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What To Make With Tequila

What Is The Smoothest Tequila For Shots

How to make a tequila Ranch Water cocktail

10 Best Tequilas for Margaritas and Shots in 2021

  • Best Overall: Casamigos Blanco Tequila at Drizly.
  • Best Top-Shelf: Milagro Añejo Tequila at Drizly.
  • Best Cheap: Sauza Silver Tequila at Drizly.
  • Best Mid-Priced: Herradura Silver Tequila at Drizly.
  • Best Añejo: Don Julio Añejo Tequila at Drizly.
  • Best Blanco/Silver: Espolòn Blanco at Drizly.
  • Best Reposado:

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Easy Tequila Cocktails For Summer

Shake up your drinks game this summer: These creative tequila cocktails from spirits professionals across America are an easy way to mix things up.

Daniel Kurtzman, general manager at Tallboy Taco

The basil and jalapeño add a freshness that screams, Drink me on a long summer day while overlooking the beach!

Tanteo Puerto Vallarta Smash

2 oz. Tanteo Habanero Tequila 0.75 oz. peach purée 6-8 small basil leaves ½ jalapeño Muddle basil, jalapeño and agave nectar in a shaker. Add ice and remaining ingredients. Shake and strain into rocks glass with crushed ice and a Tajín rim.


E. Carter Wilsford, head bartender at Joyface

A bit of island vibes, a bit of summer. . . . works anytime and is less labor intensive and less boozy than a margarita.

The Tres Agaves El Diablo

1.25 oz. Tres Agaves Blanco Tequila 0.75 oz. crème de cassis Ginger beer Add tequila and cassis to a tall glass. Fill with ice and top with ginger beer. Garnish with lime.

The Tres Agaves El Diablo

Jaime Salas, national ambassador at Milagro Tequila

The tart grapefruit paired with the agave-forward Milagro Select Silver creates a harmonious blend of flavors that are sure to impress.

Milagro Paloma Select

Milagro Paloma Select

Mike Callan, bar manager at Tamarindo Del Mar

Sipping on one of these will help you forget about last yearpreferably as you enjoy an amazing ocean view while on vacation.

Buena Vista

How To Make This Cadillac Margarita Recipe At Home

First and foremost, juice your limes. I typically do this over a liquid measuring cup* with a fine mesh strainer on top of it to keep pulp and seeds out of the final juice.

Pro tip: Youll get more juice from your limes if theyre room temperature. If you keep em in the fridge, pop them into the microwave for 20-30 seconds to get those juices flowing!

Also, youll want to rim your margarita glass with salt if youre into that at this point. You can also add ice to the glass, as well, if you want your margarita on the rocks to be extra cold.

Once your limes are juiced and other ingredients are acquired, fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Measure in the tequila, simple syrup and lime juice.

Give it a good shake until the metal of the cocktail shaker is extremely cold, then strain and pour into your prepared margarita glasses.

Pour the Grand Marnier over the top of the margaritas. Either let it float on top, creating a beautiful ombre effect, or stir it in.

Garnish with a lime, and enjoy immediately.

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The Best Tequila Mixers

Tequila, distilled from the nectar of the blue agave plant, is a complex spirit, and different brands can be varying degrees of spicy, sweet, and vegetal. As a tequila ages, it also picks up notes of baking spice, vanilla, and caramel. As a result, there is a broad range of mixers that can complement and enhance its multifaceted personality.

We polled the opinionated VinePair staff to assemble this list, with mixers that range from traditional to unconventional. Any are worth trying next time youre in the mood to mix up a tequila cocktail or, for those of you who prefer your tequila served neat or as a shot, feel free to use this list as a possible inspiration for accompaniments or chasers, rather than mixers.

A word on value: Since agave plants take years to reach a harvestable state, even entry-level tequilas can often be pricier than comparable spirits, and reposado or añejo expressions even more so. For value brands offering the best bang for your buck, check out our guide to the best affordable tequilas. Below are seven of the best tequila mixers.


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How To Make Tequila Step By Step

Tequila Sunrise Cocktail

True tequila is produced from the blue agave, which is a succulent that is found in Mexico.

There are 7-steps required for the production of tequila, and each step is closely regulated. Each distillery has their own source of agave plant and their own techniques. These unique techniques and the origin of the plant can alter the taste of the spirits.

Here is a quick look at one of the simplest ways to make tequila.

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Tequila And Lime Cocktails

Why do tequila and limes pair so perfectly? Maybe its because limes grow abundantly in Mexico, where tequila was first distilled in the 1700s. Its an age-old combination well never get bored with!

  • Tequila Lime Mojitarita: My take on a mojito made with tequila instead of rum. Muddle fresh mint with sugar, then add tequila, soda water and freshly squeezed lime juice. Chill your glass and serve over ice.
  • Refreshing Rhubarb Lime Cocktail: The gorgeous color of a tequila sunrise in a glass pink rhubarb cocktails with tequila, lime and homemade rhubarb syrup are perfect to celebrate the arrival of spring and warm weather.

Can You Mix Tequila With Energy Drinks

You can,but this article promotes cautiousness concerning mixing alcohol with caffeinated beverages. Caffeine masks the depressant effects on alcohol and you end up consuming more and more.

In this case, you wont feel that you are drunk at first, but then itll hit you like a train soon enough. This can lead to serious accidents, black-out episodes, and even more terrible hangovers.

Feel free to watch this video for clarifications about caffeinated drinks and alcohol:

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What Liquors Go Into Margarita


Orange liqueur

There are a few things that can affect the taste of a margarita, like ingredients you use and method of preparation. Much like with everything you make, ingredients are very important. So if you opt for a lower grade of tequila and orange liqueur, it will taste accordingly. Try to get top shelf tequila and orange liqueur for the best tasting cocktail.

I prefer to use silver tequila in a margarita because it is mixed with several other ingredients. Gold tequila is typically better for straight taking shots because of the smooth taste. But if you like the taste of gold tequila, feel free to use it instead.

When it comes to orange liqueur, I prefer to use Grand Marnier. There are three most known orange liqueurs Triple Sec, Cointreau, and Grand Marnier. Personally, I prefer to use Grand Marnier because it has the strongest, full bodied orange flavor. Out of hundreds of margaritas Ive made at the bar, majority of my guests preferred margaritas made with Grand Marnier.

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Tequila + Bloody Mary Mix

How to Make Mixed Drinks With Tequila

Forget making this brunch staple with vodka. You should have been making it with tequila all along. If you really want to take the Bloody Maria to a whole other level, you can add a spicy flavored spirit like Tanteos jalapeño-infused tequila. Just scale back on the hot sauce or else your lips will burn for hours.

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How Many Agave Plants Does It Take To Make A Bottle Of Tequila

One agave plant makes about two to five liters of tequila, all depending on the size of the plant and the proof of the liquor.

So 15 pounds of agave will produce about one liter of tequila.

Considering the time and effort required for making tequila, you will probably appreciate it more the next time you sip on this beverage. If you are shopping for the best tequila, it is best to buy from a family owned business.

Why Youll Love This Homemade Margarita Mix

  • Your friends will love you- showing up at a party with a bottle of this margarita mix is the BEST way to their hearts!
  • Stop standing at the bar fussing over every individual cocktail guests can pour this themselves each time.
  • So easy to make.
  • Minimal ingredients, minimal effort, maximum reward.

I love alllll the margaritas! Youve got to try my mango margarita, my jalapeño margaritas, and this incredible Cadillac margarita, too!

In fact, Ive even published a complete FREE guide to making the BEST margaritas with every margarita recipe I have! Theres a comprehensive guide to The Best Tequila for Margaritas, too. Dont miss all this margarita love!

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Tequila Sunrise: Orange Juice With Tequila

Take a highball glass, 2 ounces tequila, and mix it with 4 ounces orange juice. A hint of grenadine syrup 1 cup of ice, and you are sorted to enjoy the evening on lo-fi music while enjoying the colors of your drink.

The Key to the beauty of tequila sunrise is: Dont stir it, enjoy the flavorful cocktail, and Instagram the aesthetic colors. Garnish the drink with orange wheels or maraschino cherries for a fancy night.

How To Make Palomas

Tequila Sunrise Cocktail

This is my uncomplicated perfect paloma recipe at its core, its simply a little tequila and Squirt. Just stir the paloma ingredients in a highball glass and enjoy! You dont even need to pull out your cocktail shaker

Of course, you CAN dress up this paloma mixed drink, if youd like. A great way is with a bit of salt on the rim of your glass. Or try adding some fresh grapefruit juice or a grapefruit wedge to enhance the grapefruit flavor profile.

Our local Mexican restaurant amps up the citrus flavors by serving them in a tall glass rimmed with Tajín seasoning, garnished with a lime wheel and a few lemon and lime slices floating within.

PRO TIP: To make a salt rim, simply rub a lime wedge around the rim of the glass and dip it in some salt. The little bit of lime juice will help it stick. Same goes for a Tajín rim!

I should probably mention that 99% of the time I dont bother with any of these extras. Or even the highball glass, LOL I make mine a double in my 20-oz. Yeti Rambler, slap on the lid, and go sip this perfect refreshing drink by the Solo Stove.

What can I say?! Its hands down my favorite way to spend a summer Friday night.

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Tequila Goes In More Than Just Margaritas Find Out What To Mix With Tequila From Juices To Syrups And More

Everybody knows tequila! Its the smooth liquor we all love in an icy margarita. However, tequila is much more than that! This capable liquor has a versatility that rivals vodka, which is why it works as well in fruity drinks as it does in carnitas or fruit salads.

But those are just the tip of the iceberg! Get a bunch more mixer ideas ahead.

A Cousin Drink: The Margarita

Youll notice that the tequila sour looks much like a classic Margarita! Of course, the margarita doesnt have bitters or an egg white foam, and it uses lime juice and Cointreau as the sweetener. Even so: its a very similar drink!

Do you love margaritas? Make sure to check out our 15 best margarita recipes, and dont miss our top tequila cocktails.

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Ways To Enjoy Tequila

Weve all had tequila in a margarita before, so for National Tequila Day, lets go beyond the Mexican classic and try tequila a different way.

10 Ways to Enjoy TequilaBeyond the Basic Margarita

1. Tequila + Grapefruit Juice + Club Soda + A Squeeze of Lime

2. Tequila + Tonic Water

3. Tequila + Lemon + Simple Syrup + Club Soda

4. Tequila + Ginger Ale

5. Tequila + Orange Juice + Grenadine

6. Tequila + Pureed Watermelon + Triple Sec

7. Tequila + Campari + Sweet Vermouth

8. Tequila + Orange Juice + Pineapple Juice

9. Tequila + Muddled Mint & Limes + Simple Syrup + Club Soda

10. Tequila + Bloody Mary Mix

But if you decide, even after all of these awesome suggestions, you still must have a margarita, I suggest trying our Jalapeno Margaritaabove. Its kick-ya-in-the-butt spicy, but oh so good. Cheers!

The Best Tequila Cocktails

How To Make Holiday Cocktails | Patrón Tequila

If you love tequila cocktails, then these recipes are for you! Were covering the origins of tequila, the different types, and the best cocktail recipes! From delicious to spicy tequila drinks, theres a recipe in here for everyone.

What is tequila? Is it exquisite nectar blessed to us from the heavens? Or is it a distilled spirit harvested from the blue agave plant?

Our bets are on the latter, however if the tequila gods descended to the Earth and presented to us their finest tequila cocktails to boot, we wouldnt be surprised.

Because if there was anything wed have in common, it would be our love for the precious blue agave plant in all its intoxicating glory!

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Tequila + Grapefruit Soda

Essentially a Paloma, this cocktail is one of the most popular ways to drink tequila in Mexico . Its bright, citrusy, subtly bitter and downright crushable. Depending on your preference, you can use a blanco or a reposado tequila for the base of the cocktail. A blanco tequila keeps the drink light and crisp, while a reposado tequila makes it richer and more decadent. For a garnish, we recommend a fat wedge of lime and a pinch of sea salt. Come summer, this Highball is essential drinking.

Tequila Chia Hot Toddy

Winter cocktails are the best way of getting through chilly nights and frosty days.

This warming blend features tequila, chai tea, and a slice of lemon. Its basically cocktail comfort food!

Understated and sophisticated, the flavor pairing of subtle cucumber and tangy lime works perfectly in this cocktail.

Its an elegant twist on the classic margarita, made with lime juice, cucumber, and tequila.

This would be perfect for your next Cinco de Mayo. Make a pitcher and get your guests in the mood to party, Mexican-style!

The tropical taste of pineapple and spicy tequila are a match made in heaven.

You dont have to get complicated to enjoy this dream team.

Just stir together tequila and fresh pineapple juice for a 2-minute treat that cant fail to please.

Add a splash of cocktail bitters for deeper flavor or turn it into a pineapple margarita with Cointreau and lime. The skys the limit with this versatile tipple.

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Tequila + Agave Syrup

Mix these two ingredients together, and you have a tequila Old Fashioned without the bitters. You just need a mixing glass, bar spoon, tray of nice ice, agave syrup , and a bottle of your favorite tequila, and youre a twist of the wrist away from having yourself a delectable drink. While a blanco tequila will technically work as the base of this cocktail, it is best to use a reposado or añejo that has more depth, flavor and richness.

Can You Make Your Own Tequila

Tequila Sunrise Cocktail

You can make tequila at home but there are 3 requirements that you must meet.

  • The agave must be grown in one of the five states in Mexico as per the Mexican law
  • The distillery must be in one of those five states
  • You require the approval and certificates from the Tequila Regulatory Council and you have passed all the inspections.

Tequila is a Mexican product which is protected by NAFTA and the World Trade Organization.

So if you do not meet these requirements you cannot distribute tequila.

However you can make something that is called blue agave spirits or agace lixirs at your home that you can share with friends or enjoy.

Or you can simply call it tequila. Trust us, we won’t tell on you.

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How To Make Your Own Tequila In 6 Easy Steps

I have to be honest with you, tequila was never my jam. In college, there was too much of it, there was usually a worm involved and the smell just made me gag. It also causes a weird side effect for me. It makes me go all vampire on people and try to bite anyone within a two-feet radius. Its not pretty.

However, in recent years, everyone I know has started drinking it but on another level. Not as a cheap mixer for a margarita, or as a slammer , but as a high-end liquor on its own, often without lime. I was confused. But its so awful, I said to my friend in Los Angeles.

Try it, he said, offering me some 49-month, barrel-aged tequila. I took a deep breath, steeled my stomach and it was delicious. Like scotch. I was considering converting when an invite to the Herradura Tequila Factory in Amatitan, Mexico came through.

Sign me up! I said and a week later there I was at the distillery in the agave fields surrounding the Amatitan Mountains.

The Herradura hacienda has been run by the same family for 184 years and is the perfect blend of old school and new technology. My guide, Ruben Aceves, hoisted me on a horse and we rode out to the agave fields, where I started my How To Make Tequila in Six Steps.

Its easy, Ruben said.

Ruben is a liar.

To Learn how to make Tequila or, How to do the Tequila Work Out of Your Life, Click HERE

How To Make Sauteed Tequila Lime Shrimp

Place a large 12-14 inch skillet over medium heat. Add the butter and garlic. Sauté the garlic for 1-2 minutes.

Add the tequila, lime zest, lime juice, crushed red pepper, and cilantro. Stir.

Then add in the shrimp. Salt and pepper liberally.

Sauté the shrimp for 5-7 minutes. Make sure they are fully pink, yet that the shrimp are still in the C shape, not closed like an O shape.

Turn off the heat. Then taste and salt and pepper as needed.

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