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What Cocktails Are Made With Gin

Easy Gin Cocktails To Make At Home Now

Four Easy Gin Drinks

Looking to gin up some new gin cocktails this fall? Whether you have a taste for Negronis, prefer a drink with a fizz, or just want a twist on an old classic, some of Americas best bartenders, brand ambassadors, and other spirits professionals are shaking up their favorite recipes.

Here are some of the best ginnovations.

What Type Of Glass Is A Gimlet Served In

A gin gimlet is traditionally served in a cocktail glass, which is similar shape to a martini glass. Theyre slightly different: a cocktail glass is slightly smaller and more rounded, and a martini glass is more of a cone shape and has a shorter stem. Either way, theres no need to buy a cocktail glass for this one if you have a martini glass!

Of course, you can serve this gin gimlet cocktail in whatever glass you like and its still a gimlet! Our Basil Gimletwhich wed heartily recommend, by the way!we served in an Old Fashioned glass.

Is A Copper Mug Required

Well, a copper mug is never required. But its just more fun! The Gin Gin Mule is often served in a glass . Because its the signature drink of a bar in NYC, its a little more free-form than the classic. But you can certainly serve it in a copper mug, like we chose to here! The copper mug is also perfect for a Moscow mule with gin. Why is it served in a copper mug? A few reasons:

  • The mug turns ice cold, which gives a cool sensation on each sip. This drink tastes colder when you drink it out of the solid copper mug, which becomes cold the minute the drink hits it. It adds another sensory element to the drinking experience.
  • Tradition! When youre drinking a classic cocktail, its fun to drink it the classic way. Back in the 1940s when the drink was invented, the public saw images of Hollywood celebs enjoying the drink in copper mugs. It caught on and became the classic way to drink it to this day.

Looking for copper Moscow mule mugs? The mugs we show here arent in stock, but heres a link to some similar .

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How To Make A Lemon Twist Garnish

Its much easier than you think! Heres a quick how-to for creating a lemon twist garnish to go with your gin and prosecco cocktail.

  • Cut a lemon wheel. Try to make it even in thickness all the way around.
  • Slice open the lemon wheel on one side.
  • Cut out the flesh of the lemon so that you have a wheel of rind left.
  • Twist and hold the rind into a spiral for a few seconds. After you release, it should stay curled. Place it on the rim of your glass!
  • Substitutions In This Gin And Prosecco Cocktail

    Tanqueray Passionfruit Sunrise Cocktail

    Below Ive shared our exact recipe to create our gin and prosecco cocktail. But I love this drink because you can substitute various parts of it to tweak the recipe to your liking.

    While we enjoy the classic gin and prosecco combination, for this one we switched up the prosecco with a sparkling peachy rosé, which added a peachy color to the mix. This substitution added a floral note that was really lovely.

    A dry champagne substitution will remove any additional sweetness from the drink. Champagne will also result in a bubble or sparkle thats much finer, while prosecco will give you larger bubbles and probably a more fruity taste.

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    How To Make A Gin Fizz Cocktail

    How to make a Gin Fizz? Youll shake together the gin, fresh lemon juice, syrup, and egg white in a cocktail shaker without ice first, then add ice and pour it into two glasses.

    When you top off each glass with soda water, the carbonation combines with the egg white to make a frothy foam topping. Its like magic! And its a trick thats sure to impress all your guests.

    And Thats It: How To Make A Gin Fizz

    We hope that youll find this Gin Fizz to be your new favorite cocktail. I enjoy tangy cocktails like and I love sour beers, so this tangy sweet fizzy drink was right up my alley. Let us know if you make it in the comments below!

    Theres lots more you can do with gin, from classic Gin and Tonic to Watermelon Gin Cocktail, from a Hanky Panky to a Gin Gimlet. Go to our Best Gin Cocktails.

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    Aperol Gin Cocktail Drink Recipe

    Looking to learn how to make the best Aperol Gin cocktail recipe?

    Take a trip to the scenic Amalfi Coast while sipping a quick & easy refreshing citrus drink made with Italys favourite aperitif.

    We love making homemade Aperol Gin cocktails in the summer on the cottage dock in Muskoka or on a sun-soaked patio in Toronto.

    Our traditional Aperol Gin cocktail features Aperol, premium gin, lime juice, simple syrup, soda water and lime slice.

    How To Make A Gimlet

    Best Gin drinks I’ve ever had | How to Drink

    What does a gin gimlet taste like? Its tangy and sweet, with an aroma of gin but balanced on the back end. Its pretty botanical and gin forward, so youll want to use a great bottle of gin. If youre not a fan of strong drinks, wed recommend trying the gin fizz instead. Or, you can add a splash of soda water to mellow out the flavors in this cocktail!

    Heres how to make a gin gimlet cocktail :

    • Add gin, lime juice, and syrup to a cocktail shaker, and shake with ice.
    • Pour into a glass and add a splash of soda water if desired.
    • Garnish with a lime wheel.

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    Try It Naturally Sweet Or Use Simple Syrup

    Alex and I love naturally sweetened drinks, so we love using pure maple syrup in most of our cocktail recipes. It sweetens drinks in a gentler way than simple syrup and it gives it a more nuanced flavor. When we taste test back to back, maple syrup always wins! Simple syrup has a more straightforward flavor: you can use it if you prefer!

    More classic cocktails? Try these Classic Lime Cocktails.

    Solstice Grapefruit Basil Smash

    This is a drink that will make you happy.Its called the Solstice Grapefruit Basil Smash, and its made with floral gin, simple syrup, pink grapefruit juice, lemon juice, fresh citrus flavors, and green basil.I love this drink because its bold and bright.The floral gin adds a touch of sophistication to the otherwise refreshing drink.Its crisp taste is also complemented by fresh grapefruit juice and lemon juice.Then theres that hint of basilitll make you feel like youre doing something good for yourself when you sip on this amazing cocktail.So, grab your favorite glass, add some ice cubes for maximum chilling, pour your ingredients in, garnish with pink grapefruit rounds and enjoy!

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    Cocktails To Try If You Like Drinking Gin

    Gin is clear liquor that packs a pretty astounding amount of flavor into a small glass. It’s a neutral grain spirit distilled with juniper and botanicals that has a predominantly piney flavor, but it doesn’t stop there.

    It’s similar to vodka, in that they’re both light spirits. But while vodka has no taste, gin is distinctively botanical. There are many varieties of gin, and each distiller makes its own unique take on the liquor that goes beyond juniper . For example, MKT Distillery in Katy, Texas makes a Texas gin with a dialed back juniper flavor and a citrus component featuring ruby red grapefruits, Texas mint, lime, and pecan along with juniper, of course. The result is a flavor profile that’s half citrus, half floral, and entirely unique.

    Like the spirit itself, gin cocktails can be just as varied, though many feature similar flavor profiles of citrus fruits, mint, and a touch of sugar. Gin cocktails are often light, refreshing, and a little bit sweet the perfect drink for summer or, really, any time of year. Read on to find some classic gin favorites and a few new cocktails that you’ll want to try.

    Citadelle Gin & Lemonade

    4 Sloe Gin Cocktails Worth Making  A Couple Cooks

    First of all, its a very easy cocktail to make at home with ingredients you can find in any supermarket. You dont even need a shaker, just a glass or a pitcher and some ice. Its everything we need right now with heatwaves and lockdown all around the world. Fresh yet complex with the touch of honey. I recommend wildflower honey for this one. It pairs with the botanicals from Citadelle Gin perfectly. It reminds me when I stayed over at Château de Bonbonnet, where they distill the gin. It was a hot summer too and we were drinking Tom Collins . Nico de Soto, owner of Mace and Danico


    1 oz. fresh lemon juice

    0.5 oz. honey

    4 oz. sparkling water

    Method: In a jug or single serve glass, combine Citadelle, lemon and honey, stirring until honey is completely dissolved. Add ice and fill to top with sparkling water. Garnish with fresh lemon or aromatic herbs.

    Prohibition Distillery

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    Gin & Prosecco Cocktail

    You know how a French 75 is a gin and sparkling wine cocktail thats sort of pink?Well, this Gin & Prosecco is taking that concept and making it even pinker, more refreshing, and more fun.Its a sweet and tart cocktail made with gin, lemon juice, and sugar syrup.The lime wedge garnish adds an extra citrusy-fresh element.And then there are those bubbles. Theyre different from champagne bubbles. In fact, theyre more delicate than that, but they give this cocktail just the right amount of effervescence to make it feel special.You can serve it up in those fancy glasses that look like theyre made of crystal. And then sit back, relax, and enjoy this refreshing cocktail thats not quite like anything else around.

    Do you want a drink thats as light and refreshing as the ocean breeze but with all of the kick of a good old-fashioned drink?Well, youll want to try the Cucumber Snapper!Its crisp and light with just enough acidity to balance out the gin. This drink is also fresh and so clean-tasting theres no feeling like it.The colors are so vibrant and happy looking. Who doesnt want to be surrounded by colors like that?I recommend rimming your glass with dill salt for an extra pop of flavor.

    Aperol Gin Cocktail Tips

    This Aperol Gin Cocktail recipe is easy to make at home, ready to serve in under 10 minutes. We love serving Aperol Gin Cocktails in the summer as they are refreshing on a hot day.

    Our Aperol Gin cocktail recipe serves one person. If youre hosting a large gathering feel free to multiply the ingredients by the number of guests and muddle the drink in a punch bowl or jug rather than a cocktail shaker.

    You May Also Enjoy These Gin Cocktail Recipes

    • In a cocktail shaker, add 2 ice cubes, Aperol, gin, lime juice and simple syrup.
    • Shake contents of the cocktail shaker for 45 seconds 1 minute.
    • Pour contents of the cocktail shaker into a rock glass. Top with soda and muddle with a spoon.
    • Garnish Aperol Gin Cocktail with lime wedge or slice.

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    Orange & Peppercorn Twist

    This Gin & Tonic twist combines Bombay Sapphire, Franklin & Sons tonic water, black pepper and orange in the right proportions, creating a refreshing, uplifting Gin & Tonic twist with interest & intrigue. It reveals further complexity in Bombay Sapphire by pulling on the citrus & spice notes in the Grains of Paradise botanical

    Find The Best Quality Gin

    My 4 Favorite Gin Cocktails – These Will Turn Gin Haters Into Lovers ??

    Because this gin gimlet cocktail is so simple, its all about quality here. The better the gin, the better the drink. The easiest way to tell if a gin is high quality? Dont buy the cheapest gin on the shelf. Try to invest in a mid-price range gin: the drink will only taste as good as the gin you invest in!

    If you live in a city that has local distilleries, be on the lookout for local spirits! We used gin from 8th Day Distillery here in Indianapolis.

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    How To Make A Gin Sour Cocktail:

    • Pour gin, fresh lemon juice and simple syrup into a cocktail shaker, add ice and cover.
    • Shake vigorously about 1 minute.
    • Pour into an old fashioned glass.
    • Add crushed ice and garnish with a lemon twist.
    • Optional: Add a few drops of Angostura bitters for garnish.


    Add ½ of a pasteurized egg white to the ingredients to make a frothy cocktail. Dont add the ice until you have shaken the mixture for 30 seconds. Add the ice and shake another 30 seconds.

    Use grapefruit juice in place of the lemon juice.

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    Travel To Italy To Sip Aperol

    Theres no better way to familiarize yourself with an authentic Aperol Gin cocktail recipe then by planning a vacation to visit Italy.

    While Aperol was originally served as a Spritz cocktail in the north, Italys most popular aperitif is now enjoyed in drinks across the country and throughout Europe and North America.

    If youve traveled to Italy before youll probably have developed a fondness for aperitivo hour. Aperitivo comes from the Latin word aperire, meaning to open. Historically, an aperitivo was an alcoholic beverage consumed before dinner to whet your appetite. Today, its a daily ritual that embodies la dolce vita.

    True to form, this daily routine exudes Italys quintessential style of slowing down, socializing, drinking, and, of course, eating. In Italy aperitivo hour starts every night from around 6-9 PM at local cafes, bars, hotels, and restaurants. Italians and tourists alike take part in drinks and snacks while they unwind and catch up with friends before their evening meal filled with polenta, pasta, short rib ragu, pici, gnocchi, pizza and gelato.

    Classic Italian aperitifs like vermouth, Campari, and Aperol are served at aperitivo hour with a complimentary selection of snacks like olives, crackers, cured meat and cheese.

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    Essential And Popular Gin Cocktails For 2021

    Gin was originally invented by monks for medicinal purposes, but were eternally grateful that its since been discovered as an excellent and herbaceous base for a variety of cocktails. The botanical flavors inherent to gin give it a peppery sweetness that can be identified in almost any drink.

    Despite the spirits signature flavor, gin cocktails are incredibly diverse, from fruity and floral Aviations, to savory and piquant Gibsons. Pairing with garnishes from raspberries to onions, gins range is unmatched.

    Here are 14 of the most essential and popular gin cocktails.


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    Muskmelon Tanqueray & Tonic

    13 Easy Gin Cocktails To Make At Home Now

    The Muskmelon Tanqueray & Tonic is an ideal summer sipper. It is refreshing and unexpected and something you can sip on by the side of a pool, by the beach, or just at home with friends. Ezra Star, bar consultant and cocktail educator


    1.5 oz. Tanqueray No. Ten

    0.5 oz. lemon juice

    0.5 oz. honey or honeydew honey*

    2 oz. tonic water

    Method: Build ingredients in an ice-filled wine glass and top with tonic water. Stir to combine and garnish with a slide of melon.

    *For the Optional Honeydew Honey: Blend 23 slices of honeydew in a blender and strain to retain the juice. Add equal parts light honey and stir until dissolved into the mixture.

    Alanna Hale

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    Gazpacho Bloody Mary With Pickled Shrimp

    This Bloody Mary variation doesnt use bread, or more than a little olive oil, but otherwise its packed with the flavors of gazpacho: summer tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, red pepper, and garlic. We also add traditional Bloody Mary flavors, like horseradish, pepper, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, and pickle brine. Instead of spiking it with vodka, we match the bright, vegetal flavors with gin.

    What You Need For Making Cocktails:

    A Cocktail Shaker is a must have for those ice cold mixed drinks.

    Cocktail Jigger is perfect for getting the perfect measurements for all of your favorite cocktails.

    Microplane Twist & Zest is my favorite for juicing and making citrus garnishes for my favorite cocktails.

    Counter Top Ice Maker ~ Extravagant yes, but I seriously would love one of these! It makes ice like you get at Sonic! Perfect for cocktails.

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    How To Make A Gin Cocktail

    • The key to making drinks is the balance between sweet and sour/bitter. Try not to let one element overpower the other
    • Taste your drinks before you serve
    • If serving over ice, fill your glass to the top with it
    • Ensure your garnish is fresh and stacked close to the straws
    • Remember that we drink in three steps: with our eyes first, then with our nose and finally with our mouth

    As a general rule, we recommend using 50ml gin for each cocktail unless otherwise stated. If using a liqueur, reduce this to 40ml gin and use 10ml liqueur. Balance 20ml fresh citrus juice with 15ml sugar syrup thats been made from equal parts sugar and water .

    Essential Gin Cocktails For Happy Hour Tonight

    The 5 Easiest GIN Cocktails to Make at Home

    We have dozens of gin cocktails on the pages of Epicurious, but the list below is the right place to start if youre looking to taste the absolute essentials. Perhaps youre ready to dial in your personal favorite gin & tonic and or youre curious about other classic cocktails and the many delicious riffs that bartenders have created in recent years. The best gin drinks can be bracing and boozy or light and refreshing, stirred or shaken, frozen or fizzy. Theres something for summer, fall, winter, and spring. Below youll find a selection of the best gin cocktail recipes around, coming to your personal at-home happy hour soon.

    Looking for more drink ideas? Check out our interactivecocktail recipe finder. Wondering how strong that gin drink is? Try ourABV calculator.

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