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Where To Buy Don Julio Tequila

Its A Brand Thats Won Multiple Awards For Its Delicious Bottles

Don Julio Reposado Tequila Review – Best Drink Recipes

and it keeps pushing the boundaries when it comes to premium quality. Before Don Julio took to the scene, tequila was generally either considered Blanco, Reposado or Añejo. The arrival of Don Julio 70 Cristalino Tequila took to the stage as the worlds first Añejo Claro tequila, while the brands Real Tequila broke the ceiling of ageing the spirit and helped to create the Extra Añejo category. With its velvety smooth Blanco qualities and honeyed vanilla and toasted oak flavours, its a one-of-a-kind sipper thats among the best of the best.

Part of the reason as to why this premium tequila is so good can be attributed to its growing region. Intellectual property laws ensure that tequila can only be made in one place: Mexico. And Don Julio is produced in the Highlands of Jalisco, one of the countrys most fertile agave-growing regions.

The Story Behind Don Julio Real

This tequila holds the most premium price point out there, and I can best describe it as Market Price. Just like a seasonal seafood such as lobster, the Don Julio Real Extra Anejo has a price point that shifts quite often.

That said, marks the price between $250 and $500. Personally, Ive paid as low as $299 and as high as $389, but Ive seen it in stores for as high as $419. The $500 is most likely in concentrated areas while the cheap prices are definitely few and far between

When your tequila is this pricey, you get noticed by many publications. Wine Enthusiast gave this a score of 89.

Wine Enthusiast went on to note:

Gentle nose of citrus and honey accentuated by cooked agave and mild herbs.

The flavor profile features notes of caramel, coffee, and even chocolate. I cant taste the chocolate for the life of me, but the coffee and caramel is very abundant. This is my go-to tequila when Im really celebrating something worth celebrating, which means it comes out about once or twice per year. At the price they charge, you probably guessed that this is a sipping tequila, and you are right. While Id love to sip this nightly, the immaculately detailed bottle, complete with agave leaves wrapped around the front, only offers 375 ML of goodness. This is about the size of the half carafe of sake I drink!

Speaking of tequila, here is a pic montage of my trip to San Diego, where I stopped by the place I buy tequila from online.

The Story Of Don Julio

You see Don Julios short, stumpy bottles? When 17-year-old Julio Gonzalez-Frausto Estrada started producing his own tequila, he was frustrated that he couldnt see his friends over the tall, sleek bottles that the spirit was usually served in. So, as well as pushing his own fashion statement, Don Julio defiantly bottled his tequila in a way that would suit him. Considered uncool at the time, he probably didnt anticipate the entire industry meekly following along in a matter of decades.

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Where To Buy Don Julio Tequila Online

Don Julio 1942 Añejo Tequila is handcrafted in tribute to the year that Don Julio González began his tequila-making journey. Warm oak, vanilla and roasted agave flavors lead into a lingering oak and rich vanilla finish for a luxurious tequila recognized by connoisseurs around the globe. Aged in small batches for 2 and a half years, our añejo tequila is made with 100% Blue Weber Agave that is ready for any celebration. Simply serve neat in a snifter or on the rocks for a classic and simple drink.

Frequently asked questions

Is Don Julio 1942 worth it?

While the price point may make you second guess buying it for as your go to añejo, the taste and display makes it perfect for special occasions and gifts.

Why is it called Don Julio 1942?

It is named after its founder who began distilling tequila in 1942.

What kind of tequila is it?

Don Julio makes a variety of tequilas including blanco, reposado and añejo. Don Julio 1942 is an añejo tequila.

A Bespoke Growing Process

Don Julio Reposado Tequila : Nectar Imports Ltd

Rather than buying land, Don Julio decided to lease it, allowing him to pick and choose exactly which plants to use on a year by year basis. His chosen agave hearts would then be taken to his distillery, La Primavera where they would be carefully cut, steamed, crushed and eventually mixed with water and yeast. Each bottles seal of authenticity details exactly which agave hearts were used while the microclimate and mineral-rich soil ensures a high standard of plants to begin with.

And the super-premium nature of Don Julio tequila boils down to more than just reputation. This is a brand whose name has never gone off the table of trending spirits and for a very good reason. Combining hand-harvested blue agave with a master distiller whose previous engineering experience features everything from explosives to perfume and liquids has resulted in a distinctive drink of the utmost quality.

This quality hasnt gone amiss: Don Julio is the largest valued brand of tequila all over the world and its counted among the eight largest produced liqueurs by volume at an international level. Its sweet aromas, traditional flavours and blue agave mouthful make every one of Don Julios tequilas a genuine treat to sample.

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Don Julio Tequila Price List


$58.99 – $59.99

There are lots of facets to the success of Don Julio, and to list all of them would make this price guide tedious and boring. But one cannot exclude the companys añejo and reposado aging processes when listing what makes Don Julio great. For example, the reposados spend eight months in old American oak barrels primarily used for Kentucky bourbon aging. Select reposado sare aged for one more month in old Scotch whisky casks for the Don Julio Reposado Double Cask variant.

As for the añejos, their aging goes for a full 18 months in the companys own reposado barrels. The result is more agave and less oak in the flavor, which is great for the tequila purist.

Don Julio Blanco Tequila

  • Alternate Money Check $79.99-$89.99, 1,500 ml, 40%

Light and crisp is the consistent description of this blancos taste, with a citrus hint greeting you at tongues tip. Then the sweet agave takes over, getting creamy as the liquid goes down the gullet. Theres a tiny burn at the end, but its more respectable than rude and you dont forget the entire run of the drink through your mouth. Its best served as a foundation for a mixed drink, such as a margarita or a 21st Century.

Don Julio Reposado Tequila

  • $45.99-$46.99, 750 ml, 38%

Agave and vanilla are very much present at the start of the taste, followed by dints of wood, smoke and cinnamon. Everything goes smooth and silky in the lips-to-mouth-to-throat transition, with a very gentle agave/peppery reminder at the end.

Don Julio Blanco Whisky For Sale

Don Julio 1942 tequila features a brilliant golden hue color. This distinguished and refined tequila has flavors of warm oak, pepper, and cinnamon. It has an astonishing depth and character. It has a silky, smooth character that coats the palate with roasted agave, vanilla, sun-ripened tropical fruits, and spiced undertones. The finish is a beautiful, sweet agave-lace with lingering hints of oak and rich vanilla essence. Don Julio is the worlds original luxury tequila. All 100% Blue Weber Agave Tequilas, try the Don Julio varieties Blanco, Reposado, Añejo, 70, and 1942.

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How To Drink Don Julio

The only way to drink Don Julio is to savour it slowly. It might seem like muscle memory to drink tequila in shot form but for the super premium bottles, its worth experiencing the aroma and flavour notes of the bottle. Don Julio is best served neat or, at most, with a few drops of water to bring out its unique properties. Treat it the same way youd treat fine whisky or rum and take the entire process step by step.

Start by pouring the spirit into a tasting glass to let the aromas breathe. Then, nose it gently with small sips to let the individual flavours dance on your tongue.

You dont have to rule out shot glasses completely when it comes to drinking Don Julio. In Mexico, some say the traditional way to drink tequila is in a caballito a taller, slender shot glass thats served with a lime and salt. The main thing is to not rush the process, and to enjoy the spirit sip by sip to appreciate its quality.

Don Julio Aejo Vs The Competition

  • 1800 Añejo
  • Tequila AviónAñejo
  • Casamigos Añejo
  • check Don Julio Añejo

Sweet and peppery characterize the initial palate of the 1800 and mid-palate transition. The 1800 Añejo shows traces of cinnamon, candied pears, butterscotch and toasted oak, plus a finish of cocoa and banana bread. On the other hand, wild honey and butterscotch are on display when the Don Julio/DJ Añejo enters your mouth.

However, what sinks 1800 is an observed strong presence of smokiness in the taste. For some, strong traces of the roasting process may have settled in the final product, likely an oversight due to 1800 being part of the mass market tequila assembly line of Jose Cuervo. In contrast, the DJ consistently keeps the smoky taste to a minimum, or even at zero presence.

Don Julios añejo may be more expensive than the Avión añejo.

However, the Don Julio/DJ presents a strong case of value-for-money tilting brains, lips, noses, tongues, throats and opinions towards its entry level aged tequila.

One, the DJ añejo consistently displays no alcohol burn, with a nip in the Avión. Everything is bright, lightly spiced, rich and smooth, and you dont forget the agave presence in the Don Julio.

Second, the DJ has a consistently minimal tinge of American oak residue when the añejo hits your mouth. On the other hand, the Avión has an up-down presence of oak in the taste, which was a turn-off for some.

Casamigos añejo is neck-and-neck against Don Julios añejo in terms of pricing.

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Buy Don Julio 1942 Tequila

Handcrafted in the highlands of Mexicos Jalisco region, made from the finest raw agave and a time honored distillation process. Don Julio Blanco is tequila in its truest form. Commonly referred to as silver, Blanco is the base from which all of our variants are derived. It has a lightly sweet, crisp agave flavor with hints of fresh citrus lemon, lime and grapefruit. This makes it an essential component to a variety of innovative drinks including margaritas. The clean and dry taste is complemented by a touch of black pepper. Tequila Don Julio Blanco can also be enjoyed neat or on the rocks. Buy Don Julio 1942 Tequila

The perfect gift for the tequila connoisseur, Don Julio 1942 can be a special present for a Job Promotion, Retirement, Housewarming, Birthday or Anniversary. Don Julio 1942 is also a great present for Christmas or Fathers Day and also makes an impressive statement as a Business Gift.

Bottle Size: 750ml

Don Julio 1942 Whisky Wholesale

We are an established wholesale Liquor supplier and bulk spirit supplier. We offer a large variety of best quality and exclusive scotch, whisky, brandy, Tequila, vodka, Gin, liquor, cognac, Rum at low prices. Don Julio 1942 Whisky Wholesale

Celebrated in cocktail bars, restaurants and nightclubs, the iconic Don Julio 1942 Tequila is the choice of connoisseurs worldwide. Produced in small batches and aged for a minimum of two and a half years, Don Julio 1942 Tequila is handcrafted in tribute to the year that Don Julio González began his tequila-making journey. Don Julio 1942 Tequila Bulk Price

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