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How To Mix Gin Drinks

Gin Mint And Ginger What’s Not To Love

Best Gin drinks I’ve ever had | How to Drink
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The broad family of tall, fizzy drinks that includes the Collins, the buck, the fizz and the rickey is essential to have in the summer arsenal because of the drinks’ superb cooling powers. Most of these drinks are incredibly simple to make, but there are also the complex cousins, the drinks that may throw in an extra ingredient or two to rev up the flavor and character. Here’s one of the best recent formulations that fits into this fizzy family: the Gin Gin Mule.

Developed around a decade ago by Pegu Club owner Audrey Saunders, the Gin Gin Mule now appears on the cocktail menus at dozens of bars around the world, for one basic reason: it’s absolutely freakin’ delicious. This drink takes the basic “mule”pretty much the same thing as a buck, which is a drink with liquor, ginger ale or ginger beer and lemon or lime juice and adds a couple of tweaks. First, fresh mint is added to the drink, which seems to magnify its cooling properties. Second, Saunders developed the drink using house-made ginger beer, which has a spicy bite difficult to find in commercial brands.

Oh, and for gin: reach for something with a little juniper backbone, such as Tanqueray or Beefeater these drier, old-school London drys stand up nicely in tall, citrusy drinks like this.

  • 1/2 ounce simple syrup
  • 1/2 ounce lime juice
  • 2 ounces chilled ginger beer
  • garnish: lime wedge and mint sprig

Orange & Peppercorn Twist

This Gin & Tonic twist combines Bombay Sapphire, Franklin & Sons tonic water, black pepper and orange in the right proportions, creating a refreshing, uplifting Gin & Tonic twist with interest & intrigue. It reveals further complexity in Bombay Sapphire by pulling on the citrus & spice notes in the Grains of Paradise botanical

Is Gin And Soda Better Than Gin And Tonic

A gin and soda will let the botanicals of the specific gin come through more noticeably, says Hemsworth. Its better if youre wanting to taste the subtleties of the gin. Tonic will give you that extra bitter hit, but also sweetens the drink. It makes it less about the gin and more about the mixer.

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Whats The Best Tonic To Use For Gin And Tonics

I prefer the tonic water sold in the smaller, single-serving bottles. The tonic will be fresh and you wont lose any fizz. A lot of people swear by Schweppes, but we cant say we have noticed a difference enough to specify on that one. We particularly enjoy the Fever Tree and Q tonics.

For a lower calorie cocktail, you can use light tonic. Light tonic doesnt have as much flavor as regular, but it does help to lower the calories. You can also water regular tonic down with a little seltzer water or club soda.

Craft Easy Great Drinks With Gin

Saigon Cooler · How To Mix A Gin Cocktail · Recipes on Cut ...

When thinking of drinks with Gin, most people think of awfully dry cocktails that burn your throat and taste like pine needles.

Well, while some of that may be true, Gin can actually be one of the most versatile of base alcohol’s on the planet.

In this list you’ll find 27 of the best drink with gin that you can make easily in your own home.

From fruity concoctions to instant classics and perfectly dry cocktails, this list will have you covered no matter your tastes.

Drinks these days are too complicated and often overdone. We’re here to change that, and make it easy for anyone to craft a 5-star cocktail in the comfort of their own home.

Without further ado, here is our list of the 27 best drinks with gin you’ll ever make!

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Once Youve Become A Gin Geek Sip Vintage Gins

If you really start to get into this gin thing, there is another realm: vintage gins. Generally, youll find more collectors bottles overseas in cities like Tokyo and in bars like Lebensstern in Berlin that stock more than a thousand spirits, including decades-old bottles available by the pour. Whitechapel is one of the rare American bars to find gin bottles that date back decades and that can be drunk.

Gins werent necessarily meant to be drunk aged or to sit in a bottle for 40 years, says Rivers. I aerate it first, then pour and taste 10 minutes later, then another 10 minutes later, then an hour later . … The fun part is to see what the flavor palates were back in the 1930s, 40s, 50s, 60s. They were much more grain-derivative back thenyou could taste what the gin was made from. I love to give gin enthusiasts a chance to taste a Bombay from the 1950s compared to one today and to discuss the differences.

Dont Be Afraid To Drink Gin Neat

Dont be afraid to drink gin neat, says Smith. These days, a lot more gins are designed to be drunk neat. Gone are the days where drinking gin is like drinking a Christmas tree. He explains that its easier than ever to find a gin that might feature flavors you prefer, whether you like cinnamon or cardamom, citrus or floral notes, especially if you bring barrel-aged gins into the mix. Barrel-aged gins have proliferated in recent years, particularly from small-batch distillers across the U.S. Longtimers like No. 209 in San Francisco even experiment with different barrels, aging its gin in sauvignon blanc or cabernet sauvignon wine barrels.

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What Is The Best Ratio Of Gin To Tonic

A gin and tonic should be crisp and refreshing, never boozy or heavy. After doing some research, ratios can vary. Some enjoy equal parts gin to tonic, others reduce the gin and double the tonic. For us, we liked it right in the middle, which kept the drink light and crisp, but still aromatic from the gin.

Is It Safe To Drink Tonic Water Every Day

How To Mix A Classic Gin Martini Cocktail

It is generally harmless for most people to drink tonic water daily in moderation. Quinine is the ingredient in tonic water that is responsible for its semi-bitter and dry taste. The alkaloid is derived from cinchona bark and can lead to quinine toxicity in high doses. This is most often a concern in medication form or for people with certain medical conditions, and it can interact with some medications. To ensure the tonic water sold in the U.S. is safe, the FDA limits how much quinine can be present in tonic water.

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How To Make Gin And Dubonnet Queen Elizabeth Ii’s Morning Cocktail Of Choice

Fashion & amp amp amp amp amp Lifestyle Editor, HuffPost

Its hot. Its humid. And its just before lunch time. What is one to do? If youre Queen Elizabeth II, you have a cocktail, of course.

Business Insider released an exhaustive list of all the queens favorite food and drinks in March, including gin and Dubonnet, her supposed pre-lunch cocktail of choice.

We should all be so lucky as to have a favorite pre-lunch cocktail, and this one, which sounds delightfully refreshing despite its medicinal roots, might soon be yours.

Dubonnet is an aperitif thats a combination of fortified wine, a proprietary blend of peels, spices and herbs, and a bit of the medicine quinine. It was created in the 1840s to make quinine more palatable for French Foreign Legion Troops, who needed to drink it to combat malaria, according to Drink of the Week.

ABC reports that her majestys recipe calls for two parts Dubonnet Rouge and one part Gordons gin, stirred and strained into a glass, followed by a slice of lemon and exactly two cubes of ice.

Uh, yum.

Top 10 Easy Gin Cocktails

Use up a bottle of dry gin with our easiest ever cocktail ideas. This versatile spirit can be used in everything from classic G& Ts to martinis and more.

Gin is more popular than ever, so its a good time to learn some simple serving options to take it to another dimension. You dont need any fancy equipment for these speedy gin cocktails even a jam jar will do as a shaker. Its all about the love you put into the preparation.

For more inspiration, see our top 10 fruity gin cocktails and best pink gin cocktails.

To get you started, here are a few tips to boost your cocktail-making confidence:

  • The key to making drinks is the balance between sweet and sour/bitter. Try not to let one element overpower the other
  • Taste your drinks before you serve
  • If serving over ice, fill your glass to the top with it
  • Ensure your garnish is fresh and stacked close to the straws
  • Remember that we drink in three steps: with our eyes first, then with our nose and finally with our mouth

As a general rule, we recommend using 50ml gin for each cocktail unless otherwise stated. If using a liqueur, reduce this to 40ml gin and use 10ml liqueur. Balance 20ml fresh citrus juice with 15ml sugar syrup thats been made from equal parts sugar and water .

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When Making Gin Cocktails Complement And Contrast

The possibilities with gin cocktails are endless. For example, if you go with St. George Terroir gin with its herbaceous Douglas fir and coastal sage botanicals or Oakland Spirits Sea-Gin, you will want to show off those briny or green notes appropriately. While some bartenders might mix like with like , Rivers encourages complementing and contrasting. A citrus-forward gin doesnt need more citrus, so think about what would highlight the citrus and compliment it? The same goes if a gin is floral. Everybody loves to mix patterns in clothes. Why not in drinks?

The cocktail menu at Whitechapel is extensive with drinks like the Narc Angel painting on the canvas of a more classic London dry profilein this case, Fords gin, which plays nicely with maraschino liqueur, orange curaçao, the bitter-sweet of Campari and bright tones of ginger, mint and lemon.

Explore Gin’s Versatility In These Favorite Drinks

Aviation · How To Mix A Gin Cocktail · Recipes on Cut Out ...

Gin is a fascinating liquor to explore. Its botanicals give it a characteristic that no other liquor has one brand can have a completely different profile from another and it is surprisingly versatile when it comes to flavor profiles. Gin is also the foundation for some of the best drinks ever made, including the iconic martini.

Though certainly not as numerous as vodka cocktails, there are thousands of great gin cocktails to explore and the list can be quite overwhelming. Some cocktails work best with a specific gin, some are for acquired tastes and others are reliable and always there for us when we need them.

If you’re just starting out on your journey through the world of gin cocktails, we recommend the ones listed below as essential to your experience. All are quite popular, some more than others, and each has a different appeal that has drawn in drinkers year after year for decades.

The selections include gin at its best in the simplest of mixes as well as in the more complicated, often disputed, and finely balanced recipes. These classics are some of the most timeless drinks that you will find.

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Gin & Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice with gin doesnt need anything else added to it

For a tart, dry mixer for your gin, try cranberry juice! If you have the time and inclination, this could be made by blending and sieving fresh cranberries, but otherwise, shop-bought juice is fine – we love Frobishers Cranberry Juice. We like to mix our gin and cranberry juice with a twist and squeeze of fresh lemon or lime to give it added zing, particularly if your juice has added sweeteners.

How Strong Is A Gin And Tonic

The gin and tonic can be as light or as strong as you want to make it. The strength is controlled by the amount of tonic you pour. With the average 5-ounce pour of tonic and an 80-proof gin, the drink weighs in around 10 percent ABV . It’s a very casual drink, which is why it’s a favorite to serve at dinner.

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What Juice Mixes Well With Gin

Easy to make, a Gin & Juice cocktail is refreshing and tasty in equal measure. Try orange, mango, pineapple and apple juices if you have a sweet tooth, or cranberry and grapefruit if you prefer a bitter twist. Try: 50ml any dry gin with 125ml fruit juice of your choice served over ice.

The Bar At The End Of The Tunnel

How to Make the Gin Daiquiri Mixed Drink

During quarantine, my business partner Alex Maynard and I have fielded tons of great questions from home bartenders. We shifted our business model to include virtual cocktail tutorials and the question we were asked the most has been: I bought this big beautiful bottle of Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao, and Ive made many, many mai tais, what else can I do with it? So, we got to work and had a great time workshopping some options we could share with folks. One of our favorite recipes is a riff on the Corpse Reviver No. 2. As vaccines are rolled out and folks continue to be thoughtful and safe imbibers, we hope we may come to see the light at the end of a very dark tunnel. As a category of pick-me-up drinks, corpse revivers felt like a good concept to build a drink around. A drink to represent our hope and optimism for a summer where we welcome back our bar industry. To that concept we added a few elements from our springtime farmers markets: cara cara oranges and fennel. We purposely omitted the absinthe from the recipe because we wanted this drink to be something many folks could make at home without having to get a ton of ingredients. The fennel lends the herbaceous anise element the absinthe would have delivered, while the fresh cara cara orange juice ties all the flavors together with a spring-summer bow. Shake, serve, and violà! Now we can see the lightand the bar at the end of the tunnel.Susan Eggett, cofounder at Sequoia Gold


0.75 oz. Citadelle gin

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Maybe You Want To Go With A Gin & Tonic Or Even Gin & Coke

Across the pond in England, gin expert David T. Smith and The Craft of Gin with co-author Aaron Knoll) has spent years studying hundreds of gins and how they pair with different tonics. Yes, a quality tonic makes a difference. But he also says, The tonic should always be chilled. … If the tonic is warm, the whole mix will taste sweeter and will be less fizzy.

He also vouches for mixing it up: Read tonic labels and look for the flavor profile. For example, if theres rosemary tonic, you can look for gins that might work with rosemary. Or choose a classic London dry gin that mixes well with a range of tonics. There are a lot of other sodas that work well with gin, like soda water and San Pellegrino citrus sodas, or if you want to be bit controversial, cola works well with gin. Smith goes on to quote The Whos song Substitute: Substitute me for him / Substitute my coke for gin. So if its good enough for The Who …

What Kind Of Gin Should I Use To Make A Gin And Tonic

When making gin and tonics, choose a gin that is mid- to high-shelf. A London dry gin , Plymouth or Bombay work well. London dry gins will be more straightforward in flavor while Plymouth gin will be a bit more aromatic. Weve also used Bombay Sapphire and loved it, but we really enjoy Sapphires extra spiciness.

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Classic Ways To Drink Gin

You can drink most liquors on their own, and they are usually served in three separate styles: straight, on the rocks, and neat. Take a look at how these ways of drinking gin by itself differ and see which one of them is the way that you’ve been unknowingly ordering it for years.

What Is The Best Way To Drink Gin

Gin Apothecary · How To Mix A Gin Cocktail · Recipes on ...

Of course, you can always drink your gin straight. Some people will even tell you that its the best way to enjoy gin. Just pour the gin over a few ice cubes and drop in a lime wedge if you fancy. Naturally, to enjoy a spirit neat it must be of good quality theres nothing worse than nasty, bitter, cheap gin.

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Try Gin In Cocktails Preferably A Martini

One of the great temples to gin in the country is San Franciscos Whitechapel, a transporting space offering more than 600 different kinds of gin , modeled after a Victorian era gin palace, distilling room and now-defunct London tube stop, depending on which area of the bar youre sitting in. Whitechapels resident ginnoisseur, Keli Rivers , knows a thing or two about drinking gin and offers some advice on finding your gin: Try each gin in a or a somewhat neutral drink to highlight botanicals and see what the gin can do. … Gin is made for cocktailsit marries, carries and elevates a cocktail with range and nuance.

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