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What Goes Good With Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey

Best Overall: Jack Daniels Old No 7 Black Label Tennessee Whiskey

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey (Too sweet or spot on?) | No Nonsense Whisky #186
  • Stronger than most beer

  • Pricey, though competitive

Its no secret that canned cocktails are a hot commodity, and their appeal goes beyond being just another trendy beverage. Theyre convenient and let you skip the mixing while letting you enjoy the taste of a cocktail. Different from malt beverages, these use real liquor and have a higher alcohol content. In 2020, Jack Daniels joined the swarm and released its first canned cocktails.

Two of theseWhiskey & Cola and Whiskey & Seltzertaste all right, but lack the fizz and customizability of the original drinks, which are also super easy to make from scratch. The real shining light in this collection is Whiskey, Honey, and Lemonade. Its like a honey-sweetened whiskey lemonade and has more whiskey flavor than the bottled Lynchburg Lemonade. The taste is so similar to a freshly made cocktail that its worth picking up a four-pack. Enjoy them ice-cold, but remember that these cans are stronger than the average beer, so take it easy or pour a glass and top it with seltzer.

ABV: 7 percent | Volume: 355 ml

Whether youre familiar with the brand or looking for your first taste, you cannot go wrong with Jack Daniels Black Label . It is the whiskey that gave the distillery its iconic name and all other expressions are based on it. For something different, Gentleman Jack is an excellent choice for those who like a softer whiskey, while the Single Barrel Barrel Proof is ideal for drinkers who want a big, bold Tennessee whiskey.

Pairing Jack Daniels Whiskey With Chocolate

If you thought fruit and whiskey was an odd pairing, chocolate and whiskey might throw you for a loop. Yet, chocolate is possibly one of the best flavors you can use while Jack Daniels and food pairing. Remember, contrasting flavors bring out the uniqueness of both. But keep in mind, theres more than one type of chocolate.

The sweetness of a Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey pairs beautifully with the smooth dairy flavors of white chocolate. Although its often thought that white chocolate is flavored with vanilla, this isnt actually true. However, by blending the sweetness of a Honey Whiskey with the creaminess of white chocolate, you can achieve a true vanilla taste.

If youre more of a traditionalist who doesnt fancy sweetened whiskey, you can still enjoy the complex contrast between a piece of dark chocolate and a lightly smoked, lightly sweet Jack Daniels original. The bitterness of dark chocolate combined with the bright tones of whiskey, combine to balance each other and highlight the others unique profile.

Why Trust The Spruce Eats

Colleen Graham is a food and beverage writer with over a decade of experience writing about cocktails, beer, and wine. She is the author of two booksRosé Made Me Do It and Tequila: Cocktails With a Kickand has developed countless drink recipes. She also interviewed Eric ET Tecosky, Jack Daniels U.S. Brand Ambassador and Mixology Veteran, for his insights for this roundup.

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Punchy And Fruity: The Tropical Mixer

We can admit that tropical flavors arent the first thing that comes to mind when we think of whiskey, but remember, this is honey whiskey, and that sweetness changes the whole complexion.

Throw in the mellow spice of the spirit, and what you have is a tropical treat worth savoring. To help stop the whole thing from becoming a little too sharp, we throw in a little coconut cream which adds a delightful mouthfeel and smoothness.

To make this tropical mixer, simply combine 1 part fruit juice, wed opt for pineapple or mango, with 2 parts Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Whiskey and 1 part coconut cream. Mix ingredients with ice in a cocktail shaker, pour and serve with a lime wedge for a garnish.

What Snacks Pair Well With Whiskey

Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey  1.75L  Mr Liquor

Bratwurst/Kielbasa: Fattiness matches the heft of the bourbon without being too spicy. Oysters Rockefeller: Bacon and seasonings add fortitude to subtle oysters. Manchego/Emmental: Bold but nuanced, semi-hard cheeses bring out subtleties in whiskey. Candied Pecans: Sweet with sweeta pairing born in the American South.

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Tropical Milky Shooter With Jack Daniels Winter Jack

Pour quarter oz of each of JD Winter Jack Tennessee Cider, JD Single Barrel Rye liqueur, and coconut rum, each, in the shot glass, and then add 1 oz of chilled coconut milk to it. Sprinkle a pinch of nutmeg powder and shoot in immediately.

Coconut Rum Shots with Jack Daniels Winter Jack Tennessee Cider

Use Lemon Or Citrus To Balance The Flavors

Most rum and coke or Jack and coke recipes dont require lemon juice. But the flavor of any drink with Coca Cola begs for a brightness from citrus. The acidity from the lemon cuts through the sweetness of the cola.

Simply squeeze in the juice from the lemon before you add it to the drink, and it makes the flavor much more interesting! You can also use lime for a similar effect, which makes it similar to a Cuba Libre.

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What’s A Good Mixer For Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey


Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Cocktails

  • Honey Whiskey Sour.
  • Jack Honey Sweetened Blackberry Tea.
  • Wildflower Honey Punch.
  • Honey Limeade.
  • Honey Sangria.

Additionally, what is a good mix with Jack Daniels? Some of the most popular mixers to pair with Jack Daniel’s are ginger ale, Coke, lemonade and sour mix. While these mixers tend to be used for more straight-forward mixed drinks, there are more complex cocktails that call for additional ingredients and other liquors.

Regarding this, can you put honey in Jack Daniels?

Smooth-drinking and mildly sweet, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey is a blend of Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey and a proprietary honey liqueur. Keep it chilled and serve neat or on the rocks.

What soda is good with Jack Daniels Honey?

I just substituted the coke with Sprite, and the regular Jack Daniels with the Jack Daniels Honey and added lemon slices. It’s based on the 3 parts Sprite to 1 part Jack Honey ratio. Fill your glass with ice. Pour a shot of Jack Honey over the ice.

  • 3/4 fill a highball glass with cubed ice.
  • Pour Jack Honey over ice.
  • Top with lemonade.
  • Pairing Jack Daniels With Sushi

    Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Whiskey tasting

    Sushi seems odd when it comes to Jack Daniels and food pairing. After all, sashimi is a delicate, artful food often paired with the smooth taste of sake. Wouldnt whiskey overpower the gentle flavors of raw fish and rice? If it sounds unbelievable, youll be surprised to learn that the Japanese have paired sushi with whiskey for decades.

    Nigiri topped with raw cuts of salmon, tuna, or octopus are often well-suited to the complexities of Jack Daniels thanks to their higher fat content and unique flavor profiles. The saltiness of shrimp and roe will also help the natural grassiness of Jack Daniels pop in your mouth.

    However, you may find the alcoholic bite of Jack Daniels a little overpowering. If so, we recommend softening your whiskey with some ice. When chilled, the flavors will settle and the temperature of your beverage will match that of the cooled. Speak with your sushi chef and see which cuts of fish he recommends.

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    Homemade Jack Daniels Downhome Punch Recipe

    This is an ideal party drink to surprise your guests. To make it, first, take a large pitcher or can and pour in 1 part of each of Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey, 7-Up soda or club soda, peach schnapps and sweet & sour mix, along with 2 parts of orange juice and a dash of grenadine. Pour plenty of ice cubes and stir for a while again. Strain into drinking glasses and serve chilled.

    Homemade Jack Daniels Downhome Punch with Tennessee Whiskey

    What Can You Mix Whiskey With Other Than Coke

    5 Great Mixers for Whiskey That Arent Ginger Ale Lemonade. Sweet, tangy lemonade is one of the most refreshing things you can drink come summer. Club Soda . While Whiskey Gingers taste great, the sweet soda often covers up the intricate flavors of more nuanced bottlings. Sweet Vermouth. Apple Cider. Coffee.

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    What Do You Mix Jack Daniels Fire With

    4.9/5Jack Daniel’sFiremixwillwillcomplete answer

    Here are five great mixers for whiskey that aren’t ginger ale.

  • Lemonade. Sweet, tangy lemonade is one of the most refreshing things you can drink come summer.
  • Club Soda. While Whiskey Gingers taste great, the sweet soda often covers up the intricate flavors of more nuanced bottlings.
  • Sweet Vermouth.
  • Coffee.
  • Additionally, what is Jack Daniels fire? Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire. A new and exciting twist, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire is crafted by skillful blending of JD’s original proprietary smoking-hot cinnamon liqueur with Old No. The whiskey, dubbed “Jack Fire,” is a mix of Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey and Jack Daniel’s own cinnamon liqueur.

    Also asked, what do you mix Jack Daniels Honey with?

    If you prefer regular iced tea, that will work too. Same ratio, but add a splash of club soda and 1/2 ounce of lime juice. Maybe garnish with a cherry if you feel fancy. Honey whiskey is also good for a whiskey souradd 1/2 ounce of lime and 1/2 ounce of grapefruit juice to a jigger of JD Honey.

    What’s the best mixer for whiskey?

    Here are six of the best mixers for whiskey:

    • Ginger. Ginger is the perfect sidekick for whiskey, as its complexity of flavor ranges from sweet to hot, medicinal and earthy, depending on its context and concentration.
    • Sweet Vermouth.

    Here are five great mixers for whiskey that aren’t ginger ale.

    Mix Up The Right Jack And Coke Ratio

    Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey  100ml  Mr Liquor

    Tip 1 to making the best Jack and coke recipe: use the right ratio! Often restaurants mix up a version of this drink thats too heavy on the coke. Use the right ratio to get just the right flavor combination. The Jack and coke ratio is:

    • 2 ounces Jack Daniels to 4 ounces cola =
    • 1 part Jack to 2 parts cola

    Youll find some recipes that claim a better ratio is 2 ounces Jack Daniels to 3 ounces cola. You can do this, but it makes a much stronger drink than youll typically get at a restaurant. Feel free to adjust the ratio to your tastes! But above is the standard ratio. Mix it up and place it in a lowball glass: and youve got yourself a Jack and coke.

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    Based On The Joe’s Crab Shack Honey Peach Smash This Cocktail Recipe Is Made With Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Peaches And Ginger Ale Light And Refreshing But Decadent And Indulgent Too

    Im a beer drinker. And I dont usually like sweet drinks. So when a big group of us went out for dinner on a weekend beach trip, I did what I always do and ordered a beer. While the waiter was getting everyone elses drink orders, I picked up the seasonal menu and spotted a cocktail that caught my eye.

    Theirs was Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey, muddled peaches, fresh mint and lemon-lime soda. Since I was on a getaway weekend at the beach no less I changed up my order and decided to get the JD cocktail.What the heck, right?

    The waiter brought my drink, I took one glorious sip of it, grabbed his arm and said, Whatever I tell you, do not let me have another one of these. Great day in the morning, that thing was good! I could tell Id knock the bottom out of it in no time and would want another but I had my Angel Baby with me and wouldn’t want to have more than one drink knowing wed be driving back to the hotel after dinner.

    Its light and bubbly and fresh from the peaches and soda but somehow rich and decadent at the same time from the whiskey and honey.

    Its AH. MAZE. ING.

    As soon as I got home I set out to recreate it! I decided to omit the mint because I really couldn’t pick it up in the drink anyway and I thought ginger ale would be better with the honey so thats how I made mine!

    It means something good and special and thats what this is!

    Pairing Jack Daniels With Dried Fruit

    Fruit and whiskey? That doesnt sound right. Think of it this way wouldnt you make an Old Fashioned with a twist of orange peel? The fruity-floral tones of fruit naturally lift the sweet grassy tones of bourbon and Tennessee whiskey. Why not double down on these flavors by adding in some dried fruit?

    Compared to fresh fruit, dried fruits often have higher complexity of flavors. Without the added water content, fruits natural sugars condense down into a punch of floral aroma. Dried dates and figs even have a rich molasses taste which pairs well with the sweetness of Jack Daniels.

    To get the best pairing, we recommend sipping a Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack with your selection of dried fruit. The spiced caramel, licorice, and cinnamon tones of Gentleman Jack match the earthy molasses of a hearty date as well as the brighter tones of a candied pineapple or orange.

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    Above The Basic Offerings

    Jack Daniels sells single barrel varieties that are over twice as expensive as Old No. 7, at around $40 – $50 a 750 mL bottle. Agan, some of this may be due to the fact that these have a higher proof – typically over 90.

    This drink would be enjoyed by people who like a stronger taste without so much sweetness. It is also worth noting that it is closer to what would be the original high-proof version of Jack Daniels, so fans of alcohol history might enjoy it to immerse themselves in the alcohol-consumption habits of centuries past.

    Variation: Use Different Types Of Jack Daniels

    Honey Whiskey Comparison | Jack Daniels | Wild Turkey | Evan Williams | Jim Beam

    One way to make variations on a Jack and coke: change the type of Jack Daniels. Jack Daniels is a Tennessee brand of whiskey thats actually the top selling world-wide . The company was founded in 1875 by a man named yes, Jack Daniels, so its got a long history of whiskey production. While its most often made with the classic Old No. 7, there are several types of Jack Daniels you can use to vary this drink:

    • Old No. 7: the classic!
    • Tennessee apple: Adds an apple nuance
    • Tennessee rye: Rye whiskey has a spicy finish
    • Single barrel: The fancy stuff! Save this for drinking neat
    • Tennessee honey: Whiskey blended with honey liqueur
    • Tennessee fire: Adds a cinnamon spice

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    Christmas Eggnog Recipe With Jack Daniels Sinatra Select

    This recipe is a great dessert for your any holiday parties like Xmas, Halloween or Thanksgiving.In a mixer-grinder, smoothly blend 6 eggs with ½ a bottle of Jack Daniels Sinatra Select at high speed. When done, lower the speed and blend again along with 1 cup of brandy, 1-2 oz liquid dark chocolate, 12 oz evaporated milk, 8 oz condensed milk, and 1 tbsp vanilla essence. Transfer in a bowl and store it in your fridge for a couple of hours . Serve ice-cold in small mugs with standing cinnamon sticks.

    Eggnog Recipe with Jack Daniels Sinatra Select Whiskey

    Jack Honey Sweetened Blackberry Tea

    Sweet tea is often the drink of choice for the summer, adding a little Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey to the mix makes it even better. Recipe courtesy of Creative Culinary.

    For the Tea:

    • 3 Large Tea Bags or 6 Regular Size
    • 6 oz. Fresh Blackberries
    • 2 oz. Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey
    • Lemon Slices, Blackberries and Mint for Garnish

    Wildflower Honey Punch

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    What Do You Drink Jack Daniels Apple With

    Jack Daniels Tennessee Apple for a fresh summer drink

    • Jack Apple& Tonic. Put 4 cl of Jack Daniels Tennessee Apple on ice, fill with tonic water, garnish with apple slices and enjoy.
    • Jack Apple& Soda. Pour 4 cl Jack Daniels Tennessee Apple and 1 cl lemon juice on ice, fill up with soda and garnish with a slice of lemon.
    • Jack Apple& Ginger Twist.

    What Foods To Pair With Whiskeyjune 15 2007 : 41 Am Subscribe

    Jack Daniel

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    A Refreshing Twist: Cranberry Iced Tea

    Iced tea and Tennessee whiskey have been comfortable bedfellows for so long its hard to imagine a new twist on the classic formula, until now!

    We think this cranberry combination is the perfect post-Thanksgiving treat, but feel free to substitute other berries, or simply serve it as is any timewere sure you or your guests will love the refreshing sweet fruit combination!

    To create this delicious mixer, simply combine 1 part Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey to 2 parts cranberry juice and 4 parts sweet tea, brewed to a strength of your own preference.

    Either add all of these ingredients into an ice-filled glass and stir or use a cocktail shaker and strain. Serve with a lemon wedge over the side for a simple garnish.

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