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Where To Sell Whiskey Online

Why Sell Your Whisky Casks To Us

How To Sell Your Whisky Online – Private Sales, Auctions, Retail Shop

Have you been thinking recently youd like to sell your cask of whisky but dont want the hassle of auctions or risk of private sales. With, you can sell your cask of whisky easily and efficiently with our simple service.

Woolf Drinks is a fine wine and spirits merchant specialising in providing unique access to buy and experience the finest whisky and most exclusive Champagne in the world. Alongside this we import and distribute spirits in the UK market, and we also own The Artful Dodger Whisky Collective, an independent bottler of whisky.

Our staff have over 40 years of combined experience in the drinks trade from working with the Rothschild family to managing a whisky auction. Our staff have sold investment grade wine and whisky whilst others have worked in Londons top bars. This experience and knowledge has left us in a unique position to purchase and bottle whisky. As such we have the self-assurance to reach out to private individuals who own casks and offer our insight to move towards a purchase, confidently and professionally.

If you want to keep part of your cask/s as a memento we can arrange for a bottle/s to be sent to you. This way you can understand what your whisky tastes like and you can keep a memory of the whisky cask/s you once held.

About Just Whisky Auctions

We hold a monthly online sale, where customers can browse our catalogue of whiskies and bid to win some of the most rare and collectable malts in the world.

With low commission fees, our primary goal is to make buying and selling whisky at auction a pleasurable experience. We already have plenty of repeat customers, partly due to our low commission rates, but also because of our quick payment and specialist customer service. We believe we are the most competitive and best value Scotch Whisky Auction available.

Our selling rate is the best in the UK at 6% and our buyers commission rate is only 12% of the hammer price.

A Online Marketplace As Selling Online Liquor In India

As an Online Marketplace, you have to tie up with the Authorized retailers for the selling Liquor in the Particular area.This type business model works on the commission basis but they have to complete the each state rules and regulations.Even in some state you cant operate the normally as a Marketplace because some state laws are imposed a ban on the Liquor consumption and selling. even in some state you cant deliver the Liquor at Home.

As per Wikipedia Home delivery of alcoholic beverages is illegal in Delhi.However, Delhi permits home delivery of beer and wine by private vends and departmental stores. The sale of beer at departmental stores, banquet halls, and farm houses, is legal in Delhi

In the 2014 Dhruv Khandelwal started LetsBudyDrink.Com as a Marketplace in the Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Mumbai with the seed capital 10 lacs buts its Now as per their website its Shut Down.

Apart from Letsbuydrink, there are some other players like or in Mumbai or Delhi started the operations some years back but Now all of these shutdowns as per their website.

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Sell Whiskey Online: How To Sell Whiskey Online

Whiskey was first developed around 1000 AD, when Scottish and Irish monasteries started fermenting mashed grains. This method was originally used as a replacement for grapes, because northern Europe didnât have access to traditional vineyards for winemaking. Despite this, whiskey has remained incredibly popular and is used in some of the most popular cocktails around the world.

As whiskey spread from European countries to other nations, many people have put their own twist on the fermentation and distillation process. Canadian, Japanese, and American whiskey all bring their own flavor profiles to the table. United States consumers love their whiskey, with bourbon and rye whiskey regularly topping favorite drink lists.

If youâre interested in selling food online, there are many options to choose from. Selling liquor online, selling coffee online, and reading how to sell beer online is a great place to start.

Learning how to sell whiskey online is a fantastic option for the fermentation enthusiast. Continue reading for all of the business-minded tips and branding methods you need to launch.

Online Whisky Auction: Buy And Sell Iconic Rare & Collectible Whisky

Jameson 1780 Old Irish Whiskey

Whisky Auctioneer is the world leading platform for the buying and selling of whisky and spirits at auction. Our global auctions feature the most comprehensive selection of old, rare and collectible whiskies and spirits available online. You can find an unrivalled selection of rare Scotch whisky, Japanese whisky, Irish whiskey, bourbon and other world whiskies. Our live whisky auctions also feature other spirits such as Cognac, Armagnac, Tequila,Rum andWine.

There is no better place to sell your whisky online and we pride ourselves in being industry leaders, if you would like to find out more please visit our Step by Step Guide to Selling.

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Verticals & Large Collections

In 2020, we made headlines around the world when we sold a vertical of Macallan 18 Year Olds for one of our clients.

Pete Robson bought a bottle of Macallan 18 year old every year since 1992, as a birthday present for his son, Matthew. The collection consisted of 28 bottles by the time Matthew decided to sell the collection through our brokerage service.

We sold the collection to a private buyer in Asia for £44,000. Matthew planned to use the money to put down a deposit on a house.

As such, a yearly birthday present from father to son turned out to be a brilliant investment that will now help Matthew put a foot on the property ladder. It also serves as a visual history lesson that details the development of Macallan, an internationally renowned whisky brand.

We have also sold a vertical of Port Ellen Annual Releases, and we are currently selling the ultimate Collectors Collection of whisky for £86,020.

Monday Friday: 9am-5pm by appointment only

Ltd Company Number: 11174184

AWRS Unique Reference Number : XYAW 000 0011 1202

EROI: GB289367148000

Selling Whisky Via Our Auction Coordination Service

Following the rise in the value of whisky, coupled with the need for a legal way for the public to sell whisky online, a few entrepreneurs set up specialist, online whisky auctions. They started to appear around 2010 and grew in number each year. As of 2021, there are over 20 specialist online whisky auctions and they can be a great place to sell your whisky online. The main of the specialist online auctions is to help you sell whisky online, but how do they achieve good prices when they only sell whisky online?

These auctions cater only to the sale of whisky and as such are able to be very targeted with their marketing. This had the result of opening up the whisky market to the world as the sale and purchase of rare bottles of whisky became more accessible and user friendly. The significant increase in the value of whisky from 2010 onwards can certainly be attributed, at least in part, to the rise of online auctions, but arguably their most important asset is the fact they are completely legal!

We have partnered with one of the leading online whisky auction houses to provide a service that helps our clients get their bottles to auction quickly and efficiently. Once your bottle is at auction you can watch live as bidding commences and your bottle passes to the hands of a new owner.

If you are interested in selling your bottle through our service then please email some images of your bottle standing upright to

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Build A Persuasive Brand

Millions of people love and consume whiskey every day, but that doesnât mean your business will be recognized immediately. There are over 2,000 whiskey distilleries in the US and thousands more distributors and retailers. You need a plan to get noticed through marketing, partnerships, and good olâ fashioned quality products.

Here are some tips useful for brand-building:

Whats Your Bottle Worth

How to sell whisky online

For a free, no-obligation valuation of your bottles of whisky simply get in touch.

Send us images of your bottles on Whats App and we will get back with a valuation. Click the button above or send the images to 07852 247421

If you want to email over your images please send them to or click the button above.

Would you rather speak in person? Call the office on weekdays 9am to 5pm and we will be happy to help.

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The Market For Selling Whisky In 2021

The market for bottles of rare single malt whisky has remained buoyant even throughout this turbulent year. Bottles continue to break records and distilleries continue to release new and unique bottlings.

As you are probably aware by now, the market for single malt scotch whisky has risen dramatically over the last few years. There was huge growth in 2020 for certain bottles through lockdown and this growth has continued through 2021. A good example demonstrating just how much the market has risen is Macallan Private Eye. It was first released in 1996 with a retail price of £36. It was a limited edition of 5,000 bottles and was advertised for sale very widely across national newspapers.

Just 11 years after release the value had jumped to £240 at auction quite a healthy 566% ROI. Jump forward another 10 years to 2017 and the auction price had jumped again, but this time to £1,500 .

The market then took a real leap and the market reached its peak in October 2018 with prices for Private Eye reaching a staggering £4,000 . This moment also marked a turning point for the market. Prices have been gently falling ever since as the market has become saturated with bottles.

In early 2021 we have seen the price of Macallan Private Eye jump to around £4,000 to £4,500 proving the appetite remains for this bottle.

Can You Sell Liquor Online

With proper legal and business documentation, you can sell liquor online. Now is a great time to enter this market as well, with eCommerce as a whole expected to grow by 15-30% year-over-year . Buyers are now fully accustomed to shopping for almost anything they need online.

Each stateâs liquor laws differ, and this includes online liquor sales. Having a restaurant liquor license is different from an eCommerce license, which is also different from a shipping license.

Before you can start selling your favorite beverages to customers, youâll need all applicable licenses. Continue reading for information on how to get this licensing.

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What Makes Springbank Single Malt Collectible

This free-thinking Campbeltown distillery has built a reputation for outstanding quality among whisky collectors and fans, with its output from the 1980s and 1990s and independent bottlings from Cadenheads playing a particularly important role in bringing Springbank to the worlds attention.

Springbank was always destined to be special. Situated in the one-of-a-kind coastal region of Campbeltown, where its whiskies are influenced by the unique terroir, this distillery has always employed a very traditional, hands-on production philosophy and handles every step of the whisky-making process itself something not found in any other Scottish distillery.

For these reasons, although it is still under the radar as far as the general public is concerned, this family-owned distillery is close to any true whisky-lovers heart.

How To Sell Liquor Online In India

Kentucky Can Sell Bourbon Whiskey Online for the First ...

This is Common Question for the People Whos want to start an Online Liquor Business in India. They are confusing about Can you sell Liquor Online in India. So lets talk abut How to Sell Liquor Online in India.

Before the starting a Liquor Business in India we have to know about the License or Government legal things which are one of the most important factors before starting Liquor Business in India.

For the Starting a Liquor Business in India you have to require License from the Excise Department State Government. Liquor License and Rules & Regulations are held by the each state government like from the selling timing to age or there are a lot of factors which is regulated by the each state government in India.

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How Do You Sell Your Whisky

Are you looking to sell whisky but dont know where to start? At Mark Littler LTD we make the selling process as simple as possible by handling all of the logistics, paperwork and fully insured shipping.

We can help you sell your whisky in three ways:

  • Through a brokered private sale
  • Through specialist online auctions
  • Through our unique brokerage shop
  • Our aim to achieve the best possible price for your bottles afterall, you can only sell once. By giving you all of your options you can be sure you are making the right decision.

    Want To Sell Your Whisky

    WeBuyOldWhisky is a website dedicated to helping people sell their collections of old and rare whisky.

    Our team is always looking to buy old and rare single malt or blended Whisky, Bourbon, Cognac, Armagnac, Rums and other Spirits either in the bottle or still in the cask. We are particularly interested in unique collections.

    As a general rule we are always interested in buying any casks, old Macallan , Macallan Fine & Rare, Macallan Lalique decanters, Macallan blue box 30 year old, old Dalmore, Springbank, Ardbeg, anything old and sherry finish, any old decanters, Port Ellen and closed distilleries, commemorative bottlings, cask strength bottlings, anything pre-1950 and any Japanese whisky such as the Karuizawa, Yamazaki, Hibiki or Suntory brands.

    We also purchase casks given the right conditions. If you are an owner of a cask and are considering selling your cask please visit our Sell Your Whisky section for more information.

    Unfortunately, we are not interested in buying single bottles that have been recently released unless they are very rare and of high value.

    If you have an item you think we may be interested in please feel free to contact us using the form available below. You can also check out our frequently asked questions section that may answer some queries that you have regarding this process.

    We hope you enjoy our web site and look forward to hearing from you !

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    Where Can I Sell Liquor Online

    When itâs time to attract interest in your liquor brand, itâs important to know what online avenues to use. Thanks to eCommerce growth trends and consumersâ desire for convenience, itâs easier than it ever has been to reach buyers.

    There are many places you can sell liquor online. Here are some of the most commonly used:

    BlueCartâs eCommerce platform is built with your key marketing objectives in mind. Track all of your sales and optimize your products for mobile and web visibility all in one place.

    Why Sell Whisky Online Through Our Auction Coordination Service:

    Kerala Government To Sell Liquor Online
    • Your bottle is marketed very widely to a specialist community of buyers.
    • Fees are generally low: Whisky Auctioneer charge a 6% commission
    • Astronomical prices can sometimes be achieved if two buyers get stuck in a bidding battle.

    Specialist online auctions are a great place to sell your whisky if you are not risk-averse. They can achieve prices well over the market averages, but as a note of caution can sometimes also deliver underwhelming prices. The main drawback with auctions is that you have no control over the selling price unless you set a reserve, which has its own issues.

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    Cons Of Selling Your Whisky With Mark Littler Ltd:

    • As the price is set in advance there is no chance the price will exceed the agreed price.
    • We often cannot help with brokering the sale of individual bottles worth less than £150. However, we can help consign your bottle to Whisky Auctioneer.
    • As many of our clients are overseas offers can take 3-5 working days to be finalised.

    Dc Police Lodge Broke The Law By Selling Hundreds Of Whiskey Bottles Online Investigation Finds

    An umbrella group for police unions in Washington violated six provisions of D.C. law by setting up a Jack Daniels Fundraising Committee that sold and shipped hundreds of bottles of whiskey without proper licenses, according to an investigators report for the citys alcohol control board.

    The report by investigator Kevin A. Puente confirmed details about the liquor-selling operation at the D.C. Fraternal Order of Police Lodge that were first reported in November by The Washington Post.

    The Post reported that the lodge, with membership including thousands of active and retired police officers, sold more than 3,000 bottles of Jack Daniels whiskey between 2017 and 2019, taking in more than $500,000. Many bottles were shipped to customers in other states. The lodges own internal investigation concluded that it had never obtained a license to sell liquor by the bottle or to ship it across state lines.

    Puente, the investigator for the D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration, found that the lodge had violated D.C. laws governing the sale of liquor, the importation of hard liquor into the District and the transportation of liquor in bulk.

    Puente said he had questioned the current president of the lodge, former D.C. police officer Gerald Neill Jr., who did not dispute his findings. Neill said that the lodge should have done more to investigate what was allowed under D.C. law, according to the report.

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    Go Where Your Customers Are

    Generating awareness and interest in your company is an obstacle that all kinds of business owners struggle with. Many entrepreneurs believe that buyers will come to their site if it looks snazzy or has great products.

    Unfortunately, this is not how human nature works. People need to have quite a bit of familiarity with your brand before they decide to buy. Instead of expecting people to simply show up to your website, you should actively reach out to them in multiple ways. This is especially true if you’re in a popular niche, like selling coffee online.

    A powerful way of attracting new leads is borrowing someone elseâs audience. Numerous successful businesses and influencers offer sponsored shoutouts for companies of a similar nature. The key here is to fully grasp your audienceâs characteristics and what theyâre most likely to appreciate.

    As a liquor business, you may consider advertising on a sports network, in food magazines, or throughout media consumed by men. These are considered some of the most effective channels for sharing new alcohol products as theyâre closely related to target marketsâ other interests.

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