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Where To Stay In Cognac France

Things To Do In Cognac

Cognac France What to see, Where to stay, and tips!

Occupying a 19th-century mansion once belonging to a cognac merchant is the Musee d’Art et dHistoire, where you’ll find an impressive collection of ethnographic artefacts, archaeological findings and artwork dating from the 13th century to the modern-day. Get up close to a Neolithic dugout canoe and Art Nouveau creations by Emile Gallé, as well as paintings by Romain Saintonge.

No visit to Cognac is complete without sampling the towns most famous product at one of the local distilleries. Go behind the scenes at big-name cognac producers such as Hennessy and Martell or tour the magnificent Chateau de Cognac, the birthplace of King François I. Tours include a visit to the historic cellars and a tasting of Baron Otard cognacs.

Drink A Cognac Cocktail

As Cognac became an international success it took a life of its own. A fair amount of Cognac-based cocktails have been developed outside of France, in particular in the US. Some cocktails can be ordered in bars and restaurants in Cognac and they are really worth a try. Some of the most popular ones are Classico, Sidecar, French75 and Le Cognac Summit .

Discover The Old City Of Cognac

Stroll the narrow paved streets of the city center to absorb the charm of Vieux Cognac . The architecture will take you back in time to the early days of the salt trade that started the economic growth of the city. Many of the old houses date back to the 16th and 17h centuries, displaying the eclectic architectural style of the city. Most buildings have large windows, an indication of the wealth of the traders living in this area at that period of time. The newer part of the old city unveils the vibrant economic and cultural development of Cognac in the 19th century. That trail called the Belle epoque starts at Place Francois I and ends at the Jardin de lhotel de ville . While the center is relatively small, there are plenty of charming streets and nice boutiques so give yourself some time to get lost.

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The Best Place To Stay Eat And Drink In Cognac

If you have ever been to the old town of Cognac in western France, you will be sure to have visited one of the producers of the world-famous brandy which carries its name. During the maturing process of cognac, some of the strong spirit evaporates from the oak barrels into the air termed locally as The Angels Share!

Representing about 2% of the cognac inventory, this is equivalent to an unbelievable 22 million bottles! Enough to give the angels a very good party! But why should the angels have all the fun? Back down on earth, there are some quite amazing places where fun can be had a-plenty, with perhaps more wholesome spirits.

Right in the heart of Cognac is one of the most fabulous and quirky hotels in which I have ever stayed a little corner of heaven in the town that makes the most famous brandy in the world.

Chais Monnet is a 5-star hotel and spa, where contemporary luxury is infused with the rich heritage of the original cognac storage buildings, now expertly distilled into one of the leading hotels of the world. Ultra-modern architecture merges seamlessly with old brick, stone and wood, with immaculate taste and attention to detail. A serene and peaceful atmosphere reigns throughout, exemplified by walkways bordered by water features, complete with ornamental fish.

Its a place to forget the troubles of the world and refresh the spirit in more ways than one!

What Not To Miss

  • Cognac was originally on the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela in North Western Spain. The old town is charming with its narrow streets and timber framed houses. There are lovely walks along the Charente.
  • There are a variety of Cognac tours of the many producers and surrounding vineyards. One can also take a cruise along the river on a Gabarre or flat bottomed boat traditionally used to transport barrels of brandy. This is a good way to view the town from a different perspective.
  • Other sites of interest include the Chateau des Valois, St. Leger church, Musée des arts du Cognac, the Saint Gobain glassworks.
  • Cognac Public Garden is a charming spot in the centre of the town with quaint winding paths, ideal for taking a relaxing stroll and enjoying the colourful flowerbeds.

Don’t forget that this city is a popular year round destination and our pick of the best places to stay in Cognac are always busy during peak periods. So get organised and plan ahead!

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Faqs About Hotels In Cognac

We hope that the answers to these questions will help you plan your trip

What are the best centrally located Cognac hotels?

There are 11 hotels and other accommodations in Cognac city center to choose from. Hotel Heritage rated 7.6/10 is the best hotel with a tennis court, concierge service and cribs, located 5 minutes’ walk from the city center. Logis Hotel L’Oliveraie with rating 8.0/10 and Ibis Cognac rated 8.2/10 are other favorite hotels in the area. To check more central hotels click here.

Which budget hotels in Cognac are the best?

There are more than 5 top budget properties in Cognac. One of the best budget hotels is Hotel Le Valois, Centre rated 7.2/10 at the cost of 99US$ per night, offering concierge service, room services and 24-hour security service. Another option is Logis Hotel L’Oliveraie rated 8.0/10 for 86US$ per night.

What are the most popular 5-star hotels in Cognac?

The best one is Hotel Chais Monnet & Spa rated 8.4/10 at the cost of 472US$ per night with Turkish steam bath, a spa lounge and a steam room. See more 5-star options here.

Which hotels for couples in Cognac are the best to stay at?

According to Booked.net travel data, there are 13 deals for couples. Check Hotel Francois Premier Centre rated 9.2/10 with an indoor swimming pool, a steam room and a playroom. Its set 0.5 miles from Espace Decouverte en Pays du Cognac and costs about 194US$ per night. To see more romantic hotels click here.

What are the top family-friendly Cognac properties?

Explore And Find Your Best Apartments B& bs And Others

8 B& Bs in Cognac are available for booking, such as Arcantis La Residence or Les Jardins De La Providence. Hotel La Residence is a family hotel that is just a 25-minute walk from Monument aux Morts. Relais Du Silence Domaine Du Breuil Cognac is a popular resort to stay in Cognac, it comes with a tennis court, a golf course and a seasonal outdoor pool as well as views of the park.

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Walk Along The Quai Of The Charente River

For many years the river banks of the Charente river were the prime business center of the city. King François initiated the salt trade in Cognac, making the river an important economic player. Later, all the big Cognac houses would establish their main buildings on the riverfront. Walking on the elegant promenade youll pass by the port of Cognac, the Hennessy house, the Chateau de Cognac and the impressive Tours Saint Jacques, one of the only remainings left from medieval times. The promenade itself is very pleasant and makes for a nice tour on both sides of the Charente river.

Best Hotels In Cognac

Visit to Cognac, France, with Hennessy

The best hotels in Cognac, chosen by our expert, including luxury hotels, boutique hotels, budget hotels and Cognac hotel deals. Read the reviews and book.

  • 8/10Telegraph expert ratingThe rooms of this 19th-century chateau are either done up in classic French style or have been decorated by a local graffiti artist. The production and distillation of cognac are celebrated throughout the hotel and in its educational gardens plus there’s more than 100 bottles to choose from in the tasting room.


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Welcome To The Home Of Cognac

Here, youre in the land of cognac, pineau des Charentes and Charente wines. Rows of vines shape the landscape and offer something different to do. From Place François 1er to the quaysides of the Charente, you can explore Cognac, Ville dArt et dHistoire , by wandering its cobbled streets lined with half-timbered houses and 19th century mansions. The towns destiny has been inextricably linked to its world-renowned spirits. Find out exactly how it is made at one of the prestigious cognac merchant halls. Choose from Baron Otard, Camus, Hennessy, Rémy Martin, Martell and Meukow in the city centre, or Courvoisier in Jarnac. In winter, venture into the warmth of the distilleries where passionate winemakers offer visitors the magical opportunity to get up close to the stills.

Winding its way through this beautiful land with its wonderful way of life, the Charente River gives boating enthusiasts the chance to enjoy peaceful cruises on traditional gabarres or travel further afield on houseboats. Manual locks, fisheries and small stone bridges punctuate the journey. Stop off at Châteauneuf-sur-Charente to swim in Bain des Dames the boat-making village of Saint-Simon Bassac, to visit its thousand-year-old abbey and Jarnac, where the former President of France François Mitterrand was born and where youll find a museum dedicated to him.

The New Town & The Public Gardens

The part of Cognac to the east of here is more recent, and is a typical French town with numerous cafes, shops and other commerces and a lively atmosphere.

You can also explore the public gardens that occupy an extensive area in the centre of Cognac and have extensive plantings, a rose garden, water features, trees and flower borders, and a garden plan that follows the ‘English style’.

The gardens also contain several interesting buildings, among them the Town Hall, the grand 19th century building with a large staircase in front and a substantial campanile, and the Museum of Art and History. There are also several small buildings of interest in the park in a mix of styles, such as the little ‘gothic tower’ in the middle of a pond, a neoclassical orangery and a victorian style bandstand.

A second marked trail explores this region of Cognac and includes the Place Francois I, where the route starts, then the Place d’Armes, the Public Gardens and the Museum of Art and History.

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Learn About Cognac In The Muse Des Arts Du Cognac

If youre interested in learning more about the production of the spirit head to the Musée des Arts du Cognac. This great museum located in a 16th-century mansion, next to the quai , holds an impressive amount of articles, documents and an audio-visual exhibition that will help you learn everything you need to know about Cognac. The price is 5 euros and its open daily between 14:00 to 18:00. The address is: Les Remparts, Place de la Salle Verte, 16100 Cognac

Taste Pineau Des Charentes


Although Cognac is the main star here, theres another spirit you must taste if youre in the Charente department. Pineau des Charentes is a fortified wine, created from the mix of grape juice and Cognac eau-de-vie, which then goes through a maturing process. This is a very popular aperitif in Charente but not very known in other parts of France. Its really good so dont miss the chance to taste it!

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Top 10 Things To Do In Cognac France

Cognac is a beautiful town in the South West of France that is mostly known for its luxurious spirits. Ive been living in France for years but somehow visiting Cognac has never crossed my mind until we moved to Bordeaux. I have to admit, Im not a huge fan of the spirit itself, and I drink it only on special occasions. So prior to my visit there I was wondering whats there to do in Cognac beyond the cellar tours? Luckily theres plenty of things to do in Cognac! This little town will surprise you with its impressive architecture, delicious restaurants and remarkably nice people. In this article I gathered the top 10 things to do, see and eat in Cognac.

If youre in the region, dont miss a visit to one of the most beautiful villages in France Aubeterre sur Dronne, check out my article about it.

Convenience Of Staying In Hotels Downtown

If you’re traveling to Cognac for the first time, be close to all the action while booking Citotel Hotel Cheval Blanc or Francois Premier Cognac.

Consider a hotel next to Remy Martin Cognac, such as Inter-Hotel Le Valois situated 5 minutes’ walk away and adjacent to parks and a river. If you’re interested in learning about the area’s famous attractions, pick a hotel next to Auchan COGNAC, such as Jardins En Ville that is a 15-minute walk away.

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Other Activities In Cognac

A third area of Cognac to explore if you have time is the extensive Parc Francois 1er to the north of the town centre and surrounded by a meander in the Charente river. There are lots of walks and trails through the forested park, with the path along the riverside the most popular.

You can also hire a canoe for a trip along the river or take an organised boat trip along the Charente in a traditional boat known as a gabarre.

Take A Tour In A Cognac Distillery

The BEST Bars to Visit in London, UK & Cognac, France

With almost 200 Cognac producers in the area, this is definitely the main attraction of Cognac. The cognac houses include big names like Hennessy , Martell , Rémy Martin , and Courvoisier. These four produce most of the Cognac exported to the world. Other known brands include Otard, Camus, Meukov , and Delamain . Many distilleries offer tours in French and English. However, if you need an English-speaking tour, be sure to book in advance. Martell and Hennessy are very popular tours as well those by Otard where you get to visit the old Chateau de Cognac . You should know, however, that many distilleries are closing for winter so consult their tour schedules before heading to Cognac.

We took the Hennessy tour and had a fabulous time. The companys boat took us to the other side of the river to visit the cellars. Then we learned all about the processes of creating this luxurious spirit, from the terroir to the maturing and assembling processes. At the end of the tour, you get to taste two different Cognacs and a Cognac-based liqueur . The price of the tour is 20 euros per person, you can book it here.

If youre looking for a more authentic / boutique experience check out the in the Terroir of Cognac tour. This half day trip includes a visit to several artisan distilleries and a cognac co-operative. You will get to taste some of the best craft cognacs in the region and get a more diverse and full experience of Cognac.

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More Travel Options In Cognac

Whether you are traveling to Cognac for a romantic getaway, business trip, golf, or a family vacation, Cognac has great hotels which can fulfill all your needs.It’s important to select the right hotel, motel, or resorts based on your trip goals.When traveling, some amenities can be the decision-maker on your vacation, business trip, or family getaway.Imagine reserving a hotel for a business trip that doesn’t provide free Wi-fi for its guests.You can narrow down your hotel search and get everything you want by viewing accommodation types like motel, resort, inns, B& B, and lodge that provides amenities like pet-friendly, free breakfast, and gym or by different activities like golf, beach, ski, or casino.

Cognac Hotels By Star Rating

ibis Cognac, Hôtel Quai des Pontis and Hotel Domaine du Breuil are the closest hotels conveniently located near the Cognac center.

How much does a cheap hotel in Cognac cost per night?

In the last year, a 2 star economy hotel in Cognac has been as cheap as $57.25 per night.

How much does a 3 star average hotel in Cognac cost per night?

The average room rate for a 3 star hotel in Cognac have been as low as $97.06 per night.

How much is a hotel in Cognac for this weekend?

On average, the price per night for a good 2.5 star to 3-star hotel in Cognac for this weekend can be as low as $97.06.

How much does a luxury hotel in Cognac cost per night?

Luxury 4 star and 5 star hotels and up-scale resorts in Cognac typically cost around $151.00 per night.

Get Into The Atmosphere With More Photos From Cognac

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A Delightful Town Situate On Either Side Of The Charente

A delightful town situate on either side of the Charente river. Obviously a wealthy city in former times it has been largely restored tastefully. Thoughtful and sympathetic approach by the local authority. Excellent architecture. Good balance between pedestrianised areas and those for motorised traffic. Lots of great places to eat – or to buy food/supplies. The perfect walking town. Lovely gardens, especially that of the Hotel de Ville. Friendly people for a town of this size. In a word, charming.

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