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Where To Buy Whiskey Decanter

Best Premium Crystal Whiskey Decanters And Sets


These decanters are beautiful without putting a hole in your pockets. Lead-free and strong enough for long-term use, these elegant decanters are made by world-renown glassmakers, made with your health and the environment in mind.

  • Large enough to hold one standard bottle of whiskey
  • Few reported that their decanters were broken upon delivery
  • Some say the stopper fitting is sloppy

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Nachtmann Aspen Whiskey Set

Over the course of its nearly 200-year history, Nachtmann has continued to produce some of the finest glassware on the market even in the face of WWII bombing destruction and large corporate takeovers. In other words, theyre as committed to high-quality crystal as anybody, and their Aspen Whiskey Set is a case in point. Offering a strikingly angular design with a bevy of bold cuts and shapes, the stopper is, in many ways, just as distinctive as the decanter itself. And with two included matching tumblers, it makes for a value proposition thats too good to pass up.

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Paksh Capitol Glass Decanter

This Paksh Capitol glass decanter does the job at a great price. It features an airtight geometric stopper and sloped sides for a controlled grip. The smooth front and back make it a great option if youre looking to get it engraved as a gift or for yourself. This decanter is proof you can be sophisticated without dropping a major coin.

Crate And Barrel Atwell Decanter

Van Daemon Whisky Decanter (750ml) and Set of 4 Whiskey ...

While most decanters will compromise their extra volume for the sake of their visual effect, Crate And Barrels Atwell proves an exception to the rule. So, in addition to holding up to 32oz of your favorite spirit, it also boasts a beautiful ridged base, a feature thats as functional as it is aesthetically inclined. Oh, and the best part is: its completely dishwasher safe meaning that you can save that extra time cleaning and instead enjoy another round. Dont worry its on the house.

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Oakmont Etched Whiskey Decanter Set With Square Rocks Glasses

Ships in 1-2 business days Details

Our Oakmont engraved whiskey decanter set is richly designed and made to fit beautifully within any glassware collection. The five pieces include one of our Carson style liquor decanters, and four Rutherford rocks glasses. Made from high-quality glass with coordinating square bases, we personalized with the name and initial of your choice on the entire engraved whiskey decanter set. A superb gift for weddings, retirements, birthdays, or any occasion. Each Carson style whiskey decanter can be filled with up to 26 ounces of liquor, measuring 8.25″ tall, 3.5″ wide. The four Rutherford style cocktail glasses hold 10 ounces each and are 3.5″ tall with a 3.25″ diameter.

  • 5 piece set including 4 glasses and 1 liquor decanter with stopper
  • Made of premium glass with Oakmont monogram engraving
  • Impressive gift for home or office
  • All pieces are dishwasher safe


Whiskey Decanter And Glasses Barware Set

This stunning Godinger whiskey decanter and cocktail glasses set is a perfect addition to any home bar or would make an ideal gift for any whiskey-loving recipient. Featuring a stylish and classic starburst design, the tumbler glasses and decanter are made from lead free glass and come with their own crafted wooden base tray that will look wonderful in any room.

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Why Use A Whiskey Decanter

Since whiskey is already aged, there is no need to decant it. But a whiskey decanter can dress up your bar cart, make cheap whiskey look really good or help control how much your guests drink. Instead of offering them a full bottle, throw some into the decanter. Not only will it help prevent them from overdrinking, but you’ll still have some left over in the original bottle after they’ve gone.

Bourbon Barrel Liquor Decanter

Starting a whiskey infinity bottle, & where to buy one.

This is certainly one of the most unique whiskey decanters out there. This decanter is shaped like a barrel, resting on a beautiful mahogany wood perch. There is a tap at one end of the barrel in which your whiskey can freely pour out. The main feature of the design, however, is the elegant crystal ship at the base of the center of the barrel. With the right amount of whiskey in the decanter, the ship looks as though it is sailing on a sea of your finest spirits.

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Nude Glass Alba Whiskey Decanter

There arent many decanters today that can balance the demands of hosting with those of daily use, but youll find that this piece from Nude Glass is perfectly suited to almost any occasion. For starters, it features a squat 7.9 body, an addition that makes it much more stable and offers some 60.9oz of storage for your supply. And because it comes finished with a partially-deconstructed tartan pattern and a stark white marble stopper, its more than elegant enough to earn a spot on your table when sipping with some company.

Lsa International Metropole Kiev Decanter

If youre looking to add a bit of architectural insight to your collection of whiskey glassware, you cant go wrong with this Metropole Kiev Decanter by LSA International. Inspired by Kievs beautifully brutalist cityscape, it was expertly mouth-blown in order to give it a uniquely tapered base with a long cylindrical neck. In practice, this means that along with an eye-catching design, you also get a voluminous decanter with over 60oz of storage for your finest spirits. Complemented by a stunning hand-grown stopper, it makes for quite the artisanal offering.

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Exclusive Personalized Whiskey Decanters Engraved The Way You Want

Engravable Whiskey Decanters are the perfect gift for any aspiring gentleman. These custom engraved whiskey decanters can be monogrammed in a variety of styles, making a great gift for your husband, boyfriend or whoever!

Perfect if you’re stuck for groomsmen gift ideas, or gifts for dad. Pair it with some whiskey glasses to complete the decanter set, and give him some great quality barware he can cherish. If he drinks, he’ll love it. Take a good look around. You’ll find It’s hard to beat a personalized whiskey decanter set!

Whiskey Peaks Mountain Decanter

A Guide to Whiskey Decanters and the Best Ones to Buy ...

Most of us yearn for the mountains on a day-to-day basis, but being stuck in the office working a 9-5 Monday through Friday means that we cant exactly take off at a moments notice. However, rather than letting desk duty put a damper on your daydreams, just grab this decanter from Whiskey Peaks instead. Its hand-blown from 100% glass and it comes with a beautiful mountain range in the base to bring the spirit of the outdoors in to your bar cart. You wont find this one anywhere else though its exclusive to Huckberry.

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Pottery Barn Modern Liquor Decanter

Sure, Pottery Barn might not be the first name you think of when shopping for whiskey glassware, but this modern liquor decanter is proof enough that theyre good for more than just furniture. With its rounded minimalist shape and elegant elongated stopper, its sure to stand out from the rest of your collection. After all, squared designs are so played out at this point your home bar could use some variety.

Where To Buy Whiskey Decanters In The Us

Like stated before Amazon offers probably the biggest selection of whisky decanters. All the best whisky decanters can be found from there, also the most unique whisky decanters are probably in Amazons shops too. Check out the lowest prices of Amazon US below, UK is covered in the next paragraph below this button.

Amazon has a big product portfolio so if you dont find the best whisky decanter for your needs right from the first search page, Ill suggest you keep looking from other pages as well. Amazon usually offers a big variety of products per category.

Remember to search for interesting products through Amazons search tool the ones Ive listed in this article, can be found in their product catalog.

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Why We Think Its Great

The Paksh Novelty 7-piece decanter set will make drinking whiskey more enjoyable and sophisticated because of its beautiful diamond cut. It also has a distinctive light reflective starburst detailing that creates an additional elegance. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, this decanter set is also made with high-quality fine sand and raw materials that make it durable and long-lasting.

Moreover, compared to other brands, this one has 6 glasses in each package which is ideal for gatherings involving many guests. Its timeless design is also ideal to be given as a present for Christmas, birthdays, and other occasions. The person who will receive this set will also be happy since the decanter has an airtight seal that keeps the alcohol sealed.

Should I Worry About Lead In My Whiskey Decanter

Lighten Life 5-Piece Whiskey Decanter Set Crystal Whiskey Decanter with 4 Glasses

Image source: Pixabay

Few things scream luxurious more than crystal glassware. When it comes to storing your liquor, though, crystal is a big no-no. Crystal contains a high percentage of lead oxide, which tends to leach into liquids within a matter of hours. And you dont need us to tell you how harmful lead even in small amounts can be for your body.

That doesnt mean you can never use crystal decanters, though! You can always pour your whiskey into the decanter right before serving it and replace it in the original bottle afterward. That way, you and your guests are safe from health hazards and you get to flaunt your gorgeous decanter too.

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What Is A Whiskey Decanter

Glass decanters have been used as early as the Roman empire times. The earlier design of decanters has evolved from glassware, bronze, silver, and earthenware. It was usually manufactured without a stopper, so the wine is exposed to air all the time.

In the 1730s, glass stoppers were introduced with the increased use of glass decanters. Since then, the wide-body and slender neck of the glass whiskey decanter have remained the basic design. The designs have been innovated over the years, ranging from the classic design to the outrageous ones.

Ashcroft Twist Whiskey Decanter Set

Due to budget prices, glass whiskey decanters remain a popular choice. However, that doesn’t mean that some of them arent impressive. Ashcroft Twist Whiskey Decanter Set comes in a beautiful package that contains both a decanter and four glasses. What is surprising is that the decanter is unusually slim. This isnt a purely aesthetic decision. Unlike the usual bulky decanters, this one is easier to store and hold thanks to ripples in the glass. With a capacity of 800ml, you can pour in an entire bottle of your favorite spirit. You also don’t have to worry about oxidation. The stopper is made of glass, heavy, and airtight. The only negative is air bubbles that are present at the bottom of the decanter. With excellent design and beautiful looking package, Ashcroft Twist Whiskey Decanter Set will look stunning on any shelf and be a perfect gift for spirit enthusiasts.


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Whiskey Decanter Set With 2 Old Fashioned Whisky Glasses

Surprisingly affordable yet effortlessly stylish, this elegant whiskey decanter set comes complete with two old-fashioned whisky glasses that are perfect for serving wine, bourbon or Scotch. This lead-free crystal Lefonte liquor decanter has a capacity of 750ml and boasts a unique and appealing shape and Irish cut triangular design that makes it an ideal addition to any table or display cabinet.

Best Modern: Nude Glass Malt Whiskey Bottle With Wooden Tray

Whiskey Decanter Set Personalized Decanter Set


  • Expensive

The soft, clean lines and thinner but durable lead-free crystal glass take this decanter in a welcomed direction away from those thick, beveled-edge square decanters of yore. Thanks to the purity and clarity of the handmade Turkish glass, you’ll be better able to enjoy the way the light dances through your whiskey. This timeless design created by award-winning Finnish furniture designer Mikko Laakkonen will complement most any bar cart style, from midcentury modern to industrial. Its 37.2-ounce capacity can accommodate a bottle and a half of the good stuff. And the accompanying wooden tray has enough room for both the bottle and your favorite tumbler.

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Should I Avoid Plastic Decanter Stoppers

Many people avoid whiskey decanters with plastic stoppers, but not only because they don’t like how it looks. The biggest issue is that they generally tend to damage over time, letting the air get inside the decanter. Once that happens, it’s hard to replace, and the bottle becomes useless. If you plan a long-term solution, glass stoppers are a much better option.

What Happens When You Store Whiskey In A Decanter

You know the scene: an important-seeming dude in a suit, or Jack Donaghy, pours himself a glass of whiskey from a crystal decanter, possibly staring out the window while contemplating a recent building-swap, or whatever business people do. Sure, he might not have made the right choices on the Nikkei that day. But what about that decanter? Is it actually a good choice for whiskey?

Yes and no. Or more like no, and yes. Like a tattoo nobody can see, its a choice you dont have to make, but it also cant do a ton of harm. Especially if you plan on drinking that whiskey anytime soon.

Decanting wine serves a pretty specific, though still debated, function: removing sediment and encouraging oxidation. through exposure to oxygen. And while just how much exposure is really required is still debated, its universally accepted that decanting will change a wine, for better or ill.


Whiskey, on the other hand, really wont change much with exposure to oxygenat least, in terms of the exposure itll get from being poured into another container and/or the slightly less airtight seal of a whiskey decanter . Whiskey in a bottle thats mostly air will oxidize, though much slower than wine.

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Ravenscroft Thomas Jefferson Decanter

Thomas Jefferson may have preferred wine to whiskey, but that doesnt mean hed have let his spirit storage suffer. On the contrary as youll find with this modern reproduction inspired by one of his pieces, the man was all about presentation. Hand-made in Europe from lead-free crystal, it sports a unique stopper design thats meant to resemble a lone tree. Add to that an elegantly curved base with room for up to 47.5oz of whiskey, and the result is a decanter fit for a founding father.

Best Large Format: Lsa International Bar Spirits Decanter

Where to buy Whisky and Scotch in Seoul 1:The Malt Shop

If you want to fill a decanter and not worry about topping it off for a bit, this 60-ounce version from LSA International is big enough to hold 1.75 liters of whiskeyalso known as a handle. Made from handblown glass with thick walls, its not quite as heavy as crystal, which is good since the weight of the additional spirit will add to the heft when pouring a dram. The simple and crisp, handmade design standing 10.24 inches tall and roughly 5 inches wide will look great on any bar.

For whiskey drinkers with a penchant for goth, this Shade Skull Decanter from Williams Sonoma is sure to add personality to any bar. Certainly, the highlight of this piece is the modern, skull-shaped stopper, but the decanter is also made from lead-free crystal for clarity and brightness. It’s a substantial bottle at 5 inches wide and 11.5 inches tall, boasting a 1,200-milliliter capacity, which is plenty enough to hold a full bottle of whiskey and then some. So, you can whip up a large batch of brooding cocktails, and since its dishwasher safe, you can pop your decanter right into the machine when it’s empty.

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Best Whiskey Decanter Buying Guide

When you buy a whiskey decanter, there is no definitive requirement to follow since the main purpose of is purely aesthetics. But of course, you want one that will look not only pretty but also solid enough to contain your whiskey properly. Here are the whiskey decanter features you should consider before investing in one.

Star Wars Whiskey Decanter Set

While he may have just one or many hobbies, giving him this gift would be a perfect time to let him know that you do appreciate him and that it’s okay, from time to time to be really engrossed with his hobbies. Does he collect superhero stuff? Then appreciate even his childlike love for Star Wars and add this Star Wars Whiskey Decanter Set to his collection.

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Why Do I Need A Whiskey Decanter

Image source: Pixabay

The short answer: you dont actually need one.

Heres the deal with decanters. When it comes to wine, a lot of connoisseurs encourage decanting to help the wine open up through exposure to oxygen. With whiskey, though, oxidation doesnt really play a big part.

In fact, a finished whiskey pretty much stays the way it is forever.

According to the Scotch Whisky Association, a bottle of 12-year-old whiskey will remain a 12-year-old whiskey even after 100 years. Thats because whiskey contains very few tannins, which impact the flavor of a drink over time whiskey is basically pure alcohol, which means the flavor stays put.

So why use a whiskey decanter? Its essentially about the aesthetics. Your Scotch will taste just as good whether its in the original packaging or in a stunning cut-glass decanter, but it will definitely feel a lot fancier poured from the latter.

Another reason a lot of people use decanters is for stability. Most whiskey decanters feature sturdy bottoms and are designed to not topple over. A whiskey bottle is much easier to drop and crack which is why many whiskey enthusiasts invest in a decanter to keep their liquor safe.

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