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What’s The Best Irish Whiskey

Easy Sipping And Even Easier On The Wallet

Top 10 Whiskeys for Beginners [Crowdsourced From Whiskey Lovers]

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The Irish invented whiskey! as every Irish whiskey brand ambassador and bartender has told me in the last few years.

And its true. Plus, Irish whiskey is the fastest growing spirits category in the world, and these are all really fun facts to know and tell when youre imbibing on St. Patricks Day which, thanks to falling on a Sunday, pretty much means youll be drinking Irish style the entire weekend, even in non-Irish bars.

Which is fine: Irish whiskey is a smooth sipper and extremely versatile in cocktails. And, bonus, theres a lot to love if youre working within a budget. So while wed love to sip on Knappogue Castle 16 or Red Spot, your St. Patricks Day drinking certainly wont suffer with one of these 10 extremely affordable Irish tipples all of which weve personally tried and approved.

Sláinte, as the Irish say. Which means health, and is the local way of saying cheers and take care of yourself this Sunday.

West Cork Bourbon CaskMatured in first-fill bourbon casks, this young independent distiller crafts an approachable spirit that our office easily polished off over a few late-night work sessions.

Kilbeggan Single GrainHailing from Irelands oldest licensed distillery, this complex Irish whiskey is double-distilled and aged in ex-bourbon and fortified wine barrels.


What You Need To Know

All Irish whiskey must be aged for a minimum of three years in wooden barrels such as oak in Ireland . There are currently four spirit categories in Irish whiskey:

Single malt: made by one distillery, distilling 100% malted barley in a pot still. Typically giving notes of toasted oak, biscuits and malt chocolate.

Single grain: made by one distillery, distilling no more than 30% malted barley with the majority unmalted cereals and distilled in a column still. This style usually gives light floral notes of sweet grain and honey.

Single pot still: made by one distillery, distilled from a minimum of 30% malted barley and a minimum of 30% unmalted barley with up to 5% cereals added. This is classed as the most traditional style of Irish whiskey. Its classically a heavier style with flavours that can range from baking spices and vanilla to rich Christmas cake.

Blended: a combination of two or more styles of Irish whiskey blended together. A very exciting classification of whiskey which allows brands space to create stunning blends.

As Irish whiskey is not strictly held to maturing in oak casks, there has been a huge surge in exciting cask ageing outside of the whiskey norm. Another point to keep in mind is that while a lot of brands will triple distil their whisky, it is not a legal requirement, and is instead a style that adds to the adventurous nature of the category.

N04 Dunville Single Cask Series & 18 Year Old Port Mourant Rum Finish Single Malt

The revival of Belfasts most iconic brand has seen unprecedented success, not seen since the launch of Dingle Distillery. Jartath and the team at the Echlinville Distillery are the proud custodians of Dunvilles Irish Whiskey. Their mission was to produce the finest whiskeys conceivable to echo the triumphs of the past. They have already achieved their founding goal to bring The Spirit of Belfast back to the world and restore it to its place among the worlds best whiskeys.

For more than a century, Dunvilles Irish Whiskey was among the worlds finest and best-known whiskeys. An icon of its time, Dunvilles reign was ended in the midst of family tragedy. For almost 80 long years the only place to buy a bottle of Dunvilles Irish Whiskey was at auction, and even that was a rare find.

The Single Cask Series, showcases the very best whiskeys from the Echlinville warehouses, each release sells out in minutes. The whiskey is exceptional. The collectors are fanatical and envious if they miss out on the initial releases as the bottles fetch a high price at auction. But for the real fans, the drinkers and imbibers, the joy is all theirs as the liquid is some of the best Ive ever tasted.

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No1 Midleton Very Rare Series Since 1984

Every year since 1984, Midleton Distillerys, Master Distiller gets the opportunity to release the ultimate expression of his art and expertise. The Midleton Very Rare tradition began when Barry Crockett handpicked the finest and rarest whiskeys available and carefully blended them to create a rare and unique vintage. Each year Midleton Very Rare is vatted from a select number of casks that are deemed of superior excellence and rarity to bear the Midleton Very Rare name. This is the Pinnacle of Irish Whiskey. What vintage was your favorite release?

One of the rarest of the rare was made in 1974 at the old Midleton distillery, before it closed later that year. The first release in Midletons Very Rare Silent Distillery Collection is a 45-year-old peated Irish single malt matured in a third-fill sherry cask for more than four decades. Refined aromas of fresh leather, old oak, nutmeg, grapefruit, boiled sweets and toffee pennies fill the nose. The palate offers notes of tropical fruit, cinnamon, nutmeg, salted caramel and black cherries. This bottle is presented in a hand-crafted box from Irish designer John Galvin using up to 200-year-old wood from ancient reclaimed whisky vats.

Jameson Irish Whiskey One Of The Best Irish Whiskeys

31 Whiskey Under The Label

This is our top pick for best Irish whiskey in Ireland. You will find that quite a lot of people in Ireland choose this when it comes to a choice of whiskey. Whether or not its some genetic black-magic involving the taste buds, or maybe it was the only brand in the living room press available to be brought out for the special occasion, like it or not, this is the number one Irish whiskey.

It is continuously named as one of the top Irish souvenirs you should take away from the Emerald Isle. Jameson is allowed to mature in oak casks for a minimum of four years. It is an exceptionally smooth-tasting, triple-blended whiskey with a very distinctive nutty and vanilla taste.

The ideal length of time to allow whiskey to mature in casks should be between four and eight years, anything longer and it develops too much of a timber influence.

Well, there you have it, five of the best whiskies distilled in the best little whiskey-producing country in the world. Enjoy, but remember whiskey is meant to be sipped slowly and responsibly!

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Tullamore Dew 15 Year Old Trilogy Small Batch Irish Whiskey $9599 At Caskers

Heres a limited-edition Tullamore DEW 15 Year Old Trilogy Small Batch Irish Whiskey that is made from three different grains, including malted barley, unmalted barley and corn. This trilogy of Irish whiskey has a rich aroma filled with tropical fruits, mixed nuts, tannins, and oaks. The palate then transitions to flavors of chocolate fudge and whipped cream, which makes this blended Irish whiskey a good choice for after-dinner drinks.

Slane Triple Casked Irish Whiskey

As you might expect from its name, this blended Irish whiskey gains much of its character from the maturation process. A combination of whiskeys aged in virgin oak, ex-American whiskey barrels , and oloroso sherry casks, Slane is rich in dried fruit, baking spice, and vanilla aromas, with a depth of flavors on the palate. Offering more complexity than most blends, this whiskey shows subtle signs of age and serves a generous finish. Average price: $26.

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N07 Method And Madness From Midleton Micro Distillery

Midleton are the true master of distilling in Ireland and Innovation is nothing new from the Masters and Apprentices of Midleton Distillery. But the new micro-distillery in Midleton has given them a real playground of freedom to experiment and create magnificent flavours. Method and Madness is the first branded spirit to come out of the micro-distillery and the whiskeys are not only esquite but they are blazing the way for new taste and wood varieties in Irish whiskey history.

When great minds collide, incredible creations can emerge. At Midleton, our Master and Apprentice relationship runs deep, with generations of know how meshing with restless curiosity. There will be trial, and error, and brilliant bottled breakthroughs that start with What if? Restless hearts making inspired spirits.

Midleton Master Distiller

The Best Premium Irish Whiskey For An Elevated Experience

REDBREAST 15 YR OLD | Irish Whiskey Review | Whisky & Whiskey

These may cost more than youre used to, or be hard to find. But theyre worth it.

Triple-distilled from malted barley, dried over peat fires and matured in both bourbon and sauternes French wine casks, Blackpitts is a deceptively light-colored tipple that brings together a fruitiness, butterscotch and smoke. Its like a campfire dessert.

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Whats The Difference Between Irish Whiskey And Scotch Whisky

Besides the difference in spelling, theres a lot of overlap between Irish whiskey and Scotch whisky.

In general, Irish whiskey tends to be triple distilled while Scotch whisky is double distilled, but thats not a hard and fast rule. Youll certainly find producers practicing triple distillation in Scotland and others practicing double distillation in Ireland.

Traditionally, Irish whiskey was produced exclusively in pot stills. This gave it a very unique, spicy taste. Yet, the process led to the decline of Irish whiskey when Scotch whisky producers began to use column stills. Today, producers in either country use both pot- or column-distilled spirits.

Additionally, the most popular and best-selling Irish whiskeys and Scotch whiskies are blends, but there is a wide range of single malt and single grain whiskeys to enjoy .

Finally, Irish distilleries are allowed to add enzymes to the fermentation process in order to better prepare the starches in the mash, per Vinepairs Irish Whiskey 101. This doesnt overly impact the taste of the final product.

Both Irish and Scotch whiskeys can be aged in various types of wooden vessels, including American bourbon barrels, sherry casks and rum barrels. Legally, bourbon can only be aged in new charred oak barrels, so once those are emptied most of them wind up being used to age Irish whiskey and Scotch whisky.

Connemara Peated Single Malt Richly Peat

Another top contender for the best Irish whiskeys in Ireland is Connemara Peated Single Malt. Usually, a peat flavour to a whiskey is associated with scotch, but this is not always the case. Its a mild not a heavy whiskey.

The initial flavour experienced is that of the peat, but then the taste buds are softly caressed by the lingering malt.

Peat whiskeys are not for everyone, but if youre looking for a well-balanced, smooth Irish whiskey, well, this may be the one for you.

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Teeling Single Pot Still

Teelings Single Pot Still contains an unusually high 50 percent unmalted barley in its mash bill. The whiskey is fermented in wooden washbacks and later ages in new American oak, bourbon, and sherry barrels. The finished spirit exudes character, displaying a mix of cereal, banana chip, green tea, and dried apricot notes. Each sip is nicely rounded and coats the palate, with gentle heat provided by its 46 percent ABV content. Average price: $68.

What Kind Of Irish Whiskey Does Buena Vista Use


What is in a buena vista irish coffee?

After Guinness, the Irish coffee is quite possibly Irelands most famous drink. This hot cocktail is a mixture of coffee, whiskey, sugar, and cream. Its famous thanks to the Buena Vista Cafe, a San Francisco establishment that perfected the recipe in 1952 and has since served countless glasses to thirsty bar-goers.

how much is a Buena Vista Irish Coffee?How muchIrish coffee

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Waterford Arcadian Gaia 11

Irelands rst certified organic single malt whiskey was launched last year. Waterford Distillery focuses on provenance, producing whiskeys from organic and biodynamic heritage barley grown by local farmers. Gaia, named after the Greek goddess of the Earth, was matured in a combination of US oak, French oak and used vin doux naturel casks. Aromas of creamy toffee, orange zest, dried apricot and beeswax, backed by a rich and spicy palate, with warming barley notes, butterscotch, fruit cake and some citrus zip. Alc 50%

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Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey


Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey is a triple-distilled whiskey that has been patiently aged in a mix of ex-sherry and bourbon casks. This process gives the whiskey its distinctive smoothness, which has lead to its popularity across the globe. After Jameson, Tullamore Dew is the second most popular Irish whiskey in the world.

Sip this spirit neat and youll taste appealing notes of citrus and spice which are a result of the malt and pot-still whiskey used in the blend. While delightful straight or on the rocks, for something a little fresher yet equally delicious, give a Tully & Tonic a try. Throw a splash of whiskey in with some cubed ice, a cut of orange and fill the cup with tonic water.

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Redbreast 12 Year Old Creamy And Deliciously Fruity

Having pontificated above on our views on maturity and ageing, we have to say that the twelve years allowed to mature Redbreasts single pot-stilled flagship does bring out the best in this particular East Cork whiskey.

Redbreast has a full flavoured creamy and fruity taste with just a hint of sherry. Its a taste that lingers on the palate and is best taken with just a smidgen of water which opens up the flavour. For those looking for an even more elevated experience, the 15-year-old Redbreast is delicious and one of the most expensive Irish whiskies.

What Is A Good Irish Whiskey For Irish Coffee

POWERS Irish Whiskey Review | Whisky & Whiskey

For a Classic Irish Coffee: Jameson Irish Whiskey The super-popular Irish whiskey is the biggest selling brand in its category in the United States, so its not surprising that its the go-to whiskey for the Emerald Isles signature cocktail. It lends a subtle spiced sweetness to an Irish Coffee.

Who sells the most Irish coffee?

Savannah, Ga. Prohibition Savannah set out to beat the world record for most Irish coffees sold in one day, and they did! Staff members had to unseat the current record holder Buena Vista Cafe in San Francisco, who dished out more than 2,000 drinks for the record.

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N06 Dingle Single Malt And Single Pot Still

Oliver Hughes was a pioneer and hero of the Irish drinks industry. Oliver along with his friends Liam LaHart and Peter Mosley were responsible for the craft beer revolution in Ireland when they forged the way for other great independent brewers with the Porterhouse Brewing Company back in 1996. They founded The Dingle Whiskey Distillery during the cold winter of 2012 who the daunting task to take on the giants of the Irish Whiskey industry and win. And win they did, three years and a day after the pot stills produced liquid on the 19th December 2015, one cask, Cask No. 2 was hand selected.

Dingle Distillery released Batch 1, two Single Malt whiskeys to hit the market in November 2016. Distilled from distinctive, hand crafted copper pot stills and matured in Bourbon casks. The whiskeys were, Dingle Whiskey and Dingle Whiskey Cask Strength . They were presented in bespoke bottles featuring a painting by Liam ONeill, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the 1916 rising. These releases are now highly collectable.

Dingle Whiskey is a product of its environment. From the localised well water to the immensely manual mashing, alongside the wooden fermentation vessels that feed into the three bespoke copper pot stills, the production is purely Dingle. The micro climate then creates a maturation like no other.

What Is Irish Whiskey Made From

Barley is commonly used to produce a classic style of Irish whiskey. Many distilleries use unmalted barley, some incorporate a portion of malted barley or other cereal grains, and single malt Irish whiskey is made entirely of malted barley. Grain Irish whiskey has a lighter flavor and is distilled from other cereal grains, such as corn or wheat, using column stills. Its also often used when blending Irish whiskey after aging. Single grain Irish whiskey uses just one type of grain.

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The 12 Best Irish Whiskeys For St Patrick’s Day

With the explosion of new bottlings, you now have more options than ever. Here’s where to start.

The booming popularity of Irish whiskeysales jumped 13 percent in 2017 alone, and even Conor McGregor is getting in on itmostly has to do with one whiskey, Jameson, and the marketing dollars behind it. Funny thing is, a lot of the people who drink Jameson dont think of it as an Irish whiskey. Its just Jameson. A light, sweet, smooth, approachable introduction to the category. But people arent just drinking whiskey for approachability. Sales of premium Irish brands are rising, as well. A lot of these premium bottles are single pot still versions of the whiskies youve heard of: Jameson, Powers, and more. The field of Irish whiskeys is as diverse as bourbonand, arguably, Scotch.

There are sweet and spicy ones, smoky ones and light ones, thin ones and big onewhich is great news because St. Patricks Day drinking is as refined an experience as you want it to be. With the explosion of new Irish whiskey brands, you have more options than everat the liquor store and your favorite American Irish bar and Father OMcPaddys Extremely Authentic Irish Pub . These are the whiskeys you can involve yourself with, both the ones youve heard of and the more elevated expressions of those same whiskeys

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