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What Drinks Can You Make With Dark Rum

Where Did Rum And Coke Come From Anyway

How To Make A Dark Rum Daiquiri

Whats the history behind this famous cocktail? The Rum and Coke is also known as the Cuba Libre, a 3-ingredient cocktail made with lime, cola and rum that originated in Cuba in the early 1900s. Cuba Libre means Free Cuba in Spanish. Its a rallying cry that came from the Spanish American war in 1898, calling for Cuban independence from Spain.

The exact person who invented the Cuba Libre drink is unknown! But the drink became very popular in Cuba in the early 1900s when Coca Cola was exported to Cuba. It quickly spread to America and got a new name. There are a few subtle differences between them: mostly that the Cuba Libre uses lime juice, giving it a brighter flavor.

Fantastic Feats Of Flavor

Black cherry rum forms a solid base for many tasty mixed drinks. The flip-flop cocktail gets its name for the spirit of beach living it evokes: Mix equal parts black cherry rum and light rum with orange and lime juices, simple syrup and lemon-lime soda on the rocks. Fruit juices are not the only ingredients that mix well with black cherry rum the black cherry tea cocktail combines Canadian whiskey and black cherry rum with iced tea for a tall, cool summertime cocktail. Black cherry rum also works well in dessert drinks. The chocolate covered cherry combines black cherry rum with vanilla rum, chocolate syrup, milk and grenadine for an adult after-dinner treat.

How To Make A Rum And Ginger Cocktail:

Rum and Ginger is just a simple twist on the Dark and Stormy and made a little more simple.

Fill a glass with ice, add three parts ginger ale and one part dark rum. I prefer Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum. Give it a stir and you are all set.

Dark and Stormy cocktails are traditionally made with ginger beer and lime juice along with the rum. You can garnish your Rum and Ginger with lime if you like.

A Rum and Ginger is my husband’s go to cocktail and it’s so tasty. It seriously doesn’t get any easier than this. If you are more into fruity cocktails, like I am, our Pineapple Rum Punch is almost as easy with the addition of pineapple juice.

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Use The Best Rum For Rum And Coke

The best way to make a stellar rum and coke is to use great rum! Whats the best rum to use? Of course, you can use any rum you have on hand. But if youre shopping for it, here are a few tips:

  • The best rum for a rum and coke? Aged rum! Aged rum aka golden rum is aged longer than white rum, giving it a depth in flavor. It can have notes of vanilla, coconut, almond, citrus, or caramel. The aged rum that we used here was Brugal Añejo Rum.
  • White rum is traditionally used. If you order this drink, its most likely made with white rum. White rum aka light rum has a very straightforward flavor with a signature burn. It has less intrigue than aged rum.
  • You can also use dark rum. Dark rum is aged as well and has a deep, caramely flavor. It also works here.

Why Is It Called Dark N Stormy

21 Best Ideas Dark Rum Drinks

The name has a few stories behind it. One story is that of an irate sailor who was conned into drinking ginger beer. When he found out, he asked for a stronger liquor and ended up adding a dark rum into the ginger beer.

The resulting cocktail looks like the storm clouds in the night sky. It was said that these kinds of clouds will surely result in death or capsizing of the ships.

Another is of a British navy officer who realized that drinking a mixture of ginger beer and dark rum helped to cure the seasickness of the sailors. Since the seasickness was more pronounced when it is stormy, hence, the name.

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How To Make Caribbean Rum Punch

You are going to LOVE how easy this recipe is! It makes a pitchers worth so it is perfect for entertaining.

This recipe starts with pineapple juice and orange that I poured into a pitcher.

I then stir in lime juice, both light and dark rum, and grenadine.

You can alter the amounts of juice and alcohol to suit your tastes and as mentioned above, coconut rum would make this punch especially tropical as would a splash of coconut water. This recipe is quite adaptable.

Optional: Use Clear Ice

Last tip to throw in if you want to really take your rum and coke over the top: use clear ice! What is it? Clear ice is artisan-style ice thats crystal clear, instead of cloudy like most ice youd make in an ice tray. You can cut this beautiful ice into large, organic-looking shapes that makes your drink look like it came from a fancy bar. Heres the fun part: you can make clear ice at home. All you need is a small cooler and 24 hours!

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Dark And Stormy Cocktail

Arguably the most famous and easiest of all dark rum cocktails? The Dark and Stormy! Each of its 3 ingredients has lots of personality: the rich, earthy dark rum, with vanilla and brown sugar notes. Add to that spicy ginger beer, fruity and filled with effervescent bubbles. Top it off with a squeeze of tangy lime.

Ingredients: Dark rum, ginger beer, lime

Mixers: Mix It Up With Captain Morgan Original Spice

Rum and Ginger Cocktail || Rum Cocktail || Dark n stormy || How to make rum cocktail at home ||

You can mix all kinds of things, both the expected and the unusual, with Captain Morgan Original Spice to create delicious cocktails.

  • Sodas such as soda water, cola, lemon-lime, and ginger ale
  • Ginger beer
  • Tropical fruit juices, including mango, pineapple, and papaya
  • Cranberry juice
  • Apple cider, both hard and regular
  • Iced tea

Rum is one of those drinks that never goes out of fashion. Its something you can drink all year round, but perhaps its at its best during a heat wave through the summer months. Mix it with light ingredients and youve got a wonderfully smooth, refreshing drink.

Rum is a very diverse beverage too you can be as creative as you like using your own ingredients to mix with your favourite brand of rum for a rousing recipe that will never get old. So, lets discuss good mixers for rum

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Best Overall: Plantation Original Dark Rum

Courtesy of

  • ABV: 40%
  • Tasting Notes: Raisin, Pepper, Caramel

Plantation Original Dark is an excellent addition to the bar, says Chris Keller, bartender at Osaka Ramen in Denver. This bottle is a blend of rum from Barbados and Jamaica that is brought to France to age for another three to six months. Drink with a couple of ice cubes and let the flavors of vanilla and smoke mingle with its natural sweetness, says Keller.

The Varnish’s Milk Punch

A creamy relic from the 18th century, milk punch employs a curious technique: curdling the milk with an acid to remove the solids. The resulting clarified liquid retains the silkiness of the dairy, but appears magically clear. This cognac-rum milk punch, from Los Angeles cocktail bar The Varnish, also highlights another delightfully old-timey ingredient: oleo-saccharum, a fragrant syrup flavored with the oils from muddled lemon peels.

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Whats In A Rum Punch Cocktail

Rum punch cocktail recipe usually consists of rum and lots of fruit juice like pineapple, orange juice, lemon or lime juice, and grenadine for color. Some of these can be swapped out and the amounts may vary, but these ingredients are usually the basics of a rum punch.

The most popular rum punch is the Jamaican rum punch. The drink is sweet, strong, and has a generous amount of fruit flavor.

Best Budget: Cruzan Aged Dark Rum

The Best Homemade Spiced Rum {HOW TO VIDEO!}

Courtesy of

  • ABV: 40%
  • Tasting Notes: Vanilla, Nutmeg, Butterscotch

This inexpensive dark rum from Cruzan is aged between two and four years in charred American oak casks. Its smooth and complex enough to drink on its own, but this also works in any number of classic or tropical cocktails. This bottle is proof that you dont have to spend a lot for good quality rum.

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Best Tools For The Home Bartender:

Home Bartender Set ~ Everything you need including a jigger, shaker, strainer and pour spouts.

Collins Glasses ~ Perfect for party punch or your favorite lemonade and iced tea.

Circleware Can Shaped Glasses are my favorite for entertaining. They are so laid back and just super cute!

If you are going to have drinks, you also need snacks! I have some super easy appetizers that will pair great with your rum cocktails!

Fruity Mixed Drinks With Rum

When you imagine the perfect cocktail for sipping in the shade of a beach umbrella or cooling you off while lounging poolside, it probably has rum in it. Rum, sun, and fun just naturally go together like lime and coconut, and its a must-have alcohol for your summer bar setup.

You dont have to blow your entire holiday budget when stocking up on rum to make these fruity alcoholic drinks. Most of the following fruity drinks have so much going on that a fine rums subtleties would be lost. Instead, choose a good-value rum, and keep the party going all summer long.

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Where Is Dark N Stormy From

It was said that the Dark and Stormy was invented in Bermuda. Bermuda is reputed to be the shipwreck capital of the world with 300 unidentified shops lying in the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean.

However, James Gosling made it ashore in 1806 and decided to settle in the islands. During his lifetime on the islands, he distilled rum which was later named Goslings Black Seal Rum, owing from the black tar seal that used to seal the champagne bottles recycled by Gosling to bottle his rums.

Sliq Spirited Ice: The Best Flavor Pairings With Rumalready Mixed

DARK RUM DAIQUIRI aka Barbados Cocktail w Velvet Falernum!

The good news? Now you know what to mix with rum, whether youre in the mood for something light and refreshing or full-bodied and sophisticated.

The better news? You dont have to do any work at all to enjoy delicious mixed rum drinks.

SLIQs frozen rum ice pop daiquiris come ready-to-drink in three of the best flavor combinations: coconut & lime, pineapple, and strawberryyour favorite frozen beverages, now in a convenient box in your freezer. The fun doesnt stop with just rum pops, though, as we also offer frozen vodka pops and .

Looking for more info on how to make delicious cocktails for good time occasions? Explore our blogs on Best Frozen Rum Drinks and What are the Different Types of Rum?

  • Bespoke Unit. What Is Rum & What Does Rum Taste Like?
  • Old Liquors Magazine. Cuba Libre: the Rich History of the Rum and Coke.
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    Best For Daiquiri: Diplomatico Rum Reserva Exclusiva

    Courtesy of

    • ABV: 40%
    • Tasting Notes: Banana, Date, Orange

    I love the richness of this rum, and it tastes like a spiced/malty banana cake, says Katsumi Yuso Ruiz, bartender and co-owner of Curio Bar, Roger’s Liquid Oasis and Brass Tacks in Denver. It makes for an amazing winter daiquiri. Combine this Venezuelan dark rum with some lime and simple syrup, and enjoy one all winter long.

    Why This Drink Is Always A Favorite

    This rum punch recipe comes straight from the Caribbean and each island seems to have their own version of this classic cocktail. It takes us back to white sand beaches and sunny days!

    Whats different about Jamaicas version is the inclusion of lime juice and the heavy use of grenadine syrup. Feel free to skip the grenadine if youre looking for something less sweet.

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    Easy Drinks To Make With Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum

    We all know a great party starts with perfect mixing, and no we are not talking about the DJ but combining various liquids with Captain Morgan to create a tantalizing drink which will definitely soothe your taste buds. Given below are 11 easy and tasty drinks made with Captain Morgan.

    We all know a great party starts with perfect mixing, and no we are not talking about the DJ but combining various liquids with Captain Morgan to create a tantalizing drink which will definitely soothe your taste buds. Given below are 11 easy and tasty drinks made with Captain Morgan.

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    The History Of The Mai Tai

    21 Best Ideas Dark Rum Drinks

    The Mai Tai started as a rum cocktail so popular it supposedly depleted world rum supplies in the 1940s and 50s. In 1944, when the cocktail was invented by Victor J. Bergeron better known as Trader Vic it wasnt a sugar bomb. It was a simple drink created to showcase the pungent flavor of a 17-year-old J. Wray and Nephew Jamaican rum: Bergeron highlighted the golden, medium-bodied rum with just a touch of lime, orgeat, orange curaçao, and simple syrup. According to legend, after shaking the concoction with ice and presenting the cocktail to some of his visiting Tahitian friends, they ended up liking it so much one of them exclaimed, Maitai roa ae, which translates to out of this world! The best! Bergeron christened his new cocktail Mai Tai, as in the best.

    Anyone who says I didnt create this drink is a dirty stinker.

    However, as with most cocktail origin stories, theres some disagreement about whether Bergerons account is true. Donn Don the Beachcomber Beach claims Trader Vics recipe was actually inspired by his own punch, the Q.B. Cooler, which he invented in 1933. According to Beach, Bergeron was a fan of Beachcombers restaurant back when Trader Vic was just his nickname and not his restaurant. Bergeron loved the flavor profile of the punch, so he appropriated it for his Mai Tai recipe.

    The Mai Tai at Smugglers Cove. Photo:

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    What Drinks Can You Make With Black Cherry Rum

  • What Kinds of Drinks Can You Make With Triple Sec & Vodka?
  • Rum has followed vodka’s lead by branching out into the world of infusions and flavors. Although the liquor has long had variety with different types including light, dark and spiced rums, flavored rums such as black cherry rum have become widespread. Each flavored rum comes with its own appropriate drinks, and black cherry rum — with its sweet and ripened cherry flavor — is no exception.

    Sweeten It Up If You Like

    Do you love sweet drinks? If youd prefer a version of hot buttered rum thats ultra sweet for holiday parties and entertaining, its easy to tweak. Here are a few options:

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    What Is The Best Dark Spiced Rum

    Here are some of the best spiced rums to drink now, according to some experts.

    • Best Overall: Boukman Botanical Rhum.
    • Best Dark Rum: Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum.
    • Best for Rum& Coke: Captain Morgan Spiced Rum.
    • Best Budget: Bacardi Spiced Rum.
    • Best Aged: Chairmans Reserve Spiced Rum.
    • Best for Sipping: Bayou Spiced Rum.

    More Rum Cocktails To Try:

    Cocktail Recipes with Rum | Dark & Stormy Cocktail with Pineapple

    Easy Strawberry Daiquiris are so popular and this recipe is seriously easy! It can be made with fresh or frozen berries.

    Backyard Sweet Tea is a really simple cocktail for parties or perfect for front porch sipping!

    Rum Sunset Cocktail is one of the prettiest drinks ever. I love this simple cocktail and its always a crowd favorite.

    Classic Easy Daiquiri Cocktail is always a hit! Cool lime flavors in this frozen cocktail make it a guaranteed hit!

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    Lime Juice With A Slice Of Lemon

    If you want to shake things up a bit, adding lime juice, mint and sugar to rum will definitely help you achieve this. Put the lime juice, mint and sugar all into a cocktail shaker and pound together until roughly crushed. Its at this point you should add in about 180ml of light rum to the shaker and shake well until fully combined. Strain the mixture into a glass and finish it off with 2 lime wedges and 2 mint leaves. If you want something a little less intense, you can add in soda water to complete the drink.

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    Light Rum Aged Rum And Dark Rum: Whats The Difference

    The recipes above call for different types of rum, including dark rum. Whats the difference between aged rum, dark rum, and light rum ? We break it all down here.

    Light Rum : Light rum is smooth and clear, and it typically has a flavor that is much more straightforward than dark rum. White rum cocktails are some of the most popular and easy rum drinks.

    Dark Rum: Dark rum is aged rum that has a rich, developed caramel flavor that has notes of vanilla and brown sugar. As the name indicates, dark rum is dark in color.

    Aged Rum: You will sometimes see aged rum referred to as amber rum, golden rum, or añejo rum . When you allow the rum to age, it develops a deeply complex flavor that is similar to Cognac. Aged rum has undertones of coconut, vanilla, citrus, almond, or caramel.

    Want some step-by-step instructions for making five of the most iconic and best rum drinks? This video also includes instructions for a rum cocktail you may have never heard of: the Salty Bird. Watch Steve the Bartenders popular video with rum drink recipes below.

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