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Does Costco Sell Hendricks Gin

Beefeater London Dry Gin

Spirits – Review #914 – Hendricks Gin

Beefeater is one of the biggest names in the gin business. It has been produced since the 1870s and moved to its current Kennington, London distillery in 1958. Over the years, it has not lost any appeal among gin drinkers. This is a gin that you can find in any liquor store or bar and be guaranteed that it will make a good gin cocktail, no matter what you mix it with.

You will find that Beefeater has the classic London dry gin flavor. It is juniper-forward and has a nice balance of botanicals in the background. Distilled of neutral spirits, it features a botanical blend of juniper, coriander, orange and lemon peels, angelica root and seed, licorice, almond, and orris root.

Bottled at 40 percent ABV , Beefeater also comes at a decent price, so you can afford to keep it in stock.

Costco’s Kirkland Signature Body Soap

Who knew a soap discontinuation could be such a big deal? After Costco did away with their Kirkland Signature Body Soap, Reddit was filled with users discussing their devastation about the decision. And while that may sound like an overreaction, the quality of the soap Costco used to sell makes it completely understandable. This body soap had great lather, gently moisturized your skin, and seemed to last a lot longer than other brands of soap.

The demise of the Kirkland Signature Body Soap was apparently caused by its smell. One customer says Costco sent out postcards detailing that they decided to ax this product due to a “strong scent” in some of the products. While it’s possible that Costco could bring back this body soap if they can fix the issue, there’s been no talk of its return. At this point, it’s safe to assume it’s gone for good.

Dove brand soap is widely available at Costco but, sadly, it’s much more expensive than Kirkland Signature Body Soap used to be before it was discontinued.

Common Hendricks Gin Prices List


$55.99 – $58.99


The original Hendricks Gin carries a juniper berry foundation, with the aforementioned rose and cucumber infusion very much present in the nose and finish.

The classic Scottish gin roots, however, are quite dominant in the palate, but with a dint of yarrow and black pepper in the blend. This is a reflection of the background of Hendricks Gin master distiller Lesley Gracie, who brewed up various teas from botanical concoctions as a wee Scottish lass, and pushed those myriad plant-and-tree mixes into Hendricks. As such, the gin can be a good foundation for a gin over ice with tonic water , or the traditional gin-and-tonic.

Hendricks Gin Orbium is a limited version of the original, but it has strong indicators of quinine, wormwood and blue lotus blossom.

The result is that the rather bitter quinine and wormwood rudely wake up your tongue, but after some time the hints of mint, pepper, citrus, cucumber, rose petals and juniper arrive and greet you warmly. It works nicely with a club soda or tonic , but the initial bitterness thrust into your mouth is an acquired taste.

Given that quinine is used as a solution for malaria , the potential for Hendricks Gin Orbium as a medicine cabinet resident may soon be a reality.

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Calzones From The Costco Food Court

Although it’s been a while, longtime Costco fanatics can tell you all about the yummy calzones they used to have available in their food court. The best of the bunch was called the meat calzone. The crust of the calzone was soft and seasoned to perfection. Once you broke it open, you found beef, pork, sauce, cheese, and more. In case you needed additional flavor, Costco even gave you a side of marinara sauce for dipping purposes.

The heartiness of Costco’s calzones was probably the best aspect. A single calzone was big enough to eat half at lunch and the second half at dinner. Considering that you used to be able to get two calzones for $6.99, it was also extremely economical for those on a tight food budget.

Why did their calzones die an untimely death? It appears they just weren’t profitable enough for Costco to keep them around. That’s a crying shame.

What’s Included In The Calendar


HERE are all the gins you’ll get in the Christmas treat.

  • Aber Falls Welsh Orange Marmalade Gin
  • Beefeater Pink London Dry Gin
  • Chase GB Gin
  • Edinburgh Gin’s Plum & Vanilla Liqueur
  • Edingurgh Gin’s Pomegranate & Rose Liqueur
  • Greenalls Wild Berry Gin
  • Hall & Bramley Rhubarb & Ginger Gin
  • Hendrick’s Gin
  • J J Whitley Pink Cherry Gin
  • J.J Whitley Violet Gin
  • Liverpool Organic Rose Petal Gin
  • Malfy Con Arancia Gin
  • Malfy Con Limone Gin
  • Peaky Blinder Spiced Dry Gin
  • Sipsmith Lemon Drizzle Gin
  • The Lakes Sloe Gin Liqueur
  • Warner Edwards Dry Gin
  • What Lies Beneath Honey Liqueur

Of course, you’d pay more to buy large bottles of all the gins – a 700ml bottle of the gins included in the calendar will set you back between £9.99 and £38.99 each.

So the calendar could be a cheaper way for you to explore gin-tastic tastes before plumping on your favourite.

Although, keep in mind that Costco is a wholesaler and you can only shop there if you’re a member.

An annual online shopping subscription to the retailer costs £15, while it’s £33.60 if you want to spend in store.

In other words, if you’re just signing up to take advantage of this one deal then you’ll need to carefully consider whether it’s worth it. You can sign up online here.

The calendar is available both on Costco’s website and in stores. You can find your closest one using its branch locator tool.

As always, please be Drinkaware.

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How Much Is A Bottle Of Vodka At Costco

Vodka enthusiasts say this is why Costcos Kirkland bottle tastes so good. It has frequently defeated Grey Goose in blind tastings despite being a third of the price: Costcos 1.75-liter French vodka costs $19.99, while you can expect to pay about $60 for the same-size bottle of Grey Goose, which is owned by Bacardi.

Best For Gin And Tonics: Bombay Sapphire

Region: UK | ABV: 47% | Tasting Notes: Juniper, White Pepper, Citrus

Another example of a widely available London dry-style gin is Bombay Sapphire, instantly recognizable in its light blue bottle. Along with the upfront juniper notes, youll find hints of almond, lemon peel, and licorice, making this a fantastic choice for the simple but refreshing Gin and Tonic. There are just enough floral notes in this gin to make it shine when combined with tonic water and a slice of lemon or lime.

Region: UK | ABV: 47.3% | Tasting Notes: Juniper, Coriander, Licorice

A classic can be tailor-made to your specific preferencesand every great Martini has to start with a good gin. Tanqueray is another well-known London dry style.

Obviously, the company isn’t going to give away their secret recipe, but the main botanicals in Tanqueray are thought to be juniper, angelica, coriander, and licorice, giving this gin a crisp, dry flavor that works perfectly in a Martini with a twist, a couple of olives, or any way you choose to make it. It’s a very juniper-forward gin, which may taste familiar to you if you’ve tried other classic London dry gins before.

Region: Germany | ABV: 47% | Tasting Notes: Berry, Juniper, Cinnamon

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Can You Buy Alcohol At Costco Without A Membership

Lets address this first. Legal drinking age is not the only factor at play in buying alcohol at Costco. As I highlighted in my how to shop at Costco without a membership post, it appears that buying alcohol at Costco is one of the few exceptions where you may not need a membership to purchase. At a minimum, the following states have had laws in place that require shopping membership clubs to sell alcohol to the general public without membership:

  • Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Texas, Vermont

There are varying reports on whether Costco has adopted the same policy in other states. Your mileage may vary.

On to the aisle

Note that cost and selection may vary by location and by date.

Best: Kirkland Signature Blended Scotch Whisky

Beefeater gin review! Why beefeater Gin is Good?

You’re probably asking yourself “how does a company based out of Washington state make a scotch worth drinking?” Well, like cereals in a bag and most other generic products, it’s not Costco that’s actually producing the product. While Costco keeps their lips tight and shut when it comes to who exactly produces many of their liquors, the word on the street is that the manufacturer of this one is Alexander Murray & Co. The Kirkland Original Blended Scotch Whisky has a nice, caramel color and scent notes of vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, and of course peat. Flavor-wise, you’ll notice hints of brown sugar, plums, orange, and malt. It’s not overly-complicated rather, it’s a very basic scotch distinguished by its clean drinkability. Overall, Tastings ranks Kirkland Original as an “Exceptional” blended scotch whisky.

Now, is this blended scotch whisky the bottle you should turn to if you’re looking to treat yourself to a high-quality dram on a special occasion? Probably not. But that certainly doesn’t mean that Kirkland Original Blended Scotch Whisky doesn’t have its uses. It’s a great scotch to have on hand if you like a nightly scotch and soda before you hit the hay. It’s also a good option if you want something that’s nice and dry, perfect for your favorite scotch cocktails or mixed into a boozy winter punch. At less than $25 for 1.75 L, you can easily afford to be heavy-handed with this blended scotch whisky.

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Costco Kirkland Signature London Dry Gin

  • Price: $25.49
  • Proof: 44% alc./vol.
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Importer: n/a
  • Maker: DC Flynt MW Domaines & Estates. Fairfield, CA
  • Notes & Description: Ive purchased this is a good gin with a little bite to it. Our master distillers take the small batch approach in crafting this classic London dry gin. They use copper pot stills and distill five times using aromatic botanicals that are clean and pure, with notes of juniper and zesty, lemon-orange citrus.

Costco Kirkland Signature Blended Scotch Whisky Aged 12 Years

  • Price: $52.99
  • Proof: 40% alc./vol.
  • Country of Origin: Scotland
  • Importer: Misa Imports Inc. Dallas, TX
  • Maker: Alexander Murray & Co.
  • Notes & Description: this Kirkland Signature 12-year old blended scotch whisky is a distinctive marriage of single malt and grain whiskies that have been matured in oak casks for a minimum of 12 years. Notes of caramel, spice, and smoky peat prevail on the nose and palate before a long, smooth finish.

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Can You Drink Hendricks Gin Straight

Of course, you can always drink your gin straight. Some people will even tell you that its the best way to enjoy gin. Just pour the gin over a few ice cubes and drop in a lime wedge if you fancy. Naturally, to enjoy a spirit neat it must be of good quality theres nothing worse than nasty, bitter, cheap gin.

Costco Kirkland Signature Xo Cognac

  • Price: $67.99
  • Proof: 40% alc./vol.
  • Country of Origin: France
  • Importer: Misa Imports Inc.
  • Maker: Peyrat-Associés & CIE
  • Notes & Description: aged 12 to 21 years in French oak barrels. Full-bdied with aromas of oak, vanilla and dried fruit. Flavors of honey, chocolate, and almond on the palate lead to a smooth finished.

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Best: Kirkland Signature American Vodka

The Kirkland Signature American Vodka is the Costco alternative for those who prefer domestic vodkas such as Tito’s. At under $20 for 1.75 L, it’s one of the most wallet-friendly options on the list. It’s sold reportedly distilled six times for ultra-smoothness.

Having a great price isn’t the only thing that makes Kirkland’s American Vodka a good choice. Reviewers praise the liquor for its mild and sweet aroma as well as its smooth and slightly citrus flavor. And it comes with a “Highly Recommended” Tastings rating. However, like most cheaper vodkas, this is likely not the best choice if you’re wanting to take shots all Russian banya style. As noted by the expert reviewers over at Good Cheap Booze, Kirkland’s American Vodka is a bit too harsh and thin in the mouth for shots. It’s best served with something in it, be it ice, a mixer, or even a splash of juice.

A great way to use this American vodka is in a Moscow Mule which, despite its name, is a classic American cocktail that debuted in the 20th century. Fill a tall glass with ice and top with 2 ounces of vodka, 4 ounces of ginger beer, and a squeeze of lime juice. Stir gently and garnish with extra limes before serving.

Costco’s Kirkland Signature Turkey Burgers

While neither the Polish dog nor the All American Chocolate Cake could be classified as health food, Costco doesn’t always allow healthy items to stick around, either. Kirkland Signature Turkey Burgers had only 200 calories per patty, were low in fat and carbs, and had 35 grams of protein but Costco still pulled the plug back in 2018.

Not only were these turkey burgers healthy, they were also really tasty. All you needed to do was heat up a patty, put it in a bun, and add cheese and ketchup and you had a wonderful meal. Or, if you were in a hurry, you could just heat up the burger and eat it plain.

A petition that called for the return of Kirkland Signature Turkey Burgers racked up more than 100 signatures. While Costco now has other turkey burgers available in their freezer section, nothing they have truly compares. These things were inexpensive and oh so yummy.

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Worst: Kirkland Signature Silver Tequila

Costco carries three store-brand tequilas: Añejo, Silver, and Reposado. The Añejo gets points for being an aged tequila for less than $30 and the Reposado gets rave reviews from those who can get their hands on it, but the Silver falls short compared to its siblings. First of all, its flavor and aroma profiles contain very strong alcohol notes that overpower those of the agave and citrus that make a tequila sip-able. This is the kind of tequila that results in “shot face” when you take it straight. Sure, sometimes that’s all you need… but it’s the type of low quality that gives tequila a bad reputation in some circles.

Lady tequila can be a harsh mistress. But when she is good to you, she is really, really good. If you want to explore all she has to offer it may aid digestion, lower cholesterol, and provide you with a hangover-free morning try the Añejo straight or over ice. If you want to make simple cocktails with your tequila, go with the Reposado. And if you want a cheap silver tequila to make a big batch of sugar-laden margaritas, the Kirkland Signature Silver will do the trick, but it’s not going to blow you away doing it.

Can Amazon Own Label Gin Compete In The Premium Gin Market

Liquor costco prices

Amazon has launched its first spirits brand across Europe, Tovess Single Batch Crafted Dry Gin, but do Amazon shoppers need another gin? And can it compete against an impressive array of popular premium gins, even in a growing market?

Over the last few years Amazon has shown its adaptability as a producer of consumer packaged goods. Amazon brands tend to operate from one of two playbooks.

  • Spotting a niche in the market under-represented by branded products
  • Entering a popular category and offering similar quality products to the market leaders but at lower prices than the traditional supermarkets .
  • Tovess traditional London Dry gin currently sells on the website for £24.99 for a 70cl bottle and is made by a distillery on the outskirts of Birmingham, U.K.

    But entering the highly competitive premium gin market requires more than just a great-tasting product and a competitive price point. Large spirits brand owners such as Diageo, Pernod Ricard and William Grant focus on nurturing intriguing origin stories, production methods, select botanical ingredients and provenance.

    How can Amazon match the story of long-established brands or startups from passionate founders? It most likely cant. And while relying on its huge audience of shoppers open to both product innovation and low prices might be a winning formula in many food and drink categories, it might not be enough to win big in spirits.

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    Costco’s Kirkland Signature Trek Mix

    Kirkland Signature Trek Mix was the perfect snack for avid hikers who wanted a portable, nutritious, delicious snack or avid couch potatoes who enjoyed grabbing their snacks by the fistful. Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist any longer. Costco discontinued it and even though they replaced it with a variety of trail mixes and snack mixes, nothing has been able to fill its shoes.

    The best part of Kirkland Signature Trek Mix was how it perfectly blended intense sweetness with intense saltiness. The mix featured a cornucopia of ingredients including cashews, almonds, pumpkin seeds, chocolate chips, cranberries, granola, and more. There was even a hint of cinnamon to add to the party.

    Back when it was available, you used to be able to get two pounds of this mix for $7.99. Considering a serving of this stuff only had 150 calories, you didn’t even need to feel guilty while scarfing it down either on the hiking trail or on the sofa in front of your television.

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