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What Is Crystal Palace Vodka Made From

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Crystal Head Vodka and Dan Aykroyd Visit Premier Beverage Florida
29.1 x 26.9 x 8.7 cm 1.43 Kilograms
Item model number
Servings : 28 shots.
Country of origin
4.4 out of 5 stars
Best Sellers Rank 360 in Plain Vodka
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Date First Available 30 Sept. 2019

Crystal Head Vodka Review By Justin

No Rating

This one is a strange one. Ive had 3 bottles of this so far. 2 of the 750ml, and 1 of the big daddy 1.75ml head. All 3 bottles experienced the same result. I keep my high end stuff on top of my fridge at room temperature, and thats where these were all stored. They all started out great, with a taste that agrees with all of the positive reviews on this page. Fantastic stuff. But after about a month or so, the aftertaste began to become so bad that I had to use this vodka in only mixers. Even the smell of the vodka became strange. Did this happen to other reviewers?


Crystal Head Vodka Review By Fred

No Rating

I purchased this stuff years ago and never opened it until recently n it is pure Ethenol. I drank it while camping and I used it as kerosene. I first purchased this in New Foundland where it is made for 40 some bucks and I seen the price for 70 in British Colombia, absolutely insane. The only reason I purchased this product was for the skull it was a total impulse buy. I read that it is triple distilled and then distilled once more in crystals maybe this is was its so pungent.


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California Residents: Tap Here For Proposition 65 Warning

WARNING: Drinking distilled spirits, beer, coolers, wine and other alcoholic beverages may increase cancer risk, and, during pregnancy, can cause birth defects. For more information go to
WARNING: Many food and beverage cans have linings containing bisphenol A , a chemical known to cause harm to the female reproductive system. Jar lids and bottle caps may also contain BPA. You can be exposed to BPA when you consume foods or beverages packaged in these containers. For more information, go to:

What Is The Healthiest Vodka Brand

Crystal Palace Vodka Price &  Reviews

Ketel One Botanical and Smirnoff Zero Sugar are low-calorie options with around 70 calories in a serving of each and also no artificial flavors, sugar or carbs. Plus, they all still pack around 30% alcohol by volume.

Are flavored vodkas gluten-free?

All vodka is gluten-free unless there is some flavored vodka out there where someone adds a gluten-containing ingredient.

What is Smirnoff distilled from?

cornSmirnoff Vodka is distilled from corn, making it gluten-free. Smirnoff offers over 35 different flavored vodkas.

What is Absolut distilled from?

winter wheatThe main ingredients in Absolut Vodka are water and winter wheat. The water comes from a deep well in Åhus where its protected from impurities. Winter wheat differs from other crops: its sown in fall, and harvested the next one. Days in between it grows under the Swedish snow developing its hard grain.

What is the most distilled vodka?

Spirytus RektyfikowanySpirytus Rektyfikowany. The strongest vodka in the world, and also the strongest commercially-available alcohol in the world, comes from Polish Distillery Spirytus. This vodka has a huge 192 Proof or 96% ABV and is made up of premium ethyl alcohol with an agricultural cereal origin.

Is more distilled vodka better?

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Crystal Head Vodka Review By Sean Bond

I have to agree with Robert. Grey Goose is incredibly overrated . Having purchased bottles of both for my home, I can honestly say that if youre looking for a smooth, clean vodka, Grey Goose cant touch Crystal Head. Goose is an average vodka, whereas Crystal Head is at the very least above average, if not great.

Crystal Head Vodka Review By Madness

This bottle has been removed from my freezer, it now sits on the counter half full. I found it to have the most offensive aftertaste i have ever experienced in a vodka. I would drink smirnoff before I would ever try this again. I dont understand the positive reviews for this. the bottle shape/style is pretty awesome, especially coming out the the freezer all frosty.. but., I dont believe I have ever poured vodka down the drain before.. at the time I had stoli elite, grey goose, ketel one, and smirnoff here as well. the only bottle that is still around, sitting half full on the counter is the Skull. Maybe its possible it was a bad bottle but for the price, Im not about to pay to find out. maybe drinking it in a mixed drink it would be better.. hopefully I can get rid of it at xmas 🙂 bottle is really cool though

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Crystal Head Vodka Review By Michael

I can understand the salesman thinking that the Vodka was low quality. I like to collect unusually shaped bottles and when I open them sometimes if I buy a couple I find that typically the liquor in the most unusually shaped bottles isnt a very high quality liquor. If he would have opened up a bottle and tasted it he would have found that it indeed was top shelf and could have expressed that to his customers in turn selling more vodka. I dont consider it very good business sense telling his customers that alcohol that he sells is bad.

Crystal Head Vodka Review By Chuck

Crystal Palace Gin

No Rating

I tried a bottle in Chicago last month. Everyone who had it hated it, and I am the same. I usually do Titos or something similar to Monopolowa. I read that its a love/hate kind of thing, but everyone I knew who tried it before hates it. I want to do a blind test with this, but I am not going to shell out 60 dollars again for it.


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Crystal Palace Vodka 10l

In stock

Crystal Palace Vodka is a high-quality vodka, made to satisfy discriminating tastes.

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Crystal Head Vodka Review By Wasteland Warrior

I see your posting is from 2009 I had tried it many years ago and was also disappointed.. But I just won a bottle at a motorcycle rally as a door prize and so have just tried it again..well that bottle has almost dissapeared in less than a week! It is very smooth and has a nice creamy texture with just the slightest hint of sweetness with no aftertasteVery good!. So obviously either they have learned how to get it right over the years, or else I got a lucky batch..

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Crystal Head Vodka Review By Ashton


I am an avid reader of this site and I was super excited to try this vodka. Ever since I bought a bottle of Ciroc Vodka , I found a new love for vodka and spend way too much money on it. I have to say though, this vodka was not as smooth as people describe. For whatever reason, it burned my mouth and had a big after burn in my esophogus. I would much rather drink kettle1


Crystal Head Vodka Review By Black

Crystal Palace Vodka

No Rating

I work for a vodka distillery, and as a vodka drinker I have to say this Crystal Head Vodka is not the best Ive had. Its the worst Ive had for the price tag. Crystal Head, As a grain vodka, tastes like a grain vodka even filtered with crystal. Potato vodka and corn vodka, both have a much cleaner taste and are more neutral, comparatively. I have to say the only reason i would buy this vodka in the future is if I wanted more heads. Im sticking with potato vodka even if its not crystal filtered.


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Is Distilled Vodka Gluten

Does vodka have wheat?

Yes, pure, distilled vodka, even if made with wheat, barley, or rye, is considered gluten-free. Most vodkas are safe for people with celiac disease because of the distillation process. There is also a risk for gluten cross-contact in facilities that process products containing wheat, barley, or rye.

Which vodka is potato vodka?

Here are best potato vodkas you can drink right now.

  • Best Overall: Woody Creek.
  • Best Flavored: 44 North Huckleberry Vodka.
  • Best for Martinis: Chopin.

How To Drink Vodka

There are many ways to enjoy vodka but the main thing to ensure is that its enjoyed ice cold. Before drinking vodka or preparing any vodka-based cocktails, store the bottle in the freezer for a few hours.

As alcohol has a much lower freezing point than vodka, theres no need to worry about it getting too cold. Freezing the vodka will remove any harsh flavours and softens the aroma and taste.

If sipping vodka, pour it into a small tumbler for optimum flavour. Swirl it in the glass and take a small sip as the flavours rest on your palate.

There are plenty of popular vodka-based cocktails to enjoy. Some common favourites are the Cosmopolitan, Martini, Bloody Mary, Gimlet and White Russian. Or, keep it simple in a highball glass with a vodka soda or vodka tonic.

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Crystal Head Vodka Review By Espana

No Rating

I just recieved a Crystal Head gift box from my wife as an anniversay gift and I love the little Skull glasses. I have yet to try the spirit itself though since it is quite expensive. Im planning to save it for New Years eve. From what Ive read online and you good people, you either like it or you dont. My usual vodka is Svedka and I prefer drinking it like a man straight and neat. Ill give my thoughts soon enoughKnowing myself Ill probably crack that baby open before New Years Haha


Crystal Head Vodka Review By Taffyg2003

Tom Was Here – Crystal Head Vodka Bottle Signing w/Dan Aykroyd – Homestead, PA – Sept 2018

I agree that Crystal Head has a distinct flavor, and that it is not totally neutral. It does have a subtle sweet flavor that reminds me of confectioners sugar. It is incredibly smooth, and does have a slight bite on the swallow that lends a nice cooling effect to the drink. Time after time, this vodka never fails to remind me why it is my favorite.

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Crystal Head Vodka Review By E Wallender


Surprised by the favourable reviews for Crystal Head. I challenge anyone to do a side-by-side taste test with something like Lukasawa or Titos. Yes, Lukasawa is a potato vodka and Titos uses corn, so there is a major difference, but we are talking vodka here. As far as grain vodkas, even Pinnacle or Sky have this beat. Its just not good. I would suggest there is a psychological element of people expecting it to be good because it comes in a cool bottle and costs $50 for 750ml. Taste this blind, and it is average at best.

E. Wallender

Crystal Head Vodka Review By Robert Brodrecht

It blows Grey Goose out of the water. Period. I still havent figured out where the negative reviews are coming from, but this is easily one of the top two vodkas Ive ever tasted. The other bottle, Jean Marc XO, also goes for $50 per bottle, and I cant tell if I like it a tad better or the same as Crystal Head.

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Crystal Head Vodka Review By Jimmyt

No Rating

I am very surprised to see all the negative feedback about this vodka. Believe me, I am the first person to be negative about anything being sold by a celeb which claims to be elite, because the opposite is generally the case. For example, I would never buy a watch branded by Louis Vuitton, because LV are master luggage makers, not watch engineers. Similarly, Dan Akroyd branded wine actually makes me look elsewhere, because it wreaks of a well marketed poorly produced product.

When it comes to Crystal Head, however, it seems to be the proverbial exception to the rule. When I first tried it, I had no idea about its origins or celebrity ownership. I was at a Vodka bar in Toronto, called Pravda. Its next door to my office. I am a salesman, and work with a few other sales people in our office as you are aware, salesmen enjoy the odd drink. Ive tasted more or less all of the vodkas offered at Pravda at one point or another. From $5 a shot to $50 a shot, and I can confidently say that Crystal Head is extremely enjoyable, and well worth the cost.

The only downside is that the LCBO, Ontarios only source for spirits, refuses to carry the brand because they feel the skull associates the consumption of alcohol with death.

Instead, I buy Kettle One, which is a very decent and slightly lower priced alternative.


Crystal Head Vodka Review By Uncleal

Crystal Palace Vodka : Crystal Palace Deluxe Vodka Dick Liquor Store ...


I never drank Vodka I didnt like until now. Crystal Head is WAAAYYY overpriced. It starts out with an aftertaste that resembles charcoal. I normally enjoy sipping vodka while having a beer, but the only way I was able to finish the bottle was to mix it with orange juice. For my money, Gilbeys is a much better vodka for a whole lot less money.


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Crystal Head Vodka Review By Harry D’amour


I was given the 1st bottle I tried as a gift. Honestly I figured , novelty bottle = rubbing alcohol. Wow , was I wrong. I ended up with an abscess tooth shortly after and this was what was on hand. I wanted fast relief so with a cringe I grabbed a smallish glass and poured a triple shot. Waiting , cringing , almost pre vomiting in my mouth..for an effect that never came. This is tap water smooth. The lightest of light weights would enjoy a chilled shot of this. No noticeable burn , no dollar store rubbing alcohol smell or after taste. I assume better vodka exist for extravagant prices but I cant imagine how they improve much on this. It sells around $40 where I am in MI so when you figure in at least $20 back on eBay for the bottle this is a super premium vodka at alley swill prices. Honestly , what more could you ask for. I did not make any mixers as I was just so amazed it was so smooooooth it never crossed my mind. Seriously $15 to $20 after you unload the emptyno thousand dollar of vodka satisfies like that. Hell , my 1st wife didnt satisfy like that. Or my 2nd.

Harry D’Amour

Crystal Head Vodka Review By Darksoul252

No Rating

I have tried numerous vodkas. Everything from really cheap to expensive. This is an expensive bottle of vodka. With that said, this is one of the best vodkas I have ever had as well. It has a nearly flavorless taste and mixes well with various juices. It has a slightly sweet flavor which doesnt smell all that great in the bottle but goes well when mixed or even on its own. It goes down smooth with only a touch of burn. If you enjoy vodka it is worth it to try it at least once. The bottle makes for an interesting presentation and conversation piece. The drink itself was an unexpected pleasure.


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Crystal Head Vodka Review By Jessy Johnston


I belong to a motorcycle group with a skull as a primary part of our logo. I began giving bottles of Crystal Head as gifts from the chapter that was met with constant approval.Ive been drinking this stuff myself for about a year, and its the best shooting vodka Ive ever had. Ive had it in a few mixed drinks and its pretty good, but it excels in one drink. White Russians. The smooth, silky, almost light vanilla aftertaste mixes wonderfully with the creamy goodness of the drink. Its the only vodka Ill ever use in a White Russian anymore.As far as the spirituality of the crystal skull legend, all I can say is I have brief flashes of intense anger after having 3 or 4 of these. I dont know if I just dont work well with vodka, or those are some pissed of stones they filter this through. Either way, Dan Akroid did a hell of a job.

Jessy Johnston

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