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Who Makes Bombay Sapphire Gin

Bombay Sapphire Price And Notes

Perfect Summer Cocktails with a Twist: Bombay Sapphire Gin

Bombay Sapphire

The original gin produced by Bombay Sapphire has the original distillation process, giving it the signature taste associated with the brand. The aroma has notes of coriander, juniper, and citrus. The flavor contains notes of vanilla, juniper, and spices with a creamy texture.

Sizes: 750ml

Price: $24

Star Of Bombay

This is a premium variant of the Bombay Sapphire line. This uses two additional botanicals in the distillation process, which are slowly distilled to get a more intense flavor. Using bergamot and ambrette seeds, which impart exoticness to the flavor and aroma, intensifies the notes of juniper, coriander, and Anjelica.

Sizes: 750ml

Price: $112

Bombay Bramble

A newer variant of gin from the Bombay Sapphire line, this gin is infused with the flavors of raspberries and blackberries. The gin is made with a 100% natural infusion of the flavors to make the perfect drink for any fruity cocktail. The flavor is rich and bold, with the berries giving it distinct fruit notes.

Sizes: 750ml

Theyre Og But Theyre Also On Trend

The gin category, as weve seen, isnt as simple as juniper plus booze. Beyond London Dry versus Old Tom versus Navy Strength etc., gin brands are diversifying internally Bombay included. The company rolled out a 47 percent ABV, spice-jacked, vermouth-barrel-aged Bombay Amber. It also added lemongrass and Vietnamese peppercorns to its blend in its newly released Bombay East. And in 2016, it added Italian Bergamot and floral Ecuadorian ambrette seeds to Bombay Sapphire to create the Star of Bombay, a slow single batch gin intended exclusively for a globe-hopping international market.

Monkey 4: Best Gin For The Money

Hailing from the Black Forest of Germany, Monkey 47 uses a whopping 47 botanicals in its gin. Its a brand thats very much convinced that bigger is better when it comes to flavour combinations and uses everything from almonds and mint to allspice and honey pomelo in its distillery process. Amongst the botanicals are also six different types of pepper.

Its secret weapon for its unique flavour profile comes from the lingonberries added, taken from the Black Forest. Its a brand that enjoys its cult status, thanks to its complex makeup.

The vast number of botanicals makes this a very interesting gin to sample. It offers tastes that ebb and flow the more you sip, as each of the botanicals comes to light. Citrus is one of the most prominent flavours, followed by a bouquet of fruits and florals.

Its complexity works to its advantage, and Monkey 47 is definitely a crowd pleaser. Try it neat or enjoy it as the perfect companion in a G& T.

Best Gin for the money: Monkey 47 Dry Gin

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Bar Business Media : What Makes Bombay Sapphire Different From Other Gins On The Market

Anne Brock :

SUSTAINABILITY: Bombay Sapphire is the #1 premium gin brand in the world by volume and value, so we have strong awareness among consumers. Innovation and creativity are a big part of our brand heritage and DNA, so it is an ongoing process to not only bring new and exciting products to consumers, but also improve the production process so that it is more sustainable and efficient.

Laverstoke Mill, our distillery, was the first distillery design to achieve an Outstanding BREEAM award for sustainability in 2014. And recently we are proud to say that the suppliers of all 10 botanicals for Bombay Sapphire have been certified sustainable with For Life certification by Ecocert S.A. a first for any gin.

At our brand home, Laverstoke Mill, 100% of the electrical power used for distillation and bottling is green energy from renewable sourcesthe distillery has achieved the Carbon Trust Standard. The distillery has zero waste to landfill and ensures all waste is converted into energy. Used botanicals generate energy through anaerobic digestion, which produces enough electricity to power 10 homes in the grid for a full year. This makes the entire life cycle of our botanicals sustainable, from the growing methods to the waste management.

Variants Of The Bombay Sapphire

Bombay Sapphire Gin 1.75l  Molly

Bombay Sapphire East GinWith 2 additional botanicals, namely black pepper and lemongrass, this gin gets a new direction. A gin meant for lovers of peppery flavors in their drinks.> Bombay Sapphire East review

Bombay Dry GinThe original Bombay Sapphire recipe from 1724 is still being sold. The bottle is the same shape, but without the turquoise color. With 8 botanicals, an original, classic gin and the perfect pouring gin for cocktails. The price / performance ratio of this gin is also remarkable.

Bombay Sapphire AmberThis variety is a step towards barrel-matured gins. In the Bombay Sapphire Amber gin, 3 more botanicals are added to the basic recipe, after which the gin is stored in oak barrels in which previously vermouth was matured. The packaging is a drastic contrast to the classic blue bottle that one is so familiar with.

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Brockmans: Best Gin For Cocktail

Brockmans is nothing if not a modern gin. With its sleek, black bottle, its a brand thats not afraid to stand out behind the bar with premium branding that gives a taste as to whats inside.

The goal behind the spirit was to create a gin quite unlike anything else available on the market. The distillery combined knowledge and ideas to forge a bottle with an intricate balance of botanicals with a complex flavour.

Brockmans gin is smooth enough to enjoy straight, but the real secret comes from mixing it into a cocktail. The unique flavour profile makes it the perfect base for a huge variety of different long drinks, particularly those emphasising fruity and berry flavours.

It uses Bulgarian coriander, blueberries and blackberries and dry, bittersweet Valencian orange peel alongside Tuscan juniper berries to create a distinctive, smooth gin: perfect for cocktails.

Best Gin for a cocktail: Brockmans Gin

Its A London Dry Gin But You Could Make It In Jersey

Bombay Sapphire is a London Dry gin, but thats not a regional designation . Its a style specifically, a dry style of gin that doesnt use any artificial ingredients. Instead, distillers balance piney juniper notes with a dealers choice of botanicals and spices. So, just as bourbon can be made outside of Kentucky, London Dry gin doesnt have to be made in London.

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Sipsmith: Best For Gin & Tonic

With a combination of ten botanicals and a bold and complex taste, Sipsmith is a classic near-perfect gin. Its a brand that somehow manages to remain a classic while still pioneering the craft gin movement. Sipsmith uses a single shot method of distillation, meaning that its only diluted with water, not an additional neutral spirit, and was the first to reintroduce copper stills after almost two centuries.

Its a distillery thats far younger than its classical branding would suggest. Launching in 2009, Sipsmith has already helped to pave the way for an uncompromising good gin thats rich, smooth and balanced.

On the nose it smells fairly similar to many other gins, but tasting it is where this spirit comes alive. While juniper is the main body of force, there are also hints of oranges and lemons, cassia ,coriander and gentle pepperiness. Mix with your favourite tonic to bring out the flavours.

Best Gin for a Gin & Tonic: Sipsmith London Dry Gin

There Is An Actual Bombay Sapphire And You Cant Have It

Stir Creativity: The Gin & Tonic Cocktail

A bottle of Bombay Sapphire will run you about $20, and the brands super-premium version christened after its namesake, the Star of Bombay, costs about twice that amount. Youll have to pay a bit more for the actual Star of Bombay, the big beautiful blue rock that inspired both the brands name and its crystalline blue bottle. Originally from Sri Lanka, the 182-carat gem has a permanent home in the Smithsonian and was once a gift to pioneering Hollywood powerhouse Mary Pickford .

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Linton Hill London Dry Gin

The Brand: Although produced in Spain, Linton Hill London Dry Gin is a clean and crisp gin that claims to offer the same traditional flavors and aromas of any other London Dry gin. Linton Hill is produced and bottled by Grupo Estevez, which promises to adhere to standards that put their customers and quality first.

Need To Know: Linton Hill London Dry Gin is five times distilled, making it likely to offer a smoothness favorable to those who might usually opt for vodka.

Malfy: Best Flavoured Gin

Flavoured gin might be controversial to some but, with a rising number of new flavours, it would be a shame to miss out on some of the best new offerings. Still not convinced? Bypass the likes of sugary sweet palma violet and luminous fruity flavours and stick with an almost-classic: lemon gin.

Malfy is definitely a cool and casual brand, right through from the brightly coloured packaging to the laid back brand messaging. Its all about taking in the moment, sitting back and relaxing and throwing yourself into the Italian way of life. Distilled in Italy, it makes sense that everything Malfy offers follows this sentiment exactly.

Malfy offers a variety of flavours but the clear favourite is the Gin Con Limone. The brand uses coastal grown Amalfi lemons and Sicilian varieties in its lemon-flavoured gin, promising a taste of the sunshine in every sip.

Enjoy it best in a variety of cocktails. Draw out the lemon flavour with an Italian 75 or spice things up with an Italian Lemonade.

Best flavoured Gin: Malfy Gin Con Limone

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Roku: Best Bottle Design

Roku is the gin you want proudly displayed in the centre of your cabinet. Not only does it look stylish, but whats on the inside follows through too. Created by the House of Suntory in Osaka, Japan, Rokus history of gin distillery dates back almost 100 years.

Roku means six in Japanese: named as such because there are six very important botanicals in the gin. All sourced from Japan, the bottle offers a unique flavour on the market when mixed with another eight more traditional gin botanicals: juniper berry, coriander seed, angelica root, angelica seed, cardamom seed, cinnamon, bitter orange peel, and lemon peel.

This overarching combination results in a successful taste thats both unique and delicious. The bottle design, inscribed with a floral design, adds to the appeal.

Best bottle design: Roku Japanese Gin

Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin

GIN BOMBAY SAPPHIRE  Aradis Distribución

If you look at the list of botanicals in Bombay Sapphire you will notice a few differences from other London dry gins. Grains of paradise, almond, and cubeb berries are not your average gin ingredients and they help this bottle stand apart from the crowd.

Distilled in Cheshire, England, Bombay Sapphire’s full list of vapor-infused botanicals include juniper, almond, grains of paradise, lemon peel, licorice, orris root, angelica, coriander, cassia bark, and cubeb berries. It’s old meets new with this gin. While the brand is relatively young, having launched in 1987, the beautiful array is based on a recipe from 1761.

You cannot miss Bombay Sapphire on the liquor shelf. Its blue bottle has an allure that will catch your eye, though the gin itself is not bluelook to Magellan Gin for that.

This gin is also bottled at 47 percent ABV , so it will stand up to your dry martinis as well as fruity gimlets and the Floradora. It’s a staple that you can rely on and a good premium gin to keep in stock.

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The Bombay Spirits Company

In 1957, a New York based lawyer who had learnt about the drinks industry whilst working for Seagrams, decided there was an opportunity for a new gin brand in America. Allan Subin lived on Madison Avenue and socialised with successful Mad Men, bankers, lawyers and entrepreneurs. He was married to an Englishwoman so was also enamoured with all things British. With these influences and his peers tastes in mind, he sought to create a gin brand that embodied 1920s elegance.

After some research he concluded that Greenalls were the people to make his gin and that their 1761 recipe and vapour infusion process was just what he was looking for, but with the stipulation that grain spirit was used as per the original recipe, not molasses spirit as used by Greenalls at the time.

Bombay and the days of the Raj were the inspiration for his gins name with Queen Victoria, the epitome of Englishness, as the new brands icon. Interestingly, the use of a British monarch for branding purposes had been prohibited in 1934, but as Subins gin was aimed at the American market the rule did not apply.

What Is The Difference Between Bombay Sapphire And Bombay Gin

In terms of flavor and character, Bombay Gin is more straightforward, almost brutal. Tonic, ice, or a dry martini go well with this drink. Sapphire, on the other hand, is designed for the latest gin-based cocktail trend. Martinis made with it are easier to drink than martinis made with older spiritsthey can be made with too much vermouth or too little in either case.

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When Was Bombay Sapphire Distillery Built

During the first week of October 2014, the Bombay Sapphire Distillery at Laverstoke Mill in Hampshire opened to the public for the first time. Originally a derelict mill, it has been fully renovated to become a premium gin distillery and visitor experience offering design, functionality, and sustainability up to the highest standards.

Brokers London Dry Gin

Bombay Sapphire Gin and Tonic [Cocktail Recipe]

The Brand: Andy and Martin Dawson founded Brokers Gin in 1998. Using a 200-year-old recipe, these men knew how important tradition is when it comes to creating a true London Dry gin. Rather than try to create something modern, they stick to what they believe their ancestors got right the first time.

Need To Know: The decision of naming the brand Broker came from a desire to embody the character of an archetypal London stockbroker. Every bottle of Brokers comes with a quirky little hat topper as a little nudge to the brand identity, reminding the drinker of a serious, yet playful sort of vibe.

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Spirit Works: Best Sloe Gin

Spirit Works doesnt just distil gin it offers a whole portfolio of spirits including vodka, whisky, barrel gin and sloe gin. While some might assume that this works to its disadvantage when it comes to honing the fine details of spirit crafting, its not a problem that Spirit Works has suffered from.

It might actually work to its advantage. Because while the brand is known for producing good quality vodka and gin, its Spirit Works sloe gin that really shines through.

As it falls under a 40% ABV, Sloe gin cant technically be called proper gin. But its popularity and variety make it an important part of any thorough gin guide anyway. And if youre looking for a bottle to enjoy, Spirit Works offering is the way to go.

The bottle begins its life as the distillerys dry gin, made with juniper, orris and angelica roots, cardamom, coriander, orange and lemon peels and hibiscus. Then its infused with sloe berries to bring in that signature flavour. Its sweet but not cloying with lively fruit and citrus notes.

Best Sloe Gin: Spirit Works Sloe Gin

Venus Spirits Gin Blend No 1

The Brand: Founded California by Sean Venus in 2012, with the actual distilling kicking off in 2014 after a rigorous journey through paperwork, Venus Spirits makes a variety of small-batch spirits. Blended with a mix of ten botanicals and herbs including juniper and lavender, along with fruity citrus of lemon Venus Spirits Gin Blend No 1 is a small-batch gin with hand-picked flavor.

Need To Know: This gin proudly boasts several awards including the gold and silver in the 2019 and 2016 Distilled Competition, respectively.

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Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin

The Brand: Montgomery Monty Collins of the Royal Air Force found himself in the right place at the right time to make a sophisticated gin like Monkey 47 with exceptional ingredients. After finding himself in abundant supply of juniper and fresh well water of the Black Forest, Collins developed his recipes.

Need To Know: The Monkey 47 brand is a captivating embodiment of traditions and cultures all in one. With traditional Indian spices being used in the Black Forest to help keep up with traditional British gin making, this gin puts creative twist on old-world tradition.

Q& a With Bombay Sapphires Anne Brock

Bombay Sapphire GIn

Dr. Anne Brock is Bombay Sapphires esteemed Master Distiller, whose incredible technical experience and education has made her a visionary in the gin category. Holding a position on the board of directors at the Gin Guild, Anne brings her passion for gin to her role at Laverstoke Mill. Working alongside the Master of Botanicals, Ivano Tonutti, Anne is responsible for fulfilling the global demand for the worlds most popular gin, leading a team of 14 distillers at Laverstoke Mill to produce every drop and bottle of Bombay Sapphire enjoyed around the world.

Bar Business spoke with Dr. Brock about Bombay Sapphire and the growing interest in gin. Read our full interview below!

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Warners Distillery Sloe Gin

The Brand: Founded in 2012 by husband and wife team Tom Warner and Tina Warner-Keogh, Warners Distillery Sloe Gin is a small-batch, sustainably made spirit. This special type of gin is processed annually in October after harvested sloe berries are carefully inspected and then placed into a month-long steeping process.

Need To Know: Warners decided to do their part for the planet and made a big change to their packaging. By removing the wax seal, the company claims that they are eliminating 1.4 million single-use plastic pieces from the public domain .

How Bombay Gin Is Embracing The Gin Renaissance

The Bombay Gin core range

Over the last decade there has been a veritable explosion of gin brands. At last count, there are more than 6,000 different gin expressions being bottled around the world. The United Kingdom, gins ancestral and spiritual home, produces more than 500 different gins, roughly 200 of which are produced in Scotland.

There are several factors that have pushed this gin renaissance, or ginaissance, as some industry participants refer to it. The rise of craft distillation has been one factor. Since the overwhelming majority of gin is sold unaged, it allows a distiller, in the words of one craft producer, to go from distillation to cash flow in 90 days.

The continued rise in cocktail culture and its spread around the world has resulted in a demand for new and unusual gins with which to craft more intricate and innovative cocktails. Millennials, especially millennial women, have also taken to gin. They typically make up the lions share of participants in gin shows and exhibitions.

The result is that after a multi-decade period of decline, gin demand has been roaring back. Remarkably, craft gins have been outperforming the major brands: growing faster and taking market share. Successful new brands have caught the eye of the major beverage companies. Diageo, for example, recently snapped up Aviation Gin, a brand associated with Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds, for a reported $610 million.

Dr. Anne Brock, Master Distiller, Bombay Gin

JM: Thank you.

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