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What Kind Of Tequila Does Suzanne Somers Drink

She Avoids Processed Foods

SUZANNE Speaks: Tequila

In 2001, Somers was diagnosed with breast cancer, so she decided to make some lifestyle changes. “When I heard these three words: You have cancer, I remember thinking, what have I done in my diet and lifestyle to play host to this terrible disease?” Somers recalls about her diagnosis.

Following the news, Somers overhauled her diet almost immediately. “I decided to eat like my life depended on it,” she says. “I stopped eating all processed foods.”

Now, she only eats foods that she can “pick, pluck, milk, or shoot,” and that’s how she’s been living for decades. Somers has a garden right in her backyard in the desert. “I brought in organic soil, put in a water purification system, and planted organic seeds and plants,” she said. “We mainly eat all of our produce from the garden.”

The actress starts her day with a green smoothie, loaded with kale, spinach, apple, ginger, and other produce. For lunch, she tries to stay low-carb with a protein and vegetable, like salad with chicken, goat cheese, and fennel topped with olive oil.

Everything that Somers cooks is flavored with natural spices and oils. For dinner, she enjoys a wide variety of options, but a dish she likes to make often is marinated lamb with rosemary, garlic, olive oil, and red pepper flakes. She pairs that with red yams infused with organic butter. “I’m a big believer in flavor,” she said, adding that her husband loves the meals she cooks.

How Many Shots Of Tequila Are Too Much

Accordingly, someone between 100 and 150 pounds will get drunk round about 2-3 shots someone between 150 and 200 pounds around 4-5 shots and someone between 200 and 250 pounds around were to generalize, someone between 100-150 lbs will start getting drunk around 2-3 shots between 150-200 lbs , it takes around 4-5 shots and between 200-250 lbs , 6-7 shots.

Forever Health: A New Way To Age

As a 20-year breast cancer survivor, Suzanne proudly uses her platform to provide a voice for women who donât always feel 100%. Her goal is to bridge the gap between aging and youthfulness. How? By accomplishing step #1:

Acquire a youthful mindset.

During a recent feature on Katie Wellsâ Wellness Mama Podcast, Suzanne advises that you must pay attention to the language of your body.

âYour body speaks to you and you must listen.â â Suzanne Somers

When your hormones decline, so does your quality of life. Before COVID-19, the average lifespan was about 78, having climbed eight years since the 1970s. Wouldnât you think that if the average lifespan is increasing, then our quality of life should, too? Unfortunately, this isnât the case for most people. Suzanne notes that while we are living longer, those extra years are often spent feeling miserable as diseases eat us up from the inside out.

For ageless vibrancy, Suzanne offers Forever Health, a free service for patients to find qualified practitioners for Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Preventive and Integrative Medicine. She says that thanks to BHRT she enjoys robust health, balanced hormones, healthy body weight, strong bones, a great sex drive and the energy of someone half her age.

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Suzanne Somers Dishes On Staying Sexy In Her 70s

PT-141 is an injection that works on the neurons in the brain to stimulate sexual desire and erections, says Neil Paulvin, a functional medicine specialist in Manhattan. Its become really popular over the last year.

The treatment was approved by the Food and Drug Administration under the brand name Vyleesi this past summer to increase sexual desire in premenopausal women, but the love drug has been prescribed to men and women for some time. Its derived from peptides and most commonly administered as a shot Paulvin also prescribes it in sucking candy form for the injection averse.

It stimulates the pleasure part of the brain, he says, unlike Viagra, which works on the circulatory system, sending blood to the penis. Ive had patients that couldnt get an erection for years and tried other treatments, but this worked for them.

Paulvin says for men, the shot acts as a one-and-done, but for women, one dose can last the whole day. The price ranges from $60 to $100, Paulvin says, which is enough for a 30-day supply or 10 to 20 hard candies.

Still, stimulation in the form of foreplay or touching is needed in order for the shot to work, he says.

People tell me they really love it, Paulvin says. But we dont recommend using it more than five times per week.

Suzanne Somers 74 Reveals Secrets To Her Twice

Susanne Somers talks sex, tequila, aging and TV

16:14 EDT, 25 May 2021 | Updated:

Three’s Company alum Suzanne Somers dished on the secrets to her twice-a-day sex sessions with second husband Alan Hamel after 43 years of marriage and 54 years of being a couple.

Specifically, the 74-year-old grandmother-of-three recommends progesterone cream, the melanocortin based peptide PT-141, and drinking tequila every single day at 5pm.

‘He’s been on hormone replacements for over 20 years,’ Suzanne told Daily Blast LIVE on Monday.

TMI alert! Three’s Company alum Suzanne Somers dished on the secrets to her twice-a-day sex sessions with second husband Alan Hamel after 43 years of marriage and 54 years of being a couple

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She Uses Organic Skincare And Hair Products

The Three’s Company star approaches her skincare routine not only with aging in mind, but with her health as well. “The skin is the largest organ in the body, and we put chemicals all over it,” she says. “That’s why I created my organic, certified toxic-free skincare line, Suzanne Organics.”

In the mornings, Somers begins her routine by washing her face with an exfoliating peach cleanser. “If I have time, a few times a week I’ll put on a recovery mask with peptides and lentil extracts for about 20 minutes,” she says. “Then, I use my aging serum followed by the CoQ10 moisturizer, which isn’t greasy.”

The actress is a huge fan of makeup, which inspired her to create organic, toxic-free products. “I love makeup,” she says, adding that although her makeup is very clean, she still takes it off before bed. “Each night I use our everyday cleanser to take off my makeup, which has an olive base,” she says. “Then, I spray on our olive leaf and willow herb toner.” Afterwards, Somers targets aging with her ageless serum and eye cream.

Occasionally she likes to unwind with an Epsom salt bath at night, and puts a coconut oil mask in her hair and on her face while she relaxes.

She Listens To Her Body

While Somer’s 27 books explain her unique perspective on healthy aging, she emphasizes that every person is different, that’s why it’s important to tune into your own body.

“Pay attention to the language of your body. The body talks all the time, and we rarely listen,” she says. “My big message to aging women is, it’s not over. We women are so incredible. We work, raise our children, run our households, and do a million things in a day.” But she says that women have to prioritize their their health, too.

At 73, Somers loves where she’s at in life because she she has prioritized her health for decades. She’s also looking forward to this chapter of her life with her husband. “Normally at this age, people are sick. We’re in great health,” she says. “We go out, we laugh, he makes great coffee in the morning, we dance at night. I’ve really never been this happy.”

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Health And Hormones Q& a With Suzanne Somers

1.) Q: Do I need a doctor to get BHRT ?SS: Yes, you need to go to a doctor but you must ask this question: Have you chosen to specialize in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy? If not, this is not the right doctor.Then ask, Do you prescribe pharmaceutical bioidenticals or bioidenticals from a compounded pharmacy? Why? You need to know the limitations of pharmaceutical BHRT as opposed to BHRT from a compounding pharmacy.Here is what I mean: Pharmaceutical bioidenticals Prometrium, Vivelle patch, or Climara come in fixed dosages. The pharmaceutical BHRT contains estradiol only and does not contain estriol.A woman makes estrogen in her body with three classical estrogens: estradiol, estrone, and estriol.Estriol is the component of our estrogen that is breast cancer protective. So even though these are the approved bioidenticals, it is bothersome to me personally that it is missing this valuable component.The bioidenticals I use personally are made at a compounding pharmacy. All ingredients made at a compounding pharmacy are FDA approved. By custom preparation, I get the exact dosage I require, so I get to feel perfect or as I told Oprah, it took some patience but I have found the sweet spot and I feel great all the time plus I get the added protection of estriol plus estradiol. This is what I prefer, but the choice is yours.

Suzanne Somers: Secrets To A Healthy & Hormonally Balanced Life

Tanning, Tequila, and Toned Legs with Suzanne Somers

December 2, 2020 by Ron & Lisa Beres

Were under the greatest environmental assault in the history of humanity. ~Suzanne Somers

From starring as Chrissy Snow in the 1970s sitcom, Threes Company, authoring 27 books and headlining in Las Vegas to creating her line of organic and Certified ToxicFree cosmetics, body care, and household cleaning products actress, singer, comedian, author, and entrepreneur, Suzanne Somers, is changing the world one hormone, one toxin and one thigh at a time. We take deep dive into what clean living looks like for Suzanne as she reveals her juicy secrets on how to have more energy, balanced hormones, and a happy and healthy marriage.

We dive into her difficult childhood, her past breast cancer diagnosis, advice from Frank Sinatra, and what a typical day in the life of Suzanne Somers looks like today including Facebook Friday night happy hours that youre invited to!

Listen to all episodes of Healthy Home Hacks on your favorite podcast app

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How Many Tequila Shots Is Too Much

A man who drinks 21 shots of alcohol at a time can be at risk of death. deadly t can kill you! There are an average of 1 shots per game. A minimum of 30% alcohol is present in every 5 ounces. Having a Blood Alcohol Content of is the result of drinking 21 shots of liquor over four hours by a 150 pound person.

Keep Up With Suzannes Healthy Clean Living

If you struggle with any of the following â feeling fatigued, hot flashes, a loss of sex drive, the inability to fall asleep, uncontrollable mood swings â then consider picking up one of Suzanneâs 27 books including Iâm Too Young For This! The Natural Hormone Solution to Enjoy Perimenopause.

Rethink Aging by connecting with Suzanne Summers on , and today!

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The Surprising Truth About What Tequila Really Does To Your Body

Oh, tequila.

Whether you love or love to hate the taste of this drink, odds are you’ve been teased into taking a shot of it while out with a group of friends. In drunk person folklore, it’s often claimed that tequila causes more outlandish behavior than other spirits.

And recently, a slew of articles from sites including Lifehack, Elite Daily and Forbes have made tequila seem relatively healthy, claiming it aids in weight loss, can lower blood sugar, ward off hangovers and more.

So, what’s the deal? Does tequila really make your clothes fall off more than other liquors, or do hidden health benefits make it as virtuous as that nightly glass of red wine?

Suzanne Somers On Happy Hour Hormones And Her Very Fine

What Suzanne Somers Can

Its probably no secret that Suzanne Somers is a self-proclaimed takes-chemicals-very-seriously kind of person. The 72-year-old, who is known for being outspoken about health and hormones, is proud to live as natural of a life as she can controla passion that inspired her to start her own beauty brand, SUZANNE Organics, a line of certified toxic-free skin care, hair care, and makeup. Somers is super involved with the promoting, research and development and is especially proud of her part in keeping the formulation guidelines strict but, as she recently told us, she also leaves time in the day for her daily 5 p.m. tequila happy hour.

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Love letter to the line: In order to achieve the toxic-free insignia, it must be grown organically, extracted organically, and nothing upwind or downwind of the product can be toxic to contaminate it. The guidelines are very strict. When you consider skin is the largest organ of the body and that under a microscope pores look like little holes, then you can create a visual that whatever you put on your skin drops in through the pores into the bloodstream. If it is something the brain recognizes, it knows what to do with it. If its a foreign substance, the brain it has to figure out how to store the toxic chemicals to keep them away from your precious organs and glands. So it stores chemicals in the fat cells creating unexplained weight gain. Who thought you could gain weight from your skin care choices?

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What About Tequila’s Purported Health Benefits

One study found that fructans, a carbohydrate found in tequila, was associated with calcium retention in mice but this doesn’t mean your shot of Patron is helping fight osteoporosis.

“If you’re hoping to promote calcium absorption or stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria from fructans, you’ll want to load up on food sources, such as brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli or garlic, not tequila,” Mangieri said. Moreover, tequila doesn’t even contain fructans because this nutrient is lost when agave turns into alcohol, she noted.

The bottom line: “No one should be drinking tequila for the health benefits,” Mangieri said. Go for fruits and vegetables instead. Moderation one drink a day for women and up to two drinks for men is your best bet for healthy consumption of tequila, she said.

Tequila tastes better when it’s sipped on between scoops of guacamole, anyway.

The Pioneer For Womens Health: Suzanne Somers

Before bestowing the truth about hormones and health, Suzanne was a television star. She is best known for her appearances on Threeâs Company as Chrissy Snow and on Step by Step as Carol Foster. Today, she defies preconceived, negative notions that taint the worldâs view on aging.

For her 73rd birthday, she proved that âsexyâ does not have an age limit. Her husband Alan Hamel, now 85, snapped a photo of the blonde bombshell beauty while she sat in a golden field, topless and radiant.

In March 2020, Suzanne shared a peep into her 44-year marriage with Alan. She said,

âMy body is not perfect but Alan tells me it is. He sees what he loves, and that makes me feel good.â

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Since This Is A Wellness Blog

I once read that Suzanne Somers drinks 100% agave tequila almost every day for “medicinal purposes”, and no she wasn’t joking. Well, not completely. She likes it because it’s natural, organic, low in sugar, doesn’t make you fat, and also acts as a probiotic in your GI tract. Seems pretty great as far as choosing alcohol goes. When I read it, I decided to make the switch myself… but completely forgot about it and just carried on with my vodka sodas. UNTIL! I got super sick and was diagnosed with a super fun roster of stomach problems. I’ve had to give up a lot of foods and have had to cool it with the alcohol. But life is all about balance, right? And a small dose of living on the edge? So I decided I would give up all the gluten and dairy in the name of healing myself, but NOT alcohol. I mean a girl’s gotta live, you know? So now I’m just smarter about it. I was told that my best option is 100% agave tequila. Which immediately brought me back to good old Suzanne, the queen of aging gracefully and naturally.

I hope everybody has a great Fourth! Let’s get fresh + frisky together, ya?

The Actual Hangover Elixir

Suzanne Somers Spills Her Spicy Formula To Her Successful Marriage: Tequila And Dancing

Wait, what if I told you that I had the ACTUAL hangover cure?

Thats right, would you be excited? Promise, the literal BEST hangover cure on the planet.

I mean lets be real, I sure as hell had those days in college drinking a little too muchso its entirely appropriate to say that Ive had a few hangovers. & they SUCK.

Nowadays, I do anything & everything to AVOID hangovers. They are unhealthy, annoying, & screw up my AM workout.

So one random Saturday night I was in bed, drinking Pinot Noir, casually watching Game Of Thrones, eating watermelon jerky& cinnamon popcorn& OH, YOU KNOW, HANGING OUT WITH MY BEST FRIEND Suzanne Somers.

If you dont know about me & Suzannes relationship, let me explain: Suzanne Somers is an INSANE role model. Shes VERY well read/experienced in all things health & wellness.

Basically Im obsessed with her in every way.

One of my favorite Suzanne book quotes:

People are so busy counting calories. I think we should be busy counting chemicals. Wheres the tipping point? Theres the air freshener. Theres what youre cleaning your house with. Pest spraysall poison. The chlorine that youre using. The fluoride in the water And then youre eating food that is not organic. Youre putting on skin care thats all chemicalsWell, guess what? Thats going to go somewhere. It drops into the bloodstream

Or maybe it was the Pinot.

Im not a creep, I swear.

& shes also fun because she talks about alcohol. HA.

:: sips Pinot ::

| |

Trust meHA.

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