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Where Can I Buy Bambarra Rum In The Us

Snorkel And Bambarra Rum Tasting

Can I Purchase Jamaican Rum Cream Online?

Escape the crowds as you snorkel and relax at a small, intimate Grand Turk resort offering beach, bars, water activities, and the best restaurant on the island. After taking a taxi from the port area, you will arrive and be welcomed as a guest.

At check-in, the staff will schedule your snorkel departure. There are hammocks under palm trees, an uncrowded beach to comb, and a small beach bar where you can purchase a fruit punch or just sit and let the world melt away.

At the appointed time, you will meet your snorkeling boat at water’s edge and head out in your small group, usually fewer than eight, to the famous Grand Turk Wall, 300 yards directly off the beach. Total time for the boat snorkel is approximately one hour. You will have the chance to see colorful sponges, coral, an abundance of tropical fish, and you may even catch sight of an eagle ray, stingray, turtle or dolphin. Your snorkeling gear is included.

As this special site is not designed for crowds, there is a maximum number of spaces available each day for this Grand Turk shore excursion. Please book early to avoid disappointment. Tour duration is up to guest’s discretion based on when they arrive and depart. It is the guest’s responsibility to return to their ship by the ship’s posted all aboard time.

Cuban Crafters Cigar Factory

Cuban Crafters Cigar Shop & Cigar Factory is unique. Very special cigars rolled with pure Cuban seed tobacco. Many accoutrements for the cigar smoking connoisseur, including humidors. Gift packages, T-Shirts, cigar rolling demonstrations. Located at The Saltmills in Grace Bay.

Gold Brown Red Or Black How Do You Enjoy Them

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Location: Turks and Caicos IslandsPosts: 890 Bambarra RumMy Trinny rum finally made it here after the recent storms. Now I will have a long supply of 1824, 1919, Single Barrel, Royal Oak and Old Oak. When you come over next we should have the new Bambarra rum up and selling. I bought 2 oak casks of rum in for some friends, unfortunately they sent it at 80 proof!! So they will have to dilute it down to 40 proof, but they will save on the duty. Can’t wait to try some.__________________Last edited by TheRumelier 09-21-2008 at 06:48 PM.


Originally Posted by I bought 2 oak casks of rum in for some friends, unfortunately they sent it at 80 proof!!
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Rum Runner

Originally Posted by This is a bad thing???
Location: Turks and Caicos IslandsPosts: 890

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Glad I Purchased This Rum8out Of 10

Postedalmost 5 years agobyTomfromUnited Stateswith29 ratings

Picked this rum up in grand Turks on my wife’s and mines anniversary. While I was there I tried it with come as the mixer and it was a great tasting drink. While at home I am enjoying it over ice which is always my preferred method of sipping on a adult beverage and I have to say,I am quite pleased with the results. The rum has a kick to it but not over done. They have just the right amount of sugar in this recipe to make it smooth going down with a great rum flavor.

Where To Find Bambarra Rum

Tortuga Banana Rum For Sale In Usa

Bambarra Rum is featured at most local bars and restaurants. If youre a guest at Villa del Mar located in the luxe Grace Bay Beach area of Providenciales, you will enjoy its flavour in the rum punch featured at the Managers Reception held at the the Tiki Bar on Wednesdays and Fridays. Visit Somewhere Cafe and Lounge and enjoy an oceanside view and Bambarra Rum drinks such as the Banana Punch, Big Sexy, and Fritz the Cat every day during Happy Hour, or the Bambarra Rum Punch weekly specials on Sunday Funday and Friday nights.

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Traveling To The Turks And Caicos With Alcohol And Spirits

Residents and visitors over the age of 17 traveling to the Turks and Caicos are allowed to bring in certain amounts and types of goods duty-free. This includes 1 liter of spirits OR 2 liters of wine , per traveler over the age of 17.

Goods in excess of the allowance will be charged duty according to the Customs Tariff.

In the case of alcohol, duty is charged as a fee per gallon, as opposed to the percentage of value system used for almost every other type of good. Duty charges range from $11.91 per gallon for beer, $16.94 for wine, to $42.38 for spirits, vodka, brandy, rum, whiskey, and gin.

How To: Bring A Bottle Of Alcohol Home From The Caribbean

Diana Kelly

Ever wanted to bring back a favorite rum you discovered on vacation but hesitated because you thought it was pricey or likely to lead to a suitcase of alcohol-soaked clothes? Were here to help.

First things first. Bringing alcohol into the country is completely legal. You will have to be 21 years of age, of course, but the U.S. Customs and border protection says that U.S. travelers to the Caribbean Basin Initiative countries are allowed a $800 duty-free exemption on their return to the U.S., for up to two liters of alcoholic beverages as long as one of the liters was produced in one of the CBI countries. If youre returning from the U.S. Virgin Islands, you can bring back up to $1,600 worth of goods.

Its important to know that different states have different laws about the amount that you can bring back, and even whether you can ship alcohol to your state, so learn your states laws at the Alcohol and Tobacco and Trade Tax Bureau site. Then, with little forethought and planning, the rest shouldn’t be too difficult. Heres how to make sure you’re getting a good deal and how to get your purchases back home.

  • Bambarra Trouvadore rum : $32 at airport, $59.99 at resort
  • Patron Anejo : $49 at airport, about $61 in the U.S.
  • Patron Silver with a shot glass: $35 at airport, $25 in the U.S., $48.99 for smaller bottle at resort

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Flavors Of The Turks And Caicos

Commonly referred to as FOTTAC, this is a great place for food and drink souvenirs.This shop, part of the Regent Village shopping area, sells all things Bambarra . There are bottles of the various Bambarra rums , as well as rum cake and mango chutney made with the liquor. This is a full liquor store too, so other spirits and wines are available as well. Other souvenirs include local coffee beans and salt harvested from the island, in unique flavors like sun-ripened tomato, vanilla bean, and toasted onion. Theres a small selection of non-food gift options, toohomemade soap with moringa and shea butter, or t-shirts, wine glasses, candles, and shell frames.

Buy Rum Online & Get It Delivered

The Best Rum Drinks I’ve Ever Had | How to Drink

Worldwide Wine & Spirits is your go-to place when you want to buy rum online. If youre preparing for a party or trying to find a particular brand, we invite you to browse our selection of rum online! With a variety of dark, gold, light, flavored, spiced and premium rum for sale, we can have whatever you need delivered straight to your doorstep within a matter of days. This popular spirit is a common ingredient in many tropical cocktail favorites, so be sure to order rum online from Worldwide Wine & Spirits today!

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Award Winning Rum Featured In Cocktails And Cuisine In The Turks And Caicos Islands

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

The words conjure up images of weaving pirates, large bottles of grog and sailing ships, and their crew three sheets to the wind.

But today the business of making and distributing rum is something to be proud of in the Turks and Caicos Islands because it includes tales of surviving shipwrecks, slaves gaining their freedom and overcoming adversity in a strange new world.

A rum company here in the islands celebrates this history and links past to present through its very name and products. Named after the slaves whose ship wrecked at Middle Caicos in 1841, the Bambarra Rum Company in the Turks & Caicos Islands makes a product that goes to the heart of island identity and economy.

What Is Cachaca

Cachaça is a rum-like spirit, unique to Brazil, distilled from fermented sugar cane juice. It may be aged or unaged and may have sugar added. When muddled with lime juice and sugar, makes the quintessential Brazilian cocktail, the Caipirinha. Producing rum in a continuous distillation process, allows for the ability to make light-bodied to almost neutral rums. Producers age light rums for a short amount of time, usually in used oak barrels that once contained bourbon or cognac.

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