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Who Makes The Best Whiskey Glasses

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How to pick the BEST whisky glass | The Ultimate Guide

The signature blue dot in the base of this double old-fashioned glass gives this glass its distinction that captured the heart of many drinkers.

With worldwide sales of more than ten million glasses, this glass captures the passion, creativity, and quality that kept the Orrefors in the industry for more than 100 years.

Though relatively squat at just 4 inches high, this lead-free crystal tumbler is beautifully weighted for that feeling of power and prestige. The clean lines allow you to enjoy your whiskeys beauty. It is also the perfect serving glass for your Sazerac, Whiskey Sour, and Caipirinha.

Kagami Crystal On The Rocks

If you need something unique in your whiskey glass collection, this product from the renowned Japanese company, Kagami Crystal, is an attractive choice. While based on traditional-looking glasses found in top executive offices, this product has a distinctive design. Made out of raw materials, Kagami Crystal on the Rocks has a high degree of brilliance and transparency. The bottom is heavy, making the glass both stable and durable.

What makes this item even more extraordinary is that it’s handmade. This glassware comes in a wooden box that guarantees safe transport to your address and will look beautiful on any shelf. Be aware that this product is often out of stock and is occasionally unavailable for several months. That can happen when you make one of the best whiskey glasses on the market.


Best For White Wine: Schott Zwiesel Sensa White Wine Glasses

Bed bath and beyond

  • Made with Tritan, not crystal

Many white wines take on their finest form in these all-purpose glasses by Schott Zwiesel, a trusted name in the industry. On a technical level, these glasses are designed with lighter-bodied white wines in mind , though they would serve any style well. Made in Germany, the glasses durability is perhaps their best featurethe innovative material, which is made using patented titanium technology, bridges the gap between superfine glassware and the dishwasher-safe realm. These 12-ounce glasses make for a great gift, especially given the option to monogram for an extra $12.

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Best Retro Whiskey Glass: Hotel Collection

Nothing says the good old days better than these fluted, double old-fashioned glasses from the Macys Hotel Collection. Although not so much these days, fluted glassware was all the rage back in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Theres a good chance your grandparents have a set of these tucked away in their liquor cabinet. If you cant get them to part with theirs, you can pick up this elegantly-etched set for just $62. Although you can use them for any spirit, since these are designed for an old-fashioned, this is one of the best bourbon glass sets.

Norlan Rauk Heavy Tumbler

Best Whiskey Glasses 2021

Better suited to an Old Fashioned or a double nip of the sweet nectar with room for rocks, Norlans Rauk heavy tumbler prioritises cold drams. However for those keen to get the most out of the aromatic experience and sans ice, wed recommend trying the brands classic whisky glass above instead.

Price: AU$82.50

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Vista Alegre Fantasy Old Fashioned

Drink your favorite whiskey from a glass that elevates the entire experience. Like this Vista Alegre Fantasy Old Fashioned, created by Gerald Gulotta. Elegant and timeless, this design also puts the high-quality crystal in the best light thanks to cuts that run alongside the height of the whiskey glass. Handmade in Portugal, the Fantasy Old Fashioned complements its refined good-looks with impressive craftsmanship.

Best Stone Whiskey Glass: Nude Chill Whiskey Glass

If youre looking for stability in your whiskey glasses, look no further than the Nude Chill Whiskey Glass . This glass has won both an iF Design Award and a Red Dot Design Award, and its not hard to see why. This beautiful glass features an oval, lead-free crystal glass attached to a polished marble slab, which will cool your whiskey naturally. Nude also offers other Chill products, like a decanter and a snack bowl, so you can build out a complete bar set. But, at $99 a glass, you may need to be serving the best whiskeys under $50.

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Glencairn Cut Crystal Glass: 25 Glencairn

One of the most prevalent and respected glasses in the world of whisky is the Glencairn. Experts in the field of specialist glassware, the family run business have been perfecting their craft for more than 30 years.

Designed to maximise the reception of smell and taste while being comfortable to handle, this mouth blown crystal glass provides unparalleled value for money.

Irish Oak Whiskey Tumbler

The Best Whiskey Glass | Whiskey Glass Showdown

Like the ceramic glasses before, the thing that pulls us toward this whiskey cup is that its not made of glass. These are whiskey tumblers carved by Joe Laird, a woodturner in Co. Meath, Ireland. His website gallery is full of beautifully crafted pieces and hes willing to do commissioned work, but well stand by his standard whiskey tumbler. Its made of Irish oak, a solid tree with an extensive historical and mythological significance in Irish culture, if thats part of what you use to evaluate your drinkware. If its not, youre still getting a high quality tumbler for your favorite Irish whiskey. $144

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Best Whiskey Glasses To Elevate Your Drinking Experience

Whiskey is the sophisticated mans drink of choice. The complex aromas, the wide-ranging flavor profiles, the varying origins, and the rich traditions are all reasons why its a spirit that deserves special accessories. In a nutshell, if youre drinking any type of whiskey out of standard bar glassware, you could be doing you and your high-priced booze a disservice.

Whether youre a whiskey snob or only occasionally indulge in a nightcap of bourbon or scotch, its essential to know how to drink whiskey properly. Its also good to know your options regarding the different vessels available to elevate your whiskey drinking experience. Theres a staggering amount out there to choose from. Some are aesthetically pleasing, some are designed based on the science behind the spirit giving you the best experience, and some are a little of both. Well get into how to choose the perfect glass for your specific needs a little later. But first, lets go over some of the best whiskey glasses we found out there.

Weve also got you covered with the best whiskey quotes from writers, actors, athletes, and other celebrities to inspire your next drink.

The Perfect Glass Will Elevate Your Drinking Experience

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

The Spruce Eats / Chloe Jeong

Fred Noe, Beam Family Seventh Generation Master Distiller, puts it pretty simply: I always say you can drink bourbon any way you want to, and that goes for the glass. There are no set rules, but I like to enjoy mine in a nice rocks glass with a few cubes of ice or with a little water, too.

Mr. Noe is right. The whiskeyspelled “whiskey” when it’s made in America or Ireland and “whisky” when made anywhere elseglass you choose comes down to personal taste. Pouring some fine Scotch or bourbon at the end of the day is a tiny but satisfying ceremony for a whiskey drinker, and the glass should add a touch of joy to the ritual.

Whether you prefer a glass that feels substantial in the hand, one that helps you better enjoy the aromas, or a glass that just looks cool, here are the best whiskey glasses to elevate the drinking experience.

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What Is The Difference Between Scotch And Whiskey Glasses

The short answer is nothing. The closest thing to a designated Scotch glass is the tulip-shaped Glencairn, which is used for a variety of whiskeys. Any type of snifter or Glencairn can be used for tasting, though when it comes to drinking whiskey or Scotch cocktails, the vessel depends on what type of cocktail youre drinking.

Riedel Performance: Best Tulip Or Copita Glass

11 Best Whiskey Glasses You Can Buy

Few glasses look quite as classy as Riedels spirits glass. Its the first ever glass to feature bowls with a light optic impact, which not only adds a pleasing visual aspect to the bowl, but also increases the inner surface area. Its a glass that focuses on performance, acting as a loudspeaker for the liquid inside while maintaining its own focus thanks to the beautiful sheen and unique optical effect.

The tulip shape of the Riedel Performance glass means its great for whisky with lots of character: itll bring out all of the flavours and aromas in a delicate glass that enhances the drinking experience.

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Lorren Siena Crystal Double Old Fashion Glass

If you want to feel like a billionaire or just get a small taste of what life is like for fictional mans man Don Draper, the Lorren Siena Crystal Double Old Fashion Glass might be the whiskey glassware for you. Crafted from lead-free crystal and made in the Tuscan region of Italy, these stunning faceted glasses have an added stylistic touch that serves to elevate them above their competition: a 24k gold band around the rim. Pair that with a 9-ounce capacity and these high-end lowballs are some of the best whisky glasses around.

Best Glass For Neat Whiskey: The Experience By The Neat Glass Official Competition Judging Glass

These unusual glasses are used in official spirits competitions thanks to their hidden scientific design. After meticulously researching the science of how alcoholic spirits drift to the nose, NEAT was born. Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology, and a distaste for the burning ethanol vapor that tickles your nose before taking a sip of whiskey. Opting for an open-mouth shape that helps diffuse sharp alcohol fumes, NEAT lets you enjoy the sweetest aromas of the spirit and detect hidden tasting notes. Made in the U.S. with super-flint, lead-free crystal, this glass can work overtime with tequilas, cognacs, and types of rums, too. It also comes in a fancy burgundy soft-touch box with a silver foil hot stamp. You can pick up a set of two at a reasonable price of $31.

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Best For: Nuanced Whiskeys

This is an interesting pack of 4 tulip glasses because it has the basic tulip shape but it doesnt have the stem. So while it may seem like it wont be as comfortable to hold, its just as comfortable. You can hold it from underneath to have the same sensation while keeping your hands away from the lip of the glass so you can have a clean drink each time. And its made from crystal so its quite strong despite its thin appearance.

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Best Value Whiskey Glasses: Farielyn

The Best Whisky Glass For You in 2021 (A Beginner’s Guide)

These Farielyn crystal whiskey glasses dont have any high-tech features that enhance the flavor. Still, theyre elegant, sturdy, and affordable. The thick, lead-free crystal design will keep your whiskey colder longer than your average glass while also giving the glass a nice weighted feel. You can get this set of six, old-fashioned x-patterned glasses for under $30! So stock up on these now for this years Christmas gifts for your friends, family, and co-workers.

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Dragon Glassware Crescent Shaped Whiskey Glasses

The final entry on our list of best whiskey glasses for men comes from the same people who created the much talked about Diamond Whiskey Glass profiled above. Dragon Glassware has made it their mission to turn the world of traditional rocks glasses on its head. Or at least on a 50 degree angle. With the Diamond Whiskey Glass they took the standard cylindrical rocks glass and tipped it on its side. With their Crescent Shaped glass theyve left the bottom of the glass intact and sliced off the top at an oblique angle.

The effect is strangely disarming and seems right. As a result, if we had to choose between the Diamond and the Crescent wed probably side with this Crescent Shaped Whiskey Glass. But not for reasons that are particularly clear to us. After all, having one side of the rim raised higher than the other definitely limits ways that you can approach the glass. And yet even that bit of impracticality isnt enough for us to banish it from our list. In that sense its kind of like an abstract painting that you dont really understand but you cant take your eyes off of.

The bottom line is that while we couldnt keep this off our list of best whiskey glasses for men and wed be happy to have some on hand, wed also think twice about who we served with this glass. Simply because someone who is not careful might wind up spilling 12 year old Scotch. And then wed have a real problem!

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Luigi Bormioli Drinking Whiskey Glasses

Nothing fancy here just a traditional rocks glass from Luigi Bormioli. The maker has done their homework and comes up with a whiskey glass that embodies the essential ideals of weight, stability, clarity, grip, and drinkability. The glass is machine blown, break-resistant and lead-free. The rims are laser cut, the base is thick and insistent and the glasses are purported to withstand up to 4,000 trips through the dishwasher before youll see any loss of clarity. A claim well have to take their word for.

Some guys want their whiskey glass to blow their minds. Others want them to deliver the whiskey in a tasteful, simple manner that doesnt distract from the drink itself. If youre in the latter camp youre going to appreciate the Luigi Bormioli Whiskey Rocks Glass for its simple beauty and 21st-century versatility. When youre not having friends over for cocktails youll likely find yourself reaching for it in the morning to hold your orange juice or using these as water glasses at dinner time.

If classic modernist lines, precision craftsmanship, versatility and durability are characteristics that appeal to you the Veronese Collection from Luigi Bormioli deserves a place on your home bar, dining table or kitchen counter. For more amazing products for whiskey lovers, be sure to check out our list of the best whiskey decanters.

Why Are Whiskey Glasses Heavy

11 Best Whiskey Glasses You Can Buy

Crystal whiskey glasses, especially leaded crystal, will be heavier due to the composition of the glass. Whiskey glasses made from normal glass, yet still seem heavier than usual, are made that way because most people simply prefer the added weight. Although weighted whiskey glasses feel sturdier than an average glass, it doesnt necessarily mean theyre more durable.

Editors’ Recommendations

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Mofado Crystal: Best Whisky Tumbler

Mofado takes whisky glasses seriously, with a crystal design thats currently awaiting its patent. Hand-blown with a thick bottom, these whisky tumblers feature premium craftsmanship designed for enthusiasts who enjoy an oversized ice cube and a large serving of whisky.

The classic design of Mofado Crystals glasses makes each one a sure winner, while its ultra clear lead-free crystal gives the spirit maximum clarity and brilliance. The firm weight of each one allows for a comfortable grip on the glass and the detailing on the bottom really shines when the glass is full. Fill it with a good quality whisky and savour, sip by sip.

Complete Whiskey Glass Set

You might associate boxed sets with movies, but the finest boxed sets out there are going to elevate how you enjoy your whiskey. These classic type of whiskey glasses are made in the well-known shape for enjoying your drink neat or on the rocks, but the decanter is the real star. You cant be a proper whiskey drinker without having a way to display your beverage of choice. You can even use the expertly crafted wood box to store bottles for later, bar tools, or whatever you need.

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Classy Crested Whiskey Glasses

Elevate your whiskey experience with a set of glasses that take an ordinary whiskey and turn it into something extraordinary! These tasting glasses make experiencing minute flavors with friends and family feel like the classiest experience youve ever had. The wide-body makes it perfect for swirling while the narrow mouth brings all the flavors and aromas straight to your palate. That isnt even to mention yet that these types of whiskey glasses have your initial right on the crest!

Best Old Fashioned Glass: Marquis By Waterford Glasses

10 Best Whiskey Glasses
  • Hand wash only

A solid Old Fashioned glass is a must-have for any bar, like this one from Waterford. It doubles as an excellent vessel for tasting spirits and is large enough to build out Old Fashioneds and other cocktails. I love a nice sturdy, weighted, cushion-cut crystal rocks glass for whiskey, says Ryan Maybee, the co-founder of J. Rieger & Co. The laser etching makes the glass extra comfortable in your hands, and the heavier the base, the less heat transfers into the spirit itself!

These 11-ounce glasses are made from lead-free crystalline with elegant detailing that will withstand the test of time. They’re part of Waterford’s Marquis line, which offers more affordable crystal pieces than the brand’s other glasses. Whiskey distillers love these glasses because they have weight to themthey’re a particularly excellent glass to swirl.

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