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What Goes Good With Tito’s Vodka

The Vodka And Coke Ratio

Tito’s Handmade Vodka Review!

Tip 1 to making the best vodka and coke: use the right ratio! But keep this in mind: vodka has a subtle flavor, so its almost imperceptible in a vodka and coke. Youll taste much more of an alcohol finish in a rum and coke or whiskey and coke. Heres the vodka and coke ratio:

  • 2 ounces vodka to 4 ounces cola OR
  • 1 part vodka to 2 parts cola

Grapefruit Juice And A Splash Of Soda

As with pretty much every item you consume, the caliber of your ingredients matters here. Pour a few ounces of good-quality grapefruit juice over a shot of vodka on ice, give it a stir, and top with soda water and a lime wedge. Its a light, bright, slightly effervescent version of a Greyhound cocktail.

Of The Best Vodka Mixers

Fed up of vodka and tonic? No, nor are we. Theres every good reason for this drinks huge popularity on a summer evening when youre out socialising with friends and you want something bright and drinkable. Vodkadoesnt have a lot of taste when you drink it neat, which means that getting creative with your additions is going to make all the difference.

Where shall we start? Well, if you havent tried it as a mixer, that’s hard for us to believe, but feel free to start your list with tonic, as one of 7 of the best vodka mixers. That feels like it goes without saying. What follows is a collection of 6 alternatives.

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Six Of The Best Vodka Mixers According To Us

Vodka is supposed to be flavorless, says the TTB, the government bureau that regulates alcohol. Some bottles may have grassy undertones and others a sharp bite , but, ultimately, understatement is the name of the game.

And so mixers matter when youre making vodka cocktails. To determine the best juices, sodas, and other dance partners for vodka, we turned to an utterly subjective source: ourselves. We gathered VinePair staff and extended family for a taste test.

Our criteria? All mixers had to be widely available, disqualifying that tasty Concord grape syrup a friend from Maine sometimes brings to Thanksgiving. We prioritized simple, two- or three-ingredient drinks and, for sake of consistency, made every cocktail with one of our preferred affordable vodkas, Prairie Organic.


Here are six of our favorite vodka mixers, ranked.

Vodka not your favorite spirit? See our mixer picks for gin, rum, tequila, and whiskey.

Ginger And Tito Recipe


Skyy Raspberry Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Cranberry Juice and Lemonade Blue Mediterranean Titos Handmade Vodka, Blue Curacao, Triple Sec, Sweet & Sour and a Tropical Breeze Cranberry Juice Mediterranean Beach Bacardi Rum, Peach, Mango, Cranberry Cruise Lemon Drop Martini Skyy Citrus Vodka, Lemon Juice, Sour, Lemonade and Sugar Cruise Mojito

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Titos Handmade vodka, orange curaçao, wild berry purée, house-made simple syrup and lemon juice COOL AS A CUCUMBER Effen Cucumber vodka, kiwi syrup, house-pressed lime juice and cucumber soda water ORANGE JULIUS CAESAR Ketel One Botanical Peach & Orange Blossom vodka, vanilla syrup, lemon juice, simple syrup, orange juice and club soda

New Amsterdam Red Berry Vodka, cranberry juice, fresh lemonade, topped with club soda, garnished with a maraschino cherry and lemon wedge 8.75/11.75 170/240 cal TITOS MULE Titos Handmade Vodka, fresh lime juice, topped with ginger beer, garnished with a mint sprig and lime wedge 8.75/11.75 190/280 cal MOJITO

NAKED LADY MARTINI. Absolut Mango Vodka, Don Q Passion Fruit Rum, mango purée and passion fruit syrup, shaken with our handcrafted lemon sour topped with MIO Sparkling Sake.

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Why Is Vodka Measured In Proof

The term proof comes from 16th century England when liquor was taxed at different rates depending on its alcohol content. So testing was developed to determine the alcohol content of a specific liquor, to offer proof that the correct taxation rate was being applied. The King wants his money! However, early methods used to determine alcohol content werent very reliable. There were several ways this was done.

Fresh Ice Smooth Titos A Splash Of Bubbles And A Squeeze Of Lime

What goes good with tito’s vodka. Grey Gooses flavor lineup is quite simple yet still diverse. You can do a skinny girl drink which is fresh limes soda water and titos. What tastes good with Titos vodka.

Redbull Pineapple Juice Lemonade Cranberry Juice etc. Try mixing vodka and cream or milk with a chocolate liqueur such as creme de cacao a coffee liqueur like Kahlua or an almond liqueur like amaretto. Muddle fresh strawberries and mint and basil leaves in the bottom of a mixing glass.

Add Titos Handmade Vodka simple syrup lime juice and St. Shake to combine and pour into a collins glass over fresh ice. Americas first craft vodka Titos from Austin Texas has been the choice for trendy cocktailians since it hit the market in 1997.

Pretty much anything out of all the clear liquors this is the mildest and Titos is the smoothest. Its also great mixed with. Redbull Pineapple Juice Lemonade Cranberry Juice etc.

You can consider Titos Vodka and limeade a cocktail if youre putting it together in a shaker. Nothing beats the classic Titos Soda Lime to quench your hot summer days. As long as your friend has the vodka it wont get you drunkHowever if he shares it with you you could probably drink about a shot 15 fluid ounces per hour without getting really drunkIf you drink the 40 80 proof faster than that it could happen very fast.

These are LOrange La Vanille Le Citron La Poire Le Melon and Cherry Noir. Garnish with a lemon or a lime. Vodka is a great to make almost any mixed drink.

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The Real Drink Recipe

A proper Vodka Cranberry also uses a touch of Roses sweetened lime and some orange juice to bring out the best of the cranberry flavor.

Because vodka doesnt really change the flavor of the cranberry juice, this cocktail would just taste like straight cranberry juice without some help. The orange and lime add hints of something sharp and bright.

This cocktail recipe is pretty light on the alcohol, so feel free to vary it according to your taste and tolerance. The only alcohol in this drink is vodka, so you can add a little more if you prefer.

You can also leave it out completely when you want a mocktail. That makes it great for parties where some guests might not be drinking.

If youre making it as a virgin cocktail, you might want to add a little more of the orange and lime to make it extra special. It doesnt take much just a few dashes, or maybe half an ounce.

Belvedere Is One Of Our Top Three Picks

Vodka Taste Test – Tito’s Handmade vs Grey Goose

If youre a Im going to buy this vodka because I like the label kind of person, then well be surprised if youve never picked up a bottle of Belvedere before. The name itself just sounds fancy, and, as noted by Drizly, the vodka itself is excellent. Belvedere markets itself as the true expression of luxury vodka, and is the result of a 600-year vodka-making tradition originally from Poland. It is made with Polish Dankowski Rye and is distilled four times in order to create the perfect balance of character and purity. It also doesnt have any added glycerin, sugar, or additives, so you know youre getting the good stuff.

Belvedere is a fantastic choice as well, because it is not only great for sipping, but it makes the perfect martini . The only slight downside to Belvedere, as you may have guessed, is the cost. For a 1L bottle, youre looking at dropping about $40, which isnt exactly the most budget-friendly idea. But if you have a bit to spare, Belvedere is absolutely the right choice.

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If You Like This Drink

Before we get to the recipe: there are a few other drinks you should check out.

If you like this drink, you should also check out the Desert Shield, which blends vodka and cranberry with cranberry liqueur. If you want pure cranberry flavor, thats the drink for you.

Theres also the Crystal Cranberry, which features amaretto, Crown Royal, gin, cranberry juice and more. It does make a change from this drink, but the taste of it is wonderful.

Theres also the C& T Cocktail, which blends cranberry and gin with Absolut Mandarin and more. That one is so good.

And you may also want to try the Long Beach Iced Tea, which is very strong and very tasty. It features cranberry juice, triple sec and lots of white liquors.

What Makes Titos Vodka Unique

Since the brands labelling is decidedly unobtrusive, it relies on the purity and unique flavour of the vodka to appeal to consumers.

In order to achieve that all-desirable purity, Titos vodka is distilled 6 times . This time-consuming process, in addition to the vodka being made from corn mash , results in a smooth, glassy finished product.

Complete with a slightly candied aftertaste , we have a winning vodka. Its so revered, that today the brand makes only pure, unflavoured vodka .

Of course, unflavoured does not mean flavourless: The medium-bodied vodka hints at citrus, guava and passionfruit amid its signature clean taste.

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If Quality Isnt Exactly What Youre Going For Skyy Vodka Will Do

Were slowly starting to inch our way to the best vodka brands on our list. If youre looking for a vodka thats pretty decent for mixing, then Skyy Vodka could be the bottle youre looking for. As noted by Drizly, Skyy Vodka starts at $19.89 for a 1L bottle, so its still very much on the affordable side. It has underlying flavors of anise, coriander, and pepper and is a triple-filtered spirit.

This all sounds pretty good, right? Well, some users who took to the reviews on Drizly had less-than-nice things to say. First and foremost, one reviewer explained that they left the vodka in the freezer and it completely froze solid , so that seems a bit questionable if you ask us. Another reviewer put it pretty well when they said, Skyy is pretty middle of the road. Its selling point is its cheapness. So is it the worst? No. Is it the best? Not at all. Do with this information what you will.

Half & Half Spindrift

7 best Tito

The bubbly Arnold Palmer from sparkling water purveyor Spindrift is an excellent complement to vodka, especially if you pour it over ice and garnish with a lemon wedge. The results are bright and breezy, the perfect late-afternoon or happy-hour sipper. The only thing keeping this from ranking higher on our list is availability Half & Half is sold on and in chains like Target, but its a pretty specific item, and you might not have it lying around when the mood for a vodka cocktail strikes.

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Ingredients In A Screwdriver

You can’t go wrong with a 2-ingredient cocktail… especially when the ingredients are things you’re likely to have on hand. Here’s what you need to make a Screwdriver cocktail:

Vodka – Since it’s one of just 2 ingredients, I’d suggesting using whichever type of vodka you like best. I used Tito’s, but you can substitute Grey Goose, Ketel One, or any of your favorites.

Orange juiceThe same goes for the orange juice. Since it’s one of just 2 ingredients, be sure to use something you like! Fresh squeezed is always a favorite, but not a requirement for this drink.

Orange slice – I always love garnishing my drinks to give them a finishing touch. The obvious choice for this drink is a fresh orange slice!

Tip: Add Bitters For Complexity

For the very best vodka and coke, weve got one more tip. Add a few shakes of cocktail bitters!Cocktail bitters are liqueurs that are used to add intriguing flavors to cocktails, like a good Old Fashioned or Manhattan. Theyre made with lots of herbs and spices, which adds complexity because the flavors are not easily recognizable.

Use any type of bitters you have on hand. The most common type of bitters is Angostura bitters: theyre easy to find online or at a liquor store. They get the name from their manufacturer: the House of Angostura in Trinidad and Tobago. Other popular bitters are orange bitters or Peychauds bitters.

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Sweet And Heat Infusion

This fun infusion from the Ghost Coast Distillery in Savannah, Georgia, is easy to replicate at home for a delicious-flavored vodka. Serve strained and chilled to enjoy that sweet taste with a little kick.

Makes 1 infusion

750-milliliter bottle Ghost Coast Vodka1 jalapeño, sliced1/2 pineapple, in wedges

How to Make ItCombine all ingredients in a glass container and let sit in the refrigerator for three days or until the desired flavor is reached.

Titos 2nd Place Package

How To Make The Oolong Summer | Tito’s Vodka Cocktail

Our second-place winner was the Portsmouth Fog by Coby!

  • His prize was a $1,500 value including the following:
  • $500 NH Liquor & Wine Outlet Gift Card
  • High-End Branded Espresso Machine
  • Titos Espresso Martini ingredients for 6*

*Titos Handmade Vodka is not part of any prize package

Does this Titos Handmade Vodka cocktail sound like something youd like to try out? Be sure to check out his YouTube video for the full cocktail recipe!

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Lemonade And Iced Tea

You could go with one or the other, or you can shake things up and make a John Daly. Use an ounce or two of vodka and equal parts lemonade and iced tea for a perfect porch sipper. The refreshing nature of the tea, the sweet and citrusy lemonade, the punch of a nice helping of vodka there is little better when its 100 degrees and you have to be outside.

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Titos Handmade Vodka Review By Workshop777

No Rating

I bought a bottle of Titos after a suggestion of this site. I must say that I found it the most pleasent vodka I have had to date. Incredibly smooth. Some burn but not enough to need a chaser to extinguish. I saw the original review stated it was neutral, I found this vodka to have more of a taste then others I have had. I assume since it is made from corn. It just seems sweeter to me.

My preferrred method for this vodka is over ice with a couple olives. Very good and easy to drink stuff. Thru half of the bottle already, gonna get the big bottle next.

Thanks vodka buzz and members for this great recommendation!


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Titos Handmade Vodka: The Perfect Mixer

With a price tag in the $20 range, Titos is a pretty good bet for cocktails and mixing. Its smooth enough as to not interfere too much with the taste of other ingredients and its cheap enough that you dont feel horrible about breaking open a bottle with a couple of friends and mixing it up for a night of good fun and shenanigans.

And Titos, apparently, want you to mix. Responsibly, Im sure. Looking at their website, theres an abundance of drink and infusion recipes available for every occasion and season. I, however, sort of went my own way and flirted with a few classics starting out with a high octane drink immortalized by my favorite Bond of all time, Sir Sean Connery.

The iconic Vodka Martini: Stirred, not shaken!

In playing around with a true American vodka, I couldnt help but try my luck with one of the most iconic examples of product placement, the Vodka Martini, which helped spawn the massive success of another American vodka brand with a strangely Russian sounding name. With all due respect to Mr. Bond, I could, however, not bring myself to shake my spin on the Vodka Martini. It makes for a horribly cloudy mess of a drink.

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Easy Classic Titos Handmade Vodka Cocktail Recipes

Buy Tito

Whether youre out on the town or in the comfort zone of home, we all have our go-to beverages to complement whatever mood were in. Keep it classic and enlist these three easy-to-make Titos Handmade Vodka recipes to keep the good times rolling.

1½ oz. Titos Handmade Vodka3 oz. ginger beer½ oz. fresh lime juice1 lime slice

1. Add vodka, ginger beer and lime juice to a Titos copper mug with ice.2. Stir and garnish with a lime slice.

1½ oz. Titos Handmade Vodka4 oz. lemonade

1. Add vodka and lemonade to a glass with ice.2. Stir and garnish with a lemon slice.

1½ oz. Titos Handmade Vodka4 oz. sparkling mineral water1 lime slice

1. Add vodka and sparkling mineral water to a rocks glass with ice.2. Stir and garnish with lime and orange slices.

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What Vodka Is Comparable To Titos

Deep Eddy Titos isnt the only vodka distillery in Texas with a focus on corn. Deep Eddy is perhaps best known for its Ruby Red grapefruit flavored vodka, which is built on the base of its 100 percent corn straight vodka. The straight vodka is distilled 10 times in a column still and charcoal filtered.

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