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Where To Buy Macallan Whiskey

New Distillery And Visitor Experience

A very special whisky, just for chocolate lovers | CNA Luxury

In July 2019, the £140 million new distillery and visitor experience, on the Easter Elchies estate near Craigellachie, made the shortlist for the Stirling Prize for excellence in architecture. It was designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners. In 2019 the distillery won the 2019 RIAS Andrew Doolan Best Building in Scotland Award, and was nominated for the Stirling Prize.

The distillery has 36 stills, comprising 12 wash stills and 24 spirit stills.

The Whiskey Making Process

From the barley fields, the process goes to the still pots. The Macallan refers to them as Curiously Small Stills because theyre one of the smallest copper pot stills around Speyside, with their heights not exceeding 12 feet.

The original unique design of the Macallan pot stills allows maximum contact between the new-make spirit and the copper. On top of the design, the distillation process is also run slowly at a trickle. Thus, the result is a dense, viscous, and full-bodied spirit.

From the still pots, the distilled new-make spirit are filled in oak casks. The European and American oak casks that store the spirits for maturation give it its full natural color and 80% of The Macallans flavors and aromas. The oak trees are harvested from the forests of Jerez, Spain, and from the U.S. . Approximately, the Macallan sherry-seasoned oak takes 6 years to make from the harvesting of oak trees to filling with their Macallan spirit.

Endless Choice: The Different Macallans Explained

Macallans sherry oak single malts are aged in Oloroso seasoned oak casks which makes for a sweet whisky that gets richer over time. More recently, the brand has introduced its Fine Oak series with some of the whiskies matured in bourbon oak casks.

Macallan Double Cask whiskies are aged in two different casks to create a spirit with mixed character. Macallans Double Cask Gold, for example, has a sweet and citrusy taste with notes of boiled sweets while the Double Cask 12 Year Old has honey and ginger flavours.

Then theres Macallans Triple Cask whisky where yet another cask is used to create even greater depth and complexity.

Beyond that, theres Macallans Quest Collection, where whisky casks are sourced from around the world. For example, the Macallan Lumina, sherry seasoned in European and American oak casks, or the Macallan Terra, matured in oak casks from America and Europe.

The best Macallan whisky if youre just beginning your affair with Scotch? The Macallan 10. Another option is the Macallan Sherry Oak 18 Years, for that classic Macallan fruit-cake-flavour.

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Macallan Whisky Price Sizes & Buying Guide

Michael Jordan captivated viewers in the 2020s The Last Dance miniseries for a couple of reasons. The first reason was his laser-focused compulsion to be the best.

The second reason was that Jordan had the most attractive-looking drink sitting next to him, and his cigar, during many of the interview segments.

Ever the spokesman, it turned out that he was actually drinking his own brand of tequila, but if he was a Scotch drinker you can be sure that he would be drinking Macallan Whisky.

Macallan Whisky is the Michael Jordan of spirits due to their self-described obsession with quality. Macallan Whisky is the one staying up all night to perfect its product. Macallan is known for its extremely rich and complex flavors.

Macallan Whiskys obsession with quality is further evidenced by its creation of the Six Pillars. The Six Pillars: Spiritual Home, Curiously Small Stills, Finest Cut, Exceptional Oak Casks, Natural Color, and Peerless Spirit.

The Six Pillars are the foundation of everything they do and a constant reminder to never let up when it comes to producing the highest quality Scotch whisky.

Macallansingle Malt Scotch Whisky

The MacAllan

Macallan is the most sought-after whisky for collectors, and here youll find a huge range of Macallan Scotch whisky to buy online. Over the past four decades, Macallan has built probably the best reputation for quality malt whisky rare expressions can change hands for thousands of pounds, and prices for such bottles are continuously going up.Discover more »

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Information About Us And How To Contact Us

2.1 Who we are. We are Universal Wines Limited, trading as The Spirit Co, a company registered in England and Wales. Our company registration number is 05327331 and our registered office is at Unit 2 Greencroft Estate, Tower Road Annfield Plain, Stanley, Durham, DH9 7XP.

2.3 How we may contact you. If we have to contact you we will do so by telephone or by writing to you at the email address or postal address you provided to us in your order.

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Macallan Whiskey Prices Guide 2021

Macallan Whiskey is one of the most famous Whiskeys from Scotland. The distillery was founded in 1824 and since then has produced a range of mid priced single malts and premium malts and blends to much acclaim.

With so many Macallan products on the market, its difficult to know which whiskey to buy. With this in mind, lets take a look at Macallan Whiskey prices and what to expect from this world famous distillery.

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How Good Is Macallan Whiskey

The Macallan whiskey is an easy-to-love scotch whiskey with its sweet taste and fruity flavor aroma. According to reviews from Flaviar, the Macallan Sherry Oak 18 had great reviews with a special mention of a very smooth finish. Even though its hyped and quite pricey, customers find great value in their money.

The Macallan is also known for releasing a limited edition collection which can be a good investment for alcohol enthusiasts. Every year since 2016, they release limited editions from Edition No.1 to No. 6. The fan favorite seems to be Edition No. 4.

Macallan Whiskey: Its All In The Name

The Macallan Classic Cut 2021 Edition

Macallan is undoubtedly a big name in Scotch, and despite being an old distillery, it sells over 700,000 barrels of spirit each year. The most sought after Macallan bottles have also increased in value by 4,000% between 2017 and 2018. Thats an eye watering number. With that sort of demand, the price of Macallan has escalated over the last few years.

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Alternatives To Macallan Whiskey

If youre looking for cheaper alternatives to The Macallan whiskey, here are similar-tasting single malt Scotch whiskey matured in sherry-seasoned oaks:

  • Glendronach 12 its natural flavoring, dried fruit and Christmas spice, is a product of their ageing process using Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez casks.
  • Glenfarclas 12 a sherry-seasoned whiskey but unlike Macallans, they use bigger still pots. Its taste is distinctly dates and walnut cake with toffee apple and a touch of smoke.
  • Aberlour ABunadh Alba a Speyside scotch thats aged in American oak ex-bourbon barrels. Its aroma is reminiscent to ripe red apples, pear, honey, vanilla, and a bit of cinnamon. While its sweet and smooth whisky tastes like citrus zest, dried apple, and cinnamon.
  • Aberlour 12 Non Chill-Filtered none of its whiskey was chill-filtered in the making, which means that it kept all of its flavor from the maturing stage with the sherry oak barrels. Aside from its fruity and nutty taste, there is also dark chocolate returns for the finish.
  • Glengoyne 18 comparable to Macallans Triple Cask Series, this one is also made from European and American sherry oak barrels, plus hand-selected quality oak refill casks. Rich apples and spicy vanilla dominate its flavor.

The Best Way To Drink Macallan Whiskey

The Macallan Whiskey has an incredibly smooth finish as a sipping whiskey. It can be sipped neat at room temperature. Its also better to warm up your whiskey by curling your hand around the drinking glass. This is recommended as the best way to drink a Macallan Whiskey.

But it also goes well with cocktails because of its fruity flavor and aroma. Some of the good-tasting cocktails with Macallan Whiskey are:

A smoky and frothy cocktail made with Macalan Double Cask 12, fresh lemon juice, cinnamon dark syrup, Lapsang Souchong tea syrup, and egg white.

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Common Macallan Whiskey Prices List


$86.99 $89.99


Having been producing whiskeys for well over 100 years, Macallan has a vast range of products. These whiskeys dont skew towards the budget conscious, but despite some whiskeys costing thousands of dollars, there are some great Macallan bottles available at a mid-range budget. As one of Scotlands most productive distillerys, Macallan produces a large variation of spirits.

Lets take a look at Macallans range and what each whiskey offers you:

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Where To Buy Macallan Whiskey

The Macallan Rare Cask Red Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml)

You can buy Macallan whiskey from their official website but make sure to check their delivery information within the U.S. Alternatively, you can also order from online stores that ship to the U.S. .

According to Forbes, Costco is the worlds largest retailer of The Macallan. If you are frequent shoppers at grocery stores, depending on availability, you can chance upon stocks in supermarket chains like Walmart, Safeway, and Kroger, among others. Some large pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens also sell distilled spirits.

But youll likely be able to find Macallan Whiskey in liquor stores such as Total Wine, The Whiskey Shop, and Bevmo, for example. Or you can also order through grocery delivery apps like Instacart.

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The Macallan Distillery Experience

The Macallan Distillery was opened to visitors in May 2018, after 6 years in the making. Through a 10-meter high glass wall, the visitors get to see the production and the people behind the Macallan whiskey.

The Macallan Estate is open for viewing on weekends from 09:45-18:00 at Easter Elchies, Craigellachie, AB38 9RX, Scotland.

The Macallan Double Cask 12 Years Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky 70cl

  • The best of two worlds
  • Matured for 12 years
  • Vanilla, citrus and light oak in harmony with rich fruit, sherry and wood spice
  • Country string: United Kingdom
  • Deliciously honeyed, wood spices and citrus, balanced with raisins and caramel
  • A harvest sun in colour
  • Creamy butterscotch with a hint of toffee apple, candied orange
Age Verification Required on Delivery: This product is not for sale to people under the age of 18. To confirm the recipient is over 18 years, valid photographic ID with a date of birth may be required upon delivery. The driver will input your year of birth into their device and may then require an ID check to complete the age verification process. The driver will not be able to access your information once the delivery is complete. See Details

There is a newer version of this item:

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The Macallan Ice Ball Maker

The Macallan Ice Ball Maker will quickly transform a large cube of ice into a perfectly round ball of ice. This will chill your whisky but, as it melts more slowly than traditional ice cubes, it will not dilute it as quickly.

The Ice Ball Maker is made of aluminium alloy and creates ice balls 65mm in diameter.

This set consists of one ice ball maker and four ice ball moulds.

We regret that we are unable to deliver this item to Japan for legal reasons and if shipping to the US, this item will arrive separately to any other products ordered.

Additional ice ball moulds are available to purchase, priced at £2.50. To enquire about purchasing additional moulds, please contact us.

The Macallan Quest Collection

Macallan Whisky: An Insider’s Guide | Christie’s

The concept behind the Quest Collection is to mature Macallan whiskey in unique casks sourced from different regions around the world.

  • The Macallan Quest: A soft single malt. Subtle apple with ginger flavors mix with vanilla sweetness. Medium sweet. 40% in volume. Available for around $180.
  • The Macallan Lumina: Sherry seasoned in European and American oak casks. While sherry matured, has more of a toffee flavor. 41% volume. Available for around $130.
  • The Macallan Terra: American and European oak casks.Coffee nose with dried fruit and strawberry jam palate. A long dried oak finish. 43% in volume. Available for around $180.
  • check The Macallan Enigma: The high end of the Quest range. Matured exclusively in European oak sherry casks. A rich, sweet whiskey with an oak finish and a touch of chocolate. 44% in volume. Available for around $260.

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Macallan And The Silver Screen

Look closely and youll see bottles of Macallan in many of your favourite films and TV shows. In Suits, for example, Harvey Spector drinks Macallan 18, a preference he shares with James Bond in the film Spectre. The latters boss M, meanwhile, perhaps mindful of the MI6 budget, can be been spotted drinking Macallan 12 in Skyfall.

Best Under $: Glendronach 15 Revival Single Malt Whisky

Best in Show Whiskey at the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, GlenDronach Revival 15 Year Old is a stunning single malt. Discontinued in 2015, This Highland whiskys return has been much heralded.

Aged in Pedro Ximénez and Oloroso sherry casks, Revival spends at least a decade and a half asleep in the Spanish wood. When its finally time to wake the whisky, the lengthy nap has created a beautiful, dark dram, full of splendid fruity flavors as well as dark chocolate, honey, and a touch of mint. For single malt lovers, this bottle is an absolute must-buy, especially at the price point.

ABV: 92 Proof | Age: 15 Years | Volume: 750 milliliters

Sure, serious whiskey drinkers might scoff at the idea of a honey-flavored whiskey, but if youre making a hot toddy or a whiskey-based cocktail for someone who likes drinks on the sweeter side, Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey could be the ticket.

Technically, its a whiskey liqueur, as its honey liqueur blended with the iconic brands famed Old No. 7 Tennessee whiskey and bottled at 70 proof. The addition of honey gives it a natural sweetness thats both tasty and versatile. Mix it over ice it with some ginger beer and some citrus for a refreshing Tennessee Buck.

ABV: 70 Proof | Age: No Age Statement | Volume: 750 milliliters

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The Macallan The Harmony Collection Rich Cacao

The Macallan has unveiled The Macallan Harmony Collection Rich Cacao, the first limited edition whisky in an innovative new series of single malts that will see the brand progress its journey towards sustainable packaging.

To create the first edition in this new limited annual release series, The Macallan Whisky Maker Polly Logan embarked on a unique journey to Girona, Spain, where she immersed herself in the world of chocolate, exploring the chocolate-making process and uncovering the distinctive flavor profiles. As I immersed myself in this world, I uncovered a great synergy between the whisky-making process and that of chocolate. Both take time and exceptional attention to detail, with even the slightest changes to the process encouraging different aromas and flavors to emerge, said Polly Logan, The Macallan Whisky Maker.

Through this unique experience, Polly drew inspiration from the duos passion, knowledge and creativity to create The Macallan Harmony Collection Rich Cacao, searching the sherry seasoned oak casks maturing at The Macallan Estate to identify rare, indulgent chocolate notes. The Macallan Harmony Collection Rich Cacao is a wonderful expression which brings together the world of whisky with the fascinating world of chocolate said Polly Logan, Whisky Maker for The Macallan

The Macallan Harmony Collection Rich Cacao will be available globally starting in October 2021 for a suggested retail price of $160.

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Best Scotch Whisky: Ardbeg Traigh Bhan 19 Year Old Whisky

The Macallan 12 Year Old Sherry Oak Whisky

Scotch whiskies made on the island of Islay are famous for their robust smoky profile imbued from the peat-fueled fire used to roast the barley. Ardbeg embraces that tradition and makes some of the finest bottlings for those who love a big mouthful of smoke. Traigh Bhan 19 is no exception.

This single malt is rich and smoky, but what elevates it to the next level is that through that peaty layer explodes a shimmering and intense pineapple note that radiates on your tastebuds and will forever alter the way you experience single malt Scotch.

ABV: 92.4 Proof | Age: 19 Years | Volume: 750 milliliters

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The Macallan Sherry Oak 18 Years Old

While some of the more rare Macallan bottles arent always easy to find, this particular single malt is relatively easy to get your hands on. Part of Macallans Sherry Oak range, this whisky is aged exclusively in Oloroso sherryseasoned oak casks from Jerez, Spain, for 18 years. Like all of Macallans offerings, this whisky is distinguished by its color in this case, a light mahogany and has a fruity quality with notes of ginger and raisin. Its remarkably easy to drink and beautiful to look at, particularly when poured into the ideal glass vessel and placed on the bar in full view of the afternoon sun. SHOP NOW

The Macallan Double Cask 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

A harmonious single malt with a warm character.

COLORHarvest sun.NOSECreamy butterscotch with a hint of toffee apple, candied orange, vanillacustard and newly felled oak.PALATEDeliciously honeyed, wood spices and citrus, balanced with raisins andcaramel.FINISHOak lingers, warm, sweet and drying.ABV 43%

$14.72 – $8299.00

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