavors such as vanilla, oak, cherry, and spice. The old fashioned recipe will add the perfect amount of sweetness.

You may also notice notes of butterscotch, pepper, coconut, and citrus in the bourbon.

This bourbon has a good amount of depth and an amazing mix of aromas and scents.

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The 9 Best Whiskeys For Making A Home Bar

There are two schools of thought when it comes to the iconic Old Fashioned cocktail. The first believes the drink requires the best whiskey you can find, as with few additional ingredients, theres not much in the way of masking the spirit. The second believes the addition of sugar, bitters, and citrus and can make even the vilest whiskey drinkable.

We fall somewhere in between, thirsty for quality but well aware that the finest whiskeys should probably be enjoyed neat . A standup Old Fashioned is informed by your whiskey selection but not fully dependent on it stealing the show. The drink, after all, was developed in the late 19th century, during mixologys simpler era. It is what its name suggests.

After checking in with some of our favorite whiskey bars and getting some ideas from a barkeep or two, weve come upon the following options. Get your best stubby glass and citrus knife out these nine whiskeys are absolutely ideal for an Old Fashioned.

Q: Whats The Best Kind Of Glass For An Old Fashioned

The Best Whiskey For Your OLD FASHIONED (according to whiskey lovers)

Old fashioneds are almost always served in an old fashioned glass or double old fashioned glass. Its smart to stock these at home as they make great multipurpose glasses for water, soda and a number of different cocktails, and theyre often stackable, which means more room in your cabinet for other types of glassware.

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Best Canned Rtd Old Fashioned: Dashfire

Courtesy of Total Wine

Heading out on a camping trip? Stock up on a few cans of this ready-to-drink Old Fashioned to sip around the bonfire. And we do mean sip. With its woodsy, piney notes and spice-laden flavor, it packs some heat and should be savored. Its as delicious as it is portable, made with four different bitters, bourbon, and natural sugar cane juice.

While you can, of course, pour it into a glass over ice with a cherry and an orange twist, its also perfectly acceptable to drink straight from the can. So, keep some in the fridge and upgrade your next al fresco happy hour.

Bittermens Xocolatl Mole Bitters

These bitters are great to achieve a rich chocolate/cinnamon bite to your cocktails. The chocolate will not overpower your alcohol and adds an exotic shade change to the drink.

Mountain described it as a combination of cacao, cinnamon, and spice that can bring out a richness in dark-liquor cocktails.

They add a delicious flavor to your old-fashioned and work great with tequila or rum, making them very versatile. The original website said that the classic Mole sauce of Mexico inspires it. It has 53% alcohol, and a dash of it would do wonders. Xocolatl mole bitter is certainly one of the best bitters for old-fashioned.

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Why I Chose Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon

One of the things that I personally love about Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon is that it is smooth. In fact, Knob Creek seems to offer a bourbon that is smoother than what you are used to. When you use Knob Creek to make your old fashioned, it makes it feel more elegant and gives it the flavor profile of a sophisticated and special cocktail. This makes Knob Creek one of the best choices if you really want to impress friends and/or family.

In 1862 The First Cocktail Book Jerry Thomas Bartenders Guide:

Best Whiskies to Mix a Bourbon Old Fashioned

Best whiskey for old fashioned uk. Weve tried and tested the best rye whiskies here. The low cost and great taste means this bourbons the ticket for classic, strong cocktails like an old fashioned. You want something you like to sip on the rocks by itself.

Ready to gift for man. Rye and bourbon are the two canonical choices (the canadian whisky demanded by. Uk £35.20 // us $37.99.

View on drizly view on reservebar. The glenlivet founder’s reserve single malt scotch whisky best for an old fashioned: Whisky stones are becoming more popular for whiskey lovers.

The old fashioned cocktail is one of the most popular cocktails in america but how old is the old fashioned? The definition of a cocktail outlined spirits of any kind, bitters, sugar and water, and so an old fashioned actually started life known as a whiskey cocktail. Garnish with the orange and cherry.

It is the star of the show, a touch earthy, nice and spicy, and is delicious with the. Fill your glass with ice and stir in the whisky. Put the sugar, bitters and water in a small tumbler.

M& s 12 year old single malt scotch whisky smoothest finish: So for heavens sake, pick a good whiskey! Add a splash of soda water if you like and mix.

Glendronach 15 revival single malt whisky. Mix until the sugar dissolves if using granulated. As the cocktail spread around the world, the recipe changed, becoming a way of accentuating the flavours of the spirit.


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Faqs About Bourbon For Old Fashioned

What is the best bourbon for an Old Fashioned?

If you have tried Old Fashioned and it is all you can drink, you can switch up a bit the bourbon in it and you will always have the same cocktail and yet with a slighty different ingredients.

Is Old Fashioned similar to Manhattan?

No. These two cocktails are not the same, as the Old Fashioned is made with bourbon whiskey, bitters and sugar, whereas the Manhattan contains rye whiskey and sweet vermouth with sugar.

Is the Old Fashioned a manly drink?

Well, I wouldnât put the Old Fashioned as only a man drink, but it certainly is ordered among many men due to itâs strong combination of bourbon, bitters and sugar.

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked is an innovative approach to twice-barreled bourbon that creates a rich and colorful flavor unlike any other bourbon in the market. Starting with Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, which is matured in handcrafted new white oak barrels the bourbon is then uniquely matured for a second time in another new barrel. The second barrel is deeply toasted before a light charring, creating the unique flavors of Woodford Reserve Double Oaked, a smooth, full-bodied bourbon with a long, rich finish.

This spirit is already a little bitter to begin with, so it needs some extra help in the sugar or simple syrup department to make it passable. Otherwise theres just too much bitterness in the glass.

The flavors overall are great, though. With that extra sweetness added, the cocktail is quite nice, and the extra vanilla and oak flavors of the spirit balance nicely with the orange peel and other fruity notes.

How much does Woodford Reserve Double Oaked cost?

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked costs around $50 per bottle.

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The Glenallachie 15 Year Old

Heres one for those who like the darker side of drinks: think sticky raisins, tangy orange marmalade and spicy dark chocolate. Matured in both Pedro Ximénez and oloroso puncheons and hogsheads to influence the deeper flavours, GlenAllachie considers this the jewel in their crown. I dare say Id agree.

Alternative: Wild Turkey 101

What Whiskey Makes The BEST Old Fashioned Cocktail?

Wild Turkey 101 is one of the best-selling bourbons on the market. It is one of the best whiskeys for old fashioned with its notes of mint, nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, hazelnut, and toffee.

Peppery aromas will fill your nose on the first sniff, accompanied by sweet toffee, rye, and caraway seed.

However, be warned you may experience a strong whiff of alcohol that overpowers the other scents at first.

After letting the scents sit for a while, the alcohol scent will dissipate, leaving you with a well-balanced collection of sweet aromas.

The whiskey has a long and spicy finish. It can have a bit of a dry aftertaste hanging on for a bit, but you will soon taste spice and pepper notes.

Wild Turkey 101 has a lot of body and hits the spot with its strong spice.


  • It May have a burning taste when you first drink it

Final Thoughts

This bourbon has just the right mix of sweetness from the corn and spiciness from the rye. If you are looking for a well-rounded bourbon for a good price, this will be your best bet.

Hundreds of people rave about this bourbon, and for good reason.

The complexity of the notes in this whiskey is unlimited you will be able to notice a new flavor each sip.

You will have no problem drinking this whiskey with its smooth and velvety notes.

Since the whiskey is good enough to drink neat, it will taste amazing in an old fashioned.

Pick this whiskey up if you are looking for a next-level cocktail with the perfect balance of sweet and spicy.

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Withco Ellis Old Fashioned

Made by whiskey enthusiasts, this has a perfect balance of ingredients for old-fashioned. Known for its vanilla base from Madagascar, it also contains special ingredients like cinnamon, orange oil, cane sugar, aroma bitters, water, and whole vanilla bean.

Perfect with any brown liquor and ice. Smooth on our throats and enjoyed with bourbon, tequila, and whiskey. Contain no preservatives, artificial flavors, or gluten. It comes in a glass bottle to maintain the freshness of the ingredients.

Best Wheated: Makers Mark

Courtesy of ReserveBar

Region: Kentucky | ABV: 45% | Tasting Notes: Caramel, Vanilla, Orange

Wheated bourbons use wheat as a secondary grain in the mash bill instead of rye. Reniel Garcia, corporate beverage manager for V& E Restaurant Group on Española Way, suggests using Makerâs Mark.

âIt is made with soft winter wheat instead of the usual rye, easy to drink, and perfect for a Manhattan as it is never sharp,â he says. âOn the palate, itâs sweet and balanced with vanilla, caramel, and fruity essences, aromas of vanilla, caramel woody oak with a smooth finish.â

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Basil Haydens Kentucky Straight

Basil Haydens is a stand alone bourbon, enjoy it neat, on the rocks, or triumphantly in an Old Fashioned. Its a bourbon sparked with rye, so yes, its spicy. But the rich aromatic notes of honey, peppermint, and citrus envelope the senses, welcoming your taste buds like an old companion.

Rarely does such a unique combination of quality and craft manifest itself in a way youre left wondering why havent I experienced this before? Basil Haydens is a single small batch bourbon patiently aged and bottled at 80 proof. However, dont mistake its proof as a sign of a mild temperament. No, this bourbon is bold and savory.

At first sip, youll be curious who was asleep at the wheel when it was priced. Few, other rye-laced bourbons can compare to Basil Haydens quality at this price point. So, if youre looking for an amazing addition to your Old Fashioned recipe, this is a must-try spirit. Really, whats stopping you?

The combination of exceptional quality and value makes Bulleit Bourbon a step above the rest. This bourbon is made from the highest quality ingredients available and aged to perfection.

Its unique blend of rye, corn, and barley malt offers a complex flavor like no other. All while the pure Kentucky limestone-filtered water provides unadulterated authenticity.

Bulleit Bourbon is the essence of what a high-quality bourbon whiskey should be: bold in character, perfectly balanced, and made with passion.

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