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Mock Margarita On The Rocks

What Youll Need For This Recipe


Tequila When it comes to margaritas, tequila is clearly the star of the show. I used silver tequila in this recipe because silver tequila ages for the shortest amount of time, meaning it has the strongest, purest taste of any tequila and can hold up nicely to any other flavorings that are added. I always like to use a high quality tequila when I make margaritas, not just because it helps prevent hangovers, but also because it has a distinctly better flavor than lower quality brands.

Cointreau Cointreau is an orange flavored liqueur that gives this margarita both flavor and sweetness. Cointreau is similar to Triple Sec, but has a stronger, smoother and more complex flavor than Triple Sec. Its also similar to Grand Marnier, although Grand Marnier has an even stronger, more complex flavor than Cointreau.

Lime juice Lime juice is an essential element in any margarita recipe. Its the sour part of the sweet & sour. I always use fresh lime juice if at all possible, and using a citrus juicer works wonders.

Simple syrup Simple syrup is an optional addition to this recipe, although I didnt use it when I made my margaritas. If you like yours on the sweeter side, though, feel free to add a splash or two.

Salt The Rim Of Your Glass

If salting your glass, hold the glass upside down and run a lime wedge around the rim. Keeping the glass upside down, dip the top of the glass in a shallow bowl or plate with coarse salt. Don’t press the glass down too hard but instead lightly run it through the salt. Set the glass aside until the drink is ready.

In The Margaritas Neighborhood

Aside from having one of the best views for Put-in-Bay Dining, Margaritas On The Rock is surrounded by some of the most popular Put-in-Bay Attractions on the island. To the East, there are two very nice nature preserves the Massie Cliffside Nature Preserve and the Scheeff Wildlife Preserve. Both offer a preserved nature trail that boasts many different species of fauna and trees. Wildlife is abundant in this area and bird watching a popular past time. If you like historical architecture, walk back into time and visit the St. Pauls Church and the Mother Of Sorrows Church. Both are located on Catawba Ave, just a block outside of town. Be sure to book a Put-in-Bay Golf Cart to get around town its the fun, fast way to get around Put-in-Bay

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What Is A Non

Most mocktail recipes leave out the tequila and add in club soda or seltzer. This gives the drink a little bit of a kick without having alcohol.

There is non alcoholic tequila that you can try to add to your margaritas however the taste can be very different. Rather than using pretend liquor, we always like to stick to finding new ingredients to make a classic drink taste delicious. However, the choice is yours!

Easy Virgin Margarita Recipes Everyone Will Enjoy


Megan earned her bartending and mixology certificates from Bar Smarts. She shares some of her cocktail creations in the video series, Cooper’s Cocktail Corner.

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A margarita is one of the most beloved of the traditional sour cocktails containing equal parts sweet and sour , with two parts strong , millions of alcoholic margaritas are enjoyed every year. However, non-alcoholic drinkers shouldn’t have to miss out on the delicious flavors of the original drink, and since lime juice and agave syrup minus the tequila would only create a delicious limeade, it begs the question of how you can make a virgin margarita just as tasty as the original. Never fear, for each of these margarita mocktail recipes will teach you just how to make a couple of ‘ritas that you can enjoy during business hours.

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The Secrets In The Tonic

A lot of nonalcoholic margaritas call for club soda. But I am telling you using Tonic Water in your Mock Margarita is the secret ingredient to getting it JUST RIGHT.

The quinine added to tonic water creates the perfect salty-bitterness that mimics a traditional margarita and tequila perfectly!

Even if you think you dont like tonic, definitely use it in this cocktail. The bitterness of tonic is perfectly balanced by the agave and fresh juices.

Can You Make These Into A Pitcher Of Margaritas

Definitely! Just double or triple this recipe and mix it all in a large pitcher. Super easy and great for a crowd! And if its a hot day, add a few cups of ice to make virgin frozen margaritas for some delicious drinks.

While you are making a pitcher of margaritas, be sure to give our lavender lemonade, blackberry lemonade and Valentines mocktails with strawberry basil margaritas a try as well.

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The Best Margarita Mocktail

by Susie Weinrich · This post may contain affiliate links.

There are a few Margarita Mocktail recipes around, but let me tell you this will be the best one you will find! This virgin margarita tastes pretty darn close the real thing . Whether youre participating in Dry January, you are trying to cut back on the drinks, youre pregnant, youre not quite 21, or you just dont drink, this is a mocktail recipe you can enjoy ANY time!

This Virgin Margarita is perfectly balanced with fresh citrus flavors including lime and orange, a touch of sweetness from agave, and a pinch of kosher salt. That all gets topped with some tonic water, giving it the perfect margarita tang!

When you are ready for the real thing, check out this Classic Margarita on the Rocks or any of the tequila cocktails on Moms Dinner!

The Secret Pickle Juice

Bartesian cocktail maker review and startup tutorial from

The secret to making this virgin margarita taste over the top delicious? Pickle juice. Adding intrigue to the flavor of a mocktail is essential to making them more than just fruit juice. Its customary to experiment with all sorts of things, including non-alcoholic spirits. But we didnt want to add a special ingredient youd have to purchase specially.

Thats where pickle juice comes in! It brings a briny funk to this virgin margarita that makes you feel like theres a little alcohol in it. But its not so much that its noticeable! Its also totally optional, so you dont have to do it if it weirds you out. But after multiple taste tests, pickle juice in a non alcoholic margarita was the clear winner!

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How To Make A Virgin Margarita On The Rocks

A virgin margarita isnt truly a margarita unless it tastes like the real thing. That means only using the best and freshest ingredients. You can easily expand the volume as well, so you will have more for later. However much you decide to make, it only takes a few minutes before youll have this recipe chilling in your refrigerator.

The lime juice should come fresh squeezed and purchased from your local market for the best flavor. Premium orange juice has to replace liqueur alternatives but you can offset it by spending a little more on pulp-free, premium orange juice brands.

Agave nectar will sweeten up the ultimate concoction and is an excellent counterpoint to the acid in the lime and orange juice. Just a splash of soda water will do, just like they use it in the bar. The margarita salt tops it off, especially if you prefer the extra bite on the rim of your glass.

What Is A Margarita

A classic margarita is an alcoholic drink. It is made primarily with tequila and sometimes orange flavored liquor as well. This is the part of the margarita that we wanted to recreate and eliminate the alcohol completely.

We specialize in virgin drinks so we knew we would be able to make something fantastic and better than any alcoholic margarita.

The other notable flavors in a margarita are the fresh lime and lemon. Margaritas are known to be tangy and sweet. That zesty but sweet taste is what we wanted to focus on when we created our virgin margarita recipe.

We think we nailed it! Of course, you will have to try our virgin margarita to find out.

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What Is A Virgin Margarita

A virgin margarita is a delicious, vibrant drink that has an incredible lemon lime flavor. Our virgin margarita is also a little fizzy to give the drink even more life. Here is what we use to make our virgin margarita recipe:

  • Lime juice– fresh squeezed lime juice is the hallmark taste in any margarita recipe
  • Lemon juice– Lemon juice is just as much of a signature taste as lime juice. Use fresh lemon juice for the best flavor
  • Orange juice– Orange juice adds a hint of orange flavor. Classic margaritas have orange liquor so we wanted to be sure to get that orange taste into our virgin margarita without any of the alcohol.
  • Simple syrup– Margaritas are a little sweet which makes them easy to drink
  • Lemon club soda– Lemon club soda is refreshing, bubbly and adds some extra lemon taste to the virgin margarita
  • Lime wedges– Lime wedges are the classic garnish for margaritas.
  • Salt or sugar– A rim of salt or sugar is another traditional garnish for our drink. You can skip the salt or sugar if you would like a simpler margarita. If you want to use salt, use large grained kosher salt. If you want to use sugar, try to find coarse sugar.
  • Ice– Margaritas are best served cold!

Almost all of the ingredients you need to make a perfect virgin margarita are right in your local grocery stores fruit aisle. Isnt making fresh, exciting drinks the absolute best!

Pineapple Lime Virgin Margarita


Nothing says summer like a cool margarita in your hands! If you dont drink alcohol, you may have felt like youre missing out on this summery beverage in the past, but this margarita will change all that!

Let me introduce you to the virgin margaritaall the cool, citrusy flavor, with none of the alcohol. We tested this virgin margarita recipe using a variety of different base flavors, including pure lime, a lime and orange juice mix, and finally a lime and pineapple combo. The definite winner in the taste trials was the lime pineapple mix!

Its the perfect combination of sweet and tart, and its so delicious you wont miss the tequila. The best part is, its super simple to make and you can whip up and freeze a large batch in advance so youre ready to beat those hot summer days with a cold non-alcoholic margarita in your hands!

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Best Virgin Margarita Mocktail Recipe

We love a good, fruity drink in the summer. We also love classic drinks that everyone knows and loves. Margaritas definitely fit both of these descriptions.

Everyone loves a good margarita and they are the perfect, refreshing drink to sip in the hot summer heat.

Actually, margaritas are delicious anytime of year! Especially when you are drinking a virgin margarita.

Frequently Asked Questions/tips And Tricks

Can I batch this mocktail?

Sure! Just scale the ingredients up as needed.

Can I use lime juice instead of limeade?

I haven’t tested this option, but technically yes. Keep in mind that limeade is much sweeter than plain lime juice. You could tinker with the proportions of lime juice, orange juice, and simple syrup, if you’d like.

Why is this drink called a “virgin” margarita?

It’s called a virgin margarita because it has no alcohol in it. Another name for it is a margarita mocktail.

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What Makes A Cocktail Virgin

Most cocktails are made using some form of alcohol. In a margarita, that alcohol is tequila. In order to make a virgin margarita, you need to remove the alcohol by replacing the tequila with another ingredient. These virgin cocktails are also commonly called mocktails, and they range from these virgin margaritas to cucumber mojitos. In fact, you can make almost every popular summer cocktail virgin if you find the right recipe!

How To Make The Perfect Virgin Margarita On The Rocks:

Bartesian the cocktail maker
  • I love using fresh orange juice and fresh lime juice. If you don’t want to squeeze all those limes, by all means use a bottle of lime juice.
  • Sweet and sour adds some sweet tang to the cocktail, but you can skip it if you want.
  • There are two options for soda: first, use club soda. If you use club soda or sparkling water, you’ll need to add simple syrup. Add it to taste.
  • Or, skip club soda and simple syrup and use lemon lime soda instead. We love using diet 7Up or diet Sprite in these too!

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How To Make A Margarita On The Rocks Step

This article is about how to make a margarita on the rocks. If you would like to learn how to make afrozen margarita, we’ve got you covered.

A classic margarita has just a few simple ingredients: tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice. With so few components, and no sugary, faux-fruit sweeteners, it’s best to start with high-quality booze and real honest-to-goodness limes.

As for the alcohol, I like this tequila, which was featured on our holiday gift guide, but any blanco or reposado tequila will work. Choose blanco if you like a crisp-tasting margaritait’s the least aged tequila, has a clear appearance, and generally has a vegetal taste and aroma. If you like a margarita with a little more complexity, go for reposado, which has been aged in oak from 2 months to 1 year and has a smoother taste and golden color. You may also see joven tequila, a blend of blanco and reposado, which is also a great margarita base, as well as añejo and extra-añejo . Those last two are considered sipping tequilas, and not something you would typically use for a mixed drink .

Finally, there’s the mezcal margarita. Mezcal is essentially tequila that’s undergone a smoking process during production and makes for a margarita that pairs exceptionally well with a grilled Mexican feast.

What Is Tonic Water Can I Use Sparkling Water

Tonic water is a carbonated water that also contains quinine and is lightly sweetened. It originally was used against malaria, but these days the quinine levels are much lower. Quinine adds a slightly bitter flavor, but its not as detectable with todays lower levels. Even so, theres something about the nuance of bitter and sweet in tonic water which is hard to replace.

True cocktails and mocktails use tonic water, so wed recommend finding some if you can! Sparkling water adds only bubbles, but doesnt have the nuance in flavor. We buy a brand that comes in small cans, which is nice since youll only use a little in this virgin margarita.

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Are Virgin Margaritas Gluten

Yes! This margarita recipe is both non-alcoholic and gluten-free! That means you can share it with almost anyone with no worries.

Prep Time: Total Time:

This Virgin Margarita recipe is sweet and tart from beautifully ripe pineapple, lime, and agave. For adults who do not consume alcohol, this cocktail is the perfect party drink.

  • 3/4 cup fresh lime juice
  • 1 cup club soda

How To Make A Virgin Margarita

Strawberry Kiwi Mock Margarita

Start by prepping your drinking glass with a salt rim

  • Place kosher salt on a flat plate.
  • Run a wedge of lime around the edge of your glass.
  • Dip the rim of your glass in the salt, making sure it sticks.
  • Fill the glass with ice and set aside.

Make the Margarita Mocktail in a shaker

  • Fill the cocktail shaker full with ice.
  • Measure in the lime juice, orange juice, agave syrup and pinch of kosher salt.
  • Shake vigorously for 20 seconds.

Assemble Your Drink

  • Strain the Zero Proof Margarita into the prepared glass.
  • Top with 3 oz. of tonic water.
  • Garnish with a lime wheel or wedge.

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Less Sugar Than The Standard Virgin Margarita Recipe

We love our cocktails crisp and tart around here. So just like our Classic Margarita, theres barely any added sugar in this margarita. This stands out from the standard margarita mocktail, which is usually so sickly sweet its barely a margarita at all! This shouldnt taste like sweet syrupy juice: it should be crisp and tart. The sugar comes from two sources:

  • Only ¼ teaspoon maple syrup or simple syrup
  • A hint of sugar in the tonic water

How Do You Make Simple Syrup

I love to have a bottle of homemade simple syrup in the fridge all summer long for making quick mocktails and drinks. To make simple syrup you add 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water to a microwave safe dish and microwave for 3-4 minutes. Stir to combine the water and sugar. Let cool before storing in a sealed jar or bottle in the refrigerator.

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What Is In A Virgin Margarita

Virgin margaritas have lime juice and orange juice, fresh squeezed. A classic homemade margarita is made with lime juice and triple sec, which is an orange liquor. For that reason, I used lime juice and fresh squeezed orange juice.

A perfect margarita needs sweet and sour mix, so I used some I had from the store, but you can make your own sweet and sour mix easily.

Then, instead of tequila, I use club soda and simple syrup to finish off the drink. Garnish with lime and orange and serve over ice with a salted or sugared rim, and you have the perfect mocktail margarita!

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