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What Can You Drink With Whiskey

What Are Good Whiskey Mixers

How to Drink Your Bourbon Properly

When it comes to whiskey drinks, you can pull out all the stops and make some pretty fantastic cocktails. Sometimes, though, you want to keep it simple with a single mixer . If that low-key approach is more your style, weve got a dozen different mixers you can stir up with your whiskey for a great basic drink.

Ginger beer + lime

Moscow Mules are one of our favorite classic cocktailsespecially when served in a pretty copper mug. You can use the same proportions as your favorite mule recipe and sub in whiskey or bourbon for vodka. If youre using bourbon, its commonly known as a Kentucky Mule if its Irish whiskey, thatd be an Irish Mule.

Effects Of Drinking Alcohol

Having any amount of alcohol in the blood can cause poor judgment and slowed reflexes. BAC and the effects of drinking alcohol vary from person to person and depend upon body weight, the amount of food eaten while drinking, and each person’s ability to tolerate alcohol.

Effects of drinking alcohol


Studies Show That You May Be Able To Help Your Heart Health If You Drink Whiskey Every Night

Grace Jones, who was once the oldest woman in Great Britain, told Gloucestershire Live, “My doctor said ‘keep up with the whisky Grace, it’s good for your heart.'” Turns out, her doctor was onto something.

WebMD reviewed 84 studies showing that people who enjoyed a daily drink or less were 14 to 25 percent less likely to be diagnosed with heart disease than those who didn’t drink. This could be due to alcohol raising the body’s levels of HDL cholesterol. Whiskey drinkers also reportedly absorb more antioxidants than red wine drinkers, which can help protect against coronary heart disease .

However, because whiskey affects different people in different ways, Harvard University found that for a 30-year-old, the risks outweigh the benefits. For a 60-year-old, one drink per day may have more heart disease protection than potential harm. So be sure to take that into consideration when deciding if you should drink whiskey every night.

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A Regular Serving Of Whiskey Could Help To Make Your Immune System Stronger Against Infections

Besides being healthier overall and having a stronger cardiovascular system, people who drink moderately may also have hardier immune systems. That’s also the takeaway from a study on rhesus macaque monkeys conducted by Oregon Health & Science University. Their researchers’ finding: “Moderate drinking may actually bolster our immune system and help it fight off infection” .

To perform the study, which was published in the journal Vaccine, researchers taught a lucky group of monkeys how to drink alcohol and then let them have as much as they wanted, whenever they wanted. Like humans, some monkeys drank excessively, some drank moderately, and some didn’t like the alcohol and avoided it entirely.

The results of this bizarre trial? After seven months, the bodies of the monkeys who had been drinking moderately produced the most antibodies meaning their immune systems were also the strongest overall. While studies on humans are still underway, this study may just mean that for the person who doesn’t overindulge, a daily serving of alcohol can improve immune system health, said the study’s author Ilhem Messaoudi.

If You Drink Whiskey Every Night You Will Build Up Your Tolerance To Alcohol So Moderation Is Key

Elevated Whiskey Drinks You Can Make at Home

Drinking whiskey in moderation is the key to gaining its benefits, but what exactly does “moderation” mean? According to Harvard University, this is one drink daily for women and no more than two for men. However, one drink does not mean filling a glass to the brim with some smooth Tennessee whiskey . Rather, one glass is 1.5 ounces.

Over time, though, one glass of whiskey each evening can make a person feel differently than before. Building up a tolerance to alcohol can be dangerous because it can cause over-drinking, and, over time, the liver learns how to more easily and quickly break down the alcohol in a person’s system.

The brain has a similar reaction. It will literally alter itself and adjust to handling alcohol so well that a person will no longer have any of those loopy effects people may have felt when they had their first drink. And, when it comes to drinking too much, your brain will never be the same. “The system is forever changed,” director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, George F. Koob, Ph.D., told HuffPost.

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If You Drink Whiskey Daily You Probably Also Exercise Daily

Researchers aren’t sure why but people who drink moderately tend to be more physically active than people who don’t. This finding comes from a survey of over 230,000 Americans published in the American Journal of Health Promotion. The study found that moderate to heavy drinkers worked out 10 to 20 minutes longer each week than individuals who were light drinkers or who rarely drank at all . “Alcohol users not only exercised more than abstainers, but the differential actually increased with more drinking,” the study’s lead author Michael French told ScienceDaily.

A similar review of alcohol and exercise rates among men and women published in Frontiers in Psychiatry confirmed the finding, reporting that a link between drinking and increased athletic activity in college students has been documented for decades. In these studies, researchers link celebration of wins and commiseration of losses in sports to the increase in active people who drink.

For people who don’t play sports, the researchers speculate that drinkers may exercise more to offset the effects of alcohol, or because of vanity they want to look good when they are out drinking.

Problem: Your Patio Looks Too New

Great patios often look like theyve been around awhile . Age your new patio with homemade moss. Heres how you do it: find 8-12 ounces of moss and place in a pail. Add a 12-ounce bottle of beer as well as ½ teaspoon of sugar, then puree the mixture until smooth. Using a paintbrush, spread the mixture on masonry planters. The moss should appear in four to seven days.

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Why You Can Add Water To Whiskey

If youre new to the world of whiskey, you might roll your eyes at the prospect of adding a few drops of water. How could a drop of water make a difference?

A splash of water can be a great thing, says Tardie. A little water releases the hydrophobic elements in the glass, allowing you to detect more aromatics on the nose and, by lowering the alcohol content, it can allow you to taste more flavors on your palate.

The easiest way to go about this is with a glass of water and a straw. Simply add a drop, give your whiskey a swirl, take a sip, and repeat until you find the pleasing flavors youre looking for. The bigger the splash, the more diluted your whiskey will become, achieving the effect of ice without chilling the refreshment.

What To Think About

Can You Drink Alcohol and Still Lose Weight?
  • The blood alcohol test measures only the amount of alcohol in the blood at the time the sample is taken. It does not show how long you have been drinking or whether you have an alcohol use problem.
  • Highway patrol officers in most provinces now have devices that measure the breath alcohol levels of drivers they think are drunk. A person charged with drunken driving who does not think the breath analysis is accurate may ask for a blood alcohol test.
  • The time that passes between drinking alcohol and collecting the blood or breath sample affects test results. The body continues to break down alcohol at a steady rate after drinking. So the amount of alcohol you drink can be estimated by knowing how much alcohol is present in your blood or breath and how much time has passed since you had a drink. In general, your body is able to break down about one drink per hour.
  • A person who drinks alcohol and takes certain medicines, such as antihistamines, sedatives , or opioids, may feel more of the effects of alcohol. Also, a person who uses other drugs, such as cannabis , will feel the effects of both drugs more than if the drugs were used separately.

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How To Drink Whisky The Right Way According To An Expert

Bourbon, rye, scotch, Irish whiskey, and Canadian whisky are increasingly popular. Here’s how to make the most of every sip.

Whisky drinking is on a definite upswing, in case you haven’t noticed yet. You’re excused if that’s the case, since we haven’t been able to frequent our favorite bars lately but that’s finally changing.

Data from the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States shows that revenues from the production and sale of bourbon “America’s native spirit,” as they refer to it have grown substantially over the past few years. Rye, Irish whiskey, and Scotch have also been getting more attention.

As it is with food, wine, fashion, and wherever personal taste is involved, there may not be just one best method of imbibing. With a variety of ways to enjoy distilled spirits, your tastes and preferences may evolve or you might choose your whisky drinking style based on the occasion.

Travel + Leisure spoke to an expert on the topic of a growing interest in whisky, bar supervisor and tobacconist Russell Greene at Castle Hot Springs in Morristown, Arizona, who brings years of experience to his role at the resort’s Bar 1896.

“I thought it was going to die out after a few years, but our culture has truly embraced whisky and brought it back to its original home,” he said. “Now I have people of all ages eyeing the whisky shelves, and distilleries are popping up all over the place.”

What Is One Serving Of Alcohol

Measuring your alcohol isnt always simple or easy. One serving of alcohol depends on the percentage of alcohol in your beverage.

One alcoholic drink-equivalent totals as:4

  • 12 ounces of beer .
  • 5 ounces of wine .
  • 1.5 fluid ounces of 80-proof distilled spirits .

Be aware that these are rough guidelines. These protocols may not apply to every single brand or type of drink within a particular category of spirits. In fact, most drinks served at bars tend to be larger than these suggested serving sizes.7 No alcoholic beverage is currently considered safer than any other type of spirit, either.

  • How to Stop Drinking
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    Is It Harmful To Drink Whiskey Neat

    04/6For flavour FOR FLAVOUR: A study published in the journal Scientific Reports concluded that drinking neat whiskey is not the best for you if you wish to get its taste properly. The team of scientists, through a computer simulation, concluded that whiskeys flavour responds well when diluted with water or ice.

    What Can You Do If You Are Drinking Too Much Whiskey

    Elevated Whiskey Drinks You Can Make at Home

    If you think you might be drinking more whiskey than is healthy, there are several things you can do to cut back.

    • Choose specific times when you are allowed to drink, and set a specific drink maximum
    • Pay attention to what times of day, and what situations you often drink in. Make a list of alternative things to do at those times, to replace drinking whiskey.
    • Avoid drinking alcohol at home or keeping whiskey in the house

    Of course, for many people this is easier said than done. If you feel you could use some extra support in quitting or cutting back on whiskey, theres no shame in looking for help.

    Ria Health offers flexible, online support from wherever you are. Choose moderation or abstinence, set your own goals, and get a plan customized to your unique needs. Best of all, you can access the whole thing right from your smartphone.

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    Quick Answer: How Do You Drink Whiskey Properly

    The simplest way to enjoy your whisky is neat, cleansing your palate with cool water between sips. Some people also add a few drops of water to their whisky, which can open up the flavors as the liquids combine. Experiment to see what works for you, but go slowly. Dont add too much water at once.

    If You Drink Whiskey Every Night Instead Of Other Alcohol You’ll Consume Less Calories And Carbs

    For those alcohol enthusiasts who aren’t looking to gain a beer belly, whiskey is a great choice. It contains no carbohydrates and virtually no sugar, as noted by Medical Daily. It also contains the least amount of calories compared to beer and most wines, according to Medline Plus.

    Some studies have even suggested that drinking whiskey can help a person to lose weight. According to Harvard University, “moderate drinking might be especially beneficial if you have low HDL that just won’t budge upward with diet and exercise.” HDL is the good type of cholesterol, and it helps to remove “excess cholesterol” in a person’s bloodstream to keep a person’s body in better shape .

    However, keep in mind that adding any type of mixer to the whiskey can drive up your calorie count. “If you’re looking for a lower calorie alternative, avoid the flavored vodkas and spiced rums and go for the original or ‘plain’ option offered,” Caroline Cederquist, M.D., told GQ. So, when you order a Jack and Coke maybe hold the Coke!

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    Common Whiskeys Youll Come Across As A Beginner


    If you’re American, bourbon is probably the most familiar whiskey to you, because it’s the most common. Bourbon is sweeter and more accessible because its primary distillation component is corn, and it’s a great place to begin your exploration.

    Wild Turkey 101 is our pick for a mass-produced Kentucky bourbon, and Buffalo Trace is a great entry-level small-batch bourbon.

    Rye Whiskey

    Rye used to be the most common American whiskey, but most rye distilleries were wiped out during prohibition. As the name suggests, rye is the main component of rye whiskey. Rye has been making a comeback for the last decade.

    It’s more challenging than bourbon and less sweet, but delicious and an excellent choice for making high-end cocktails. Try Rittenhouse Bottled-in-Bond rye.

    Canadian Whiskey

    Canadian whiskeys are traditionally lighter and smoother than bourbon. Crown Royal Reserve isn’t hard to find, and it’s an excellent introduction to Canadian whiskeys.


    Scotch is a classic spirit associated with class, wealth, and luxury . Made from malted barley, a lot of Scotches are like bourbon with more of a bite, while some are out-of-this-world smoky and peaty. One of the requirements of Scotch whisky is that it be made in Scotland – it’s literally Scottish.

    Our blended scotch pick is Johnny Walker Black. Our favorite Speyside is the Macallan, our favorite Lowlands is Glenkinchie, and the quintessential Islay Scotch is Laphroiag.

    Irish Whiskey

    Beware: Alcohol Packs More Punch On Low Carb


    When on a strict low-carb diet, many people require significantly less alcohol to become intoxicated.12 So be careful the first time you drink alcohol on low carb. You may need only half as many drinks as usual to enjoy yourself, saving you money and from a hangover.

    Recognizing this issue of reduced tolerance is even more critical if you plan on driving. When eating low carb, you may have a higher blood alcohol level after fewer drinks, impairing your abilities to a much greater extent than usual.

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    How To Rehydrate After Drinking Alcohol

    After a night of drinking its important to make sure you rehydrate. Stoutz says the best way to hydrate is to alternate alcohol and water while youre drinking.

    If youve gone the whole night and realize you didnt have any water, you cant catch up with plain water, she says.

    In those cases, try rehydrating with an electrolyte solution.

    Electrolytes are mineralssodium, calcium, potassium, chloride, phosphate, and magnesiumin the body that help balance the amount of water in the body, balance the bodys acid and base levels, move nutrients to cells, removes waste from cells, and helps muscles and the brain work properly.

    Electrolytes are found in common foods, including salt, bananas, and watermelon, and can also be consumed from electrolyte-specific drinks or mixes.

    An electrolyte solution will help you absorb more , Stoutz says.

    Milk is also a good choice to help you rehydrate, assuming your hangover hasnt put you off dairy. The same 2016 study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that milk was more hydrating than water, sports drinks, coffee, tea, and a handful of other common beverages .

    The best beverages to rehydrate with should include electrolytes like sodium and potassium, as well as calories from carbs, proteins or fats to help the fluids be absorbed into the cells, Pfau says.

    How Strong Is A Bourbon And Water

    Unlike mixed drinks, the alcohol content of bourbon and water is not going to be much different from drinking it straight. In general, you can expect a splash of water to weaken your whiskey by just a couple of percentage points. If you’re pouring a 100-proof whiskey, for instance, it may only be 48 percent ABV .

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    How To Drink Whiskey Like A Professional

    Mark Twain once quipped, Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.

    Thats truer now than ever. Inspired by distilling technology medieval monks brought to Irelandthe first recorded mention of the spirit was in an Irish history book from 1405whiskey recently replaced vodka as the top-selling spirit in the U.S. And its popularity continues to grow. Were in the middle of whiskeys golden age, with more brands and varieties available than ever before, says spirits expert Noah Rothbaum, author of The Art of American Whiskey.

    One of the best ways to enjoy the trendand educate your palette in the processis to try a whiskey flight, he says: Wine lovers have been doing back-to-back comparisons for decades, but the whiskey flight is fairly new. With that, we asked Rothbaum to create three custom flights to try at home with friends, each progressing in flavor and complexity.

    But before you even think of lifting a glass, here are the basic tasting rules to follow to get the most out of each sip:

    1. Pour lightly

    Dont fill your glassyou want an ounce or two at most.

    2. Swirl the whiskey

    So it coats the glass, then breathe deeply with your nose about an inch from the liquid. Open your mouth as you inhale to let the alcohol fumes escape so you can better discern other flavor notes.

    3. Add a splash of water to your glass

    4. Chew your drink

    5. Breathe through your nose

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