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How To Make Orange Vodka

History Of The Screwdriver Vodka And Orange Cocktail

How To Make Orange Flavored Vodka / Extract

When we look back through cocktail history, it seems as though the recipes that have stood the test of time the classics all have a common trait. They all seem to have this mystique that follows them. A charming story behind their origin that shows how they were born out necessity, opportunity or sheer creativity. These cocktails are so popular and beloved that the stories behind their creation endure after hundreds of years, and its our responsibility to share these stories so they can continue to live on.

One of our favourite stories dates back to the mid-twentieth century in the Persian Gulf. American workers aboard oil rigs werent privy to many fancy amenities or personal belongings. Workdays were long and difficult, and the conditions were almost always dangerous. One thing that was in abundance, however, was orange juice. It was a treat for most mornings that helped to keep the spirits of the workers a little bit higher. The story goes that on mornings after particularly late nights, the workers would be feeling a little worse for wear. In order to help get them through the day, they would add a little vodka to their treasured orange juice. Since they didnt have the luxury of a bar spoon nearby, they would mix their morning cocktails with whatever was handy a screwdriver, for example. Before long, this makeshift cocktail became increasingly popular and was promptly named after its makers trusty apparatus, the screwdriver.

Take a sip of the Spicy Madras Mama.

Orange Vodka Party Punch

  • 1literlemon lime sodaregular or diet


  • Make sure all ingredients are cold to start. Mix in pitcher. Add sliced oranges for garnish. Serve over ice.
  • Want it stronger? Add up to 1 cup more vodka.

Recipe Notes

  • Make this a mocktail by omitting the vodka and adding more soda.
  • Make serving to all guests easy: make it a mocktail punch and have the vodka nearby so guests can add it as they please.
  • Make this ahead of time by mixing the juices and vodka. Add the soda right before serving.

Nutrition Information

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What Happens If You Drink Vodka Too Much

The symptoms of an alcohol overdose include confusion, difficulty remaining conscious, nausea, seizures, loss of breathing ability, clammy skin, dulled responses, such as no gag reflex , and extremely low body temperatures. A brain overdose caused by alcohol can be fatal or result in permanent damage.

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All About Orange Juice And Vodka

Made by extracting the juice of oranges, orange juice is a classic refrigerator staple. The drink can be made using any type of orange juice and is thus available in several varieties, including:

  • Blood orange
  • Clementine
  • Tangerine

Grown in warmer areas like California and Florida, oranges are packed with vitaminsmost notably vitamin c. The sun-kissed growing process gives freshly squeezed orange juice a bright, energizing citrus flavor.

Does Mixing Water With Vodka Make You More Drunk

How To Make Homemade Orange

Drinking mixed drinks gets rinks actually get you drunk quicker? It is not true that mixing your drinks will make you drunk faster, according to NHS Alcohol Myth Buster. As a result, mixing your drinks will only upset your stomach, not make you more intoxicated, since your blood alcohol content determines how drunk you are.

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The Kind Of Vodka You Use In Party Punch Does Matter

I know that people might think that, because its punch and not a shot, that you can just use cheap vodka, but thats not really the case. As Ive aged Ive realized that buying better brands of liquor is like buying that mid-range wine: it just tastes better and gives you less after effect.

Be sure to use a vodka you like to drink straight or mixed with plain soda. My favorite is Titos but I also recommend Skky or Kettle One or Smirnoff.

What Is The Best Bitters For A Martini

  • 15 cents for Angostura Aromatic Bitters
  • I recommend Peychauds Aromatic Cocktail Bitters, $14 a bottle.
  • Aromatic Bitters from The Jack Rudy Cocktail Company.
  • The Bitter Chuncho Bitters are $20
  • Xocolatl Mole Bitters. Bittermens. $23.
  • A chocolate bitter that tastes like the truth. $35.
  • The chocolate bitters from Bobs are $28
  • $13 for a bottle of Fee Brothers West Indian Orange Cocktail Bitters.
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    How Much Vodka Per Day Is Safe

    Alcohol in general is considered empty calories, meaning it gives lots of calories, but they dont satisfy your hunger. Its something to enjoy a little of, not something to indulge in or to fill your empty stomach with.

    For your healthy consumption of alcohol, we made our cocktails adhere to the USDAs guidelines. According to the USDAs guidelines, men should not exceed two drinks per day and women can have up to one.

    Also, one drink, per USDA standards, includes 1.5 oz of 80-proof spirits.

    What To Make With Homemade Orange Extract

    How To Prepare Orange Vodka

    This delightful treat will last indefinitely if stored properly! Simply keep it in a sealed container, ideally an airtight jar, and out of direct sunlight, and it will last a long time! I keep mine tucked in my spice cabinet, always ready when I need a little orange flavor.

    To me, Homemade Orange Extract is begging me to make a chocolate and orange dessert like an updated version of my Disappearing Marshmallow Brownies or Chocolate Zucchini Bread for that classic combination. Any chocolate dessert can complement a little orange extract.

    Looking for more savory dinner options to use your new extract on? A pinch of extract in this Orange Mustard Pork Tenderloin recipe or this Slow Cooker Cranberry Orange Chicken will take it from good to great with an extra zing of orange.

    Sometimes, you just want a burst of orange, and these Double Orange Muffins are it for me. Add a half teaspoon of orange extract before baking and youll smell the tropics before the timer dings.

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    Vodka Blood Orange Cocktail Ingredients

    Our sparkling Vodka Blood Orange cocktail is made with fresh and healthy ingredients.

    • Vodka: we suggest using Grey Goose, Stoli or Iceberg vodka.
    • Blood Orange Juice: we suggest squeezing your own blood oranges as fresh juice is unbeatable. If youre making this drink outside of the growing season you could use Blood Orange Puree as a substitute.
    • San Pellegrino Aranciata Rossa: this Italian soda is flavoured with blood oranges and easy to find at your local grocery store.
    • Soda Water: we suggest using premium Fever Tree Club Soda. You could also use sparkling water from your own Soda Stream machine.
    • Mint: you can purchase mint or harvest your own in an indoor edible garden.

    How Do You Make Vodka Soda Better

  • You can boost your vodka soda by infusing it with a fruit, herb, or other botanical. One great way to achieve this is by simply infusing your vodka with a fresh or dried botanical.
  • Mix fresh fruit or herbs with a little water.
  • Fill the glass with an alcoholic beverage or liqueur with strong flavors.
  • There is no escape from garnishing.
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    Pour Into A Bowl Ice Cube Trays Plastic Cups With Lids Shot Glasses Martini Glasses Etc

    How to make jello syringes with vodka. Then into sanding sugar to coat. How to make jello shots. Take a piece of chocolate kisses and dip the bottom part in cool whip.

    Combine the cold water and vodka Of water less than the required amount. How to make jello shots with vodka | the quarantini shootersubscribe to help feed the hungry ~ details below~jello shots are a fun and easy fruity cocktail s.

    Fill syringes with jello mix and put in the fridge to harden. If youd like your shots to have a stronger kick, use 3/4 cup of vodka and 1/4 cup of cold water. Fill syringes with jello mix and put in the fridge to harden.

    Strawberry jello, strawberry vodka, and pink moscato. measure 1 cup of boiling water for each package of jello your are using and 1 cup of the alcohol of your choice. Cherry jello, lime vodka, and triple sec.

    In a medium pot, boil 1.5 cups water. Fill syringes with jello mix and put in the fridge to harden. How to make jello syringe shots with vodka.

    Substitute all of the cold water with the alcohol that you have chosen step 5: Learn how to make jello shot syringes with this easy recipe. How to make witch hat vodka jello shots.

    Divide into cups and refrigerate for 4 hours. To take the shot, the drinker shoots the syringe directly into their mouth then chases it with the soda. To fill the syringes, place the tip of the syringe in pan with jello mixture and pull up the syringe until the liquid is filled to the top.

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    How To Make Orange Liqueur At Home

    The Perfect Cosmopolitan

    A bottle of orange liqueur is a must for any well-stocked bar. Its a key ingredient for a lot of classic cocktails like margaritas, sidecars and cosmopolitans. But before you run out and buy a bottle of Cointreau or Curacao, try this easy recipe for the most amazing orange liqueur that you can make at home.

    All you need are four ingredients and a bit of time. Oranges, vodka , sugar and water. Steep the orange zest in vodka for about three weeks, mix sugar syrup and thats it, its ready to be bottled and served.

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    What Is A Screwdriver Drink

    Legend says that the name came about decades ago. Oil workers in the Persian Gulf needed to have some fun, but apparently, outside working hours wasnt enough.

    They ended up sneaking vodka into their orange juice when no one was looking.

    If you think that name is odd, wait till you hear about the drink to die dreaming, a Latin-American mix.

    With no spoon lying around, they stirred their drinks with what they had on hand a screwdriver. Poof! The screwdriver cocktail was born.

    How Strong Is A Screwdriver

    The strength of your screwdriver will ultimately depend on how much orange juice you pour, but it is generally a low-proof cocktail. When made according to the recipe with 80-proof vodka, it should have an alcohol content of around 10 percent ABV . It’s like drinking a glass of light white wine, only fruitier.

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    Can You Drink Whiskey With Orange Juice

    If youre a whiskey lover, youre in luck because the spirit is the perfect companion to freshly squeezed orange juice.

    Orange juice works well with whiskey because its natural sweetness tones down the alcohols sharp flavor. It also serves to cut through the drinks bitterness for the perfect balance that has become wildly popular in cocktails like the whiskey sour.

    How To Make A Martini With Orange Bitters And Vodka

    How to Make Orange Vodka Martini

    At least 30 minutes must pass in the refrigerator before using the martini glass. A cocktail shaker filled with ice should contain vodka, vermouth, and orange bitters. Be sure to shake well before using. In a glass filled with chilled water, strain. A lemon peel twist can be garnished if you wish.

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    Vodka And Orange Juice Cocktail

    Published on January 30, 2022 by Eden

    Vodka and orange juice is one of the easiest mixed drinks you can make! This drink, also known as a screwdriver, only has two ingredients and a refreshing orange juice flavor. Its the perfect brunch cocktail, just like our classic mimosa, to sip for all occasions.

    Packed with bright and citrusy flavor, oranges are the perfect fruit to add to vodka. Best known as a companion to vodka, orange juice tastes great with vodka and is a wonderful cocktail to serve for breakfast or brunch.

    Also, check out all of our favorite vodka cocktail recipes!

    What Can You Add To Orange Juice

    In addition to your favorite spirit, there are plenty of other elements you can add to your orange juice cocktail.

    Orange juice shines when its combined with other fruits like cherries, strawberries, and cranberries that can be added to your cocktail muddled, whole, or as a syrup. Consider adding sparkling water for a little fizz, or finish off your drink with a sprig of fresh herbs like rosemary or thyme.

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    Vodka Blood Orange Cocktail Drink Recipe

    • Pin

    Looking for the best Vodka Blood Orange cocktail recipe?

    Our quick & easy festive Blood Orange Vodka Cocktail recipe is a fun and refreshing holiday Christmas drink thanks to its red and green eye-appeal.

    Blood Oranges are typically in season from December to early Spring so the holidays is the best time of year to serve your guests from a celebratory Vodka Blood Orange punch bowl.

    The homemade blood orange drink features premium vodka, blood orange juice, San Pellegrino Aranciata Rossa, soda water, mint sprig and blood orange slice.

    How To Make A Screwdriver


    Despite the backstory, you dont need a screwdriver to stir vodka into your drink. A cocktail shaker is more professional and makes a better drink.

    You can also find ways to juice oranges in our article on the best orange juice recipes.

    First, pour the vodka, orange juice, and sugar into your shaker. Then load the shaker halfway through with ice, close the lid, and start shaking vigorously for 5 minutes.

    After that, fill your serving glass with clean ice and strain the cocktail in.

    If you dont have a shaker, first stir the sugar with the orange juice in a large pitcher until dissolved. Add vodka, stir to incorporate, and divide the cocktail into serving glasses topped with ice.

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    All About Orange Juice

    Made by extracting the juice of oranges, orange juice is a classic refrigerator staple. The drink can be made using any type of orange and is thus available in several varieties, including:

    • Blood orange
    • Clementine
    • Tangerine

    Grown in warmer areas like California and Florida, oranges are packed with vitaminsmost notably vitamin c. The sun-kissed growing process gives freshly squeezed orange juice a bright, energizing citrus flavor.

    What To Serve With Cranberry Orange Infused Vodka

    To make this into a Cranberry Orange Vodka Cocktail: Use about 1-ounce Cranberry Orange Vodka to 6-ounces club soda or sparkling water. Add an orange or lemon slice to the glass too if you have it.

    Unsweetened cranberry, orange, or tangerine sparkling water will all work well in the cranberry orange vodka cocktail.

    Since I recommend eating something when you are drinking alcohol, some of my favorite festive options include cream cheese stuffed peppers, turkey quinoa soup, or baked brie with pecans and honey.

    Final thoughts:

    You really can’t go wrong with vodka Christmas gifts, and this orange cranberry infused vodka is delicious.

    It livens up regular vodka to make fun and festive cranberry orange cocktails all season long.

    Not only is this Cranberry Orange Vodka great for a homemade holiday gift, it’s also nice to have in the fridge just in case people stop by your house over the holidays and you want a seasonal vodka drink to offer.


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    Should I Make My Own Orange Liqueur

    When mixing drinks, I tend to prefer Grand Marnier in cocktails with aged spirits and Cointreau in drinks made with clear spirits. Neither of them is out-of-this-world expensive, but keeping both on hand costs about $60. I’ve found that I’m a little wary of “wasting” either in untested recipes. I tried keeping the cheap stuff on hand as a back-up, but that just resulted in gross drinks.

    DIY orange liqueur saves a little cash, but more importantly, its flavor profile is a good match for a wide variety of spirits and cocktail ingredients. The mix of navel and bitter orange peels along with brandy and vodka gives it a flexible, sweet-but-not-too-sweet flavor that makes for well-balanced cocktails. It isn’t as refined as Grand Marnier or Cointreau, but it comes close enough that I’m happy to use it in my Sidecar or Cosmopolitan as well as in more experimental concoctions.

    A side-by-side comparison of homemade orange liqueur with a bottom-shelf triple sec is no contest: DIY wins it by a mile. If you’re feeling adventurous, mix up a special batch with some extra spices or flavorings. I made a batch with cinnamon and cloves that pairs well with rum and whiskey, and I think vanilla could make for a fun addition, too.

    What’s In A Vodka Martini Recipe

    How To Make an Orange Creamsicle | Easy Vodka Recipe | Booze on The Rocks

    You can prepare martini in various ways, by using either gin or vodka. The rest is completely up to your taste. You can simply make a classic martini by combining gin, vermouth and some cracked ice or you can create your own martini with your own touch. Cocktails should have some more aromas with an elegant look for me, so I always add some fruit. Im always open to new ideas about cocktail recipes, so Im just intrigued by Chili Martini and I will definitely try it next time. No matter what flavors you love in your martini, serve it very cold. So dont forget to chill your martini glasses in the freezer about half an hour before serving.

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