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How Do You Make The Perfect Gin And Tonic

How To Make Gin And Tonic

How To Make The Perfect Gin and Tonic

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A gin and tonic is a classic cocktail known for its simplicity. To make a classic gin and tonic, just combine your favorite gin with chilled tonic water. Add freshly squeezed lemon or lime wedges and serve the drink over ice. While it may be easy to make, you’ll never become bored with the variations of a gin and tonic. Try experimenting with different types of gin and/or various varieties of tonic to find a unique flavor for your own signature drink.

Why I Love This Fantastic Cocktail

  • The insanely short ingredient list. I have never had the luxury of extra space and storage in any of the homes I have lived in, so knowing that I can easily store a bottle of gin away for weekends is pretty awesome.
  • However, my main love comes from the absence of added sugar. Yes, there is sugar in all gin and tonics thanks to the tonic water BUT it is pretty minimal- at least when compared to the oh so popular simple syrup. Now that I am old and I require daily naps, I simply cant party like I used to. In other words, more than one super sugary drink knocks me outfor the week.
  • Finally, the gin and tonic really are so dang easy to make. And easy-to-make alcohol containing beverages that basically make themselves are kinda my favorite.
  • If you try making your own gin & tonic, please leave me a comment and let me know! I always love to hear your thoughts.

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    Revealed: How To Make The Perfect Gin And Tonic

    Lime or lemon? A little tonic or a lot? A scientist has researched how to make the definitive G& T

    We Britons all have our own ideas about what makes a great gin and tonic whether its Gordons with a slice of lemon or Beefeater with a wedge of lime

    Now, however, the question of how to make the drink perfectly has a concrete answer.

    Drinks scientist Stuart Bale was commissioned by gin brand Gin Mare to analyse the science of the ideal G& T.

    He concluded that the perfect tipple should be 14 per cent ABV , which is usually about to one part gin to two parts tonic, once dilution from ice has been taken into the equation though the exact amount of tonic to use depends on the strength of the gin.


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    And, although most bars in Britain serve their G& Ts in tall glasses, he believes that a large, wide glass like the balloon glasses the drink is often served in in Spain – is actually the best way to appreciate the flavour.

    Eighty per cent of what you taste comes through your nose. A lot of the aroma and flavour compounds are carried by the bubbles, so the bigger the surface area, the more bubbles you get coming to the surface, he explains.

    Mango has high levels of pinene, a flavour compound found in both juniper berries and Mediterranean herbs, so you can see why it works with this brand, he says.


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    Variations On A Classic

    The Classic Gin & Tonic might be a drink of satisfying simplicity, but there are plenty of opportunities to add your own signature style.

    You can discover your perfect serve by answering a few simple questions that reveal if youre a Classic, Zesty or Champion sipper. In turn, this will help you identify your ideal Sipsmith sip whether thats a London Dry G& T, Zesty Orange G& T, Lemon Drizzle G& T or Strawberry Smash G& T.

    And, for an extra twist of juniper that superstar botanical of any traditional-style gin stir up a V.J.O.P G& T. This flavour-packed cocktail is made with our Very Junipery Over Proof Gin, a navy-strength gin that undergoes a three-part juniper-infusion process, including a three-day maceration.

    Dont forget to take a photo of your perfect G& T and tag us wed love to see your classic and contemporary creations on social media.

    How To Make A Gin & Tonic: The Ultimate Formula

    Campbell Station Wine and Spirits: How to make the Perfect ...

    What is the secret behind the perfect G& T? The question was recently debated by Craft Gin Clubs social media fans and the feedback was diverse, to say the least.

    Some were very precise about the number of ice cubes needed enough to chill the glass, but not too many to dilute the gin. Some people squeezed their limes, while others were adamant this would ruin the overall taste, and there were even some who felt there was simply no need for a garnish.

    But, through a gruelling, analytical process, weve crunched the data to determine the exact elements needed for the perfect gin & tonic, as voted for by the nations gin lovers. You will need:

    1 Spanish style Copa de Balon Glass 1/3 gin to 2/3 premium tonic 4 ice cubes a slice of lime, to garnish

    This ratio of gin to tonic means the tasting notes of the gin come through nicely and the tonic will complement the botanicals in the spirit, without overpowering the taste.

    Combine all the ingredients in the glass. It then takes four stirs to make the ultimate chilled G& T. Dont squeeze the lime as the sharpness of the juice may mask the more delicate tasting notes of the gin. Simply add the slice of lime for the aroma and a zesty hint.

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    Why Not A Slice Of Lime Or Lemon

    A slice of citrus is fine if you dont have the highest quality gin – it can disguise the less smooth notes. But if youre drinking excellent gin, the peel of the lemon or lime enhances the delicate citrus note already in the gin without making the whole drink taste of citrus. But double check the botanicals in the gin youre drinking. Most classic London Dry gins have lemon as a main botanical. Some other gins have other flavours you may want to enhance – like pepper, orange or even vanilla.

    Adapting The Gin & Tonic Formula

    While this provides a good general guide, with such a versatile spirit one size does not fit all. While you could apply the measurements and method of the above calculation each time you mix up your favourite drink, you have to consider the variation of flavours of each gin.

    But really, there are no limits or wrong answers when it comes to gin adventures. There are so many amazing gins out there, the best thing to do is experiment with different garnishes, tonics and even glasses to find your perfect match… and the good news is, you’ll have plenty of fun doing it.

    Craft Gin Club is a monthly subscription to small-batch gins. Visit the Craft Gin Club website to discover more.

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    How To Build The Cocktail

  • Select your glassware, considering size and shape
  • Fill the glass with plenty of quality ice
  • Pour 1.5 to 2 ounces of a high quality gin over the ice.
  • Add a squeeze of fresh lime or lemon juice, and stir to chill.
  • Top with 4-6 ounces of ice-cold, premium tonic water.
  • Garnish to accent the botanicals in your gin
  • Enjoy!
  • How To Mix The Perfect Gin And Tonic

    How to make the perfect Gin and Tonic

    Gin-lovers of the world rejoice as World Gin Day returns for its seventh year on Saturday 13 June 2015! Learn how to mix the perfect gin and tonic with our expert guide.

    A warm summer’s evening calls for this most British of aperitifs. We asked the experts at The Gin Garden how to mix one like a pro.

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    Bringing Your G& t To Life:

    Firstly, make sure to add plenty of ice to your glass, and try to use large ice cubes as opposed to small pieces of ice. The reason for this is to keep your drink nice and cold and prevent the ice from melting quickly and diluting the lovely G& T you have just made!

    Once your ice has been added to your glass, pour a measure of your gin , followed by your chosen tonic. The perfect proportion of gin to tonic varies depending on preference, but as a general rule, we recommend pouring 1 part gin, 2 parts tonic. You dont want to diminish the taste of your lovely gin too much, so sometimes less is more! Once your drink has been poured, add your garnishes and give it a stir. Finally, drink up and enjoy cheers!

    If youre looking for a new gin to add to your collection, we have a beautiful range of Harrogate Gins available to buy via our website. Choose from our Original, Blueberry, Gooseberry and Rhubarb gin flavours. We have something for everyone!

    Classic Gin And Tonic Recipe

    Two parts tonic to one part gin is a classic formula thats easy to follow, easy to remember and will never let you down.

    • 2 oz Georgian Bay Gin
    • 4 oz chilled tonic water
    • 1 lemon wedge*

    Method: Add ice to a rocks glass and pour in two ounces of gin. Take the tonic water out of the fridge and slowly pour it into the glass. Stir it once and garnish with a lemon, spritzing a little juice in before you drink it.

    *The lemon and lime debate rages on, even though its more common to see limes these days, especially in North America. Lemon boosters say limes are too sweet and bully the gin. The lime camp says, simply, they like the way lime tastes better. Fair enough. We invite readers to try them side by side to see if they agree that lemon allows a classic dry gins spicy juniper and citrus to shine through.

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    What Is The Best Ratio Of Gin To Tonic

    A gin and tonic should be crisp and refreshing, never boozy or heavy. After doing some research, ratios can vary. Some enjoy equal parts gin to tonic, others reduce the gin and double the tonic. For us, we liked it right in the middle, which kept the drink light and crisp, but still aromatic from the gin.

    If You Like This Try These

    Top tips for the perfect gin and tonic

    There are plenty of fizzy gin drinks to go around. A Gin Rickey swaps tonic for club soda. A Tom Collins favors lemon over lime. A Sloe Gin Fizz requires a very specific kind of British gin-based liqueur. And of course, there are the non-fizzy gin cocktail classics, like the Gin Martini and the Gimlet.

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    Use Plenty Of Quality Ice

    Whenever youre making a highball, you want to use a LOT of ice. Yes, fill the glass with ice. Contrary to popular belief, more ice will actually mean that your drink is less watered down, rather than more. It will also be colder quicker and stay colder longer.

    If possible, use large pieces of ice in your drinks. Visit my craft ice guide for more about how to make the best ice for cocktails.

    The Best Gins For G& ts

    With the incredible number of gins on the market today, the possibilities are virtually endless. And unlike some gin cocktails, just about any gin can work in a Gin and Tonic. If you enjoy the flavor of the gin, it can work.

    When selecting a gin, pick one that has a flavor profile you enjoy, and one that is unadulterated. This means skip sweetened gin products, like most pink gins. Keep things simple and go with a clean-tasting, bright, crisp gin.

    For a classic take on the Gin and Tonic, choose a London dry gin. I recommend Tanqueray, Bombay Sapphire, Beefeater, or Sipsmith.

    If youre a fan of modern, new wave gins, go ahead and experiment with something like Malfy Con Limone, Barr Hill, FEW Breakfast Gin, Hendricks, Gin Mare, Citadelle, Uncle Vals Botanical, or Nolets!

    Some gin fan favorites include Plymouth, Monkey 47, The Botanist, and Empress 1908.

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    How Do You Make The Perfect Gin And Tonic Recipe

    • This cocktail can be as light or as strong as you want. It all depends on the ratio of tonic to gin.
    • For one serving of this recipe, combine six ounces of tonic to two ounces of gin, with an ounce of the Roses Sweetened Lime Juice.
    • Mix together, pour into a highball glass with ice cubes and a lime wedge for garnish.
    • This cocktail is perfect for so many occasions: happy hour, late-evening cocktails with friends, dinner, whenever! Love gin? Try my Moscow Mule with Gin. Its incredible!

    Looking for more classic cocktails? The Best Margarita Recipe is the answer to your margarita prayers! Or for a spicy treat, youll love this Jalapeno Bloody Mary.

    Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment With Other Gins

    How to make the perfect gin and tonic | Time Out London

    Once you have mastered the perfect Gordon’s gin and tonic, you might like to graduate and stretch your imagination.

    • Bombay Sapphire: Try Bombay Sapphire instead of Gordon’s. It is more expensive, however. I pay about 18 here. However, for those of you that like a smoother alcohol, Bombay Sapphire is indeed a smooth liquid and is a good gin for your tonic. This bevy also needs to be served cold. Follow the guidelines for the G& T, replacing Gordon’s with the Bombay.
    • Hendrick’s: Another solid gin is Hendrick’s, and it has a mild cucumber flavor. This bevy is very good served with crushed ice and sliced cucumber. In fact, this gin is so smooth, you can enjoy Hendrick’s without the tonic. Do remember that if you choose to leave the tonic in the fridge, your staying power will be a little on the short side, so take it easy. The downside for me with this smooth cucumber is the cost. A bottle of Gordon’s gin sets me back about 9, while Hendrick’s is about 30. That is pretty expensive for me. Perhaps for a special occasion, the cost is worth it.

    A Note About Hendrick’s: There is one other thing I must mention about Hendrick’snot everyone likes the flavor. It seems an acquired taste is necessary. I have found that I have the necessary acquirement, the taste that is.

    At least you know what to buy me for my birthday! Yep! A bottle of Hendrick’s or, to be honest, three bottles of Gordon’s would be just perfect.

    Gordon’s is my favorite gin.

    Gabriel Wilson

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    Tip : Use A Stemmed Glass Not A Highball

    Using a stemmed glass to serve a gin and tonic comes from the Spanish tradition . Traditionally this drink is served in a highball glass. But serving it in a stemmed glass does two things:

    • It keeps the gin and tonic ice cold. Your hand doesnt touch the drink and melt the ice, making the drink stay ultra cold.
    • It gives you a bigger whiff of the aromas of the drink. A wider opening helps you to appreciate both the gin and the aromas of your garnishes! Speaking of

    Heres the glasses we used for these photographs! Get them: Gin and Tonic Cups

    Tonic Water Vs Tonic Syrup

    Now that youve got your quality gin, its time to pick a quality tonic water or syrup.

    Although the soda aisle in the local grocery store has plenty of tonic water made by big soda companies, these tend to be overly sweet, have an artificial taste, or a combination of the two.

    In fact, I hated Gin and Tonics as a twenty-something until I was finally introduced to the high end tonic waters from Fever-Tree and Q Mixers. In addition to these well known craft brands, other high quality tonic waters are made by Fentimans, Regatta, and others.

    Tonic syrup is a concentrate that you can mix with carbonated water to make your own tonic water. Tonic syrups can be much more economical because a small bottle of relatively inexpensive syrup can make many glasses of tonic. Also, using a syrup allows you to decide how strong or weak your tonic tastes.

    There are a number of tonic syrups available in stores or on Amazon, and you can even make your own pretty easily with cinchona bark! Try the tonic syrups from Liber & Co, Jack Rudy Cocktail Co, or the craft syrups from Free Pour Jennys.

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    What Does A Gin And Tonic Taste Like

    A classic gin and tonic is bright and zesty. Juniper, coriander and citrus all jump out of the glass to meet your senses. These vibrant aromas are balanced out by the light, bittersweet flavor of the tonic water. Add a slice of lime and you have the quintessential cocktail.

    P.S. You should know how to make these classic drinks by the time you turn 30.

    How Strong Is A Gin And Tonic

    How to Make the Perfect Gin and Tonic

    The gin and tonic can be as light or as strong as you want to make it. The strength is controlled by the amount of tonic you pour. With the average 5-ounce pour of tonic and an 80-proof gin, the drink weighs in around 10 percent ABV . It’s a very casual drink, which is why it’s a favorite to serve at dinner.

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