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What Is An Expensive Whiskey

How To Drink Whiskey

Why Single Malt Whisky Is So Expensive | So Expensive

Serious whiskey drinkers take time to appreciate various aspects of the drink following these steps:

  • Pour one or two ounces of whiskey into a glass.
  • Swirl the whiskey to coat the glass.
  • Smell the whiskey to appreciate its smelling notes.
  • Sip the whiskey to discover the complex flavor notes it contains, breathing through your nose as you swallow.
  • Roll the liquid through your mouth to pick up unique flavors with different areas of your tongue.
  • Add a splash of water to pick up even more subtle flavors for another sip.
  • Note the flavors remaining in your mouth after youve finished your sip.
  • Glenfiddich 1937 Rare Collection Scotch

    Price Tag: $20,000

    Rare is the precise correct word for this 1937 Glenfiddich scotch. The liquor filled only 61 bottles.

    Though the whisky is delicious, few bottles are bought for drinking. The 1937 scotch is a collectors bottle.

    An enthusiastic buyer paid 87,300 dollars for a bottle at a 2016 auction, beating prior bidding records.

    Those lucky enough to taste the liquor will enjoy a smooth, sweet sip. The whisky carries notes of:

    • Dark Chocolate
    • Almonds

    The 64-year-old Scotch contains 44 percent alcohol by volume.

    Bottled in 2001 in Scotlands Speyside region, the Rare Collection Scotch continues Glenfiddichs legacy of superior whisky.

    Craft Irish Whiskey Cos The Emerald Isle Collection $2m

    A special mention must go to Craft Irish Whiskey Co. which smashed all records on St.Patricks Day 2021 when its Emerald Isle Collection in partnership with Fabergé, sold for $2m.

    Though technically the Emerald Isle Collection is the most expensive whisky lot ever sold at auction, it cant quite claim full ownership of the title as a large chunk of the value is down to the exquisitely-crafted 18k gold and emerald Fabergé Celtic Egg and 22k gold Fabergé timepiece encased in rose gold with sapphire crystals, that also comes as part of the set.

    Inspired by the seven wonders of Ireland, only seven of the ultra-exclusive seven-piece sets exist, making it highly covetable. But lets not forget the whiskey itself. The set contains not one, but two bottles of Craft Irish Whiskey Co.s Emerald Isle. The rare 30-year-old whiskey is the oldest triple distilled Irish single malt in existence. Following the record-smashing initial launch, four more of the sought-after sets were released around the following year, with just two remaining.

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    The Macallan 64 In Lalique Cute Perdue

    This drinks name may sound a little different for you, but it is unique as it contains three different types of whiskies. These whiskeys are coming from Spanish oak barrels of age 1942, 1945, and 1946. This Whisky is around 64 years old.

    Finding one bottle of this Whisky is a little tricky as it is rarely available. The last time we saw it was in a 2010 auction. There it priced USD 464,000. This auction was at Sothebys in New York.

    This Whisky has acquired its place in Guinness World record for most expensive Whisky at auction. The decanter of this Whisky is a crystal made which glassmaker Lalique exclusively designed. Because of its decanter, it has been the most sought-after Whisky.

    The Macallan Peter Blake 1926 60

    Health Reasons That You Should Invest in Expensive Whisky

    Price: $1.04 million

    What Made It Expensive: The whisky from Macallan Distillery was laid untouched for six decades in sherry casks and divided into 40 bottles.

    There are 12 bottles of 60-year-old whisky on its first release, and to make the most expensive bottles of whisky, the Macallan teamed up with Sir Peter Blake, famous for his Beatles album cover.

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    What Is The Number 1 Whiskey In The World

    Although Isabellas Islay is the most expensive whisky in the world, it is not the ultimate number one bottle. Instead, the position is held by The Macallan Fine and Rare 60-Year-Old. As of 2022, The Macallan Fine and Rare 60-Year-Old hold the title of the most expensive whiskey based on its contents and rarity.

    The most expensive whiskey in the world as of 2022 is Isabellas Islay. It is the priciest whiskey mainly because of its bottle that is made of jewellery. Otherwise, The Macallan Distillery dominates the list with several priciest brands.

    DISCLAIMER: This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!

    Jameson Bow Street 18 Year Old 240

    Jameson Bow Street 18 Year Old Irish whiskey is a blend between a rare pot still whiskey and an Irish grain whiskey, which are both produced by the Jameson Midleton distillery in County Cork.

    After 18 years of ageing, these two whiskies are combined together and finished off back in the original Jameson distillery on Bow Street in Dublin.Bow Street 18 is Jamesons rarest release, and it is only bottled once per year. This whiskey is bottled at cask strength and is 55.3% ABV.Jameson 18 Year Old was awarded best Irish blended whiskey of the year in 2018 and then again in 2019.

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    Hanyu Ichiros Full Card Series $152m

    In 2020, this set of ultrarare Japanese whiskies shattered its previous 2019 record by $600,000 to sell for $1.52m, reaffirming its place as the most expensive set of Japanese whisky ever sold. The highly sought-after Hanyu Ichiros Full Card Series comprises 54 bottles, each representing a playing card in a deck.

    Adding to the desirability of the collection is the story of how it came to life. The renowned Hanyu distillery was established in 1941 by Isouji Akuto, who came from a long line of sake brewers. Before it ceased in 2000, Akutos grandson conserved 400 casks of fine whisky from the distillery. From these casks, he hand-selected each whisky , which was then released between 2005 and 2014 to create the Full Card Series.

    The Macallan Peter Blake 1926 60 Year Old

    Is EXPENSIVE whiskey worth the money? | $35 vs $2,500 Blind Tasting

    The first of four bottles on this list from The Macallan’s famous cask #263. Distilled in 1926 and matured in sherry-seasoned cask for 60 years until 1986 before being poured into 40 bottles. Twelve of these bottles were given labels designed by Sir Peter Blake who is most well-known for creating the cover art for The Beatles’ 1967 album, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

    These twelve bottles were released in 1993 and they instantly became some of the most lucrative products on the market due to their ultra-rare status. One of these bottles appeared at auction in 2018 and sold for an eye-watering £751,703.

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    The Macallan M $628205

    Macallan dominates our list of most expensive whiskey for a good reason. The whiskey that the Macallan distillery produces is exquisite, and the craftsmanship of the decanters is second to none.

    The Macallan M is no exception. The M is a blend of several vintages between 25-75 years old. Like the 64, Macallan aged the M in Spanish oak barrels. This aging process gives the M a distinct and bold flavor.

    Seventeen glassmakers collaborated to craft the handmade crystal decanter used for the Macallan M. The unique 6-liter bottle is challenging to find and will likely get more expensive as the years pass.

    The Macallan Michael Dillon 1926 60 Year Old

    Cask #263 strikes again. This one-of-a-kind bottle was hand-painted by Irish artist, Michael Dillon, and bears a depiction of The Macallan’s idyllic Easter Elchies House. Released in 1999, the bottle was purchased at London’s Fortnum & Mason department store and nothing was heard of the expression for 19 years.

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    What Is Whiskey Made Of

    All whiskeys are made from cereal grains that the distillery ferments inside wooden containers. The most common grains distilleries use in making whiskey include wheat, corn, barley malt, and rye. The only other ingredients for making whiskey are water and yeast.

    To get more complex flavors from their whiskeys, distilleries experiment with the type of smoke they use to dry their grains or using different types of wooden containers .

    Craft Irish Whiskey Cos The Emerald Isle Collection $2 Million

    The World

    Craft Irish Whiskey Cos The Emerald Isle Collection /

    This amazing collection of the brands finest Irish whiskies comes in a box that contains a cigar, jewelry, and a watch, in a gorgeous box. The whiskey comes from Bushmill, an old distillery in Ireland. The spirit was distilled in Pedro Ximenez casks that were used for making dark and sweet sherry.

    And one of the most precious objects that is included in the box is the Fabergé Celtic Egg. Crafted from 19-karat gold with one single emerald, the egg is the reason the collection sold for a cool $2,000,000.

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    The Macallan M Scotch Whiskey $628205

    There are plenty of reasons why the Macallan M is among the most expensive whiskey bottles in the world. First, its a 6-liter bottle of fine, sophisticated whiskey, but thats not necessarily what makes it super special to be part of this list.

    Crafting quality-wise, its a single malt whiskey aged in Spanish oak barrels for no less than 70 years. But the actual value of the Macallan M is in its masterpiece decanter made with handcrafted crystals with a crystal stopper. The bottle was an iconic collaboration of creative director Fabien Baron, the Macmillan brand, and Lalique crystal.

    Gordon & Macphail Generations Mortlach 75

    Price Tag: $30,650

    Gordon & MacPhail is distilled in the Speyside region of Scotland and is a family-owned distillery established in 1895.

    Yes, one bottle costs roughly the equivalent of one year of an administrative assistants salary, but you get more than just delicious Scotch.

    The whisky comes in a beautiful and unusual crystal decanter. The decanter arrives in an Aniline leather bag, packaged with Seven Nights with Mortlach, a book written specifically for this release.

    The volume contains stories about the country and the people who created the Mortlach and includes art from various Scottish illustrators.

    Exclusivity always increases the price tag, and the 75-year Scotch is certainly limited to a small group. Gordon & MacPhail only filled 100 bottles for global release.

    The Scotch celebrates its birthday on November 17. Those lucky enough to try the precious elixir will savor the flavors of:

    • Toffee
    • Peach
    • Oranges

    The Mortlach came to life in a sherry cask in 1939, and the distillery bottled the whisky in 2015. Sip cautiously the drink has 44.4 percent alcohol by volume.

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    Top 10 Most Expensive Whiskey In The World

    Whiskey is a type of alcoholic distilled beverage made from the fermented mash of grain.Various grains , including barley, corn, rye, and wheat, are used for different varieties.Whiskey is usually aged in wooden barrels, usually made of white oak.Perhaps it ranks among the most popular alcoholic drinks after rum and beer.Whiskey can be pricey too as most whiskey brands are high priced, not because of their quality or taste, but because of the bottles.There are many premium brands available in the market with the rarest vintage collections that we can enjoy at expensive restaurants, along with some other expensive wines.But some are exceptional cases of the rarity with an unmatchable flavor that isnt available at regular stores but only in auctions or at most luxurious hotels or cruises.To know some of them, here are the top 10 most expensive whiskies in the world:

    Whisky Is Big Business And No More So Than In 2020 It Seems With Distilleries Temporarily Closing Due To Covid Restrictions And Production Slowing Casks Produced In 2020 Are Predicted To Become Some Of The Rarest And Most Valuable In The Future Believes Cask Whisky Investment Company Whiskey And Wealth Club

    What Makes Whiskey So Expensive

    While it will be some years before that prediction is proven true, 2020 has certainly been tumultuous, which could well see it remembered as a significant time for the history of the whisky industry, the company has said.

    Predicting the futures big selling drams is an inherently risky business, but what is clear is that the whisky investment has never been more buoyant, with returns typically outpacing wine, art and jewellery, with the value of whisky rising by 582% since 2009, according to Knight Franks 2019 Wealth Report.

    Earlier this year, an amateur collector sold a bottle hed bought for just £11 in the 1970s for £2,700 at auction. Michael Amphlett, from Cholsey, Oxfordshire, bought a bottle of 1937 Macallan Single Malt Scotch Whisky in the late 1970s as a present for his father, costing roughly a third of his wages at the time. Amphletts story proves the potential in savvy purchases, if you can hold onto them long enough. But his hammer price pales in comparison to the sale prices achieved by some of the worlds biggest and most sought after whiskies in the world.

    While The Macallan is well known for its record-breaking achievements on the world stage, and is predictably well represented in the following line-up, bottles from Japan, and a new distillery founded in 2013 in the Scottish Highlands, are also proving their worth with collectors.

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    The Macallan 1926 60yo Labels

    Since 2016, The Macallan has enjoyed a flurry of big-selling lots at whisky auctions across the world, breaking records for its 1926 60YO adorned with various limited edition labels. Only 40 bottles of The Macallan 1926 were released in 1986 following a 60-year maturation in Sherry-seasoned oak casks, priced at £20,000. Of the 40 bottlings, 12 were given to artist Peter Blake to design and another 12 were handed to artist Valerio Adami. One bottle was given to Irish artist Michael Dillon, who hand-painted the bottle design. The remaining 14 bottles were given The Macallans Fine and Rare label, making them the oldest iterations in the series.

    The Macallan 1926 60 Year Old Peter Blake Label The Macallan 1926 60 Year Old Valerio Adami Label

    Of the Adami and Blake labels, two bottles appeared at auction at Bonhams in Hong Kong in May 2018 one with a label by Peter Blake, the other with a Valerio Adami label. The Peter Blake label went under the hammer first for HK$7.9m to a phone bidder. Just three hours later, the Valerio Adami label sold for HK$8.6m , nearly doubling its original top estimate of HK$4.5m. Bonhams sold another bottle with the Adami label in Edinburgh in October 2018 for £848,750 the highest price for that label achieved so far. In February 2020, another bottle bearing the Adami label sold for a hammer price US$1 million in an online sale hosted by Whisky Auctioneer.

    1926 60YO Macallan Michael Dillon label

    1926 60YO Macallan Fine and Rare label

    Most Expensive Whiskey No 1

    There is no surprise that this would be number one on our list. Undeniably the most expensive whiskey in the world, the bottle is a true work of art. Made of white gold and encrusted with 8,500 diamonds and 300 rubies, one would think that the price tag due to the decanter rather than its contents, but that is definitely not the case. The Isabellas Islay whiskey is of extremely high quality , considered by many to be the true epitome of a luxury Scotch whiskey.

    And there you have it, our list with the most expensive whiskeys in the world. Are there any we missed? Which would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments bellow.

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    The Macallan Valerio Adami 1926 60 Year Old

    Another release from The Macallan’s cask #263. Twelve bottles bore labels designed by Italian pop artist, Valerio Adami, known for his contemporary take on Cloisonnism. The Macallan and Adami were a match made in heaven – both regularly pushing the boundaries of their respective fields.

    The combination of the elusiveness of cask #263 and the label design from an artist as renowned as Adami created a whisky that was bound to sell outrageously well at auction. With just twelve bottles of this expression in existence , when this expression appeared at an online auction in Februrary 2020, over 1,500 bidders fought it out to take home this release from The Macallan. The winning bidder paid an immense £848, 750 and is now the owner of one of the rarest whiskies in the world.

    The Most Expensive Scotch Whiskies In The World

    Insanely priced items that fetched eye watering amounts as most ...

    Thanks to international acclaim and dusty old bottles aged to perfection, Scotch whisky is on par with wine in terms of outrageous pricing. Many of the most coveted offerings in the world are about as expensive as a house, and in some cases, we mean a really, really nice house.

    What makes a 750-milliliter bottle of spirit worth more than $6 million? To be honest, were not entirely sure. Like most expensive alcoholic things, its a combination of hype, vintage, scarcity, or even the bedazzled bottle it comes in. Scotch whisky has also always been one of the pricier beverages out there, a reflection of the care and patience that tends to go into creating the stuff.

    Whether youre simply curious or eager to splurge like a professional collector, these are the most expensive Scotches on the planet.

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    Why People Thought The Intrepid Could Break The Record

    The Intrepid, a 311-liter bottle of Macallan Scotch whisky, was estimated to be sold for around $1.6 million. Created by Fah Mai Holdings Group Inc and Rosewin Holdings PLC, many believed it could be a record-breaker because of its size the bottle was 5 ft and 11 inches.

    In 2021, it was certified as the worlds largest bottle of Scotch whisky by Guinness World Records . In March, it sold for about $1.4 million during a live auction by Lyon & Turnbull. The bid was placed anonymously.

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