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Where Is New Amsterdam Vodka Made

Is New Amsterdam Vodka Vegan

New Amsterdam Vodka: Peach, Orange and Citrus Review

New Amsterdam Vodka is not vegan. While New Amsterdam wont share their exact recipe and manufacturing process, they confirmed that they use a wide assortment of fining agents.

Fining agents are commonly derived from animals and animal by-products, thus making New Amsterdam Vodka unsuitable for vegans.

On a positive note, New Amsterdam confirms that they are cruelty-free, claiming that they do not test their vodkas on any type of animal.

Make Your Own New Amsterdam Vodka Mixed Drinks

Since vodkas have a clear taste, they can be paired up with any mixer and be made into your favorite drink. Popular vodka mixers include cranberry juice, lime juice, and soda.

Although you are always welcome to try different options with the New Amsterdam Vodka, here is a list of well-known drinks you can make with this liquor.

Who Produces New Amsterdam Vodka

New Amsterdam Vodka is procured by a family-owned spirits producer called E& J Gallo Winery, which was established in 1993.

Additionally, E& J Gallo Winery is currently being overseen by the third generation of the Gallo family.

At present, E& J Gallo Winery remains a privately held company that has thousands of employees across the United States.

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New Amsterdam Vodka Review By Rudy Aldape


Just got home from buying this Vodka from the liquor store. The owner of the store asked me what was I looking for I told him Vodka. My choice is Absolute Vodka he told me you should try New Amsterdam Vodka its half the price and its a good Vodka. I told him ill pass he said I promise you its good. Guess what made me a glass and its really good for the price. I give this Vodka a 5 star and Im makeing me another glass.

Rudy Aldape

How Much New Amsterdam Vodka Is Safe To Consume In A Day

New Amsterdam Vodka  Newfoundland Labrador Liquor Corporation

Any alcohol in excess is unhealthy. According to the research that has contributed to various studies about alcohol and its consumable quantity, any quantity beyond 3 oz. of vodka per day is excessive.

Moderate drinking for men is considered an average of up to two drinks, while one drink for women. One drink is considered as 1.5 oz. of distilled spirits at 80 proof, that is, 1.5 oz. of vodka.

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New Amsterdam Vodka Review By Alex Cohollow


One of the best vodkas Ive tried at a bargain price of £12 in UK. Far superior to premium vodkas and at a fraction of the price you cant go wrong . Dont be a snob and roll your eyes at the thought of a cheap- non branded spirit. No bad after taste or struggle to drink it straight like most other vodkas. No dog breath in the morning and no hangovers! Of course drink two bottles and youll be rough as hell but drink one and youll be ready for work in the morning without the drama associated with binge drinking. Of course you shouldnt drink a whole bottle nevermind two but its easy to get carried away when it tastes so smooth and non alcohol like! Also have full recollection of events in the morning after a wild one rather than the forgetful guilt trip and emptiness associated with most other vodkas . Keen on seeking the coconut flavour one but unavailable in UK as far as Im aware.

Alex CoHollow

Where Does New Amsterdams Water Come From

New Amsterdam Vodka hasnt specified the type of water they use to dilute their vodka and where they source their water.

Currently, all that is known about the water that New Amsterdam Vodka uses is that the water is high-quality and integral in achieving the distinct taste of New Amsterdam Vodka.

Nonetheless, it can be assumed that if New Amsterdam Vodka is bottled in California, New Amsterdam Vodkas water source would be nearby since that is the case with most vodka brands.

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New Amsterdam Vodka Review By Potatojoe


After reading the reviews here and on other sites, I think I understand why this vodka is so divisive. Most of the reviews here are either 5 stars or 1, and I believe it to be a difference in what we want from a vodka. I am a vodka prude and am willing to admit the bias. I am even hesitant to recognize anything not made from potatoes as a vodka.

I used to live near Modesto, so when I saw this at a budget price, I thought Id give them a chance despite being grain based. I noticed it was the only glass bottle on a shelf full of plastic, which caused me to think that, at the least, the makers of this product have a respect both for their own work and those who will be consuming it. I am pleased to say I was right. My favorite vodka has been the potato variety of Chopin for some years. While this vodka will not be challenging that, the mineral bitterness and character are definitely on a relative par with each other.


Psa: New Amsterdam Is Not A Martini Gin

New Amsterdam Pink Whitney Vodka Review!

Review after review reiterates that New Amsterdams standard gin isnt ideal for Martinis largely owing to its heavier emphasis on citrus. (One reviewer noted the finish is just orange and black pepper, while another reviewer noted the cloying sweet, almost artificial orange flavor. The best gins for making a Martini, in our humble opinion, tend more toward herbaceous, woodsy, spicy, and leaner floral flavors. There are gin cocktails in which citrusy flavors work, FYI see the Negroni.

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Eight Things You Should Know About New Amsterdam Vodka

Judging it on bottle alone, New Amsterdam Vodka looks like a sleek, Manhattan-based vodka brand intended for Big Apple power brokers. Its the most skyscraper-looking vodka of any brand we know. Surprisingly, though, its actually a fairly accessible, value-driven brand that does its best marketing by appealing to the young-and-hungry millennial crowd.

Considering the fair price point you can get the vodka or gin for roughly $15 or $20 and the reliably powerful name behind the brand, itself, New Amsterdam , is in a decent position to stick around for a while, meaning its not a bad idea to get to know it . Here are eight things you need to know about New Amsterdam vodka .

New Amsterdam Peach Vodka Recipes

New amsterdam peach vodka total wine more new amsterdam peach vodka drizly new amsterdam peach vodka 1 l bremers wine and liquor new amsterdam peach vodka

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New Amsterdam Peach Vodka 100 Ml Com

New Amsterdam Peach Flavored Vodka 375ml Marketview Liquor

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Drink New Amsterdam Vodka The Pulse Chattanooga S Weekly Alternative

Is New Amsterdam Peach Vodka Keto Sure The Food Database For

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    New Amsterdam Vodka Review By Derek Mogambo


    Good Vodka. Good Price.

    Now if they would make a Moonshine , wed REALLY be ready to shift gears.

    Let it sit in the freezer for a bit~ icy smooth shots.

    Mix with just about any 100% juice alone~ tropical cooler material.

    More complex cocktails are also well-served by this bargain-pricedhigh octane water.

    New Amsterdam Vodka Review By Denizen

    New Amsterdam Vodka


    This vodka does not even compare to a super premium vodka like Titos, Ketel One or Grey Goose. It doesnt have the bouquet or nuances of flavor. It is more like a poor mans Absolut. Its not even as good as Stoli. With that being said, it is an amazing bang for the buck. Think Stoli at a Smirnoff price. It is smooth but slightly bitter in the nose with a slight burn in the finish. Excellent mixed with anything citrus. I made my grandmothers kettle recipe fresh lemonade substituting New Amsterdam vodka at the end for some of the water. It proved to be an excellent summer drink. All of my friends rave about how good it is. But even in that recipe, any of the super premiums are better. Especially Titos.


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    What Does New Amsterdam Vodka Taste Like

    New Amsterdam Vodka has a bright, citrusy aroma that is reminiscent of mandarin.

    Likewise, New Amsterdam Vodka has a medium body with undertones of mandarin and nectarine as well as notes of mineral water and lime.

    Check out our other articles to learn where Titos Vodka is made, where Tahoe Blue Vodka is made, and where Absolut Vodka is made.

    Have A Hard Time Doing Cocktails We Do Bartending

    If you happen to need a bartender as well as someone to deliver your order, then keep reading! If you go over to our bartenders page, youll find that we can help out with that. Once your order is done, then we can have one bartenders ready for you. You will need to let us at Saucey know what the date and time of your event is, though. We also must have a count for the number of guests you intend to have. Be sure to serve Ciroc vodka, since its awesome! But keep me far away from it, hahah!

    Your bartender will arrive thirty minutes before your planned event in order to set things up. Saucey can provide up to six bartenders at any time.

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    New Amsterdam Vodka Review By Cameron


    The only thing keeping this on the bottom shelf, aside from being new in the market, was that it entered the market during the Recession, aka the Depression by another name. Naturally, it snatched up a demographic that was expanding from the top shelf vodkas contracting demographic.

    Due to its unpretentious yet high quality, this vodka competes well against premiums whose rating and price is overinflated. Giving it 5 stars is a bit generous, but it is a great value.


    Compared To Other Vodka Prices And Brands

    New Amsterdam Pink Whitney Vodka Review

    Tanqueray Sterling Vodka

    The premium Tanqueray Sterling Vodka hails from Scotland. It is priced at about $27 and is a vodka with a high rating. The final spirits undergo two distillations and have an ABV of anywhere between 40 to 50 percent. The product is nice and clean with just a slight hint of juniper, which Tanqueray is famous for .


    The Belvedere Vodka uses rye as its base grain and goes through the distiller for four rounds. It gets its artesian water from Poland and has prices starting at around $15. Upon tasting, youll get notes of vanilla and a lingering white pepper spice in the mouthfeel. Its also distinctly creamy compared to the fruity approach of New Amsterdam Vodka.

    Oui Vodka

    As the name suggests, the Oui Vodka comes from France. Its spirit is made from premium wheat and is distilled the same amount as the New Amsterdam Vodka. The result is slightly citrusy with a clean, crisp aftertaste. Prices for a 750ml bottle of Oui start at around $18.

    Absolut Vodka

    Absolut Vodka uses winter wheat and water that comes from a deep well. For over 30 years, this brand has grazed countless vodka shelves, and patrons enjoy it for its crisp, clean taste.

    There is no telling how many rounds the Absolut Vodka is distilled as the brand hasnt divulged it themselves they simply state that the liquor is distilled countless times. The price for a bottle of Absolut starts at about $27, just like Tanqueray.

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    The Story Behind New Amsterdams Vodka

    New Amsterdam which rebranded itself as New Amsterdam Stratusphere initially sold New Amsterdam Gin, but when they ventured out into making vodka, the brand started picking up traction. It was founded in Modesto, California, in 2007.

    In history, New York City was initially named New Amsterdam. The name was changed in 1664 in honor of the Duke of York. In every bottle label, you can also see one of the citys best-defining features, the Empire State Building.

    To date, New Amsterdam sells more than five million cases of vodka bottles a year in the United States alone. Their standard vodkas are fairly adequate, but where it truly shines is in their flavored vodka variants. And they have quirky flavors, too!

    The Making Of New Amsterdam Vodka

    Made from clear, pure water and the finest-quality Midwest grains, the New Amsterdam Vodka has a unique distillation process. Although this vodka is mostly corn, various other cereals make up 5% of the fermented grains.

    It undergoes distillation five times and is filtered thrice, imparting a satisfying, smooth texture. This not only creates a clear, soft mouthfeel but also gives it the optimal ABV of 40%.

    These are infused with natural flavors before being bottled at 70 proof. They are commonly available in 750 ml and 1.75 ml packaging.

    The fine process for the manufacture of this vodka gives it a rich flavor profile and allows it to mix well with cocktails while holding well on its own. This vodka is velvety smooth in texture and easier to drink than the majority of the overpriced brands.

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    Where Is New Amsterdam Vodka Made + Other Common Faqs

    New Amsterdam Vodka is a brand that is targeted at millennials, and despite its sleek and expensive-looking bottle design, New Amsterdam Vodka is surprisingly affordable.

    If you are curious to know how New Amsterdam Vodka came to be, you have to consider its origins. Just where is New Amsterdam Vodka made? Here is what I found!

    New Amsterdam Vodka Review By Gbacci

    New Amsterdam Original Vodka Review


    I am vodka drinker and have been for many years. I prefer potato vodka and Chopin is my fav. A new liquor store just opened down the street and the owner talked me into buying a bottle of New Amsterdam. I also bought a bottle of Kettle One. The new Amsterdam was on sale for only 15.99-1.75. For the price it is worth it but it does have a bitter taste. I usually drink my vodka straight but New Amsterdam is a tad too bitter to drink straight for my taste. I had a shot of NA and a shot of Kettle. Huge difference in that the Kettle did not have the bitter taste. I have tried NA in a mixed drink and it was good as it is distilled 5 times. My advice is if you want a good bang for your buck in a mixed drink than New Amsterdam is great especially for the price. If you are going to drink straight than dont go any lower on the shelf than Kettle or Titos and Chopin or Grey Goose should be your choice depending on grain vs potato.


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    Is All New Amsterdam Vodka Vegan

    Although there are no traces of animal-derived ingredients in the final product, New Amsterdam Vodka may not be vegan.

    According to the company, they do not make any claims about their vodka product being suitable for vegans or vegetarian diets. During the production of liquor, it is treated with many fining agents to give it the required texture and crisp taste.

    These traditional methods of clarifying, in most cases, may include fish, milk, eggs, and gelatin . None of these products remain in the finished product, as they are all filtered off prior to bottling.

    New Amsterdam Vodka Review By Taffyg2003

    No Rating

    You certainly have been actively reviewing vodka again lately. It is good to see your renewed availability. I havent noticed this on any of my local liquor store shelves, but if I do I will be tempted to try it. BTW, how inexpensive is New Amsterdam vodka does it challenge vodkas like Sobieski for the top value spot?


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    New Amsterdam Vodka Review By Pac


    I dont understand the bad reviews for this this vodka because my girlfriend just started drink not too long ago and from one taste she just loved the vodka she said it wasnt the least bit bitter and it was super smooth going down and I would have to agree with her it was one of the smoothest vodkas I ever tasted


    What Are The Ingredients In New Amsterdam Vodka

    Why to Watch | Presented by New Amsterdam Vodka

    New Amsterdam Vodka is made from Midwest grains, the majority of which is corn, and the rest being a mixture of other unspecified cereal grains.

    While New Amsterdam mentions that they use the purest water to make their vodka, they do not disclose the specific type of water or its source.

    As for New Amsterdam 100 Proof, they make it from the finest quality corn, but its not clear whether it contains other cereal grains like its 80 proof counterpart.

    Additionally, New Amsterdam comes in 11 flavors, namely orange, coconut, lemon, mango, red berry, raspberry, apple, pineapple, peach, grapefruit, and watermelon.

    However, New Amsterdam does not divulge their recipes, and whether they achieve these flavors through natural infusions or artificial flavoring.

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