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What Is The Best Scotch Whiskey To Buy

Laphroaig 10 Year Old

Top Ten 18 Year Scotch You Can Buy Now

As one of the most infamous single malts in all of Scotland, Laphroaig makes no hay about being hard to drink. Its been called a four-alarm seaside bog fire, or worse. But its still undeniably one of the richest, flavorful and complex whiskies ever created once you get used to it.

The Glenlivet 18 Year Old

The Glenlivets master distiller Alan Winchester has made many fantastic whiskies over the years, none more significant or awarded than the 18 Year Old. Winchester shepherds this expression through several different cask types, including both first- and second-fill American oak and ex-sherry oak . Its an intense whisky, full of ripe citrus and winter spice flavor. The Glenlivet 18 has garnered virtually every award of note handed out in the spirits industry, and deservedly so. It may well be the most complete mass-market whisky of all.

Best Scotch Whisky To Buy In 2022

There is always something for everyone. As diverse as the world of whiskeyis, here is a listof the finest Scotlands spirit to suit your budget, tastes and preference. Included herein, arethe reviews on tasting notes and key information on why each dram should be among yourbest buys in 2022.

1. GLENDRONACH 21-YEAR-OLD WHISKYThis is probably one of your must have drams in 2022. Aged in the finest blend of Olorosoand Pedro Ximenez sherry casks for over two decades, Glendronach 21-Year-Old scotchstarts off with a sweet and fruity sherry nose. The Parliament is non chill filtered and ofnatural colour.

Bottled at 48% ABV you would expect alcohol burns but, this single malt is not overlyresinous. It is oaky in a controlled manner and evolves in layers of fruit and sweet allowingyou to take it neat, on the rocks or have it with a splash of water. Either way, it retains theintegrity of a whole, full and round whisky with its medium-long finish. For the price, this isa steal! Try it!

2. MORTLACH 25-YEAR-OLD WHISKYThis is a remarkable expression for those with an acquired taste for the finest and the richest.It is truly herbal to the nose, oily, fruity, oaky and smoky on the palate. The wafts of light oakcascades into gloriously rich oak spice giving it the elegantly smooth Mortlach mix offullness, chocolate and herbs in official bottling.

a quarter century to give you an endearing palate experience. Best believe, it is a perfect matethat pairs well with the finest cigars!

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Highland Park Scotch In The City

Talk about drinking for a good cause: The Instagram influencers behind Scotch in the City are New York-based first responders who wanted to give back to their community. So they teamed up with Highland Park to create this limited-edition, single-cask whisky, with $15,000 from the sales to be donated by Highland Park to The First Responders Childrens Foundation Covid-19 Emergency Response Fund. To determine which one of Highland Parks many exceptional single casks would be worthy of this altruistic endeavor, Kevin, Nick and Highland Park master whisky maker Gordon Motion blind tasted some of the best barrels. Cask No. 150 came out on top, with its deep russet color, crème brûlée aroma, and flavors of vanilla, rose, cedar wood, lemon peel and a lingering finish of woody spices. Bottled at 130.8 proof, it yielded just 594 bottles.

Hidden Track: Compass Box Artist Blend

The best blended Scotch whiskies to buy now

Average Price:$40

The Whisky:

The lions share of this blend 45 percent comes from a single grain whisky aged in ex-bourbon from Cameronbridge Distillery. 22 percent is a single malt aged in ex-bourbon that comes from Linkwood Distillery. The rest is a mix of French oak and ex-bourbon single malts and blended malts from the Highlands, Clyneilish, Linkwood, and Balmenach. Those whiskies are vatted and then proofed down before bottling.

Tasting Notes:

This opens with a very clear and concise note of apple candy with a hint of salted caramel ice cream cut with a touch of eggnog spices. Theres a nice maltiness that leans into a creamy vanilla, soft holiday spice mix, butter toffee, and a hint of milk chocolate near the end. The finish is warming with a whisper of tobacco next to a woody apple, spice candies , and a final hint of cocoa and caramel.

Value For Dollar:

While all of the above blends are built from distilleries within the parent companys portfolio, Compass Box gets to have the best of all worlds. They source their barrels from every distillery they can in Scotland, regardless of who owns them. That means youre getting a true blend of Scottish whiskies that very few other blenderies are doing. That alone almost makes these blends invaluable when looking at the big picture of blended whisky in Scotland.

Plus, this juice is just delicious.

As a Drizly affiliate, Uproxx may receive a commission pursuant to certain items on this list.

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Ardbeg Corryvreckan Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Arriving at a whopping 57.1 percent ABV, the alcohol in this whisky is seamlessly incorporated. Maple syrup and toasted oak aromas lead the charge, followed by a hint of earth and red berries. Only on the palate do its heavy bonfire smoke notes emerge, but there they linger for an eternity. Average price: $95.

Glenfiddich Bourbon Barrel Reserve 14 Years

Sweet and warm, with vanilla, chocolate, oak, and freshly baked bread aromas, this bourbon-barrel-aged Scotch was a crowd favorite. It has a creamy body and fruity, peppery finish, like peppercorn and orange peel. Glenfiddich 14 was also a favorite, with Lipton-tea-like bitterness and acidity on the finish, one taster said. Panelists found both whiskies approachable and easy to drink. Average price: $55.

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What Makes Scotch Whisky Unique

Like bourbon and Champagne, Scotch whisky is separated from other styles by a strict set of Scotch Whisky Regulations for production and labeling. Scotch whisky can only be made in Scotland. It must also be distilled from water and malted barley though other whole cereal grains may be added. Distillation strength must not exceed 94.8 percent, while bottle strength is at least 40 percent ABV. The spirit must be wholly matured in Scotland, in oak casks not exceeding 700 liters, for a minimum of three years. Finally, nothing can be added other than water and plain caramel coloring. There are also additional requirements for calling something a single malt, single grain, or blend. Another unique feature of Scotch is the prevalent use of peat, especially in Islay and the Highlands.

A Curated Selection From Some Of Scotland’s Finest Distilleries

Top 10 Reasons Why Ardbeg 10 Is The Best Buy Scotch Whisky
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Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

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Best Splurge:Lagavulin 16 Year Old at Drizly

Aged in second-fill ex-bourbon barrels, the 16-year-old expression is well worth the splurge.

Many scotch enthusiasts may discover that they’re well into their journey of appreciation before they ever actually learn what the phrase “single malt” even means. To be considered a single malt scotch, the whisky must be distilled from a mash bill of 100 percent malted barley at one distillery and aged for a minimum of three years in wooden casks. Distillers are then allowed to get as creative as theyd like, from experimenting with the number of distillations to using a variety of cask finishes.

There are more than 120 distilleries in Scotland making single malt whiskymuch of which is ultimately destined to be used as a component in blended whiskies, but some of which is bottled as an individual expression of the particular distillery’s character. With a style out there for everyone, here are the best single malt scotch whiskies available in a range of categories.

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Grain Spirit Blends And Single Malts Matured In All Sorts Of Wood

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

There are around 120 distilleries in Scotland producing whisky of all kinds. Grain spirit, blends, and single malts, matured in all sorts of wood. With so much uisge-beatha , as the ancient Celts called it, to choose from, it can be a bit tough to pick a Scotch from your local liquor store shelf. So, what makes a great Scotch whisky?

The world of Scotch whisky is so diverse and nuanced that there is no one answer, and it often comes down to personal preference and taste, says Rachel Barrie, Master Blender for The GlenDronach, BenRiach and Glenglassaugh distilleries. To my nose, the greatest Scotch whiskies have an integration of balance and complexity, with expectations always exceeded on taste.

We couldnt agree more. So, without further to do, here are the best Scotch whiskies that will spark up your taste buds, put a fire in your belly, and just plain knock your socks off.

How To Drink Scotch Whisky

When you come to taste Scotch whisky, use a solid tumbler or Glencairn glass. Inhale the aromas of the whisky, as the smell is just as much part of the experience. Then, sip, dont shot. Let the liquid roll over your tongue so you can savor the flavor and appreciate the finish. When it comes to regular drinking, most distillers recommend consuming your Scotch whisky neat. However, if thats a bit too intense, then you can add a small splash of pure spring water. Doing so will open it up and release different aromas, but avoid adding more than 20 percent water. If you prefer cold drinks, you can drink Scotch on the rocks however, it can suppress some of the characteristics. Just make sure to use large, clean ice cubes. Finally, scotch whisky is also great in cocktails, so dont be afraid to get creative!

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Vat 69 Blended Scotch Whisky

Contrary to what the name suggests, VAT 69 is a blended Scotch whisky, not a vatted malt as blended malt Scotch was earlier known by. Nevertheless, it is a beloved blended Scotch and retains some amount of loyalty among regular drinkers who favour its smooth finish and affordable pricing.

The standard blended Scotch segment in India is an extremely competitive one due to its price sensitive nature, and VAT 69 is one of the brands that have done well in the country.

The Glenfiddich 21 Year Old

The 17 Best Bourbon Whiskeys You Can Buy in 2019 ⢠Gear ...

The Glenfiddich distillery is synonymous with Speyside whisky, and this expression is ripe with the brands signature cereal grain and subtle oak notes. Ah, but malt master Brian Kinsman adds a sublime touch, finishing the 21 Year Old in Caribbean rum casks that rouse exotic fruit flavors such as mango, lime, and banana. Opens soft on the palate and then busts a move toward brisk and peppery, with smoke and ginger on a very long and warming finish.

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What Should I Look For When Picking A Whisky

If whisky is all new to you, you might want to avoid the overly smoky, peated styles, which can be quite overpowering to the uninitiated. Instead, the best whisky for your palate will likely be an easy-drinking sweet and fruity dram, but if in doubt, our tasting notes should direct you to the perfect whisky for you.

The Glenlivet Ndurra Peated Whisky Cask Finish

The Glenlivet is a name known everywhere. The Nàdurra line is named for the fact that its released non chill-filtered and at cask strength, or natural. While the rough cut Nàdurra is fantastic and the winner of Double Gold at the 2010 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, those who want a little more refinement should look no further than The Glenlivet 18.

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Best Grain Scotch: Compass Box Hedonism

Region: Scotland | ABV: 43% | Tasting Notes: Coconut, Caramel, Toffee, Vanilla

A century ago, many Scottish whiskies were made with grains, including corn and wheat, but declined in popularity as big producers started focusing on single malt whiskies. Maverick whisky maker John Glaser rehabilitated it, searching out old grain barrels and blending them together in making Compass Box Hedonism.

H. Joseph Ehrmann, owner of San Franciscos Elixir Saloon and co-founder of Fresh Victor, calls it a head-turner that can open your eyes to the pleasures of grain whisky. With its coconut and caramel notes, it tastes fun, says Tardie. Glasers doing a wonderful service for blended scotch.

Region: Highlands | ABV: 46% | Tasting Notes: Coffee, Espresso, Raisins, Cinnamon

did something innovative, says Tardie. They toasted the barley so much that they call it a chocolate malt.

Just as in beer making, where a chocolate malt adds mocha flavor to a porter or stout, this Highland scotch is rich in cocoa and espresso notes that only deepen over time. Its made from the distillerys oldest whisky35- to 40-year-old scotch, aged in American white oakwhich gives it a gravitas that Tardie appreciates. As you sip it, and as the alcohol burns off, he says, theres a strong characteristic of dark chocolate and coffee grinds.

Glenmorangie Grand Vintage Malt 1991

Scotch Whisky: The Definitive Beginner Buying Guide

Photo: Courtesy of Glenmorangie

The fourth limited release in Glenmorangies much-ballyhooed Bond House No. 1 Vintage collection, Grand Vintage Malt 1991 rates among Glenmorangies legendary director of distilling, Dr. Bill Lumsdens finest achievements. Lumsden is a leading pioneer in wood finishing, and here he combines two vastly different whiskies to yield one damn tasty dram. One parcel, finished in Oloroso sherry casks, offers sweetness and spice, while the other, drawn from burgundy casks, delivers earthy, truffle notes. Opens with a burst of fruity flavors intermingled with chocolate, apples and raspberry. The mouthfeel is round and spicy, and the whisky finishes with a refreshing citrus zest. Named Whisky of the Year and Best Highland Single Malt at the esteemed 2019 International Whisky Competition.

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Ledaig 1996 19 Years Old

Lest ye be mistaken for a whisky neophyte, remember that this single-malt scotch from the Inner Hebrides is pronounced la-chayk or even la-chik . Ledaig, safe haven in Gaelic, is handcrafted at the Tobermory Distillery, the only whisky production facility on the impossibly colorful Isle of Mull. The Ledaig 1996 19 Years Old is what is often referred to as a peat bomb, crackling with smoky goodness from sniff to finish. And bless the ole malt masters heart for all the other wonderful things at play in this whiskytoffee and seaweed on the nose, with apple, orange, and black pepper mingling on the palate. Finishes long, with peaty embers glowing.

The Best Scotch Whiskies For Every Budget: Siponey Founder Amanda Victoria Picks 21 Superb Bottles

From left: Benriach 21, Arbeg Wee Beastie, Jane Walker by Johnnie Walker Black 10 Year, SIA, … Torabhain, The Macallan Ediition No. 6, Talister 10, Laphroaig 10 Sherry Oak Finish, Bowmore Timeless 27 Year, The GlenDronach Port Wood, Compass Box Artist Blend

When I first tasted Laphroaigs newest expressionthe 10-Year Sherry Oakmy mind was blown. To my palate, its one of the best expressions the distillery has ever produced. Spectacular, even. And as with other stellar bottlings, my instinct is the same: I headed to my go-to spot for hard-to-find spirits to purchase two more bottles.

Then I messaged a trusted industry contact to fact check me, just to make sure I wasnt suffering from deliriumor worse, a fatigued palate. That trusted industry contact? Amanda Victoria, the founder of Siponeywhom I first met during her time as the communications director at the Scotch Malt Whisky Society. We got along instantly when we met many moons ago and as expected, she loved the Laphroaig too.

So when I decided to remind the Scotch-consuming public that the Caledonia spirit isnt only for the damp, dark, and dreary months of winter, I reached out to Victoria to curate Scotch whiskies for every kind of palate and budget. After all, she truly is the real deal and knows how to pick expressions based on the parameters shes given, having spent a great deal of time in New Yorks more venerable cocktail spaces such as Pegu Club, PDT, Dutch Kills, and Milk & Honey.


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Isle Of Jura 30 Year Old

With only 200 bottles released in the United States, the only thing wrong with this whisky is the difficulty in finding it. Loaded with a fresh grain profile thats highlighted by hints of orange peel and toffee, Isle of Jura 30 Year Old is a full-bodied beauty. Known as Carnas an Staca , the scotch will continue to intrigue like the ancient monument its named after. Whether you can actually find a bottleor a pourof this gem of a scotch is the challenge. Link

Bruichladdich Black Art 1990 Edition 61

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The sixth commercially available version of this mythic whisky is an unpeated Islay malt aged 26 years in cask types Bruichladdich prefers to keep secret. What is manifest, though, is that Black Art is an exceptionally rare and unique dram. The aromas are plentiful, among them raisin, apple, blackberry jam, brown sugar, and charred oak. The vitality of the oak and the fruit is sensational. Its a whisky that twists and changes constantly. Mysterious and inscrutable, it delivers an assortment of tastes that surprise and delight, from honeycomb to ginger-nut biscuits to tobacco. It is non-chill-filtered and bottled at a cask strength of 93.2 proof.

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