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How To Make Frozen Margaritas With Mix

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EASY Frozen Margarita Recipe with Margarita Mix

Outside of this frozen margarita recipe, here are a few of our favorite cocktail recipes:

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  • Easy Frozen Sangria This easy frozen sangria recipe is sure to be a favorite: its wine-forward and just sweet enough, with a hint of citrus. Party on!
  • Best Frose This frose recipe tastes just like rosé wine! Whats the secret? Its all natural, featuring wine and strawberries. Heres how to make frozen rosé.

Any Frozen Margarita Lovers Out There

I don’t know about you but there is just something about a margarita that lifts my spirits. EVERY TIME. I like margaritas in all shapes and sizes. Traditional margaritas, fruit-flavored, spicy cucumber margaritas but in the summer there is nothing better than a batch of frozen whole lime margaritas made with fresh limes. It is cold and refreshing yet it will make your lips pucker. In my opinion, this is the best margarita out there and it uses simple ingredients.

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Some Recipe Ideas To Pair With Your Frozen Whole Lime Margaritas

So now that you have your blended margarita in hand, what do you pair with it? For me, it’s Chips + Salsa + Guacamole!

My current favorite salsa is this restaurant-style salsa made with fresh cilantro – so easy to make and customizable to your preferred level of heat.

We love a good frozen drink and also twisting an original recipe to make it fresh or frozen. You can swap the limes for fresh or frozen strawberries if you want to mix it up. One of our other favorite tequila cocktails is the Paloma. Try our Frozen Paloma recipe for our spin on the classic cocktail recipe. This is another recipe that you can make in big batches.

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What Is A Margarita

So what is the classic margarita recipe? Typically, the main ingredients for a margarita are tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice. Can be served on the rocks from a cocktail shaker or blended in a high-speed blender. When you order a margarita at a bar or restaurant you might get a blended margarita made with sour mix and lots of sugar sometimes a splash of orange juice is used instead of orange liqueur.

The quality of the margarita can vary significantly from place to place. Instead of using pre-bottled margarita mix, juice, or frozen limeade, we like to make a whole fruit margarita. For these types of spins on the classic margarita recipe, we blend fresh fruit with tequila and orange liqueur, and ice at a high speed in the blender to get the classic frozen margarita consistency that evokes sipping a blended drink, relaxing on a lounge chair overlooking the crashing waves.

How To Make A Virgin Margarita With Margarita Mix References

Frozen Margarita Medium Glass Jar Traditions Scented Candle

How To Make A Virgin Margarita With Margarita Mix References. Add the secret ingredient frozen lime aid in it. Add the tequila, triple sec, and lime juice, and blend briefly to incorporate the liquids and create a.

Place agave nectar and water in a medium saucepan and heat over medium heat. Triple sec and 2 ½ oz. Pour limeaide, lemon dasani sparkling water, lime dasani sparkling water and orange juice into a pitcher and mix.


Rim a glass with salt, and set aside. You’ll start by rimming a rocks glass with kosher salt and carefully adding.


In a blender, chop 1 cup ice and the strawberries. You’ll start by rimming a rocks glass with kosher salt and carefully adding.


Take a pitcher and squeeze two orange in it. Run a lime wedge around the edges of two glasses then dip the glasses in salt or sugar.


Once you have made the right choice of the ingredients, you are ready to blend the whole thing! Cook over low heat, stirring, until the sugar dissolves.


Jose cuervo margarita mix recipe that made in a pitcher and holds up to 10 single serves margaritas. Does a virgin margarita have alcohol.


Fill the glasses with ice then set the glasses aside. Once you have made the right choice of the ingredients, you are ready to blend the whole thing!

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Make Your Own Strawberry Margarita Mix

Strawberry margarita, anyone?? Warm weather and outings with friends is a great time for some tacos at a late night porch hang, and margaritas are the icing on top of the perfect summer gathering. While you can totally grab a strawberry mix at the store, why not take a few minutes to create your own fresh strawberry margarita mix and impress your guests with your bartending skills?I would suggest using fresh strawberries for this as frozen ones can be a little watery compared to the real deal. Double points if you stop by that local strawberry stand youve been meaning to visit every time you pass by!You can store this mix in an airtight container for a day if you want to make it a little ahead of time so you can pull it out when you are ready to mix in the triple sec and tequila.I love using big ice cubes in drinks and you can use traditional margarita glasses or rocks glasses for your margs . You can use sugar or salt for your rims and you can adhere the sugar/salt with either a lime rubbed across the rim, or you can dip it in honey or agave on a plate. You can also give our classic margarita mix a try if strawberry isnt your thing! These would be so good with our favorite chicken enchiladas as well.

Easy Frozen Margarita Recipe

This 3 Ingredient Frozen Margarita Recipe is just the thing for hot summer days! It has the texture of a slushy, perfect for cooling down, with the sour-sweet classic margarita taste.

Even better is the fact that since were using a margarita mix, it takes just seconds to prepare. All you need to do is pour the marg mix with your favorite tequila and triple sec into the blender and 3 minutes later, your cocktail is ready!

This margarita recipe is for 2 drinks but you can easily double it to make 4 or triple it for 6. Just note that you should plan on serving them immediately . Otherwise, they wont have the slushy texture anymore.

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What To Avoid When Making Frozen Margaritas

Dont Overdo the Ice

Whether youre incorporating fruit or simply using ice, Stewart errs on the side of caution when adding the frozen ingredients to the blender.

Add ice last, starting with a small quantity and adding more until the texture is right, she says. Much like seasoning a soup or sauce with salt, you can always add more but theres no way of removing it if youre too heavy-handed.

That said, its also a good idea to make sure you have plenty of ice on hand before you start the process. To estimate how much you will need, Hah recommends filling whatever glass youre going to serve the drink in with ice . Consider that to be one portion, she says.

Dont Overlook Glassware

After blending a frozen Margarita to the ideal consistency, all that remains is to serve and enjoy. But while some may be tempted to select their glassware based on aesthetics alone, there are other considerations with frozen cocktails.

I really like a pretty rocks glass for my Margarita but for a frozen drink, you want something with a stem, says San Antonio-based Peña. Without a stem to hold onto, he explains, the ambient temperature of your hand will melt the frozen Margarita at a faster rate.

If the classic Margarita glass seems too dainty consider instead something with insulation. Or in a pinch, be sure to chill your preferred rocks glass in the freezer for at least 30 minutes prior to serving.

How Do You Make Smooth Frozen Margaritas

How to make a Frozen Strawberry Margarita – Strawberry Margarita Recipe with AJMIXOLOGY

The key to an ice chunk-free margarita is a powerful blender. If youre mixing frozen drinks regularly, youll want to find one thats able to pulverize ice. Put the blender to work with these other irresistible frozen cocktails.

If your blender isnt able to crush ice straight from the freezer, use pre-crushed ice instead of whole ice cubes from the tray. This takes some pressure off of the blender and gets your drink to the right consistency more quickly. And in case youre in the market, read up on the best blenders according to our Test Kitchen.

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How Do I Keep My Margaritas Slushy

When you serve up frozen margs, you want to make sure theyre not all liquid! To keep em extra slushy, chill the glasses and the blender pitcher before preparing the drinks. Another way to help keep your frozen margaritas slushy is to combine the tequila, triple sec and lime juice, then chill in the fridge before mixing.

Frozen Strawberry Margarita Recipe

  • Pour the following into blender:
  • 1.5 oz Mayson’s Finest Strawberry Puree
  • 1 oz Mayson’s Finest Frozen Margarita Mix
  • Blend until slushy consistency
  • Serve in a sugar rimmed glass with a strawberry garnish
  • Pour into a 5 gallon bucket:
  • ¾ gallon Mayson’s Finest Strawberry Puree
  • ½ gallon Mayson’s Finest Frozen Margarita Mix
  • 2 ½ gallons water
  • Stir, then pour into frozen machine
  • Serve in a sugar rimmed glass with a strawberry garnish
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    How Do You Make Frozen Margaritas:

    This is the best way Ive found to make the most delicious Frozen Lime Margarita Recipe.

  • Make them strong. Since all that crushed ice will dilute the alcohol, lime juice, and simple syrup, make sure that your portions are on the stronger side.
  • Use chilled ingredients, if possible. If you use warm/room temp ingredients, your ice will melt faster, and youll likely need to add more ice to get a thick, slushy consistency. The more ice you add, the more you will dilute the flavor. So, plan a bit and chill your alcohol, lime juice, and simple syrup in advance.
  • Adjust to suit your taste preferences. I cant stress this one enough! When making your cocktail, you can control precisely how you want it to taste. Add more simple syrup for a sweeter cocktail, more lime juice for a more tart cocktail, and of course, increase or decrease the alcohol based on how strong you like your drinks. Use this recipe as a guide and go from there.
  • Adjust the recipe quantity to serve more or less. This recipe makes four margaritas, but you can easily double or even triple it to serve a crowd.
  • These are best served immediately after blending. Wait until you are ready, then throw everything in the blender and mix them up. Theyll be ready in seconds!
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    Tools used to make this Frozen Margarita Recipe

    Glass Rimmer: Adding sugar or salt to the rim of your cocktail glass doesnt get any easier!

    What Goes In A Frozen Margarita Recipe:

    Homemade Classic Margarita recipe using just 4 simple ingredients. You ...

    Simple Syrup: This recipe starts with a quick, simple syrup this is what will sweeten the margarita. Stir equal amounts of granulated sugar into boiling water until dissolved. Make this first so that it can chill in the fridge or freezer while you proceed with the rest of the recipe.

    Lime Juice: For this recipe, youll need about 1/2 cup of freshly squeezed lime juice, that is around eight limes, but that will vary based on the size of your limes and how juicy they are. Feel free to swap in a little freshly squeezed lemon juice if you come up short with the lime juice.

    Tequila: The star of this drink! Feel free to use your favorite tequila I prefer a silver/Blanco/white tequila.

    Orange liqueur: A generous splash of orange liqueur helps to give these margaritas their classic flavor. Triple sec, Cointreau or Grand Marnier are all excellent options.

    Ice: Heres how we turn these into frozen margaritas! Add plenty of ice into your blender along with all the ingredients listed above and give it a whirl. Easily adjust the consistency of the margaritas by adding more or less ice.

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    How To Make A Strawberry Margarita And Other Variations

    Now that you know how to make a great margarita, let’s switch up the classic recipe. Boost your margarita’s nutrition by infusing it with strawberries, bananas, grapefruit, and cucumber. Or pump up the flavor with unexpected secret ingredients like beer or jalapeños. You can also substitute the tequila in a margarita for mezcal, an intense, smoky-flavored spirit that’s also derived from the agave plant.

    Check out these tasty margarita variations:

    Why This Recipe Works

    While many of you might have become accustomed to buying pre-made margarita mixes at the grocery store, Im here to stage an intervention. PUT THAT PLASTIC BOTTLE DOWN! This easy recipe for a real, delicious, and authentic frozen margarita takes just five ingredients, one of which is ice.

    The bottled mix might shave a few seconds off your margarita prep, but I can guarantee that spending that little bit of extra time is so worth it. Once you try how bright and refreshing a real margarita is, I can basically promise that youll be as peeved as I am next time you order a marg at a restaurant and get the artificial pre-mixed junk.

    My frozen margarita has only 1/2 ounce of agave syrup and some Cointreau to sweeten it, meaning its *basically* a skinny margarita. A typical large blended margarita can clock in at more than 500 calories, this homemade margarita has just 300 calories, so you dont even have to feel bad about reaching for that second one!

    Frozen margaritas are also a snap to make. Aside from peeling a lime, theres no real work involved! Just dump everything into a high-powered blender at let the magic happen. Pretty soon youll feel like youre on the beach digging your toes in the sand.

    So, grab your four cocktail ingredients and your blender and lets get this fiesta started, shall we??

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    What Are The Ingredients In A Frozen Margarita

    A frozen Margarita is only slightly different than a classic Margarita. A frozen Margarita contains tequila , freshly squeezed lime juice, triple sec liqueur, an optional sweetener , and about a cup of ice. Thats considerably more ice/water than wed find in a standard marg. What this means is two things: a frozen Margarita is a bit more diluted than a classic, and its also a bit colder.

    Dilution and temperature are key to making a great cocktail, so we want to consider the impact that all that blended ice will have on the end product, and adjust accordingly. If our frozen Margarita will be more watered down and colder than a regular Margarita, we need to make sure to increase the level of sweetness.

    Tip: Use Small Ice Cubes

    FROZEN MARGARITAS At Home #withme How To Make Margaritas

    The key to getting a smooth margarita with an older blender is making the ice as small as possible beforehand. You can either use a smaller ice cube tray or place your large ice cubes in a freezer-safe bag and smash them with a rolling pin to make the ice smaller.

    Where do you get the smaller ice cubes? These small ice cubes come from my countertop ice-maker but if you just want to have the smaller ice cubes without having to have an ice cube maker, you can check out these trays.

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    More Frozen Cocktail Recipes

    Try one of these frozen drink recipes to cool down on a hot summer day.

    How To Make A Margarita With Mix

    Whereas one may opt for pre-mixed drinks when preparing a cocktail for themselves or a crowd, there are other alternatives to choose from that will allow you to make delicious margaritas from the comfort of your home.

    You should know that any cocktail is not a one-size-fits-all drink, especially when considering the alcoholic component. Therefore, it may be good to learn how to properly make margaritas with margarita mix to come up with a sweet, tart, and flavor-filled drink.

    When a margarita mix does call for the addition of tequila, you can also add half a shot of triple sec – an orange-flavored liqueur. In most cases, traditional margaritas made without mixes have tequila, lime juice, and triple sec.

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    How To Salt A Rim For Margaritas

    To put the cherry on top of this frozen margarita recipe, we love salting the rim of the glass before pouring in your frozen margarita concoction. Heres what you need:

    • coarse sea salt

    All you need to do is moisten the rims of the margarita glasses you want to use with water. We do this by pouring water onto a small plate and then dipping the rim of the glass into the water. From there, dip the rim onto a small plate of coarse sea salt. The water will allow the sea salt to stick to the glass.

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