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What To Mix With Ketel One Vodka

Do You Mix Ketel One Botanicals

How to mix a vodka martini cocktail with Ketel One vodka

You get 73 calories from this distilled botanical cocktail made with fresh botanicals. Mix 1. Five ounces of Ketel One Botanical mixed with three ounces of soda water. You can serve this beverage in a wine glass with ice and fragrant herbs, crisp citrus or some other fresh fruit as well. With Ketel One Botanical Peach, peaches are always in season.

Tell Us A Bit About Yourself

My name is Paulo Figueiredo, originally from Portugal and I am the brand ambassador for Ketel One Vodka for last the two years. I was born and raised in Portugal, but I have lived in many countries such as the UK, Hong Kong, Dubai, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Miami and I am now in Amsterdam. I am a traveler, a nomad and I love to explore cultures, food, ingredients and a bit of adventure. I happen to dislike comfort zones and I am also a minimalistic sort of practical person.

As I said, I love travelling and my goal this year was to reach 100 countries, but I think I am going short. I last counted in November and found that I had travelled to 96 countries so clearly, sadly I will not meet my target this year.

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What Do You Mix With Ketel One Vodka

In a copper mug or highball glass, combine Ketel One Vodka and lime juice over ice, then add a splash of ginger beer, stir well, and garnish with a lime wedge. 5 oz. A vodka by Ketel One. 75 oz. The ginger beer goes well with lime juice. It consists of lime wedges.

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Is Ketel One Vodka Vegan

Ketel One Vodka is vegan-friendly. Apart from being distilled with non-GMO winter wheat and yeast, unflavored and flavored Ketel One Vodkas do not contain animal products.

Moreover, Ketel One confirmed that they are cruelty-free, meaning they do not test their products on animals. They also use flavoring that is free of dairy and gelatin.

As for their charcoal filtration process, Ketel One disclosed that they do not use animal bone for charcoal or any animal products throughout their distillation and bottling process.

Furthermore, Ketel One checked their Citroen product and verified that both the raw ingredients used and the manufacturing process are completely vegan-friendly.

Watermelon Cucumber Mint Elixir

Ketel One Vodka 1L

Summer is all about keeping things fresh, and theres hardly anything more refreshing than the taste of cucumber and mint on a hot hot day. This cocktail is easy to make and blends perfectly into almost any summer scene though, we have to admit, we especially dig sipping this out back on the lawn at a summer barbecue.


1½ ounces Ketel One Vodka ¼ cup fresh watermelon cubes 4 thin cucumber slices Dash of Himalayan sea salt Optional: Mint sprig and cucumber slice, for garnish


1. Muddle watermelon and cucumber in a cocktail shaker tin.2. Place remaining ingredients into the cocktail shaker.3. Add ice and shake vigorously for at least 10 seconds.4. Strain over a rocks glass filled with ice.5. Option to garnish with a mint sprig and cucumber slice.

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What Are The Common Misconceptions About Vodka

That all vodkas are the same and that they have no taste. However, this is not the truth, If, one poured out different vodkas in glasses and tasted them they would realize that they taste different. It is part of my job to educate the public that vodka has different flavours and that the raw materials and distillation affects the final cocktail. I think that this is the biggest misconception worldwide that Vodka is Vodka.

What Advice Do You Have For Bartenders Who Are Starting Out And Are Thinking Of Using Kettel One In Their Cocktails

Ketel One is the best vodkas for making cocktails and this is backed by the fact that 50 best bartenders use our vodka in their cocktails. I would say start with the simple cocktails, dont over complicate things. Actually, most of the old cocktails are not complicated, cocktails have been around for over 200 years. So, start with the basics like the Ketel One Ginger Beer Lemon, it is a great cocktail. They should endeavor to first get right the simple cocktails and thereafter start being creative and develop their own style. Like the way Patrick did with his espresso martini.

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How To Make A Cucumber Mint Martini


Grab a cocktail shaker, muddler and martini glass. All the ingredients will go in the shaker before the ice and vodka. Once you measure the vodka, add to the shaker.

Step one

Gather the ingredients cucumber slices, mint leaves, vodka, lime and simple syrup.

Step two

Place cucumber, mint and half an ounce of simple syrup in the cocktail shaker.

Step three

Squeeze out 1 ounce of lime juice.

Step four

Pour the lime juice into the shaker.

Step five

Take your muddler and muddle for 2 3 minutes. You should be able to smell the lime without sticking your nose into the shaker.

Step six

Fill the shaker half way with ice and measure 3 ounces of vodka.

Step seven

Cap the shaker and shake it for 15 seconds or you could also just stir it with a long cocktail spoon. Even though you see two cocktails, this recipe makes only one cocktail. Double it if you want to make two of them.

Step eight

Strain the contents into the martini glass and fish out a few cucumbers and mint leaves and place them in the glass.

Vertical view peeps.

I need to get on with this aerial shot because this drink is calling my name. LOUDLY.

I sip the sweet ambrosia and sigh.

Christopher sipped this and said, and I quote, I could chug this down.

He hates martinis. Enough said.

Simple Holiday Entertaining Tips With Ketel One Vodka

Ketel One Vodka Review

Celebrations may have taken a back seat recently, but this holiday season provides a new opportunity to welcome your closest family and friends into your space. So, this year, when you and your guests raise a glass to toast new beginnings, make sure that whats in the glass is as magical as the moment. How better to ensure that your drinks are as good as your playlist than to use a spirit that works as harmoniously on its own as it does in a cocktail?

In the late 17th century, Schiedam, a city located in the west of the Netherlands, was best known for being a merchant port. Thanks to Joannes Nolet, a determined businessman in search of the best location for his gin distillery, Schiedams reputation would make a sea change within a few years and the Nolet distillery would become the linchpin for an entire industry.

Nearly 300 years later, another enterprising Nolet, this time Carolus, was intrigued by a new spirit that had rapidly gained popularity in America. This spirit, vodka, was the base for many popular cocktails in the late 70s, including the Moscow Mule and the Screwdriver. So Carolus decided to focus on making an able competitor that would be equal parts smooth and crisp.

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Lemon Ginger With A Kick

Consider this spicy lemonade tonic a piece of your summertime wake-up cocktail. Usually in a quick shot form, this familiar lemon, honey, fresh ginger, and cayenne pepper mix works wonders as a nice revitalizing boost during long summer days spent drinking by the pool. Adding a serve of Ketel One Vodka helps lengthen this zingy tonic into a cocktail and smooths it out so it can be sipped and enjoyed over ice.


1½ ounces Ketel One Vodka 1 ounce fresh lemon juice ¾ ounce raw honey syrup 2 teaspoons freshly grated ginger Dash of cayenne pepper

Place all ingredients into a shaker tin. Add ice and shake vigorously for at least 10 seconds. Strain over a rocks glass filled with ice. Garnish with a cayenne pepper-dusted lemon wheel

The Ultimate Ketel One Lemonade Recipe

At 31 years of age, Ketel One vodka is a mere adolescent in the genealogy of Hollands Nolet Distillery which was founded in 1691. But three decades is more than enough time to nurture and develop seasonal cocktail recipes that use to perfection Ketel One and its Citroen and Oranje siblings.

The Lemon Drop Recipe. Lemon drop martinis are now my signature cocktail, and I must say, they are absolutely top-notch when made with freshly picked Meyer lemons. Ive tried other vodkas and spirits, but in this drink, nothing compares to Ketel One Citroen Vodka, so try to stay true to this recipe for the best results.

Citroen Cosmopolitan Recipe. The Citroen Cosmopolitan is an exciting variation of the classic Cosmo. A red cocktail made from Ketel One citroen vodka, cranberry juice, lime juice and simple syrup, and served in a chilled cocktail glass.

For the Classic Bloody Mary. 3 ounces Ketel One Bloody Mary Base. 1 1/2 ounce Ketel One Vodka or Ketel One Citroen Flavored Vodka. Celery stalk, for garnish. Olive, for garnish Lemon wedge, for garnish Bacon, for garnish Whisk SDK. View list.

SHAKE all ingredients with ice and fine strain into chilled glass. 2 fl oz. Ketel One Citroen vodka. 1/4 fl oz. Triple sec liqueur 3/4 fl oz. Lemon juice 1/2 fl oz. Sugar syrup

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How To Make A Pitcher Of The Cocktail

Just follow the simple steps below to make this into a big batch cocktail that will serve 6-8 drinks.

  • Add 1 1/2 cups cucumber slices and 1/4 cup fresh mint leaves to the bottom of a large pitcher or punch bowl.
  • Add 12 ounces Wheatley Vodka to the pitcher, then use a muddler to muddle the cucumber and mint into the vodka.
  • Pour 3 cups of lemonade into the pitcher. Stir to combine.
  • When ready to serve, fill a glass with ice, pour the cocktail into the glass 3/4 full, then top the glass with chilled sparkling water.
  • Is Ketel One Vodka Price

    Ketel One Vodka 1.75 Liter

    Flavored Ketel One Vodkas These two vodkas are priced at the same mark of about $20.00 a bottle, which is a standard price for the non-budget flavored vodkas. While your interest in these Ketel One offerings may depend on your taste, the flavors are quite standard, with scores of companies offering the same.

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    Is Ketel One Good Quality

    Featuring a smooth, almost silky consistency, Ketel One is a vodka you dont want to miss. is one of the cleanest vodkas youll ever taste, and you really enjoy it served over ice or chilled. Its best served with an ice cube vodka martini or vodka tonic. In comparison with other brands, Ketel One offers a limited assortment of flavors

    What Is The Best Thing To Mix With Vodka

  • Its all about keeping things simple. Thats the message behind Vodka Orange Juice
  • Pineapple Juice is a fruit juice that is made from the pineapple fruit.
  • Grapefruit Juice is a type of citrus fruit that is used to make a variety of drinks
  • Cranberry Juice is a fruit juice made from the berries of the cranberry tree
  • Soda or lemonade
  • Beer made with ginger.
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    What Is Ketel One Botanicals Made From

    Ketel One Botanicals is made from Ketel One Vodka and essential oils derived from fruits and herbs.

    For reasons of confidentiality, the Nolet Family which founded Ketel One Vodka does not disclose their botanical recipe.

    Unlike most flavored vodkas, Ketel One re-distills Ketel One Vodka with the fruit and herbal essential oils they add in order to achieve a smoother flavor.

    In fact, Ketel One maintains that their Botanical vodka products cannot be officially classified as flavored vodka because of their two-tier production process thats similar to how gin is made.

    Apart from distilling their vodkas after they have been infused with essential oils, they are flavored again before bottling.

    If you want to learn more about vodka, you can see our related posts on what Deep Eddy Vodka is made from, what New Amsterdam Vodka is made from, and what Pinnacle Vodka is made from.

    With The Vodka Category In Decline Ketel One Needed To Establish A More Relevant Role In Culture In Order To Become The Worlds Most Recommended Vodka By Consumers

    Ketel One Vodka review

    A desire for more balanced lifestyles & more conscious purchases has led to casual daytime get-togethers taking priority over late nights out on the dance floor.

    We realised Ketel Ones family-made product & values meant they were perfectly placed to become the drink of choice for modern-drinkers in non-traditional vodka moments.

    Opportunity & Solution

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    How Is Botanical Vodka Made

    Each bottle of Ketel One Botanical is skillfully crafted from small batches in copper kettles using the owners secret family recipe. After distillation, the vodka is mixed with fresh, natural, and fragrant botanical essences. Compared with conventional distillery processes, Botanical Vodka has a more refined taste despite containing a lower ABV spirit of 30%.

    Not only does each batch of Ketel One Botanical go through a unique and innovative distilling process, it is also personally tested and approved by the owners before being bottled.

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    Invigorating Cucumber Mint Cocktail Recipe By Tasty

    Heres what you need: cold water, sugar, mint leaf, cucumber, lime juice, vodka

    Provided by Alix Traeger

    1 cup mint leaf, loosely packed, roughly chopped, plus 8-10 whole leaves
    1 piece cucumber, 2 in sliced, plus 2 cucumber ribbons for garnish
    2 tablespoons lime juice, fresh-squeezed
    3 oz vodka


    • Make the mint simple syrup: In a small saucepan over medium heat, combine the water, sugar, and roughly chopped mint leaves. Bring to a low boil, then reduce the heat to low and simmer for 5 minutes, until the sugar is fully dissolved and the mint is fragrant. Remove from the heat and let cool for 5-10 minutes. Strain through a fine-mesh sieve. Store remaining mint syrup in the refrigerator for up to 1 month.
    • In a cocktail shaker, combine the cucumber rounds, lime juice, whole mint leaves, and 1 tablespoon of the mint simple syrup. Muddle for 1-2 minutes, until the cucumber and mint have released their flavors, but are not mushy.
    • Pour in the vodka and fill the shaker halfway with ice. Shake vigorously for 30 seconds.
    • Fill a Collins glass with ice and pour in the strained cocktail.
    • Garnish with the cucumber ribbons.
    • Enjoy!

    Nutrition Facts : Calories 545 calories, Carbohydrate 90 grams, Fat 0 grams, Fiber 4 grams, Protein 3 grams, Sugar 78 grams

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    Ketel One Cucumber Mint Vodka

    This Strawberry Basil Cocktail is one of my favorites! I mean, strawberry and basil is always a great mix, but by using Cucumber & Mint Ketel One Vodka, its even better. It is dangerously good! I personally prefer the flavored vodka, making this my favorite Ketel One Cucumber Mint recipe.

    Ketel One Cucumber Mint is probably my favorite vodka to use, not only because of its flavor. Its also made with non-GMO grain and infused with natural fruit and botanicals. No carbs, no artificial flavors, no added sugars. One shot is only 73 calories .

    I purchase mine from any grocery store or liquor store, but find on the website here.

    Celebrate National Bloody Mary Day With Ketel One And Their Green Mary

    3 Must Mix Ketel One Botanical Fall Cocktails

    Did you know that January 1 is National Bloody Mary Day? Thats right, New Years Day is also the day we celebrate one of the most iconic drinks out there, the Bloody Mary! And Ketel One Vodka wants to make sure that we know this foodie holiday with a very special recipe.

    When it comes to cocktails, the Bloody Mary might just be one of the few drinks that requires more than like two or three ingredients that we know how to make. And even when it comes to jazzing things up, it tends to be relatively easy to just make it spicy or garnish it with something different that takes this beverage to the next level.

    But thanks to Ketel One Vodka, we have now learned a whole new way to make a Bloody Mary. And since this cocktail takes the traditional red and turns it green, we are loving every bit of this recipe. Of course, the fact that we can always turn to their Ketel One Citroen to make our sipping next level is also important when it comes to getting our bar carts ready for National Bloody Mary Day.

    So what exactly is the Green Mary and how do we make this drink happen for our next brunch?

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    What Makes Russian Vodka Different

    Russian vodka is widely regarded as different from vodkas that originate from other parts of the world but these differences are usually subjective.

    However, theres reason to believe that the primary difference between Russian vodka and other vodkas has something to do with Russian ingredients and how Russians drink vodka.

    Russian vodka is made primarily from grains, with rye, corn, wheat, and sorghum being the most favored base ingredients.

    Generally, wheat and rye vodkas are considered the superior base ingredient compared to alternatives like potatoes, grapes, and other foodstuffs that contain sugar or starch.

    Additionally, Russian vodka is made for drinking straight, not for mixing. In comparison, the majority of non-Russian vodkas are designed to be the base spirit for cocktails.

    For this reason, non-Russians may consider Russian vodka as harsh and unrefined, while Russians may perceive foreign vodkas as tasteless and unremarkable.

    Is Ketel One Better Than Grey Goose

    Grey Goose is highly exaggerated in the minds of many. There will be many who will argue that the brand and the marketing are all that makes it super-premium. As a rule, Ketel is superior in quality at a lower price. A blind taste test would not reveal any difference between the two products for most consumers.

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