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Which Is The Best Irish Whiskey

Connemara Peated Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Top 10 Irish Whiskeys for Advanced Whiskey Drinkers [Crowd sourced From Whiskey Lovers]

Not all peaty whiskeys come from Scotland, you know! Inspired by the 18th-century art of drying malting barley over peat fires, Connemara is the only Irish Peated Single Malt Whiskey widely available today.

Unsurprisingly, the nose is well-smoked and peated, and features floral notes with a honeyed sweetness and a little wood. Enjoy a full and smooth palate with a long, pungent finish full of honey and peat smoke.

All cards on the table, I struggle with peated Irish whiskeys, as the flavour and nose are so strong, but I know many that sip them on a regular basis.

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The Tyrconnell 16 Year Old Oloroso & Moscatel Cask Finish Single Malt

A single malt double- distilled in pot stills, the 16 Year Old is aged in ex-bourbon barrels, followed by additional maturation in wine casks from the Andalucia region of Southern Spain these casks were initially seasoned with Oloroso sherry before a second seasoning with Moscatel wine. The end result is sweet, floral, creamy and well-rounded, with a long finish.

Glendalough 17 Year Old

This single malt whiskey from Glendalough, Ireland, was matured for 15 years in American oak ex-bourbon barrels before being transferred to Japanese Mizunara wood casks for the remainder of its maturation.

This expression, which is 17 years old, has a flavour profile of rich honey, tart fruit, sandalwood, and toasted spices.

There are just 6,000 bottles available, each of which has been personally numbered. This whiskey has a rich, sweet vanilla aroma with notes of marmalade, overripe banana, and toasted oak spice.

Its powerful, but its also well-balanced. It has a taste of honeycomb, creamy vanilla, malt, resinous sandalwood, and cedarwood spices mixed with aloeswood incense.

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Best Irish Whiskeys For The Money

Last Updated on July 6, 2022 by Lydia Martin

While the oldest Irish whiskey has been around since the early 1600s, its tough competition with Scotch whisky has led it to become almost obsolete .

Thankfully, theres a stronger demand for this spirit in recent years, and weve seen Irish distilleries pop out one after the other. If you want to know which bottle you should spend your hard-earned money on, here are our picks for the best Irish whiskeys for the money.

Get ready to say Sláinte!

Single Pot Still Whiskey

The Best Irish Whiskey Brands You Can Buy

Single pot still whiskey is made from a mixture of malted and unmalted barley completely distilled in a pot still within a single distillery. This differs from single malt whiskey through the inclusion of raw, unmalted grain in the mash. This style has also historically been referred to as “pure pot still” whiskey and “Irish pot still whiskey”, with older bottlings and memorabilia often bearing these names. Single pot whiskeys were the most common style of Irish whiskey until the emergence of blends in the 20th century.

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Knappogue Castle 12 Years Old Chateau Pichon Baron Finish

This is an extremely limited edition release less than 1100 bottles made it to the U.S. The spirit spends 12 years in ex-bourbon barrels, then an additional 10 months in Pichon barrels from Bordeaux. It has a sweet, light and juicy taste, while the finish is more the traditional oak-y/vanilla/spice profile youd expect.

Craft Irish Whiskey Co

When Craft Irish Whiskey first emerged back in 2020, its fair to say it caused quite a stir. Its first release smashed the record for the most expensive inaugural release, with the hammer hitting at $60,000. Its second release set even more tongues wagging when it snatched the title of most expensive whisky ever sold from The Macallan, with the incomparable Emerald Isle Collection selling for $2m with all proceeds going to charity.

As well as its record breakers, Craft Irish Whiskey Co also offers a more accessible whiskey in the form of The Taoscán, which retails at $826. While the label doesnt currently have its own distillery founder Jay Bradley is heavily involved in the production process of each whiskey, and hand selects barrels based on their individual size, material and age, to create the perfect liquid. Nowadays, no list of the best Irish whiskey brands would be complete without Craft.

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Redbreast 12 Year Single Pot Irish Whiskey $7999 At Winecom

Originated in Midleton, East Cork, Ireland at the Old Midleton Distillery, Redbreast 12 Year Single Pot Irish Whiskey is the 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition Double Gold Medal Winner. It has a sweet and subtle flavor and is known for its smoothness. Aged in an oak cask that let its flavors mature, there is no additional water added during the bottling process and you’ll always experience a full-bodied whiskey for under $100. Redbreast is used in a variety of citrus-based cocktails, including the Robin Song or the Red Hush. is aged in an oak cask so that its flavors can mature, and because no extra water is added during bottling, you will always enjoy a full-bodied whiskey.

Best Irish Whiskey In 202: 20 Fantastic Drinks To Try

Top 10 “CLASSIC” IRISH Whiskeys (according to whiskey lovers)

Top tipples from the Emerald Isle.

Whisky might make you think of Scotland but Ireland has a rich history of distilling and produces world class drams, as this best Irish whiskey guide showcases.

In fact, Ireland was the first place in the British Isles to distil, and Irish whiskey was once the most popular spirit in the world. The word ‘whiskey’ comes from uisce beatha, meaning water of life in Gaelic.

Following a huge decline in the late 19th century, to just three distilleries, Irish whiskey has been on the up. It is the fastest growing spirit in the world, well-known for its smooth and creamy taste – typically due to being triple distilled.

This rise isnt just due to big names like Jameson and Bushmills, although they deserve a lot of credit. Theres a lot of choice now, whether youre wanting something special or to sip on a regular basis.

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What Is The Best Irish Whiskey

  • Whiskey Jameson. This is a great Irish whiskey.
  • Is a single grain Irish Whiskey that is tealing.
  • A 21 year old single malt Irish whiskey from Bushmills.
  • Peated Connemara Single Malt Irish Whiskey.
  • A good Irish whiskey is Green Spot whiskey.
  • I have been drinking Redbreast 12 Year for 12 years..
  • This whiskey is 12 years old, and it was made in a single pot still.
  • Best Single Malt: West Cork 8

    courtesy of

    Region: Ireland | ABV: 40% | Tasting Notes: Dried apples, honey, baking spices

    While single-malt Scotch has become increasingly expensive in recent years, there are a number of single-malt Irish whiskeys that still represent terrific values. West Cork produces a gorgeous single-malt that sees Irish barley and local spring water going into a hand-built copper pot still, with the resulting distillate matured for eight years in first-fill, flame-charred bourbon barrels. This leads to far more depth and character than fans of single-malt Scotch may typically associate with Irish whiskey. The well-balanced palate features pretty notes of dried apple and honey segueing to a baking-spice finishall at an approachable 80 proof.

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    Knoppogue Castle 12 Years Old

    Knappogue Castles signature whiskey is made from triple distilled copper pot stills and aged in American barrels for 12 years. This is a refreshing and incredibly drinkable Irish whiskey nuanced with hints of cinnamon and apples.

    This is a sophisticated and lighter drink that can be enjoyed best in summer. It can be used as a foundation or a light drink in a long cocktail. Its delicate and spice-filled flavor combination makes it ideal for any occasion.

    Bushmills 16 Year Old Irish Single Malt Whiskey

    Best Irish Whiskey: 10 Must

    Kim Ohanneson, President of Women Who Whiskey Los Angeles, founder of Ardent Spirits L.A., and curator of Highlands & Islands Distillery Tours says thismulti-gold medal winning whiskey has classic Irish whiskey notes of orchard fruit blended with Christmas spices while pricier, it will impress the most discerning whiskey sipper.

    She also notes that Bushmills Distillery, located in Northern Ireland, is the worlds oldest licensed distillery and the recently retired Bushmills Master Blender Helen Mulholland is the first woman in the history of Irish Whiskey to be inducted into the Whisky Hall of Fame. Neat.

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    What Does Irish Whiskey Taste Like

    Irish whiskey is known as one of the smoothest whiskeys available. These easy-drinking whiskeys are characterized as having a lot of flavor but with a lighter profile than bourbon and the complete lack of smoky peat found in scotch. Fruit and vanilla notes are very common, and the aging imparts a pleasant oak and caramel background to the whiskey. Essentially, Irish whiskey tastes like a classic whiskey, which is why its so well-loved.

    The Best Irish Whiskeys Over $100

    Waterford Irish Single Malt Whisky The Cuvée

    Founded by former Bruichladdich CEO Mark Reynier, Waterford produces terroir-driven whiskeys that highlight the importance of grain provenance. The companys flagship Cuvée expression was inspired by some of the worlds finest wine blends, combining 25 single malts that each have single-farm origins. The result is an earthy and perfumed dram that dazzles as much with its texture as it does with complex flavors and aromas. Exciting things are happening at this distillery. Average price: $101. Rating: 94.

    Redbreast Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey Pedro Ximénez Edition

    Launched as a limited-edition release at the end of 2021, this single pot still whiskey is initially aged in bourbon and oloroso sherry casks, then finished for 12 to 22 months in Pedro Ximénez hogshead casks. Smaller than standard sherry barrels, the vessels intensify the influence of fortified wine in the final whiskey, which is attractively sweet, has nutty complexity, and a velvet, creamy texture. Irish whiskey aficionados, consider yourselves warned: This is not a release you want to miss out on. Average price: $124. Rating: 95.

    High N Wicked The Wild Rover Single Malt Irish Whiskey

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    Two Stacks Smoke & Mirrors Whiskey

    Star rating: 4.5/5

    Size: 70clABV: 40%

    As a new operation, Two Stacks act as blenders, with a keen eye to what finishing in an unexpected cask can do to an already aged whiskey.

    The Smoke & Mirrors whiskey shines a light on peat, which is under-represented in Irish whiskey. The whiskey is a lighter gold than a turn in a stout barrel might suggest. On the nose, theres a good hit of peat and roast coffee, then a softer chocolate note. To drink, the smoke and roasty side are more delicate than expected, the creaminess allies with the chocolate, as the fruit tends toward baked and luscious while vanilla, clove and cinnamon spicing add interest. The finish is more smooth chocolate, coffee roastiness and dark dried fruit as the smoke lingers on awhile.

    Highly enjoyable, this is a delightful Irish whiskey with enough depth to marry happily to a goodly peat side and have neither side lose out. Read our full review of Two Stacks Smoke & Mirrors Whiskey.

    Available from:

    Best vintage single pot still under £50Size: 70clABV: 40%

    Powers is one of the great historic names in Irish whiskey, established in Dublin in 1791 and as synonymous in its day with the spirit as Jamesons is now. The Johns Lane is a twelve year old single pot still whiskey. Just by its very name the address of their old Dublin distillery the Johns Lane evokes heritage.

    Lambay Small Batch Blended Whiskey

    The BEST Irish Whiskey?! | Blind Tasting 8 Irish Whiskies!

    Named after an island off the east coast of Ireland, Lambay whiskey is aged in bourbon barrels and finished in cognac casks. That gives it a honeyed flavor and a smooth finish, making it a nice upgrade from standard Irish whiskeys without the high price tag. Andnot that this should really make a differencebut the puffin on the label is absolutely adorable.

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    Whiskey Vs Whisky: Whats The Difference

    There are two parts to the differences between Irish and Scotch whiskies. The first part is the differing spellings of “whiskey” and “whisky” caused by different translations in Scotalnd and Ireland from the root word in Gaelic. The ‘e’ in whiskey is also a relic of the 19th century, when Irish whiskey was a far larger and more reputable product than Scotch whisky, so the ‘e’ was a way to signal to drinkers all which country’s spirit you were getting.

    The second difference is in the regulations and traditions that define what may call itself an Irish whiskey or a Scotch whisky. Obviously, Irish whiskey must be made and aged in Ireland , with a minimum of three years spent in wooden casks. It is common – but not required – that Irish whiskey be distilled three times, which lightens and smooths the spirit. The slight contrast here is that the Scotch regulations specify oak as the wood for their casks, and double distillation is the norm. Peated barley is also more a familiar aspect of the flavour profile in Scotch, especially those from Islay. Lastly, while a single malt whisky is the archetypal form for Scotch, the Irish focus on Single Pot Still, which makes a virtue of the mixture of malted and unmalted barley that goes into it.

    What Is The Smoothest American Whiskey

  • Item number: CATOCCIN CREEK ROUNDSTONE RAY 92 PROOF , from Catoctin Creek. .
  • Bourbon made in the U.S.A. by Four Roses.
  • A fine, small batch Bourbon made by Michters US.
  • This Peerless Small Batch Kentucky Straight Rye combines the best of all worlds.
  • The 4 Year Old Rock Town 2016 from Berry Bros & Rudd
  • Single malt whiskey distilled from American oak.
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    Best Irish Whiskey For Sipping On Ice

    The Green Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey harkens back to the time when a liquor merchant, Mitchell & Sons, kept track of its whiskey’s age statements by marking the casks with a little paint blue for seven years, green for 10, yellow for 12, and red for 15 . Nowadays, while Green Spot Single Pot Still doesn’t come with an age statement, according to Spot Whiskey, the sipper is aged between seven and 10 years in sherry casks, as well as new and refill bourbon casks.

    According to Wine Enthusiast Spirits Editor Kara Newman, this whiskey is best enjoyed on its own with no input from mixers. Green Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey is rich in hints of spices, aromatic oils, fruit, barley, and toasted wood . Plus, it has a spicy body with notes of cloves, green apples, and toasted oak.

    And why would we want to pour this amber elixir over ice? According to The Whiskey Wash, it’s all to do with a process called “retronasal olfaction.” When whiskey is chilled on ice, warming it in the mouth releases aromatic molecules that elevate the sipping experience to the next level.

    Purchase the Green Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey from the brand’s site starting at $67

    Yellow Spot Irish Whiskey

    15 Best Irish Whiskey Brands

    Yellow Spot is a single pot still whiskey. Its left alone for 12 years to sit in American bourbon barrels, Spanish sherry butts, and Spanish Malaga casts. When you take a sip , youll taste fresh coffee, milk chocolate, and Crème Brûlée, along with red apples and toasted oak. Now, go sit and ponder than for the next dozen years.

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    Tullamore Dew Original Irish Whiskey

    This bottle of the best Irish whiskey is widely known throughout the world because of its smooth and gentle complexity, making it an extremely sought after blended Irish whiskey. Before it goes to the shelves, each bottle undergoes triple distillation to maintain the smooth texture and then aged in a combination of ex-bourbon and sherry casks.

    The whisky has party flavours on the palate, as it contains grain whisky, pot still whisky and malt. These ingredients reflect floral flavours, soft spicy notes, and also citrusy flavours respectively, in conjunction to each ingredient.

    On a finishing note, there are hints of nutty and marzipan combined with strong vanilla tastes. This is all because of the sherry and bourbon casks used during maturation.

    Teeling Single Grain Irish Whiskey $7299 At Winecom

    An annual award-winner best in its class at the World Whiskies Awards since its release, the Teeling Single Grain Irish Whiskey for $72.99. This Irish Whiskey that’s 92 proof is made using an unconventional mash bill crafted from 95% corn and 5% malted barley that’s triple distilled and matured exclusively in French oak Ex-Cabernet Sauvignon red wine casks from California. The rose-gold whiskey has only been around since March 2015, but has a growing reputation in popularity by whiskey enthusiasts.

    5. The Sexton, $26.99 at

    For an affordable price of $26.99, the Sexton 750 ml bottle of single malt Irish whiskey is distilled in copper pot stills and is made from 100% Irish Malted Barley then Matured in European Oak Ex-Sherry Butts for 4 years. “Affordable, tasty, and enjoyable” are the words reviewers use to describe this Irish whiskey that delivers smooth, rich dried fruit flavors.

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    The Irishman Small Batch Single Malt Irish Whiskey $4799 At Caskers

    The Irishman Small Batch Single Malt Irish Whiskey earned a score of 94 points from the Beverage Testing Institute â and it won the Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. The fan-favorite whiskey is matured in a special combo of American oak casks that were previously used to mature bourbon and European oak casks previously used to mature Oloroso Sherry. You can expect notes of vanilla, sweet granola, toasted almonds and honey on the palette fished with a touch of malt and sweet oak.

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