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Where To Buy Kenny Chesney Rum

Is This A Good Rum To Take To A Party

Meet Kenny Chesney’s Blue Chair Bay Rum

It depends on what you mean by a party. If its a rage where nobody cares as long as they get drunk, you probably dont want to go with Blue Chair Bay. It wont get the attention it deserves.

People dont get to have these kinds of parties so much of late. This makes Blue Chair Bay more appealing than ever. Its something you want to keep for yourself and people you like.

Affair With Sara Evans

Similar to Kenny, Sara Evans is a country singer and songwriter who loves what she does. Evans married Craig Schelske and had three children with him. The couple went through a nasty divorce years later, during which both accused each other of infidelity. The finger-pointing began when Sara first accused Craig of sleeping with the housekeeper. In court, Schelske fire back and accused his soon to be ex-wife of 11 affairs, one being with Chesney. Kenny responded to the accusation by calling them ridiculous.

Thank You To The Crew

Kenny is constantly on tour and youll always find him with a 120-employee team which he brings along to help with the planning, equipment, and driving. Its hard work making sure everything runs smoothly, so Chesney tries to give back to his workers. He makes a lottery to decide which crew member gets the profit from the merchandise sales, and they once got $300,000. To top that off, he takes his employees on vacations for a week of relaxation after each big tour.

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Follow Your Heart This Summer With Michael Franti & Spearhead

Following numerous sold out shows and a triumphant return to Red Rocks Amphitheatre last year, Michael Franti & Spearhead prepare to reunite with Soulrockers across North America this summer with the Follow Your Heart Tour, kicking off May 14 at BeachLife Festival in Redondo Beach, Calif., performing nearly 40 shows with plans to announce additional dates. Tickets will be available this Friday, Feb. 18 at 10am local time at, with VIP experiences available for many of the dates. Pre-sale tickets are available now via

How Many Calories Does This Rum Have

Kenny Chesney Blue Chair Bay Spiced Rum 750ml

Each 1.5 oz serving has 86 to 96 calories for the spirit rums. Blue Chair Bay White and Vanilla Rum are the highest. The Spiced Rum is the lowest in calories.

Blue Chair Bay Rum Creams have between 75 and 99 calories, with Mango being the highest. Banana and Pineapple have the lowest calories of the rum creams.

This is lower than average. Rum creams are usually over 100 calories. Burn this off by frolicking in the pool for 15 minutes. Just dont ever drink at the same time!

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Blue Chair Bay Pineapple Rum Cream

Premium Blend

When life gives you Pineapple Rum Cream, make piña coladas. With our Pineapple Rum Cream, juicy, fresh pineapple greets the nose and brings the senses to the islands. Sip it on the rocks or mix it with Blue Chair Bay® Coconut Rum to make a must-have piña colada.

Kenny Chesney has always brought his inspiration from the islands to share with the word. Now he’s starting the beach to bottle movement with Blue Chair Bay – all blended from rums from one of the Caribbean’s oldest distilleries.

“I’m happiest when my soul is still, down in the islands with nowhere to go and nowhere to be. That’s where I met one of the world’s great master blenders to capture that spirit and bottle it up. Drop anchor, swim ashore, and let tiem fly.”

There’s a Blue Rocking Chair sitting in the sand weathered by the storms and well oiled hands. It sways back and forth with the help of the winds and seems to always be there like an old trusted friend…

Three Weeks Of Playlists

Music is not something Kenny or anyone can produce with the snap of a finger. Lyrics need to be inspired and the mood must be perfect for a beautiful piece of music to come to life. It would take you about three weeks to get through every song in Chesneys music collection, and thats just if you listened on shuffle or straight through. Kennys music collection is sorted by playlist and hes got one for every occasion. He even has a pre-show playlist which pumps him up and features songs by artists like AC/DC and Aerosmith.

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Miranda Lamberts Muttnation Shares The Love With 20 Shelters For Valentines Day

Country Music icon and animal advocate Miranda Lambert has a lot of love to share on behalf of her pet-loving fans who have volunteered, fostered or adopted rescue pets. Shes donating $20,000 to 20 shelters that will each receive $1,000 on behalf of the caring people who gave their time and their hearts to these animals over this past year.

Turned Pop Star Pnk Country

Kenny Chesney Key Lime Rum Cream

Pink isnt exactly the epitome of an Alabama farm girl and she sure is far from the dusty roads and cold beers of country music. Tastefully combining elements of pop, rap, and rock, Pink has collaborated with various-styled artists all over the globe. Shes worked side-by-side with Eminem, Naughty By Nature, and even Steven Tyler. Pink and Kenny released a song called Setting The World On Fire which was featured on Chesneys album, Cosmic Hallelujah.

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Kenny Chesney’s Blue Chair Bay Rum Launch Contest Allowing One Winner To ‘take A Year Off’

Blue Chair Bay Rum is allowing followers to explore the question that floats through many minds across the country, “what would you do with a year off?” by giving one dedicated supporter the chance to uphold the vacation spirit of Kenny Chesney’s premium rum line.

The “Take A Year Off” contest, announced by a video from Chesney,is underway and will run until Sept. 30. The contest will award one winner a grand-prize of enough cash to take an entire year off of work to vacation and enjoy life without the daily pressures at work. An expert panel, including the editors of Rolling Stone Magazine and Parade Magazine, will pick the the prizewinner who will receive $50,000 cash the U.S. median annual salary.

To be considered, entrants must:

  • Visit
  • Submit a 200-word creative short essay on how they would spend their year off.
  • Enter the unique bottle code printed on the back of their bottle of Blue Chair Bay Rum. .
  • Wait for the announcement of the winner on November 5, 2017
  • In Spring 2017, Blue Chair Bay introduced a new product, Key Lime Rum Cream, with a unique flavor profile: fresh key lime and buttery notes and a graham cracker finish. Other varieties of Blue Chair Bay’s award-winning rum creams include Coconut Spiced and Banana.

    Find where you can purchase your bottle of Blue Chair Bay Rum today here:

    Does Blue Chair Bay Rum Go Bad

    Rum creams are best kept in the fridge to be safe. They taste better cold anyway. To be safe, finish them in 6 months, maybe a year at a push. Dont keep them longer than 2 years.

    If youre not sure, pour some out and smell it. If its not appetizing, rather pass. If it smells sour or is lumpy, definitely throw it out.

    You dont need to worry about spirit rums going off. They can lose their flavors if forgotten about for many years though.

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    Miranda Lambert Earns Five Nominations From The Academy Of Country Music

    Superstar singer/songwriter Miranda Lambert used 2021s break in touring as anything but an off year, releasing a seemingly endless string of critically acclaimed new music both on her own and as part of varying collaborations. From upbeat anthems Drunk with Elle King and her own Tequila Does dance remix to full-length albums The Marfa Tapes with Jack Ingram & Jon Randall and Hell of a Holiday with her Pistol Annies trio, the year was already a musical celebration for the three-time GRAMMY winner before even taking into account her recent solo releases If I Was A Cowboy and inclusive Queer Eye theme YAll Means All. Today, the voting body of the Academy of Country Music recognizes her efforts, honoring the woman NPR praises as the most riveting Country star of her generation with five nominations among the most of any artist this year for Entertainer of the Year, Female Artist of the Year, Album of the Year and Video of the Year.

    The Country Music Superstar Has The Key To Your Island Getaway A Boozy Pie Included

    Now In Stock Kenny Chesney Blue Chair Rums And Rum Creams ...

    Inspired by multi-platinum singer-songwriters Kenny Chesneys love of the island lifestyle, Blue Chair Bay Rum is a collection of eight premium-blended rums that evokes a Caribbean paradise, with a touch of Nashville. Here are three mixed-drink recipes and another recipe for pieyes, boozy piethat offer you the keys to sandy beaches and palm tree shade.

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    Country Star Kenny Chesney Partners With New York Brand To Create Rum

    New York-based ice cream brand Tipsy Scoop recently created its first-ever vegan ice cream. The brand, which is known for its alcohol-infused flavors, partnered with Blue Chair Bay Ruman alcohol brand owned by country music star Kenny Chesneyto release a limited-edition vegan piña colada ice cream that contains five percent alcohol. The new flavor is made with coconut milk, fresh coconut, pineapple, and Blue Chair Bays coconut rum and can be consumed as is or blended into a boozy summer drink. Tipsy Scoop ships nationwide but customers must be 21 or older to place an order.

    Blue Chair Bay Rum Cream

    Blue Chair Bay Rum Cream comes in Pineapple, Key Lime, Strawberry, and Banana. Mango is the most recent addition. These will work perfectly in affogato-style desserts or milkshakes. They are good enough to enjoy neat if you like fruity sweet liqueurs.

    All these flavors are good. It just depends on which fruit you like. Strawberry is probably going to be the most popular among the fruit cream rums.

    The Spiced Coconut Rum Cream belongs in its own category. Its too yummy. You might not be able to stop after you get started. Its the one most likely to be enjoyed by everyone as an after-dinner dessert.

    The rum creams have 15% alcohol, except for the Mango which is 14%.

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    Wade Bowens Annual Bowen Musicfest Returns April 9 & 10 In Waco Texas

    As his brand-new EP Where Phones Dont Work continues to impress fans and critics alike, Wade Bowen celebrates the return of his annual charity concert, with the two-day Shiner Bock Presents Bowen Musicfest 2022 Benefitting the Bowen Family Foundation set for Saturday, April 9 and Sunday, April 10 at Baylor Universitys McClane Stadium Touchdown Alley. Tickets are available to purchase HERE.

    Wanted To Be An Athlete

    Kenny Chesney Introduces Blue Chair Bay’s Newest Flavor….

    Theres no arguing Kenny loves what he does and was meant to do it. Singing and playing instruments is obviously something he deeply resonates with, but this wasnt always the case. In Kennys younger years, he dreamt of playing second base for either the Cincinnati Reds or Boston Red Sox, which are his two favorite teams. Although Chesneys career ended up revolving around music, he still gets to perform at major baseball games, so we think hes just fine.

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    Cheated On Miss Tennessee

    With Kenny and Amys relationship slowly falling apart, the final straw was when Chesney was spotted hanging out with another woman in Cancun, Jenn Brown. Starting as a Division 1 college athlete, Jenn eventually made it to becoming a successful ESPN broadcaster and she has been on the sidelines of many massive college football games as well. She made history when she became the first female correspondent of Inside The NFL. After being Kennys devoted lover for two years, Amy was devastated when she found out about him and Jenns affair.

    Insane Drive To Be Physically Fit

    Although Kenny put his dreams of becoming an athlete aside, he still makes an effort to keep healthy and look as fit as possible for his tours and performances. If you add up his steps during a performance, Kenny runs many miles on the stage. He keeps in shape by running on a treadmill that doesnt have a moving belt, but is instead powered by his running. Kennys guilty pleasure is a steamy grilled cheese sandwich, but he doesnt allow himself to eat it while on tour.

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    Morris Higham Management Promotes Five Across Marketing Department

    Morris Higham Management announces the promotion of five staff members across the marketing department as the artist and estate management firm continues to grow. Staffers Dustin Stout, Emily Galloway, Matt Zahn, Lily Smith and James Deaton all earn elevated titles as they continue to serve the full MHM roster, including clients Kenny Chesney, Brantley Gilbert, Barbara Mandrell, Old Dominion, Carly Pearce, Michael Ray and more.

    Buddies With Tim Mcgraw

    Kenny Chesney Blue Chair Bay Pineapple Rum Cream 750ml

    Remembering Kenny and Tim McGraws wild horse fiasco is naturally the first thing we think of when we hear these two epic names, but there are actually many other things to remember about this country duo. For one, remember the time when the two embarked on a co-headlining tour together? Brothers of the Sun Tour saw Chesney and McGraw join forces once again, touring 22 venues in over two dozen cities. The tour grossed $96 million in ticket sales and hosted over a million people at each show.

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    Three Showers Per Day

    On a typical day, youd expect to catch Kenny doing one of three things: working out, relaxing on the beach, or performing on stage. Sounds like a great life, huh? Wrong! Kenny hates getting sticky and sweaty and avoids all activities that promote perspiration. Kenny has noted on several occasions that hes a clean freak and takes three showers per day. He uses body wash to make sure he isnt sticky and is always reapplying deodorant to avoid stinking.

    Blue Chair Bay Rum Review

    You will be glad to know that Blue Chair Bay Rum does not have a celebrity name slapped on it to boost sales. Its not overrated or over-priced. Many celebrities now own alcohol brands There is The Rocks Tequila, Ryan Reynolds has a gin, Post Malone has a wine, Dan Akroyd has a vodka, even comedian Ron White has a tequila company.

    Kenny Chesney loves rum himself, but you dont need to like him to enjoy this rum. Chesney named the brand after his ballad Old Blue Chair. The song is about his love for the Caribbean, where the rum is made.

    Blue Chair Bay Rums are 100% gluten-free. The rum creams have dairy cream. The Blue Chair Bay ice cream range also uses dairy. But the Pina Colada flavor comes in a vegan option so look out for that.

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    Almost Died On September 11th

    Kenny Chesney is one of the most successful country singers on earth, but it turns out theres a lot more hiding underneath that cowboy hat than you think. Kenny was given a reason to believe in guardian angels when he was miraculously spared from the 9/11 attack. His band planned on journeying to NYC to shoot a music video in the World Trade Center, but the shoot was canceled last-minute, just before the two skyscrapers crumbled. When Kenny realized he was saved, he said, it really makes you believe that theres something up there

    Win Kenny Chesney Tickets + Meet Kenny Chesney

    Blue Chair Bay Key Lime Rum Cream Review

    92.5 Kickin Country and Blue Chair Bay Spiced Rum want you to see and MEET Kenny Chesney at the Volvo Car Stadium, April 25! Sign up to get in to win. Photo: 92.5 Kickin’ Country/Blue Chair Bay Premium Blend Spiced Rum

    92.5 Kickin Country and Blue Chair Bay Spiced Rum want you to see and MEET Kenny Chesney at the Volvo Car Stadium, April 25!

    If you just cant wait to win, find out where to buy your tickets HERE.

    Sign up to get in to win:

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    Kenny Chesney Invites Fans To Pick New Rum Flavor

    Jerry Holthouse February 4, 2021Nashville Music Scene w/ Jerry Holthouse148 Views

    On the shores of the Caribbean, theres a new flavor of Kenny Chesneys premium-blended Blue Chair Bay® Rum on the horizon. Now, eight years after one of the industrys most successful launches in the history of wine and spirits, the 8-time Entertainer of the Year is turning to No Shoes Nation, his legions of dedicated fans, to help choose the next flavor.

    Addressing the fans-first request Chesney shares, all the fans out there and everybody in No Shoes Nationwe want to involve you guys, we want you to help us pick the flavor, noting that the new flavor will either be Mocha Rum Cream or Mango Rum Cream.

    Participants can vote and enter for a chance to win a guitar signed by Kenny Chesney by visiting Blue Chair Bays website.

    The new flavor will join the less-than-99 calories rum creams collection which includes fan-favorite Blue Chair Bay Pineapple Rum Cream, Blue Chair Bay Key Lime Rum Cream, Blue Chair Bay Banana Rum Cream and Blue Chair Bay Coconut Spiced Rum Cream.

    Reese Witherspoon Paid To Sing With Him

    Music-lovers and charity-givers gathered excitedly together at the New Orleans House Of Blues to give support to the charities of celebrities Drew Brees and Matthew McConaughey. According to TMZ, Reese Witherspoon donated $24,000 to the charities just to join Kenny Chesney and duet with him. They sang an acoustic version of Jackson by Johnny Cash, which luckily, Witherspoon was prepared for, as she previously got an Oscar for playing June Carter Cash in Walk The Line. All though she forgot a few words here and there, the crowd enjoyed her performance anyway.

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