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What Proof Is Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka Review By Matthew12222

Vodka Review: ABSOLUT VODKA Sweden


I have to say: I really dont mind it.Its got a cool bottle: it freezes and pours well. Its SMOOTH. People who like strong tea and coffee, enjoy bitter tastes as part of the experience. So the fact there bitter grain flavor, it adds interest to the drink. I am not a fan of artificial added flavors, but this is part of the traditional drink before it was easy to distill a drink X many times until its 199 proof. The cheapest 750ml vodka here is 19.50$ I am willing to spend 23.50$ for absolute. Since drinks relate to experiences and memories, Id have to say its one of my favorites. Ive had many good times with it.


Can You Light Vodka On Fire

Yes, you can light vodka on fire, but most vodkas will not sustain a flame for long.

In fact, vodka is very popular in flair bartending that is the kind of bartending which creates drinks that are as impressive to watch being made and delivered as they are to drink.

The best flair bartenders are an entertainment draw.

The movie Cocktail, with Tom Cruise, is a great example of just how clever bartenders can be when making drinks.

Vodka burns with a bright, steady blue flame and thus, its a fantastic ingredient for a round of breathtaking late-night burning drinks.

But not all vodka burns well or consistently. This is because vodka is generally 80 proof and this isnt quite enough alcohol for a consistent flame.

At 80 proof, the alcohol will catch fire, but the water in the vodka will quickly extinguish the blaze.

Take a look at what happens if you put a torch onto a bottle of vodka:

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Absolut Vodka Review By Becky


I used it in a Bloody Caesar and I mix strong, even still the taste was still rather good. It was slightly below room temperature the first time I used it. Ive had Caesars made strong with other Vodkas and I found the taste was almost overpowering when it was made as strong as I make it myself. At least once with Smirnoff I couldnt finish the drink. Im definitely sticking by Absolut for Caesars in the future.


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Absolut Vodka Review By Ddonaldson5

No Rating

Way too expensive. This vodka is an old gem. Once perceived to be one of the best ever has been smashed by medium priced vodkas. Alot of oil on this vodka and terrible burn. Great to clean my garage floor with but will only enter my mouth for to taste against other vodkasnever to be swallowed.


Absolut Vodka Review By Taffyg2003

[BUY] Absolut 100 Proof Vodka (RECOMMENDED) at


After having a decent, though undistinguished, Belvedere martini while out with my wife last night, I was curious to try one made with the ubiquitous Absolute for comparison. Based on the reviews that I had read on this forum and from some friends opinions over the years, I was not expecting much.

The aroma, along with the initial flavor of the sip, was somewhat nutty this was very different from any other vodka I had tasted. I was not sure that I liked this, but it definitely got my attention. Then, as the martini flowed to the back of my tongue as I was beginning to swallow, I noticed how surprisingly smooth it was! Wow, what a pleasant vodka, I thought. Then reality kicked in, and the vodka began to burn strongly after the swallow followed by a disturbing peppery aftertaste that lingered long afterwards. I found this roller-coaster-like taste experience with every sip of the martini. Yuck! Never again.

Absolute is by a wide margin my least favorite vodka to date, and its eighth place ranking on my list of eight vodkas so far will likely fall as I continue to taste test other more distinguished options.


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Absolut 80 Proof & Flavored Vodka 750ml

Retail Price:$23.99

Product Description

80 proof – Crafted only with Swedish winter wheat near the small town of Ahus.

Citron – Made from natural citrus flavors and vodka distilled from grain grown in the rich fields of southern Sweden

Berri Acai – A flavor symphony of acai, blueberry, pomegranate blended with vodka distilled from grain grown in the rich fields of southern Sweden

Pears – Experience the fruity and delicate flavor blended with vodka

Wild Tea – Absolut tea and elderflower is an unexpected combination of naturally sweet, fruity, floral flavors

Ruby Red – Immerse yourself in the refreshing taste of zesty grapefruit, blended with vodka

Raspberri – Feel the intense burst of natural Raspberry, blended with vodka

Peppar – Made from natural peppers and vodka

Mango – Enjoy this rich and juicy flavor, blended with vodka distilled from grain grown in southern Sweden

Vanilla – Experience the purest natural vanilla blended with the finest vodka

Apeach – Be seduced by the complex flavors of natural peach.

Mandrin – Mandrin is made from unique blend of natural mandrin and orange flavors

Absolut Is A Proud Weirdo In The Vodka World

When it hit the American market in 1979, Absolut was like the shy new kid in the vodka schoolyard. The understated, apothecary-style bottle looked nothing like traditional and dominant Russian vodka bottles. An ad exec doing marketing for Absolut came up with the famously minimalist, richly graphic Absolut campaign.

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The Making Of Absolut Elyx Vodka

Absolut Vodka is one of the major brands responsible for the boom in vodka in America. In the early 80s and 90s, Absolut Vodka helped define the vodka culture with a different look, a different approach, and a distinctively different taste. Although Absolut has expanded their range of offerings over the years, mostly in the flavored space, no release comes close to the significance of their new Absolut Elyx. In many ways Absolut Elyx is a response to vodka drinkers who have moved away from Absolut towards other premium vodkas like Ketel One and Grey Goose. Like Absolut classic Vodka, Absolut Elyx is still wheat based, but its character and taste profile are radically different.

While most of the winter wheat used to make the classic Absolut Vodka comes from the area immediately surrounding the distillery, for Absolut Elyx theyve taken their One Source concept to the next level by sourcing all the wheat from a single estate, the Råbelöf Estate. The concept of a single estate vodka is fairly uncommon as terroir isnt something that vodka makers typically focus on. Vodka terrior is just one of the many things that help make Absolut Elyx distinct.

Unlike the distillation of Absolut Vodka, which is entirely controlled by computers, Absolut Elyx is a much more labor intensive and hand crafted process. All the controls for the Absolut Elyx still are operated by hand . The human element also has an impact on the final product.

Things You Should Know About Absolut Vodka

Liquor Review Absolut Vodka

Even if you dont drink vodka, youre probably familiar with Absolut, thanks to its ridiculously successful marketing campaign. Even if you do drink Absolut, there are probably more than a few things you dont know about the product, or the company itself. From a surprising level of environmental awareness to ancient water sources to that pesky old gluten question, here are 10 things you should absolutely know about the iconic label.

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How To Drink Vodka

There are many ways to enjoy vodka but the main thing to ensure is that its enjoyed ice cold. Before drinking vodka or preparing any vodka-based cocktails, store the bottle in the freezer for a few hours.

As alcohol has a much lower freezing point than vodka, theres no need to worry about it getting too cold. Freezing the vodka will remove any harsh flavours and softens the aroma and taste.

If sipping vodka, pour it into a small tumbler for optimum flavour. Swirl it in the glass and take a small sip as the flavours rest on your palate.

There are plenty of popular vodka-based cocktails to enjoy. Some common favourites are the Cosmopolitan, Martini, Bloody Mary, Gimlet and White Russian. Or, keep it simple in a highball glass with a vodka soda or vodka tonic.

Can You Drink Absolut Vodka Straight

The ways to enjoy Absolut Vodka Original are almost as many as the number of times it is distilled countless. Bring your friends or bring yourself. Mix with many or keep it neat. Add soda water, lime juice and a couple of lime slices to serve yourself the perfect Absolut Vodka Soda or pick any of the drinks below.

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Is Smirnoff Or Absolut Vodka Better

Absolute vodka is much stronger than a Smirnoff would be and its defiantly not as sweet. Would advise mixing with this drink. Drinking absolut straight is way different then drinking shmirnoff. Its a lot strong but still very smooth I would definitely recommend mixing it with a juice or something.

Absolut Vodka And Titos Taste

Absolut 100 Proof Black Vodka

Now lastly lets talk about the taste of Absolut Vodka and Titos which again will come more subjective as we may have different perceptions. First thing from the scent, none of them are offending but in comparison Absolut is definitely showing the alcohol content while Titos is very subtle, almost like regular water. For the texture, both of them are very malty but the Titos one also give a sweet aftertaste after you gulp it down. If it was blind taste, many people would probably think Titos is an expensive one.

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How Is Vodka Made

As a relatively straightforward spirit, vodka can be distilled from virtually anything. Its mostly produced by fermenting potatoes or cereal grains like wheat or rye. The majority of plain vodkas and almost all Russian vodkas are created with wheat, while Polish vodka favours rye and Finnish vodka goes for barley. When vodka is produced using something other than potato or cereal grain, like Ciroc, which is made using grapes, it must legally be declared on the bottle.

To make vodka, the potato or grain is heated to form a mash before being mixed with yeast to produce ethanol. This fermentation process can take anything from one day to two weeks before the liquid is purified to remove any odours or off notes. Then, its distilled in column stills or pot stills to reach its desired purity.

The vodka, at 95.6 percent, is then diluted to around 50% with purified or spring water before being distilled again, at which point infusions can be added. The spirit is finished in the pot before common additives like honey or sugar are added. Before the final step, every bottle of vodka goes through a particle filter before its chilled and sold.

Is Vodka Hard Alcohol

Alcohol comes in dozens of different sizes, shapes, and alcohol by volume content, the basic measurement of how much ethanol is in a given volume of the beverage. This last characteristic is what separates wines and beers from the so-called hard liquors of the world: vodka, whiskey, rum, scotch, and many more.

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Absolut Vodka And Titos Manufacturing Process

When it comes to the manufacturing process each brand may have their own special steps or distilling process but in general they are distilled from the mash such as wheat mash and corn mash and the distilling process is meant to remove the impurities, leaving the unnecessary character behind. Absolut name ring with the infinite distilling process itself which is claimed to be different than many other brands and it makes sense since it is column distilled. Titos on the other hand is made with pot still and distilled six times.

For quite some time there has been information going around about Titos using NGS and then distilling it in their facility which we personally cant confirm but just for those who care but are not aware that this may affect how you see the brand in general. In our opinion it is not something that most people will care about since the beverage itself tastes good so there should be no issue.

Sort The Jolly Ranchers

Absolut Mandarin Vodka Review – On the Rocks

Thats grape, green apple and watermelon at the top with cherry and blue raspberry in front. As you can see, you dont necessarily get equal numbers of every flavor in an assortment bag.

This bag had more of the grape than any other flavor, and less of blue raspberry. But even with the blue raspberry, there was more than enough to do the whole experiment twice.

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Is There Sugar In Absolut Raspberry Vodka

Absolut Raspberri Vodka is rich and intense with the fresh and fruity taste of ripened raspberries harvested in the Swedish hillsides. Absolut Raspberri is made exclusively from natural ingredients, and unlike some other flavoured vodkas, it doesnt contain any added sugar making it perfect for mixing.

Absolut Vodka Review By Mohammed

No Rating

You are being generous on this rubbing alcohol vodka. really three stars ! and you gave x rated vodka 3 stars and vox 2 stars. vox is better than absolut so why you rated vox less than absolut ! I definitely desagree with this review . i think you should rated it 1 star. and this is why .the first vodka i had was absolut because it was popular and my friends drink it . I tried shot of this vodka and it was like rubbing alcohol very burn and bitterness . Yuk! it was hell when shoting it.So I hated vodka because I thought all vodkas will burn like absolut until I tried ketel one which changed my mind about vodka.


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Our Top High Proof Vodka Picks

  • This is a higher-proof version of Finlandia’s standard vodka. It is distilled from six-row barley and uses glacial spring water to bring it to proof of 101 .
  • 5Like the standard Belvedere Vodka bottling, Belvedere Intense 100 Proof Vodka is distilled from 100% Polish Dankowskie rye. In this case, the vodka is only brought down to 100 proof rather than 80 proof. Sold in global travel retail outlets.
  • 44Absolut 100This is a higher proof version of the classic Absolut Vodka. The black bottle with silver lettering replaced Absolut Red in the late aughts to better differentiate between the classic bottle and the higher proof version. Absolut is produced in the town of Åhus in Sweden from locally-grown winter wheat. Absolut 100 is bottled at 50% ABV.
  • 3First introduced in 2015, this 100-proof vodka uses the same recipe for their standard vodka, but it’s dialed up a notch, alcohol-wise. It is column-distilled from Swedish winter wheat. Bottled at 50% ABV.
  • 22Smirnoff Blue 100 ProofMade just like the classic Red No. 21 vodka, but bottled at higher proof. It is distilled via continuous distillation and made from grain. It is charcoal filtered and bottled at 50% ABV. It is known in some markets and travel retail as “Export Strength” or “No. 57 Export Strength”.
  • 1

Top 10 Absolut Vodka Proof Of 2020 On The Market

Absolut Absolut 100 Proof Vodka
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What Is Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka can be seen on bar shelves across the world as a premium vodka for creating adventurous, hand-crafted cocktails or simply drinking straight from a glass.

Absolut has a somewhat revolutionary past. Its creator, Lars Olsson Smith, created what was then called Rent Brannvin in response to a monopolized liquor market. It did so well that it made Smith quite wealthy but drove Sweden to monopolize his brand, calling it Absolut Rent Brannvin. From there, a higher end product called Absolut Vodka was introduced as the Vodka of Sweden.

Absolut Vodka is nothing if not unique. Splashing on the scene as a newcomer in the late 1970s, Absolut gained notoriety for its unusually shaped bottle. For those interested in sustainability and environmental responsibility, Absolut takes the cake in that regard as well. From repurposing distillery byproducts as animal food to sourcing all of its wheat from local farms.

Absolut Vodka has made a name for itself from its upstart history, advertising campaigns, and unique approach to the industry. Once an Absolut Vodka hits the glass, it makes its name all over again as a smooth, subtle vodka that can be fashioned in any way.

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