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What Goes With Bombay Gin

What Is Bombay Sapphire Good With

Review of Bombay Sapphire gin!

Bombay Sapphire is perfectly balanced by freshly squeezed lemon juice and sugar, served long with cubes of ice and chilled Fever-Tree soda water. A well-balanced, citrus-forward beverage that will appeal to both citrus and floral enthusiasts.

This gin is the second most widely consumed gin in the world today. To introduce a new generation of gin drinkers to gins complexity and other characteristics besides its classic flavor, this gin has included notes of cardamom and oak. The taste is oily and thick, and the palate is completely immersed in it. Bombay Sapphire, one of the most distinctive cocktails on the market, is well-represented in the Martini. Despite the fact that it has all of the notes that make gin so good, it is a gin that is also simple to drink and allows itself to be part of the scenery. This does a good job in an aviation setting because it allows violet notes to shine through. Some of its worst behavior is not heard in a Negroni or Last Word where its cries are audible.

In the craft revolution, a new Bombay-Sapphired Bombay Sapphire has emerged. A refreshing glass of gin for people who prefer a more restrained perspective on their drinks. It mixes well and does a good job, but it does not do a lot of good things. In fact, I believe some have improved on the designs of Bombay Sapphire since its inception.

How Strong Is The Sapphire Alpine

Looks are often deceiving and any martini made of liquor alone is going to be a potent little drink. The Sapphire alpine is no exception, especially when the gin is 94 proof. This cocktails alcohol content will fall in the 29 percent ABV range. For most people, one is enough, and thats why the punch really needs to be cut. In the suggested formula, the alpine punch is more like the average wine.

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Transform The Martini Into A Party Punch

The flavor of this martini is the perfect base for a fruity gin punch. It can easily be made to serve any sized party, from an intimate brunch to a big wedding bash. Because the ingredients are poured equally, there is very little math involved. However, it is a strong drink. Adding a little soda will knock that down to better fit punch service while giving it a nice sparkle.

  • Begin by adding twice as much soda as the total liquor volume: Use 1/3 part each of gin, blue curaçao, and peach schnapps mixed with 2 parts ginger ale or club soda. Taste and adjust if needed.
  • Switching to a nonalcoholic blue curaçao will lower the drink’s strength as well. Look for it in the mixer section of the liquor store.
  • Dress up the punch bowl by freezing fresh berries, slices of citrus, and herbs into an ice ring.

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When Making Gin Cocktails Complement And Contrast

The possibilities with gin cocktails are endless. For example, if you go with St. George Terroir gin with its herbaceous Douglas fir and coastal sage botanicals or Oakland Spirits Sea-Gin, you will want to show off those briny or green notes appropriately. While some bartenders might mix like with like , Rivers encourages complementing and contrasting. A citrus-forward gin doesnt need more citrus, so think about what would highlight the citrus and compliment it? The same goes if a gin is floral. Everybody loves to mix patterns in clothes. Why not in drinks?

The cocktail menu at Whitechapel is extensive with drinks like the Narc Angel painting on the canvas of a more classic London dry profilein this case, Fords gin, which plays nicely with maraschino liqueur, orange curaçao, the bitter-sweet of Campari and bright tones of ginger, mint and lemon.

More Gin Cocktail Recipes

Bombay Sapphire &  Tonic
  • You cant go wrong with this Classic Gin Fizz Cocktail. Its uncomplicated, fresh, light, and timeless.
  • Learn what sloe gin is and how to use it to make one of our favorite cocktails: The Sloe Gin Fizz.
  • Have you ever heard of a Southside Cocktail? Its a simple cocktail recipe Gin-based, mint-kissed with a touch of citrus.
  • Add an herbal spin to the classic gin fizz cocktail with fresh rosemary and make Rosemary Gin Fizzes.

Recipe updated, originally posted December 2012. Since posting this in 2012, we have tweaked the recipe to be more clear. Adam and Joanne

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Can You Drink Bombay Sapphire Straight

Bombay Sapphire can be enjoyed « as is » and it also makes good cocktails. Id suggest giving it another go by taking the bottle out of the cold and let it warm up. Chilling numbs down flavors, so it might be that all the more subtle hints of botanicals are just being hidden and alcohol punches through.

Gin & Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice with gin doesnt need anything else added to it

For a tart, dry mixer for your gin, try cranberry juice! If you have the time and inclination, this could be made by blending and sieving fresh cranberries, but otherwise, shop-bought juice is fine we love Frobishers Cranberry Juice. We like to mix our gin and cranberry juice with a twist and squeeze of fresh lemon or lime to give it added zing, particularly if your juice has added sweeteners.

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Bombay Sapphire New Traditions: Pre

For an Aperitif: Star 75

Why I Love It: This cocktail looks really impressive for guests, but its so simple to make. The cocktail is the perfect aperitif to kick off your Christmas lunch celebrations its light, sweet and just so drinkable. The touch of fresh lemon makes sure the cocktail isnt too sweet, and the additional of Prosecco gives a real, special Christmas day feel.

The Idea: The cocktail is perfect for sipping alongside a selection of your best canapés whip up some smoked salmon blinis with cream cheese and a squeeze of fresh lemon, and youve got yourself a party.


  • Pour the lemon juice and sugar syrup into a cocktail shaker
  • Add the measure of the Star of Bombay
  • Fill with ice, close and shake well for 10 seconds
  • Carefully strain into a chilled champagne flute
  • Top up the cocktail with the chilled MARTINI & Rossi Prosecco
  • Then gently stir to combine
  • Finally, drop a maraschino cherry in the glass

For a Delicious Serve: Cranberry Ginger Twist

Why I Love It: This cocktail is just so refreshing the combination of fresh ginger and lime really freshens it up, and its the perfect thing to wake up the tastebuds before all the lovely Christmas day food youre going to devour. Ginger might be an usual addition this time of year when suddenly everyone is obsessed with cloves and cinnamon but dont overlook it, ginger can make a fantastic addition to your Christmas cocktail list.

Serves one

A Guide To Buying And Drinking Bombay Sapphire Gin

Four Easy Gin Drinks

Bombay Sapphire Gin is one of the more popular premium gins on the market for a very good reason. This London dry gin is vapor-infused with a hand-selected bouquet of 10 botanicals. It one of those that is distinctly gin but not overwhelmingly flavored, which makes it ideal for mixing into any gin cocktail.

Beyond the mixable, aromatic taste, Bombay Sapphire is also reasonably priced, readily available, and instantly recognizable in its eye-catching blue bottle. It can easily become a reliable staple in any bar. This is also an ideal gin to introduce people to the spirit category because it is not overpowering but very appealing to any taste.

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Can You Make A Big Batch Of Sapphire Martini

Yes! There are no special effects with this drink so its perfectly safe to mix this drink and serve it in a big batch.

And in order to make a big batch, all you need to do is measure this drink in parts.

Recipes that measure in parts usually mean its written so that you can adjust the size of the drink to whatever you want. The measurements they give you are so you can keep the ratio of the ingredients correct.

For example, lets say you wanted to make one drink this typically means youre using 1 standard shot glass for measuring. So then when the recipe says 1 part you would interpret that amount as 1 standard shot glass full. If the recipe says 1/2 part youd fill the shot glass halfway so that its 1/2 standard shot glass. OR, lets say you wanted to make enough drinks for a few friends. When making the drink you could interpret 1 part as 1 cup

Given the above, to measure a blue sapphire martini in parts, you would need:

  • 1 dash of dry vermouth
  • Ice and a maraschino cherry, per glass

Where Is Tanqueray Sevilla Gin Made

Quinine is a product of the Cinchona trees bark, which is harvested on an eight-year cycle. It is the source for that bitter kick in tonic water, and to have a successful tonic it must be counteracted by other ingredients. When the recipe is right, a nice tonic is born and this is what we find here.

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Whats The Gin And Coke Ratio

Tip 1 to making the best Gin and Coke recipe: use the right ratio! Often restaurants mix up a version of this drink thats too heavy on the coke. Use the right ratio to get just the right flavor combination. The Gin and coke ratio is:

  • 2 ounces gin to 4 ounces cola =
  • 1 part gin to 2 parts cola

Of course, you can play around to find your favorite quantities. Some people complain that cola totally overwhelms the delicate flavors of gin, but they peak out beautifully in this ratio. If you prefer more gin, you can try the ratio 2 ounces gin to 3 ounces cola.

Dry Bombay Blue Sapphire Martini

Buy Bombay Sapphire Gin 1L At Hyderabad Duty Free
I love this and my DH makes it perfectly for me! This Bombay Blue Sapphire gin really needs nothing its wonderful. Also try garnishing with the large capers with stem attached.

Provided by Rita1652

3 olives or 1 large capers
6 ice cubes


  • Chill your martini glass in freezer for 10 minutes or fill with ice cubes and cold water to chill.
  • Place ice cubes in a metal shaker top with gin and shake very very very well.
  • Empty water from glass if used.
  • Pour vermouth into chilled glass and swirl to coat glass then discard vermouth or use for the next glass.
  • Strain very well shaken gin into glass and garnish with olives.
  • Sit back and relax.

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Top 19 Gin Mixers For Fast Easy And Delicious Drinks

Gin has become a popular spirit, one that is frequently featured in cocktails. Its hard to not love the aromatic notes of gin, but the spirit can be a little confusing at first, as gin isnt normally consumed neat. Thats where these gin mixers come into play.

The mixers featured on this list can all be combined with gin to create a simple and delicious drink. All you need is the mixer and the gin. Thats it. Two ingredients.

As youll see, there are a variety of different styles to choose from. Some mixers have powerful flavors that mostly hide the subtleties of the gin that youre using. Other mixers have more nuanced flavors, giving you the chance to experience more of the gin.

These differences mean that you need to choose your gin carefully. If youre combining with a fairly strong mixer, consider regular quality gin. You should still skip the bottom of the shelf stuff, of course, but theres no need to bring out the big guns.

For that matter, using expensive gin or craft gin with a strong mixer is just a waste, as the nuances of the gin will be lost. If the gin is expensive or complex, try a mild mixer.

If you’re looking for more ideas, check out our other lists of mixers, including mixers for rum, tequila, vodka, and whiskey.

What Is Bombay Sapphire Gin Made From

Bombay Sapphire was first released in 1987 but was inspired by a recipe from 1761. Like most gin, it is a neutral grain spirit that is triple distilled and infused with botanicals. How Bombay uses the botanicals is unique. Instead of steeping the flavoring ingredients in the alcohol, the distillery uses a vapor infusion extraction.

The distillery originally employed two Carterhead stills from the 1830s and added two copper pot stills when production increased. Above the distillate, copper baskets hold the proprietary blend of botanicals. As the alcohol heats up and evaporates, the steam hits the botanicals, infusing it with flavor before it condenses back into a liquid that is cut to bottling strength. This approach is designed to give the gin a more delicate flavor.

Bombay was one of the first gin brands to celebrate their botanicals with full disclosure. Though the actual recipe is a well-kept secret entrusted to their master of botanicals, Ivano Tonutti, they do reveal what the ingredient list includes. It is an international affair that includes Italian juniper berries and orris root, Spanish almonds and lemon peels, grains of paradise from West Africa, Chinese licorice, cassia bark from Indo-China, angelica from Saxony, Moroccan coriander, and cubeb berries from Java. The botanicals are nicely balanced and add a crispness to the spirit.

In 2014, Bombay Sapphire opened a new distillery just outside of London, England. It is open to the public for tours and events.

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The Distillerys Building Is Nearly A Millennium Old

The Laverstoke Mill building where Bombay Sapphires distillery resides dates back to at least 1086, when it was documented in King William the Conquerors Domesday Book. The site has seen a series of ventures, including an 18th century paper mill that printed bank notes for the English government, and experienced an infamous robbery in the process, before taking on its current role as a sophisticated spirit production facility.

How To Drink Bombay Sapphire Gin

Gin Blind Tasting Bombay Sapphire, Bulldog & Tanqueray / The ð? Goes To…

To appreciate the botanicals in Bombay Sapphire, try it on the rocks or chilled and straight at least once. The water and cold open up the gin’s bouquet and it’s interesting to taste all three expressions this way. However, it is best appreciated in cocktails.

Bombay Sapphire’s aromatic flavoring leads to a very mixable gin for any cocktail you desire. It is a perfect gin and tonic option and makes a superb . Both drinks gently enhance the gin, allowing you to enjoy it with little interference.

A favorite among bartenders, Bombay Sapphire works in classic cocktails just as well as it does in modern recipes. It’s very versatile and pairs well with delicate herbs like lavender as well as a variety of fruits, from berries to citrus and pineapple to apple. It even mixes well with other spirits, including flavored vodka and whiskey.

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Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin

If you look at the list of botanicals in Bombay Sapphire you will notice a few differences from other London dry gins. Grains of paradise, almond, and cubeb berries are not your average gin ingredients and they help this bottle stand apart from the crowd.

Distilled in Cheshire, England, Bombay Sapphires full list of vapor-infused botanicals include juniper, almond, grains of paradise, lemon peel, licorice, orris root, angelica, coriander, cassia bark, and cubeb berries. Its old meets new with this gin. While the brand is relatively young, having launched in 1987, the beautiful array is based on a recipe from 1761.

You cannot miss Bombay Sapphire on the liquor shelf. Its blue bottle has an allure that will catch your eye, though the gin itself is not bluelook to Magellan Gin for that.

This gin is also bottled at 47 percent ABV , so it will stand up to your dry martinis as well as fruity gimlets and the Floradora. Its a staple that you can rely on and a good premium gin to keep in stock.

How To Drink Bombay Gin

Bombay gin is best enjoyed by those who are looking for a premium drinking experience. Its distillation methods make Bombay a more delicate gin to drink, with less in your face flavors and more a combination of ingredients thatll gently tiptoe across your palate.

As a result, the best way to enjoy Bombay Gin is to pair it with something that allows the spirit to breathe without overpowering it. A Gin & Tonic is a classic choice that always goes down well, served with lime, ice and a premium tonic water.

Of course, if youre really wanting to experience all of Bombays unique botanicals, its best to chill the bottle first and sip it neat. The addition of an ice cube or two can also help to bring out more reserved flavor notes.

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Bombay Bramble & Tonic

A variation on the classic G& T with a bright, fruit-forward twist, the Bombay Bramble and Tonic is easy to make, batch, and enjoy under any clear blue sky.

For pairing, combinations of fruitiness and bitterness will highlight the flavors in the drink, like strawberries dipped in dark chocolate. The bitter back-bite from the tonic will also help cleanse the palate, inviting each new bite, if you pair that drink with sweet, doughy treats like blueberry muffins, berry clafoutis, or strawberry pancakes topped with raspberry syrup.


  • 1 ½ ounces Bombay Bramble Gin
  • 4 ounces premium tonic water
  • Fresh lemon wedge
  • Over cubes of ice, combine ingredients in a balloon glass, large wine glass, or pitcher.
  • Squeeze in the lemon wedge and add as garnish.
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