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Where To Buy Tanqueray Gin

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Tanqueray Gin Review!
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Final Review Thoughts & Pairings

Tanqueray offers a very balanced flavor leading to a wide range of flavor pairings. While Tanqueray London Dry Gin is only infused with the flavor of 4 distinct botanicals, it has the ability to blend easily with mixes and juices in ways other gins cant. The mixing of cocktails highlights and features the taste.

One of our favorite Tanqueray cocktails is the typical gin and tonic. The dryness adds to the flavor, not making it an overpoweringly sweet drink. The more earthy flavors also add to this being paired with a more bold cigar like the Perla Del Mar. The distinct taste of the cigar leaving a creamy, wooden smoke flavor, easily complements the equally creamy flavor of the Tanqueray Dry Gin.

Because there are no citrus flavors within the gin itself, mixing with lemon, lime, or even grapefruit pair nicely to create new cocktails.

Tanqueray Gin 750 Ml 946 Proof

  • Perfectly balanced spirit that has a unique herbal quality and dry finish
  • Expertly crafted blend featuring juniper, coriander, angelica and licorice
  • Developed over 180 years ago in Bloomsbury, London
  • Mix with a splash of premium tonic water in a coupe glass and a wedge of lime for a classic gin and tonic

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Tanqueray Gin Tasting Notes

Unlike other gins, Tanqueray is not made with citrus this leads it to be a much drier gin than other popular brands. The four types of botanicals used are combined to be very smooth when it hits your palate. The juniper flavor is not as overpowering and is much more subtle, with the coriander adding a sharp note at the end.

Other Tanqueray Gins: Rangpur And No 10

Tanqueray London Dry Gin, 1.75 L (94.6 Proof)

Tanqueray distills the primary London Dry Gin but, over the years, has produced other fan-favorite gins. One of these is the Rangpur Gin, which was initially introduced to the Maryland, Delaware and Washington D.C. markets. This gin, unlike typical Tanqueray, has a distinct citrus flavor. The flavor comes from the Rangpur Limes, where it gets its name, ginger and bay leaves all added during the distillation.


What was once a once-off in 2006, Tanqueray Rangpur is now readily available across the United States, even in 2020.

Tanqueray No. Ten was released initially in 2000, targeted at the martini market. Its bottle is a more art-deco style with recognizable green glass featuring distinct vertical lines, often compared to a cocktail shaker.

This gin is also known for its more distinct citrus flavor and has a broader palette of flavors when compared to the standard Tanqueray gin. Just like Rangpur Gin, Tanqueray No. Ten is easy to purchase and is widely popular for martinis and cocktails.

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How Tanqueray Is Made: Cameron Bridge Distillery

The Cameron Bridge Distillery is an all-in-one facility. The wheat-neutral-spirit that is the base of this gin is produced in another area of the complex. Most gin producers bring in this base through a third party. By producing the spirit themselves, it allows a greater consistency before infusing the botanicals and immediately distilling the liquor. Tanqueray starts the process immediately to avoid stewing the botanicals.

Just like the label states, this gin is distilled four times. There are two different types of water used in the process, adding a more significant profile to the flavors. One water is extracted from a deep well on the distillery grounds, the other is demineralized water. The two blended together mirror the London water originally used in distilling.

While the gin is distilled multiple times, it is done so using the one-shot method, a rare process outside of boutique distilleries. One-Shot distilling requires more stills than other processes. The gin starts as a neutral spirit, then botanicals are steeped. Before bottling, the distiller adds water to cut the spirit, making it the proper proof.

Added details to the bottle include the red wax seal representing the Tanqueray family crest and seal of quality. There is also a pineapple and two axes forming a crest on the cap and on the back of the bottle, imprinted in the glass.

But They’re Only Available In These Nine States

Whenever we see a friend order a Tanqueray and tonic we cant help but feel like its a waste of gin. Why not save the good stuff for a martini and order well booze for those bitter quinine concoctions? But now, Tanqueray itself is asserting a casual tude, canning a product thats long been considered one of the fancier brands.

Weve yet to sample the new Sevilla orange gin and soda, Rangpur lime gin and soda, or classic G& T, but we do love a canned tipple around here. Tanquerays takes aim to awaken the taste buds and change expectations of gin.

We assume you already know how a gin and tonic tastes , and this baby promises crisp, effervescent bubbles every time you crack one open — none of this two-day-old half-flat gin and blah-nic business. Expect hints of peach, rose, and juniper from the Sevilla orange G& S, and juniper and ginger from the Rangpur lime version.

Four-packs of the 12oz, 6% ABV libations will be sold for around $15 in Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas, Florida, New Jersey, Ohio, Illinois, and Washington this September.

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Tanqueray Blackcurrant Gin Review!
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Where To Buy Tanqueray Gin In The Usa

Although initially a limited production in 2006, Tanqueray gin is relatively easy to find in most liquor stores. However, it tends to be overshadowed by other, better-known brands.

Alternatively, its very easy to find online and can be simply picked up for $26 on Reserve Bar. Otherwise, you can use Drizly where its available for around the same price if youre in a hurry. While Reserve Bar is a traditional online retailer, Drizly works in partnership with local stores to deliver liquor to your door within an hour!

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