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Old Fitzgerald Bourbon For Sale

The Old Fitzgerald Recipe Was Revolutionized By Pappy Van Winkle

Bourbon Review: Old Fitzgerald Bottled in Bond 11 Year, Fall 2021, $110

Production of Old Fitzgerald continued at the newly formed Stitzel-Weller Distillery that was formed when the Stitzel Distillery merged with Weller, a Kentucky-based whiskey marketing and distribution firm. Its here where , originator of adding wheat to bourbon and founder of Pappy Van Winkle, adjusted the recipe, positioning Old Fitzgerald as a premium bourbon with a rounder and softer profile.

Old Fitzgerald 9 Year Bottle In Bond For Sale


Old Fitzgerald 9Year Bond Bourbon well known for its distilling pedigree and intriguing story behind its namesake, John E. Fitzgerald each spring and fall, a new edition of the Old Fitzgerald Bottled in Bond decanter series #bourbonsliquorshop

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Old Fitzgerald 11 Year Finish:

Old Fitzgerald 11 Year offers a medium throat warming herbal and floral finish. With careful thought I feel sweet and Maraschino cherry juice dusted with allspice and pepper sliding down my throat. There is a soft sensation of vanilla and light brown sugar drifting on dry oak and hazy toasted wood as well. And when emptied, the Glencairn smells almost fruity with a nice dose of sugared cinnamon dusted over drying oak old fitzgerald bourbon for sale .

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Release Date & Availability

The 2022 Old Fitzgerald Bottled-in-Bond spring edition will be available in the 750ml bottle size on an allocated basis. Although Heaven Hill didnt give an exact release date, we can expect the limited release to start popping up in the spring as usual.

You can sometimes buy this new bourbon release at the Heaven Hill gift shop in Bardstown, KY. Additionally, it will be available at select retailers nationwide.

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Old Fitzgerald 15 Taste & aftertaste

Buy Old Fitzgerald Aged 8 Years Bottled In Bond Bourbon Whiskey 750ml ...

Old Fitzgerald 15 explodes with caramel, vanilla, orange, and cherry sweetness. Theres a muted bready note with potent doses of oak, cinnamon, clove, chocolate, and old wood. Were talking freshly burnt crème brûlée thats so sweet and a little burnt but oh so delicious. In some ways it also reminds me of maple chocolate pecans coated in orange zest. The 100 proof is a tad hotter than I expected, but it still tastes amazing.

Post chewing, I taste caramel, honey, and toasted vanilla sweetness wrapped up in roasted oak, dried oranges, cinnamon, clove and dark chocolate. Theres just a little bit of lemon, marshmallow, and candied ginger. As with most Heaven Hill whiskeys, there is grassy nuttiness, but its dialed back. The alcohol is a little more aggressive this time, but the flavors still go back and forth between caramel, fruit, 75% cocoa chocolate bar, alcohol, and spice really fantastic and fun old fitzgerald bourbon for sale . The flavors are brighter and more vibrant than I expected from something 15 years old. While its not absurdly dark or musty, there is an underlying dark chocolate and old wood presence throughout to remind me of its age. Old Fitzgerald is an incredibly deep, rich, and flavorful bourbon.

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Collector Bottles Of Old Fitzgerald Are Extremely Rare And Pricey

If the biannual releases are among the distillerys most sought-after, consider this: Original bottles of Old Fitzgerald are so highly coveted, they sometimes sell for up to $5,000. Old bottles of Old Fitzgerald have become collectors items and are extremely valuable because of their ties to the Stitzel-Weller Distillery. These variations include Very Old Fitzgerald , Very Xtra Old Fitzgerald , Very Very Old Fitzgerald , Very Very Old Fitzgerald , and Very Very Old Fitzgerald . With distillations dating back to 1962 and classic original packaging, these bottles are valued at thousands of dollars and are often sold through auction or private markets.

Old Fitzgerald 11 Year Nose:

Old Fitz 11 gives my nose a slight nip of alcohol in a hint of sherry wine. As I inhale, roasted corn and wheat, and fruits of current and plum topped with allspice and white pepper drift up from the glass. With more careful nosing, fresh baked wheat bread and vanilla infused cake wafts from the glass. With heavy draws additional sweets of brown sugar, woody honey and faint light toffee drizzled over pecans waft as well. Any wood I detect is faint, as light oak and hazy toasted wood and sweet smoke fade in and out. This bourbon has a simple and gentle nose.

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Diamond Decanters Are Old Fitz Collectors Best Friends

After it debuted Old Fitzgeralds new recipe as a premium bourbon that was more refined than its competitors, Stitzel-Weller decided its bottle needed to reflect the same sentiment. So, in 1951, the packaging was redesigned and the bourbon was released in an elegant glass diamond decanter. In the years since, each limited-edition release bears the same packaging to pay homage to the original design.

New Releases Of Old Fitzgerald Are Highly Coveted Too

Bourbon Review: Old Fitzgerald Bottled in Bond Spring 2021

Since 2018, Old Fitzgerald has released seasonal limited-edition bottles exactly twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. The release of each seasonal bourbon is denoted by the color of the label: A green label denotes a spring release, while a black label indicates a fall release. The maroon label, however, denotes a bottle that is only available in Kentucky.

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    Old Fitzgerald Bottled In Bond Spring 2022 Release Announced

    The latest Old Fitzgerald Bottled In Bond Spring 2022 release features an 17 year age statement and lands on our bourbon release calendar for an allocated drop. We review everything bourbon lovers need to know from price to proof.

    The Old Fitzgerald Bottled In Bond Series, otherwise known as the Old Fitzgerald Decanter Series, is a twice-yearly release. These allocated bourbon releases happen once in the Spring and once in the Fall. The Old Fitzgerald Bottled In Bond Spring 2021 release was an 8-year bourbon whiskey, which was a first for the decanter series. Meanwhile, the Fall 2021 Old Fitzgerald 11-year old rounded out last years lineup.

    The Spring 2022 Edition Old Fitzgerald Bottled-in-Bond Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey comes with a 17-Year-Old age statement. It is compromised of only 120 barrels which were distilled in the fall of 2004, bottled in the spring of 2022, and becomes the ninth annual release of the BIB series.

    Regardless of the age statements from release to release however, these allocated bourbons are quality pours and easy sippers at the standard BIB 100 proof.

    What Is Old Fitzgerald Bourbon

    Very Very Old Fitzgerald 12 Years Old 1966, Kentucky.

    A very old bourbon brand. Launched in 1870, the label has a fanciful origin story like most whiskey brands. Today, it’s best known as a super-premium wheated bourbon a bourbon that uses wheat instead of rye as the flavoring grain in the mashbill that comes in a gorgeous crystal decanter. The brand has gone through several different owners in the last 150 years, with family-owned Heaven Hill Distillery currently holding the rights to it. For the most part, the whiskey is aged between 8 and 14 years. Because of its affiliation with the Stitzel-Weller Distillery, the Van Winkle family and somewhat lower price point, it’s often thought of as a more affordable version of Pappy Van Winkle bourbon.

    Though most think of Old Fitzgerald Bottled-in-Bond when they hear the name Fitzgerald, it’s worth mentioning a lower proof, far less premium version of the spirit called Old Fitzgerald Prime that you can buy for around $15 in a handful of states. Heaven Hill does not allocate advertising or marketing budget toward it, though, and it’s not particularly notable for any reason other than the name on the bottle.

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    Doctors Prescribed Old Fitzgerald As Medicine During Prohibition

    During the 13-year ban on alcohol production, sale, and distribution in the United States, Old Fitzgerald was one of the few brands permitted to continue distilling its whiskey for medicinal use. At the time, the U.S. Treasury gave authorization to physicians to write prescriptions advising regular doses of alcohol to their patients. The distillation was government-supervised and prescriptions were to be recorded on government-issued prescription forms.

    Things You Should Know About Old Fitzgerald Bourbon

    Old Fitzgerald is a bourbon favored by novelty-seeking collectors and whiskey historians alike. Its original story is laced with American historical lore, including surviving Prohibition being one of the few alcohols distilled during Prohibition and having been produced at the Stitzel-Weller Distillery for more than 50 years. Old Fitzgerald also predates and has historical ties to the Pappy Van Winkle.

    Famously known as Old Fitz, it was first produced in 1870 at Old Judge Distillery in Frankfort, Ky. Although the Old Judge Distillery closed due to Prohibition, production of Old Fitzgerald continued at Ph. Stitzel Distillery, which would later merge with Weller after the ban had ceased. From its start, it was marketed as a quality bourbon. But it was the whisper of wheat, a term coined by Stitzel-Weller, that made Old Fitzgerald a household name.

    In the years since its debut, Old Fitz has had a handful of new home distilleries, as its ownership changed several times over, finally landing at Heaven Hill in 1999. Its several brand extensions ultimately made it one of the most highly coveted premium bourbons of all time. Keep reading to learn nine more things about this elusive bourbon.

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    Place On The Whiskey Shelf

    Old Fitzgerald 15 Year Bottled in Bond is utterly excellent. Its intensely sweet the boozy crème brûlée of bourbon, citrusy, oaky, and spicy. Even better, its definitely not over-oaked. I can also ardently say that Old Fitz 15 surpasses Van Winkle 12 Year Lot B and is the best wheated bourbon that Ive ever had old fitzgerald bourbon for sale . $150 MSRP and much higher secondary prices are surely a high price to pay, but no one said that this was going to come cheap or easy unfortunately. Putting my sanity hat back on though, Makers Mark Cask Strength will honestly get you 70-80% of the way there for $40-50. Talk about diminishing marginal returns old fitzgerald bourbon for sale .

    For the sake of full disclosure, I really struggled with whether I should rate this Top Shelf+. I went back and forth over the 3 times I sipped Old Fitz for this review, but in the end, I had to stick to the top end of Top Shelf because it wasnt a definite hell yeah for me. Ive undoubtedly enjoyed every single sniff and sip, but I was always left with small nuggets of doubt that held me back from vaulting it to the next top tier. Lets be clear though that Top Shelf is an exceedingly strong rating already. If I put it to numbers, this would be 0.1 points away from Top Shelf+ old fitzgerald bourbon for sale.

    Old Fitzgerald 11 Year Palate:

    Bourbon Review: Old Fitzgerald 17 year Bottled in Bond, Spring 2022

    Old Fitz 11 warms the mouth and offers faint notes of herbal roasted corn and wheat. There is also a mixture of sweet and Maraschino cherries with allspice, light cinnamon and pepper. old fitzgerald bourbon for sale Sweets of yellow cake, vanilla, brown sugar, woody honey and dark toffee treat the taste buds as well. With an aggressive Kentucky chew, the whiskey becomes almost coppery and effervescent with lots of black pepper and a pronounced alcohol presence. To round out the taste I sense dry oak, toasted wood and barrel char. To me this is a simple bourbon, and frankly, I feel a let down old fitzgerald bourbon for sale .

    Balance, Body, Feel and Look:Old Fitz 11 seems blended to the point of masking aromas and flavors in my mouth. It is mellow, viscous and oily and easy to hold. After each sip old fitzgerald bourbon for sale , extremely long clinging legs cling as the liquid passes back to the auburn colored pool leaving behind only a few clinging droplets inside the Glencairn.

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    Whiskey Old Fitzgerald Bourbon

    I gainedt enter into Aged Fitzs background due to the fact I dont choose to fake which i realize it. Heaven Hill presently does a superb career of summarizing the models historical past old fitzgerald bottled in bond .

    Pictures may not often mirror the shipped products. On one other facet of the pc is a true-life human updating every photo, status, and outline so although our team is amazing, remember to account for human problems.

    Although we endeavour to supply total and correct info on our Web-site, there might be instances exactly where producers have up-to-date their recipe or failed to offer total specifics in their substances and procedures very old fitzgerald.

    The one smaller detail that held me back is the heat in both equally the smells and flavors. Fifteen calendar year and 100 proof bourbon really should probably be considerably less hot for my part, In particular as I begin dabbling with other ~one hundred proofers like Joseph Magnus Cigar Mix old fitzgerald for sale as well as Remus Repeal Reserve Collection 3 that happen to be Similarly or much less hot vintage old fitzgerald bourbon for sale .

    Im not declaring that Stitzel-Weller juice isnt good, but The point that many authorities arent even positive where by the cutoff is suggests they mightt notify merely by tasting it old fitzgerald near me .

    We supply to international locations all around the world! You can also decide on Categorical delivery, or pick a certain delivery day, at checkout.

    Who Makes Old Fitzgerald Bourbon

    The brand was sold by its original owners to Julian P. Van Winkle during Prohibition. Once Van Winkle’s supply of whiskey for medicinal purposes deteriorated, he and Arthur Stitzel elected to use what was allegedly an old family recipe to replenish their stocks. That recipe substituted rye for wheat, which is the most commonly accepted origin story for the wheated bourbon craze nowadays .

    Fast-forward 70 years and the Shapira family-owned Heaven Hill Distillery bought the brand and production rights and has been making it ever since.

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    The Wheat May Whisper But The Reviews Rave

    Thanks to its unique mash bill, Old Fitzgerald is as complex as it is rich and carries through with a smooth finish. VinePair spirits reviewer Tim McKirdy calls out the 14 Year Old Bottled-In-Bond Fall 2020 releases caramel, vanilla, and butterscotch characteristics while its 16-Year-Old Bottled in Bond Spring release has softer notes of toasted oak, apple peel, dried apricot, pecan, and walnut. No matter the year or season, the resulting taste of this whiskeys production is gentle and warming, and ideal for fireside sipping.

    Where Can You Buy Old Fitzgerald Bourbon

    Old Fitzgerald Prime Bourbon

    The whiskey is released in batches twice a year once in the fall and again in the spring. Thus you’re most likely to catch bottles at the liquor store around those releases.

    The best way to land a bottle is to build a relationship with your local liquor store by frequenting the store, talking to employees and asking about allocated product delivery windows. If you’re a good customer you have a better opportunity, it’s as simple as that. Cold calling liquor stores in your area is usually frowned upon, though we’ve heard stories of the shotgun approach working.

    Your last option is resorting to whiskey’s online grey markets . Read more here.

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