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Where Can I Buy Papa’s Pilar Rum

Papas Pilar Rum Releases Award

Papaâs Pilar Rum Review

Finished in specifically-selected #4 Char Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Barrels, this limited-edition rum offers rich cocoa notes with hints of vanilla and oak, finishing with a growing spice and a smooth sweetness

The blend was inspired by Ernest Papa Hemingways adventures with rum and whiskey in the Marquesas Keys

KEY WEST, FLORIDA Papa’s Pilar Rum®, the maker of award-winning Papas Pilar Dark and Blonde Rums, today announced the special release of Papas Pilar Marquesas Blend Rum Finished in Whiskey Barrels. The limited-edition release is born of a blend of seven hand-selected rums that are aged up to 24 years and sourced from countries spanning the Caribbean, U.S. and Central America, then finished in #4 Char Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Barrels. Papas Pilar Marquesas Blend Rum was awarded a Double Gold medal and named Best in Class Dark/Gold Rum by the 2019 New York World Wine & Spirits Competition.

As a second-generation distiller, Papas Pilar Master Blender Ron Call drew upon his 45 years of experience in both blending and distilling to create Papas Pilar Marquesas Blend Rum. For this special blend, I wanted to create a more whiskey-forward experience with a smooth finish, said Call. I selected once-used #4 Char Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Barrels to get the profile I was looking for, then extended the finishing time to draw out more of the characteristic whiskey notes and that bolder flavor.

Papas Pilar A Hemingway Rum Company

There is a new rum player in town. Papas Pilar opened recently at 201 Simonton Street. The Hemingway Rum Company offers a peak into everything Hemingway loved about Key West. Here you will take a journey into the history of rum, the life of Ernest Hemingway and the art of making fine spirits.


When you walk into Papas Pilar, expect well the unexpected. Unlike some of the other distilleries in town, rum is not being distilled currently in this location. Stay tuned, should be happening soon. That said, you can still take a taste of Papas Pilar rums.

You can also, shop for really cool merchandise. I know, every place in Key West has a tourist trap shop, but this one seems, a little more upscale. I bought the book all about Hemingways cocktails, To Have and Have Another by Philip Greene . Pretty interesting read on his favorite cocktails, their recipes and some back stories behind those cocktails. Hemingway certainly was all about a good cocktail. Mr. Greene connects each of the cocktails back to a Hemingway story imagine reading one of his novels and sipping the same cocktail as one of characters. Quite the experience dont you think?

Through the sidedoor you can walk through a cool exhibit, all about Hemingway and rum making. The soon to be used stills are located here too. Tall copper vessels all ready to rev up and start making some of that wonderful Hemingway rum.

The rums


The Hemingway

1.5 oz Papas Pilar Bonde Rum

.75 oz Fresh Lime Juice

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